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Clashing of the Lustful and Innocent

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Upon arriving Celeste's mind flurried with thoughts about Strategist was he even okay? How was he doing, had he grew in power lately? For some reason that bothered her, if his skills became superior she couldn't avoid, or use her speed to best him, it was important for her to stay on top of him with her speed, but one must also not discard his strength, it was admirable especially for the position he was in at this current moment in his life. It was clear if she too didn't kick her efforts into top-notch she'd be nothing but an underling to him, someone not even worth mentioning their name.

She found herself walking to the local Cafe, known as "Shady Coffee." Celeste had yet to find out why their name had shady in it, non of their coffee had anything special an them. However it what her favorite place to go get a cappuccino, especially the strawberry creamer they used and whip-cream it was almost enough to forget Strategist's troubles. However it was unlikely of her nature to just drop the subject and leave him be alone, maybe she'd find him, or maybe he'd run into her first... he was heading towards, Oak last she saw. Hopefully she wasn't too late to catch up to him and figure out if he was doing better or if she could aid him.

The woman sat alone at a high-glassed table with wooden bar stools. Sipping away on her cappuccino enjoying her morning treat. Maybe Celeste could forge a bond with Strategist like she had done with Finn, probably a different bond because she still feared that his anger was uncontrollable and she'd be unable to be tamed, she knew she'd need more than being quicker on him, to calm his rage. 


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The coming storm, the jaguar's eye... The boy who became beast, through unorthodox means. Erebus was changing fast, his whole pursuit of revenge diminishing in exchange for strength. Was he even the same person anymore? It was unlikely. This much had been witnessed in the last few months. First soaking in the violence like a sponge, growing to feel no remorse upon inflicting it against others, and then... Losing his mind in the heat of a tournament.

Bloodlust and destruction were the epitome of his energy drink. He was liberated by the death of innocents, it rose him to a pedestal not found in the average person. "I'm a sociopath. That's got to be it." The boy said, throwing a cigarette box over a bridge as he crossed it. His need for such thing had evaporated from his being. His new release was chaos, the one thing he did inherit from him old self though. Was his sexual desires, his taste for woman, and for his taste of alcohol. He was a dirty dog... Er, cat now...

The neko's glossy golden pupils sifted from the water down below to the buildings lining the walls. With his excellent agility, the nimble cat jumped onto the railings. A fall from these heights would kill him. However he showed no such fear in the moment, having grown accustom to his new reflexes and nimbleness during the last week. Twenty meters away his eyes stopped on a blue-haired beauty in a shop. Peering through, the boy smirked. It was her, he recounted how rude and outraged he was. But during Kaidou's training, he had an epiphany. This girl was.. Not like the others.


He mumbled, before flinging himself into a front flip, aimed back towards the sidewalk and then tucking both hands into his warm pockets. He walked  through the cold across the street. Pushing the door in lightly. A bell rang, signalling his entrance. The cat took small steps but seemed to absorb the entire shops sights. His growing infamy, and his face in the world martial arts tournament had made him a local celebrity. He was beginning to be feared. Especially once word rang out that he was the new disciple of the Southern Nova...

The male smiled at them. Motioning his hand to tell them to go back to what they were doing. On the outside, it would appear Erebus was more relaxed-- ideal in personality. Bored with existence compared to resenting it like he had just about a week ago. Much had occurred in such short time, one could change their very being; as had he, in those melting minutes. Those useless days could make a man into a monster, or vice versa, if put to the test. But in reality... And despite what vibes others would get, he was far more hateful and evil than ever before under the flesh. He'd taken great steps to assure he'd achieve renown, even going so far as to abandon weaponry for the physical arts.

Murder with bare hands-- Death Cutter.

However, such trivial facts like that were minuscule in relevancy. The boy sat in front of the girl now, allowing her a chance to show surprise. As he did so, he reached forward, pulling her drink forward to sip it lightly, and then sliding it back her way. "... I shouldn't have reacted like that. You caught me in a bad moment, and I apologize." The cat said, raising his facial expression for her, his gleaming eyes would stare into her soft soul. Searching for whatever reason she had to approach him that day to begin with.

