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The Shatters of Baskerville and Maelstorm

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The Shatters of Baskerville and Maelstorm Empty Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:05 am

It was a beautiful blue sky afternoon in the city of Crocus and Alice was sitting on one of the cafes outside. They had a patio heater and protection against the chilly winter wind. It was around one o'clock and she had her hands wrapped around a hot chocolate and her coat next to her on another chair.

There were many people on the street and she wondered why, since all the special days were over. Which she didn't give a damn about and it was nothing but an ordinary new Tuesday in the new year. Didn't people need to work? She asked herself, while she changed her seating and leaned with her chin on her right hand. As much as she wanted to wear the nice colourful summer clothing, she was wearing a dark gray sweater to avoid to stand out too much. Her right shoulder however was bare and she was wearing dark red trousers with high heels. She had crossed her legs and dipped her left foot sometimes a bit down and up because she was bored. She was waiting for the right moment to take the wallet from the person next to her. This old woman had it coming because every time she was standing up and going to do whatever she needed to do, and sit back down, she pushed the chair against the one of Alice.

However now she was just watching people, enjoying her hot chocolate and waiting for her bagel to be delivered. It was a rather boring day and she didn't really have plans. It worked that there were loads of people on the street, so she could take some purses, wallets and money and simply go shopping. But it had to wait, she first needed to eat.

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena was enjoying a rather calm winters day. Although the breeze drifting was slightly cold, Selena barely notice. She herslef was beginning to feel the heat less amd less and sort of began to adapt to it. It was one of the side effects of when she was in captivity for a few years, the other major side effect was her magic which allowed her to slay dragons. Infact Selena's whole outfit showed that she couldd barely feel the cold. Selena wore a pink light jumper over a black top and a small black skirt with some white trainers. Most people she passed as she walked stared fkr a moment bht quicjly averted thoer gaze one Selena peirced them with her own. She hated bringing too much attention upon herself for multiple reasons, but primarily because she hated to be just observed. "Ugh i need a drink." She moaned to herlf after just glaring at a mother of four who had been tranfixed on Selena's legs. But a rune knight couldn't be seen drinking in broad day light before noon even if her mark wasn't showing, so instead Selena made her way to a local coffee shop. The fact that Selena knew almost every coffee outlet in the capital kind of scared her.

Selena walked into the local coffee shop passing a few people outsode it who were also enjoying the morning. One person Selena passed was a red head who seemed tp be bored out of her skull. Selena only took a glance hlwever, she didmt want to be caught staring, she knew how annoying that could be. So after headong inside and orderong some coffee and cake Selena made her way outside and sat behind the red head, nlw facong some old woman who kept knocking her chaor into the back of the redheads. As she waited Selena couldn't help but looking at the redhead. She looked strangely familar but looking  the large bush of orange hair that belonged to the girl was not going to help identify her. Selena decided to wait until the girl moved to get a better look at her. So selena looked out at the street keeping one eye on the girl.

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Another woman joined the outside place of the terrace and it would now be impossible to simply steal the wallet. It was a shame but Alice learned to deal with it. She pouted for a second but blew the air in her cheeks out over the hot chocolade. She counted to ten before she simply waited again for her bagel again.

She shook out her long red hair and started to twirl it before she made a knot on the back of her head. Right before the waitress could get to her table, the woman next to her stood up again bumping again the chair against the one of Alice. That was already annoying but she also bumped inot Alice her elbow while she tried to get the hot chocolate that fell over her for as long as it took before she got the cup back up, almost half of what was left inside the cup (which was quite a lot) was spilled on her red trousers. The woman didn't notice and simply passed the table to walk to the front of the terrace and go back inside. However Alice didn't let her get so far.

"Oi!", she started and her face had this red flare of anger on it. "Do you know what you have been doing the entire time I'm sitting here. It's time you apologize and pick another table." She kicked the chair next to her away to the other person who was sharing the table with the culprit. The waitress with her bagel and another one came very fast towards her. "Don't look at me. That old fool over there knows exactly what she has been doing." She grabbed the bagel and threw it exactly in the old woman her face. "Bring me another one and a new hot chocolate. And it's so nice that she offers to pay." the old woman still hadn't said a word.

