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Leaving Baska for Oak | Celeste

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Leaving Baska for Oak | Celeste Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:06 am

Celeste Vagarosa



After enjoying herself in Baska it was time she took her leave, the woman sure had a few events to look back on. Her first encounter of the serene town was from a fellow guild-mate known as Strategist. Upset with his loss, Celeste tried to calm him which lead to him trying to strike her down to get his way, however she was much quicker than him so she had avoided any oncoming attacks. When she tried to use her intelligent over his bronze he took her diversion as a chance to escape her, and in reality she was probably quick enough to stop him but she chose not too. Taking his blood which stained the dirt she let the wind blow it out of her palms and carry it off. Who could forget the Pegasus-man who bested her in combat, he had serious game. Not only was he fast on his feet but he had way more strength then her and was able to force her to tap out with a blade to her throat.

The woman's thoughts were endless as she walked to Oak, hopefully she'd see Strategist, she wasn't okay with him being upset and leaving on sight. She wanted to help, the man.

Wordcount: 100+

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