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#3Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Left with nothing but her thoughts, did she truly fit in with a guild of dark-hearted people, a guild with people who had no second thought to killing as if it was a natural instinct. Sure she could do just the same if need be, but it almost seemed as if with each kill they became less inhuman, while for Celeste it only drove herself into a darkness she wanted not to perish in. A depression as she swore she could hear the souls  crying out for revenge on her, she knew if they had a chance against her and a chance at life for her death, the victims would surely take it. Was this the life she was meant to live? Such disgrace, if only she had role-models to follow in their steps, however with a deceased mother at child-birth and a father who died in combat. She was left to explore alone in the dark and cold treacherous world. Then again what drove the woman to Grimoire Heart?

In all honesty, the woman chose the guild because it was no different then how she was treated back at her village. Sure the guild was more violent but their attitudes were no colder than her own village, funny how people that live in a desert had cold personalities. It was more so a choice of comfort, going to something that felt more comfortable because she was use to it, also it was a natural instinct as if this was a path her parents too had gone down.

However her previous encounter with Strategist, the charming bad-boy he had been so cruel to her kindness. He even went to great lengths to the point of harming her, which meant the guild didn't care for it's members and certainly wouldn't mind them killing off weaker links- weaker links... that was disgraceful. Being a Vagarosa, she did know her family was admired in her village, till she came along. Being a weaker link wasn't anything in her agenda she had to grow as a person and become powerful, enough to make her name admirable again, but not just in her village, in all of the country!

Her eyes widened as she saw a hand reach for her drink, following the hand holding her cappuccino, leading to lips. For a moment she stared at the lips, waiting for her drink to be given back. At that moment the Oasis-Native gave the culprit a good look over, they appeared to be Strategist however some features seemed different. Her suspicious were immediately eliminated when he spoke, she looked startled nonetheless she simply smiled, trying to ease her nerves.

"You're... fine." Celeste softly spoke, looking him in the eyes. "I knew you were angry, I only simply wanted to help you."

Celeste was being honest with him, it truly did bother he that her comrade was upset, she was only trying to the the right thing- then again it was a Dark Guild they both resided in so maybe she should've approached colder? Then again with how angry he was surely taunts or harassment would've only pissed him off and encouraged him to have her blood.

"I'm sorry for pushing my help on you, I should've known you wouldn't want my sincerity." Celeste nodded, bowing her head while sitting.

The woman had her left leg over her right, and both hands clasped in her lap, her spear below her legs as she didn't dare to sever their eye-contact, she wanted him to see that she was serious that she truly did care for him, as comrades. 


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The cat nodded to her explanation when the moments called for it. In a weird way, he understood her now that he was calmed down, their hearts seeming to lock as they spoke like this. Or maybe it was just Erebus's own speculation. She was sincere, yet he was psycho. It seemed weird but a rising interest in the woman welled up within his being. He found his hand moving to her cheek as he leaned in, where upon doing so he felt an odd feeling. For as long as he'd lived women had simply been objects. Irony didn't give him that feeling though.

Maybe the cat-boy was soft for this one. The thought bit at his brain; something like a hand scratching at a bug bite. It was a feeling that just wasn't shaken off easily. "I know that. I thought it about it in a dream actually. It took me a few days to cool off, I'll be honest. But I can see how my anger blinds me to other's emotions I suppose. It's just so abnormal to find you here with us I guess, so compassionate while we all don't care about what we do. It makes me wonder if you could be..."

The boy stopped, feeling a rather reverberating idea in the air. Could she be a spy? The idea wasn't appalling, but if she were one, her acting was god awful, and in addition, it was a death wish to screw around with criminals like these. Irony might've been fairly slow at times, but from what Strategist had gathered, she wasn't stupid. He wanted to know more about her being here though-- since it was a topic of curiosity. So the boy decided he'd offered something of his own to her. In exchange for uncovering a little about her life too.

"My uh, my name was Erebus Cassiel before I came into this organization. I'm from Era. Since we aren't on the job or anything, it'll be our secret okay?" The neko said, looking to the right, a little flushed but mostly maintaining his tsundere atmosphere. He moved is hand from her warm face to the table. Showing he was usually more adept at being dominate than intimate. But... At least he was trying here.