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena was taken from her day dream by a loud crashing sound. Selena's head instinctively swung around and seen a broken coffee mug on the ground and all around it a deep brown liquid was seeping into the cobbled ground. Selena head then turned to see the red head was fuming, the only thing missing from her look was steam coming from her ears and nose. Selena would have reacted but was stuck in her seat as she waited to see what happened. The girl was roaring at the woman, clearly with someone with a short temper, although if anyone had kept bumping into Selena and then proceeded to ruin her beverage, never mind Selena could relate. Selena then decided to get up once the bagel flew.

Selena got up and went over to the red head and grabbed her wrist fairly tight. "Now now, I'm sure this is all one big mi-" Selena stopped. She couldnt speak. the words were in her mouth but she could not get them out. Selena's grip on her wrist severely lessened as if she was cupping it rather than trying to restrain her. Selena's mouth full open, She tried taking a step back to breath and try and analyse the situation. Unfortunately Selena caught her foot on the leg of the old women's table and toppled over it, bringing the glass table down along with her. Although the table did not fall on Selena it did fall beside her and the glass from it shattered all over her. Selena still stared at the red head her eyes going misty as tears began to well up in her sockets. "You all seen her!" A shrill voice belonging to an elderly women announced. The woman who had the bagel thrown at her was pointing with one hand and using the other to clutch her chest. "T-Thant Thing Pushed that blue haired girl. S-some one get the rune knights or something she's clearly psychotic!" She announced as the few people who were around began to mumble loudly. Selena was only half listening. Her eyes were still transfixed on the red head. Her Cousin. Alice...

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Let's say that it wasn't nice when there was a puddle of hot chocolate on your red jeans. It was hot but of course none of the incapable waitresses were helping her or giving her napkins to help get most of the coffee away. she absolutely didn't care that she had let the mug fall on the ground and break. It was no longer her problem, and she must say that she got a great hit with the bagel right in the woman her face. She was practicing her aim, but she was doing fine. Though no grin appeared on her face for she was really angry.

Her brown eyes turned angry to the person that touched her wrist. She obviously didn't recognize Selena. She had met her before her memory loss so recognizing the blue haired woman would be impossible. "What?" she said with a snide remark in her tongue, because the other one stopped talking, it was like she saw a ghost or something, so shortly Alice turned her head to see if there was something behind her but quickly turned her head back to the noise that was created. In the second that she had looked away the blue haired woman fell over the table and well that made quite a noise. The whole restaurant seemed to be up and screaming.

It seemed as if the other one was on the brick of tears, which gave Alice accidently an disgusted look on her face, however she hold out her hand to offer the person to get back upright. There was probably a vein close to her temple obviously visible because of the old culprit. "Did you just call me a thing? Find your humanity woman." She summoned her bow with her Requip magic and didn't even hold it, the arrow was already on top of it. "This is my magic you hag. Now some people are just clumsy, no need to freak out. Just calm down and sit and behave like is appropriate for this café."

She waited to see if the blue haired woman would get up with or without her hand before she pulled up her chair and sat down again. "Now what do I have to do to get my hot chocolate, napkins and bagel. Yeah, is that too much to ask?"

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Selena Maelstrom
As Selena sat on the ground looking up at Alice. But something wasn't right. As Selena scanned her face she realised that the woman she was looking at was not her cousin. This woman had a hard face full of nothing but amger, her eyes shallow and full of rage. She had all the features of her cousin but her whole out look was simply wrong. Selena was still too much in shock to do anything but at the site of Alice offering her hand he snatched it without even needing to think.

