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Crocus to Baska

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It didn't take long before Alice was done picking up all her stuff. She was leaving Crocus, the city was actually to her liking. Since the Capital was so big, no one paid attention to her, no one knew each other and for a long time again she could be a new nobody. Apart from that on busy days it was so easy to steal wallets, purses or money from random people that no one seemed to notice, which was great. But still, she had heard about a tournament in the town of Baska. A lot of people seemed to gather there and she thought about joining the festives around there as well, she could make some more money by stealing as well as just enjoy the show in general. She only needed to get tickets for seats in the stadium? She didn't know, she had no idea what it looked like and she wasn't actually interested at all. She would use her body and face to get in and buy tickets later with the money she stole to steal more money. It all made sense.

She only had a small sports bag with most of her clothing and extra shoes, she might buy some more soon to get rid of the huge amount of money. It didn't feel good to travel with so much, especially not if a Rune Knight would stop her. How did those things work? Did they guard the place, was Selena there? Would she want to meet Selena again? She had thought about her cousin a lot, more than she would like to admit? Yeah more than she would like to admit.

She pushed the last pair of shoes in the sport bag and stood up. She cursed because of the fact that she forgot that she was only wearing shorts and a pyjama shirt. She had to change, she at least had kept her clothing for today in the bathroom, that wasn't bad but the clothing she was wearing still had to be put in the bag. She would figure that one out later, she first went to take a shower. She wasn't in a hurry, no one was specifically waiting for her, it was just the coins and other pieces of money. They could wait another day or well another specific amount of hours.

She didn't do that long about her shower, it was mostly just washing her body and her hair and getting dressed. She would have to dry her hair which took another thirty minutes and in the end she finally left the bathroom to put the last clothing in the sports bag. All that was left were socks and shoes and her leather jacket. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a blue cozy sweather and her black leather jacket, around her feet and shins were brown high boots that reached just below her knee. She combed her long orange hair with her fingers before she turned it up into a high ponytail, which would make it easier during travel, especially if it was windy. She grabbed her scarf and slung the sports bag over her right shoulder and exit the inn room, which she had shared with two other girls that she didn't know.

She paid for the last couple of days and simply left with a croissant in her mouth. She had a good amount to walk and it was quite cold outside today, she was convinced it was below freezing point. It would take a whole week but she would steal food somewhere or money and buy it, she would see what crossed her path.


After seven days walking, her feet were quite sore, she wanted to wash her clothing at a laundry spot, eat good food in a restaurant and sleep comfortable for a couple of hours instead of the haystacks, the dirty road inns and so on. There was much to complain about and just a crazy amount of walking. She kept thinking about the money and everything that she could do about it, some shopping, maybe she would bump into some awesome weapons, you never knew. She could only dream about it, but thank god Baska was into view, and it was only a few more steps before she would reach the city grounds and could look for a hotel. It seemed fairly busy, not extremely as Crocus had been but that was the capital for you. She would still get a lot of opportunities she was sure of that.

She entered the baska grounds and it was more green here than she had seen in a long time, if you didn't count the gardens of Crocus. She actually started the idea that she might get some inspiration for fighting if she looked at the participants of the tournament, however.. she was still short on weapons.. and sleep.

822 - 800 = Arrival at Baska

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