"And don't worry, sometimes I forget what it feels like to have someone worry about me. I don't come from the sweetest background I guess."

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#5Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste certainly was on high-alert even if he apologized she knew better than to just say you accept the apology you also still have to be cautious they aren't trying to trick you. Her anxiety kicked in as she watched his hand move, when it was placed on her cheek she gasped his warm skin against her cold skin, it felt as if all the oxygen in her body had left her. 

"H-Hnn!" She squealed at the touch.

She intensely stared into his eyes as her fair-pale cheeks now become a bright rosy shade of red. Her emotions were on a spiral why was his hand on her cheek, did he just want her surprised so he could snap her neck and end her right then and there. No! She had to disregard these suspicions, he didn't seem like he meant any harm and if he did intend to harm her, being stealthy didn't seem to be in his style, then again he seems way different maybe he picked up a new sense of fighting. Rather than being brutal and frontwards maybe he took a more stealthy way with it, then again maybe he did both just depending on the situation. Celeste grabbed his hand over her cheek, covering his as she could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks, past his hand the heat was much hotter than his own hand. Was she really that appalled by him.

However, she quickly brought her hand back to her other hand re-clasping them together in her lap. He began to tell her about how he had dreams about the scenario and as well as taking a few days to calm down. She nodded, his hand nudging her cheeks as her head shook. It was understandable being defeated in a huge crowd of people like that- she could only imagine the embarrassment and anger he held within himself that day. However she could see for a split second in his actions and the way he paused mid-speech, he had doubts of her loyalty. The truth was it was the most logical situation for her to be unloyal something like a spy or agent, but this was the only life she knew outside her village, so even if she wanted or no matter how believable being a traitor was, it was all false. She was a loyal member of Grimoire Heart.

However it seemed he was dismaying the thought in her loyalty, did he perhaps think it was ridiculous? Celeste herself found it believable, she too would be cautious. 

His next decision shocked Celeste, beyond belief. He shared what she thought no other Grimoire Heart member could share. His name, and not his codename: Strategist. Once again her pupils shook in shock, she was in awe of how much he trusted her, she could expose him and much more, but it seemed he had no care for that. Perhaps he was under a spell, however she would do the same.

Once he finished speaking, she cleared her throat. "I am Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa, I heir from a small village in a desert the village is built upon an Oasis. My mother is said to be deceased at child-birth and my father... he died on a mission. Although at the time he told me the mission was to bring my mother back, I simply disregarded the thought she had died and believed him." She took a deep breathe, "My village has morals, such as the incident when your wounds' blood hit the dirt back in Baska, I took that dirt and let the wind carry it. My village believes by letting nature such as the wind to carry any tampered with nature. Example being your blood hitting the dirt." She paused- confused where she was going with this, "Anyways. Point being it's said to carry the bad vibes with the wind, freeing your enemy or friend's troubles."

She must admit, the touch of his hand quickly made her cheeks feel cold again, as if she missed the feeling. Did she really enjoy his affection? Sure she had forgave and forgot but he did try to hurt her.


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When her hand touched his, he felt an urge to reach in and plant his lips against her. But held himself back, thinking to respect this one. Unlike the others. He even managed a turn of the face and smiled a little, while mostly still looking from her to the window. "Adorable..." He found himself whispering, though it was under his breath and she rambled. He managed a bigger smile as she tunneled her way into conversation.

"Vagarosa huh? I like it. It's very 'you'."

The boy sheepishly used the hand he'd removed from her face earlier to pull her coffee in again. As his lips touched the rim, he looked at her, hopefully she didn't mind his taking her things. However, it'd become customary for his cat side to be that way with others. He didn't have a sense of discomfort around guild mates, especially this one. The special one.

"So you're looking for your mom? Mine threw me out to suck dick. True story."

The boy half jested, but part of that was entirely factual. Which sold his story well. He offered her coffee back, sliding it across the table. Would this be a game of back and forth, he wondered?

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#7Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



As Celeste told him of her past she couldn't help but think back on it, her mother died during childbirth- childbirth? Then why did an image of a woman with similar hair to hers but white fill her head? Maybe she was an older sister, it wasn't possible her mother had revived after childbirth. Unless she had never died and she was deceived, but why would they deceive her what good would that do her, all it did was fuck her memory over. Hopefully she wasn't lied too, that bothered her to the core. She could've accepted the truth that her mother was savagely killed or abandoned her but to let her believe her mom had been dead since Childbirth was truly appalling.  