After Selena was pulled up she looked around to see everyone in a panic. Beside her, Alice began to try and calm everyone down. Her voice was jagged and rough nothing like before and she even summoned a bow out of no where and began to threaten the old woman. She then proceeded6to sit down and wine some more. Everyone else seemed to calm down too after Alice had sat down. Selena however remained stiff, still in shock. "Alice i-is... is that your name?" Selena asked being uncharacteristically shy and nervous. Selena felt like she needed to make sure, to make sure she wasn't crazy that this was her cousin, that she wasn't her only family that she wasn't all alone. So instead of taking a seat like a normal person Selena stood. Her position so awkward that she stuck out like a sore thumb. The old woman began to shoot nasty glares at Alice and Selena but Selena was still far to dumbfounded to do or say anything but listen to her cousin.

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Alice had cleaned the air of her bow and arrows as soon as she went to sit down. The waitresses were starting to get back into gear and one ran back inside to fix the order of Alice. She was wondering if she had to pay for it, the chocolate wasn't her fault but throwing the bagel was. She would yell some more if she had to pay for two. But she doubt that would happen, apparently the old woman seemed to think that leaving was the best option and Alice waved at her once she had paid and left. Thank god that was over.

The young woman that she helped up was still standing a bit freaked out next to her table. So Alice looked up to her with a raised eyebrow. This was the moment that Selena asked if her name was Alice. Which actually made her a bit afraid that she had done something bad or something. "Yeah... so?" It was so weird that this girl was there, she kicked back a chair to invite her to sit but she didn't want to let her sit here too long. She didn't trust this other woman, that obviously made sense if you were suddenly asked for your name and the other didn't give more information.

She eased herself a little, just to make it easier for herself, you never knew what question would come and she would try to work on it, an answer that she wanted to be able to give. Just to not give up a bad fibe. She was a Phantom Lord though and a thief.

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Selena Maelstrom
With Alice's reply, Selena bit her lip. She wasn't sure what to make of this, her cousin was dead, wasn't she? It seemed as though Selema had bit down too vigorously on her lip as she coukd taste a sharp matllic liquid. Selena put her hand to her lip to see if it was bleeding from the outside. At that moment Alice kicked out a chair for her as a sign to sit down. Selena took the fhance hastily and almost fumbled of the chair. God she must think I'm incapable of anything Selena thought as she finally god comfortable. Selena removed her hand from her lip and noticed kt was bleeding, bjt only very slightly, she could fix it later. Right now she sat in front of something far more pressing.

"Okay..." Selena began, not really sure where to begin in the first place. "So my name is Selena Maelstrom, and I know you're name because your my- your my cousin Selena managed to say, surprising herself how well she was able to get the words out. "Thats only half the story though.." She continued "See, where to start with this. Okay so, heh wont lie this is gonna be hard for me cause surprise surprise a mage with a bad history, but er yeah. her words becoming less and less fluid the more she bet around the bush. Selena took a deep breath and fixed her hair, she ckosed her eyes, but when she opened them, they were not the frightened dumbstruck eyes that Alice had seen moments ago. No these were her own blazing Cobalt eyes, Selena was ready to talk. "About 5 or so years ago, you were believed to be dead." Selena's words were monotone and serious. "My mother, your aunt, had tried to save you but i didn't work. It was on the news about an explosion in some tower some where, can't remember the exact details. My mother was there though and said she had troed to save you but she wasn't able to." Selena let those words sink in for a moment before continuing. "And I know all this seems ludicrous, believe me you wouldn't believe the story that goes on after this, but its the truth. And the underlying question why dont you recognise me right? Well you probably have amnesia, it's the only logical reason, after all I recognise you, Alice..." Selena said taking another deeo breath. At that moment the barrista came out with their orders. She only stayed to give them their drinks and bagel before darting out. Selena grabbed her cup and took a sip before pulling it away immediately. She forglt her fut was there and it stung like the feelings of her family she had brought up. "So you believe me? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't." Selena said with a weary smile. Selena did not care id she did or not, she was just glad that at least someone she cared about survived.