He had complimented her last name which she smiled at, a small blush coming to her cheeks. She appreciated this much lighter side to Erebus, he wasn't so bad once you got past his bloodlust and anger issues. However Celeste didn't mind that he tried to kill her- hell animals have been trying to kill her since she was five! So another human being lashing out at her to end her life wasn't anything new to her, well new target trying to kill her but same scenario. 

As he told her that his mom threw him out to do lewd actions, she nodded. "Well. I am greatly sorry. Also I am not searching for my mother, she died at childbirth and I choose to believe what I was told."

She smirked at how he took her coffee, suddenly her mind shifted and her actions became unclear to herself, she had a aching feeling to kiss him, but she needed a clever reason to do so. 

"Lemme try some of that coffee." Celeste whispered, but audibly loud enough for only the two of them to hear.

Quickly she pressed her lips against his, leaning over the table. This would be the woman's first kiss and she couldn't think of anyone more fit for it, this felt right- natural. However, she was beginning to slip from the glass texture of the table.

"Mrmmm." She moaned in discomfort as her body was shifting uncomfortably, however she refused to end the kiss.

It felt magical to her, like no other feeling she had felt in the world- like fireworks had exploded in her head.


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Concerning his own mother he chuckled, looking at the coffee cup then back to her. Their eyes twinkling together, the same look in them. They both longed for each other, something in the inside just clicked perfectly. Concerning her mother, the cat just answered with an honest expression. "If she was anything like you are now, then it's a shame she isn't around anymore." Had he been given the chance the boy would have kept talking, but his racing heart, and he assumed her too. Tipped them to stay quiet a few seconds.

When the girl whispered to him, the boy's breathing became unsteady, and he leaned in too a small smile across his lips, eyes closing as she advanced to take action. He locked lips with her and his palms wrapped around the side of her hair, holding her head slightly. The kiss broke only for a short breath here and there. Before Erebus made it more passionate by adding the nimble of her bottom lip and the tongue to slip through slightly. Not so much to go down her throat and put her off to the moment, but to seal the intimacy with the connection a kiss created.

Was this love? It must be.

As the table tilted and the girl began to fall, the neko moved her into a hug. A red tint was coloring his cheeks, and he felt like a young boy again. Being a womanizer most of his life, such a feeling had never enveloped within him before. It was like his first kiss too. But she was something else compared to any other woman. He held her there, not only in his arms, but within his heart too. Whispering to her softly, not too eager, but not too bland either. He judged her ability accordingly, staying keen to his more relaxed air to her.

"You're a good kisser."

He said, the coffee spilling to the side of them, but not getting either of them wet or burned. It was romantic, and all the wondering eyes in the shop made Erebus feel even more flustered with the bluenette in his hands who had fallen somewhat across the glass table. Erebus managed himself up from his seat to help her down from the table. Clasping hands with her, he offered her on a date. "Want to get out of here? Go on a walk or something, I know it's chilly out right now..."

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#9Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



He had complimented her mother, comparing her to Celeste. Hopefully she was like her mother, maybe then she'd be doing something right. However that meant nothing to her as her mind raced with thoughts of this enchanting feline in front of her very own eyes.

Their tongues would intertwine, this was what they called passionate kisses, but her village had a different way of establishing love between two people. Fuck that though, she was enjoying the natural body's sensational emotions that came from this kiss, maybe bonds could be formed in more than just a fight. As their kiss deepened, Celeste couldn't help but further her body onto him, which only made her body in discomfort as the glass made her slide forward more than intended. Which Erebus quickly put a stop to that as he had began to hold her in his chair, she never felt so secure, she never felt such a clarity with herself until this moment. Celeste's hands would trace up the side of Erebus' face, her left at a halt on his cheek and her right curling his hair, playing with every strand she could.

As he bit her lip she squealed, her voice muffled as she talked into the kiss. "Hnnn! Oh Erebus~"

Pausing to inhale oxygen, she quickly kissed him again. and of course the kiss got heated just like before, if not more heated. She could feel his hands rubbing her back. She couldn't believe this once bad-boy used his oral talents to lure women into their death, but now she could see why the women fell for him so easily. His touch and affection was so electrifying he definitely knew what he was doing and what he could do. If he wanted he could have his way with her anyway he wanted, right here and now in front of the other customers in the coffee-shop.

As their kiss came to an end he complimented her oral talents. "Thanks it was my first time..." Celeste blushed, "Sorry if I was too irrational, I just- your lips looked great..."

She shook her head as she began to stare at his lips, as if she was in a trance. He had offered if she wanted go on a date or a walk.

"Of course, and I have you to keep me warm, so I'm not worried." Celeste winked.

The once nervous oasis-native now was becoming her confident self again, and teasing her newly loved kitty-cat.

"Where do you propose we should go, Erebus?" She smiled, the sound of his name was lovely.

Quickly attaching her spear to her back, prepared to leave. She, walk with him out the coffee-shop following him wherever as she held his left hand with her right as she leaned upon him. 


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He purred when she ran her hands through his hair, his cat ear twitching to the touch of their mouths. Upon hearing her voice again he smiled, "I wanted to kiss you too, for a first timer you did really well. You must be a natural, I'm really surprised." The boy said, pulling her hand lightly. Outside the two would begin walking, having only realized they skipped out on paying for that coffee. Oh well, what's done is done.

"Want to visit the park? It's pretty nice?" Erebus was new to this, in the past he simply had to allure their inner fantasies but, with her, he wanted to do this the more romantic way. He wanted her to be his. No one elses... The hand which held hers tightened, and his ears lowered as he blushed. "Irony, tell me about your childhood. I want to know why you concerned yourself with us." The cat smiled at her, then he pulled her curvy hips in close to him and placed his arm around her shoulder.

Erebus kissed her head lightly, it was obvious z growing attachment was forming for the girl..

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#11Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



She smirked as Erebus purred, he was absolutely adorable. He complimented her once again, telling her how she must be a natural at kissing- hopefully, she was afraid she wasn't good with her lips, she was good at running her mouth if you initiated conversation with her she could talk for ages.

"Of course!!" Celeste giggled.

She loved parks, as they walked closer to their destination she could feel his grip tighten on her hand. However his grip had let go as he pulled her in by her hips and slung his arm around her shoulder, honestly she felt more comfort this way as she leaned closer into his torso. He seemed to be curious about her past.

"Well as a child... I remember distinctively my father told me he had a mission to go find my mother. I however, I was told she died at child-birth, which out of the excitement to see my mother I guess I wanted to believe she was alive you know?" Celeste's expression changed as she frowned, "Well my father, he never returned...I was told he died on his mission." She looked up at Erebus as they walked, "However I just have a gut feeling he's alive... the real question to me is why dump me off at my birthplace."

The memories of how the village treated her came flooding in and she looked at her feet, now. She still kept up to pace with Erebus, making sure not to fall behind from him.

"The villager kids tried to helped me survive up till the point I learned to hunt on my own, however whenever they tried to help in came their parents stripping me from their aid and friendship." Celeste looked up smiling at Erebus, with tears forming. "However it doesn't matter to me they made me who I am today even without friends I think I turned out pretty amazing, and I guess I chose Grimoire out of instinct and the familiarity of my village's cold attitudes."


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Erebus listened, a thing boys his age normally didn't do. He remained quiet as she explained, his heart aching for her. Unlike him, she never found the streets a peaceful antagonist to raise her. All she had was the empty desert, no alcohol, people, or materialistic things to drown her depression in. The story made him upset to a point in which he moved in to hug her, allowing her tears to dampen his clothing. His inhuman eyes stared to the side as this occurred, feeling the first bit of pity for another being in ages.

"Well... I'll love you then. So you'll have someone here caring about you. At least until you meet your father again, he's out there somewhere for sure."

It might have been forward, to say outloud. But he felt he needed to bring his thoughts into reality, this didn't feel like lust. It felt like heartache for someone he cared about. She'd be his to take care of, here out. The neko rubbed her back and he moved away to use his thumb to point, his eyes eyes watering at her troubled childhood. Or maybe it was because he'd finally found a reason to cry, he needed to cry. He hadn't done it in years after all. "The park is nearby, maybe there I'll tell you a little about my raising. If you'd like, Celeste?.."