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This girl or young woman that remained standing was a bit of a weirdo. Not that Alice could say she was a normal person but this sort of freaked her out. Maybe that was why she kicked away the chair for Selena, to make her sit down and be less intimidating while standing. Alice didn't specifically doubt that she couldn't handle to run away, she didn't want to run away at this point. There was something bothering the young woman obviously and Alice could only raise her eyebrow, was it about her? That's why she asked for her name, so it had to be about her.

Finally the blue haired lady started to talk, she seemed not to know where to start but thank god for her, she started with her name first otherwise Alice would walk away. She gripped the edge of the table when Selena started to explain why she knew her name. Cousin? hilarious because she has been raised in an orphanage, said she was dumped there because no one wanted her and she never got adopted. She didn't look at Selena, which was good otherwise the other would have seen her angry eyes that she now fixed on the table and was thus hidden by her bangs.

She was shaking but only such a little that it wasn't obvious and thus Selena continued. She wondered if Selena meant herself with the mage with a bad history or Alice? Maybe she should add before Selena continued that she lost her memories and that she didn't give a shit about all this. Her eyes, looking sceptic turned at the moment to Selena when she met her cobalt ones compared with the warm brown ones of Alice herself. About five years ago, that was when she was fifteen.. she was at the orphanage back than, that's what was told to her, a year later or even in that year, she lost her memory.

It triggered her when Selena mentioned her amnesia. Which made her angry completely but she didn't flip the table. "Maybe I don't recognize you, because we never met. I don't remember you because all I know as a child was that I was never allowed to play with others. Maybe there is another Alice, it's not a special name. My name isn't Maelstrom or whatever you said it was, it's Baskerville. I gave that to myself because all my life I've been in an orphanage where nobody cared about me." The waitress came while she held her rant and she was angry and she actually wanted to walk away. "Don't pretend you care about me now." She said before she took a bite of the bagel.

There were tears in the corner of Alice her eyes, she didn't notice them herself. But nobody ever cared about her and she did want to believe Selena that finally after all these years somebody finally cared about her, or seemed to do. But she couldn't let herself become weak when it wasn't the real case, there must be another Alice. Another Alice with flaming red hair like hers.

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena listened to Alice and her rage. She most certainly did not believe that they had even met, let own relations. Selena's face went stern about to rage back, but her face softened again, but still kept a serious aura about her. Selena could understand that it was a lot to take in, almost too much so she decided to leave her and let her rage. Although it was hard since Alice wasn't sure Selena cared for her. As Selena was about to reply she noticed that Alice's eyes were sparkling a little too much. She was on the verge of tears. Selena took a deep breath, took a sip of her coffee to reanalyses the situation. Selena let her eyes trace the design of the cup she was drinking from to think of what to say. Alice was very sensitive at this moment and Selena for the most part had shut out her feelings, although bringing up family again made her arms and heart ache.

Selena laid the cup down again. She had chosen her words at last. "Listen Alice, I know this is a lot to take in too much, it is for me too. But try to be rational. Why would I lie? Why would I make a complete ass of myself in a public place for no reason? Why would I stare at you as if you were a ghost?" Selena said gripping her cup tightly. ""I can tell you more, a lot more but not now, unless you're ready. Unless you believe me. Because if you don't i don't think I want to see you again. I couldn't handle it, seeing my only family that was dead for over 5 years in front of me who wanted nothing to do with me. the choice is yours." Selena then said, Taking a hand away from the cup to brush the tears out of her eyes. Selena still tried to look at Alice. Selena was indeed sure it was her cousin, positive. So as Selena was waiting for an answer, she would rub her arms, specifically her elbow-pits which were beginning to throb from the pain of the past, little red dots appearing with every rub.

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Angry now she was munching on her bagel. Angrily taking way too big of a bite that it took forever before she was finally finished with that one and could go on to the next. The bad thing was that she now didn't feel the need to drink her hot chocolate but she could let it get cold and drink it than. It didn't matter, nothing did matter, the only thing that mattered was Alice herself and her feelings, no one did ever care about her and no one would ever, because that was her life. She could only slightly remember so much, things that didn't matter which was the problem, things that were unimportant, for example that her mother had been so strict with her that everything she liked wasn't allowed. But her mother's face? Not even the slightest colour of her hair or eyes, nothing.