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#13Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had listened to Erebus his feedback, he really seemed to have a soft core but it was covered in a thick shell, surprisingly she had broken through that shell and brought out this soft core. She didn't mind it one bit in fact she preferred it he was easier to talk to, she felt as if she didn't need to impress the feline. He told her he'd love her, he was basically offering to be her shield from the world's cruel pain of loneliness.

"I will love you too then." Celeste smiled, kissing his cheek barely standing on her tippie-toes.

She felt his hand against her back, it sent chills down her spine she truly was grateful for his kindness he was surprisingly kinder than she could've imagined. As they walked and got closer to the park he offered to tell about his background.

"Please do." Celeste smiled.

They arrived at the park and sat at a bench near a water fountain in the center of the beautiful park.


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After kissing his cheek the feline held her chin in place and planted his lips against hers once again. Smiling, he supposed this meant she was his girlfriend. If that were the case, he should probably stop being couch a harlot to all these maidens around here. This change of pace would be a new lifestyle, he wondered if her innocent body could handle all the lust the jaguar had within his being. When the two sat at a bench the male pulled her legs over his lap and sat mostly legs apart in her direction. His neck leaning back to watch the cloudy sky. "This is a long story, are you sure you want to hear about it?" It looked like it might rain, but the stillness of the environment wasn't gloomy rather, refreshing.

Assuming she did want to hear, he began talking, letting his inner demons take root in reality once again.

"I never knew my father, but I think his name was something-or-'nother Sokolov? My mom use to tell me about how he knocked her up and that I ruined her life. But the first five years of my kid-hood she did care, it was only after I began chipping in, trying to help her out that she got lazy and neglected my little sisters. The responsibility to provide for the family was my job alone after that." He stopped allowing her a chance to soak in the small bit. reliving his pathetic life showed on his face, as he bit his lower lip and appeared upset in himself for something.

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#15Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



His lips against hers was just, it was calming- that feeling of waking up and going out to watch the sunrise, it was similar to that but about a thousand times better. In all honesty Celeste never planned on getting this feeling with Strategist- Erebus, she was only going to be a close friend and help him through his troubles but it played out way better than she could ever imagine. Next her pretty little feline asked if she was sure in her choice to listen, as expected she nodded her head quickly with a light smile, of course she wanted to know her new found lover better.

Apparently he never knew his biological father, and his mother had been kind in the beginning but after time she became dull and blind to her children basically. Of course that was the usually route of single parents, they usually became like that. What intrigued Celeste was Erebus had tried to step up for his siblings, she had both her finger tips gently across his chest, standing in front of him leaning on him as she gazed into his eyes, happily. However she couldn't help but notice the grieve she could see bestowed upon his face, she hugged him.

"Hey, at least you stepped up and had the strength when your mother didn't. I envy that, I am proud of you." She smirked as she whispered gently into his ear then she was leaning in to place a kiss gently against his lips.
That was mature of him at his age to do so, it was respectable, that's probably why he was the way he was now, she got quiet as she leaned against his chest, listening to his heartbeat ready to hear more about him.


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He was taken by the seductress, lips pressing atop his once more. He smiled into the kiss and continued for her. This time speaking just as slowly as he stroked her blue hair, the girl made his heart race. This must be what they called butterflies.

"I guess, no one ever acknowledged me for it 'til now. It just felt like if I didn't help out, then what was it that I had to be thankful for?" The jaguar rested his other palm on her upper thigh, stimulating it to raise and lower. His kiss planted on her forehead before starting his story again.

"Me and mom were never close, instead I confided my problems in my grandfather. With every mistake I made, he was there waiting to make me feel better... He died of terminal cancer, and I was left alone after that... He was a smart old man, he'd acutally saved every ounce of his money in a bank and allowed it to build interest for years, decades even. When he died it had a lot of jewels left over for us. We finally could get out-- me and the girls. That was, until this other bastard came along. Victor. Started fucking with us bad, or rather my mother in the sleazier way. She was a real harlot, that old hag... I still get angry thinking about it, but they got married. The guy was in debt to this mob back home so they took all of my Grand-dad's savings paying it off."

He paused.

"My mom got the same cancer my grandpa did soon after the marriage too, and Victor managed to feed her lies about me since we'd always fought prior to her sickness and all. She threw me out at seventeen, I had nothing but a suitcase. I tried again and again to fight him off and talk to my sisters, but he had magic. He was a bounty hunter who worked under that same mob for awhile, everytime I tried to get close I failed. I sought out Grimoire Heart for strength, someting o help me kill the guy. The atrocity that this guild is though, it's like a sickness, it changes us I guess you could say. Pretty soon you'll get what I mean Irony-- Celeste I mean."

When the boy finished he closed his eyes, exhaling softly. He then opened them, awaiting anything from the girl. His eyes were trained forward on the water fountain. He didn't pity himself, but somewhere in his monologue a choke could be heard. What if he hadn't turned to a dark guild? Would he be a light mage by now? A rune knight? The what-ifs sure were strange, but those were where his curiosity rested for the moment. All in all, he didn't regret anything though. The dark guild was his home, the darkness had adopted him. It just felt weird, considering his options so late.

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Celeste Vagarosa



She was positioned in front of him as she held his hands, standing as she looked him in the eyes. Celeste couldn't believe he was about to open up more about himself, she honestly felt like she was learning a lot about him and it felt great she wanted to know all about him. Something told her that he had a more interesting past than she did, all she was, was a native from the desert. However she knew it didn't mean anything to him and for that she was grateful that she could truly be herself and be his one and only lover in bed and out of bed, more than a one night stand.

She got comfortable as she listened to her boyfriend's story, what was behind his cold demeanor these days, however he did have a soft-spot for her that much was known, maybe it was that she barely showed him any fear when he lashed out at her and even at the shop she stood her ground still, confidentially. Observing his story it seemed his grandfather was a huge help of his past and a huge outlet for all the pain he held within himself. Then it seemed it all went down hill once he got affected by cancer, and his daughter followed in hot pursuit shortly after. What a tragedy, Celeste couldn't imagine knowing and loving someone and letting them so close- only to have them ripped away! All your heart- emotion it all taken with them as they left you alone in the world, not to mention his grandpa's hard work taken away but his mother's poor judging on men, more like she just didn't care what she was sticking up in her goodie goods.

He joined Grimoire to gain power to defeat the man who blocked him from reaching his siblings. Siblings... that was something she didn't have but she imagined it was much similar to having a friend but ten times that. She figured as much that he joined for power. However what struck her was the fact he told her she soon would know what he means, how the guild gets a hold on people- he even accidentally called her Irony.

"Well, silly. I won't let anything change me. I still will carry out missions prior to succeeding. I've demonstrated it several times in our missions together. I would do the same for you, anyone who is your enemy I will willingly strike them down with you." Celeste smiled, the sun setting behind her.

She leaned in, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing his lips softly.

"I love you, Erebus. I truly do." Celeste whispered. "I'm glad you told me about your past."


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Unknownst to the girl, that just by her own words alone, she'd changed. She was now in leagure with a serial murderer who worked under the guise of a dark guild. Then again, she had killed an innocent even before the two felt this connection. This time he slipped his hand under her skirt, kissing her passionately. The sun was setting, so too, was their distaste for one another. Erebus assumed this meant they were officially together. However, he wouldn't take her virginity away tonight, he'd save it away and make her really want what it was the feline offered. She was now his, and his alone. His hand removed itself from where it was between her legs. Then he held her close, pulling her into him... The two were sealed as a couple.


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Celeste Vagarosa



 His touch was like venom to her blood, with each new touch from Erebus, she felt more willing to do as he pleased. The more her mind would wonder, thoughts of making love to him and sealing their eternal love once and for all would roam her mind. Although it was too early for these acts she didn't deny that she would willingly go along with it. As his hand went under her skirt she, blushed and looked away to her side wondering if he was trying to get a rouse out of herself. As his hand was removed and she was held tightly she laid her head upon his shoulder as they watched the moon rise and fell asleep together on a park bench.

"I will always love you."


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