It didn't take long for her bagel to be finished and she almost bit in her own fingers because she didn't notice, but she did on time. The problem was that Selena started to talk again and even though Alice didn't look at her, she did made sense. She did know her name, she seemed to know something about feelings and she had given up a sort of respect by falling over a table the moment she had seen Alice her face. It was like a memory in front of her that she remembered and remembered, like an autoplay before her eyes, it was starting to get ridiculous so she shook her head lightly and it stopped. She focused back on the blue eyes of Selena. They had nothing alike, no nose, no eyes although the round form could be seen as the same but she wasn't really good at that. Their lips were different, face structure maybe? She didn't want to know and didn't know.

She wanted to say no but something in Selena her voice and the way that she said it made it that Alice didn't stand up and walk away, again. This was already the second time. "All your family is dead?" she asked softly because well it wasn't something happy to talk about. It was the tears, the strain in her voice, it was everything that made Alice her skin crawl. "I'm not sure if I can handle that or this or anything."

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Selena Maelstrom
All the while as Selena spoke, Alice did not look at her once. Selena kept her voice soft though. It was hard and since Alice did not look straight at her it was made easier for Selena too. Although she did just wish to speak with her cousin at the same times, not just about the past or how she came to be but just regular things. But as of right now those thoughts and ideas were a million miles away.

Selena was still rubbing her arms, although the protection of her hoodie made it so Alice could not see, but could question it if she coped on. Alice then spoke. She asked if all of Selena's family was really dead. Sighing heavily Selena replied. "Yup all of them. My immediate family I mean. After all - eh sorry never mind." Selena said quickly stopping herself from finishing her statement. Alice had never answered yet. If she was willing to at least try and be her family. So Selena waited for a reply, her eyes now staring intently on her cup. Staring at Alice would not help the semi awkward tension that had been building up.

When she did reply Selena took a silent gasp before looking up somewhat saddened. She tried to keep her face clear, but the emotion was becoming clear. She had kept back tears but a desperate look swept her face. "Okay, I know it is really big and all that, I do, but unless you are positive please don't go." Selena asked, but Alice did not seem to budge anyway. Selena wasn't sure what else to do or say. She just stared at her cup fighting back tears.

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It was still a bit too much to handle and apparently Selena got the same way for when Alice asked about the death of her immediate family, Selena started but didn't finish, which was exactly what Alice needed. Not knowing. She was still not sure if she could handle all of this and thus that's what she said out loud. Selena replied again that she needed a positive answer and Alice tried to think of a way herself that she could all accept this. Which seemed impossible, walking away such as she had always done, the easy way out, was still the option that she always took.

The easy way out, there must be a version in here that she could use and yet not walk away completely. She was looking at Selena, again trying to find a way that they indeed looked the same, maybe it was bone structure in their face, maybe it was the same form of the eyes, she didn't know. Wasn't good at it, it was the outside world that always told the other. "Well let's say that I would really want to know more about myself and my family. Can't we take it slow? Can we first try to.. I don't know become friends?" she never was a person for friends, she was always on her own so it was a bit of a weird thing to say for her but she tried to cover that up so Selena wouldn't know. "Than at one point, we can try and talk more about this family thing. I want to say I'm convinced but I'm not, I mean I don't think I'm the only red haired Alice in the world. What if you are wrong. There is nothing that says I'm the one you mean." It actually did hurt when she said that herself. She hadn't realized and maybe still didn't, how much she wanted Selena to be family at this point. Maybe that did change when they got to know each other a lot better and they wouldn't end up close. She wouldn't know.

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Selena Maelstrom
Every now and again Selena noticed Alice looking, well more scanning her face. Was she trying to find similar features? Nownthat Selena thought about it they had very few. Well that was genetics for you, only a small chance of being identical. But Selena wasn't sure. Maybe they looked more alike from the waist down? The last time she had met her cousin it had been when they were 8. So needless to say neither were full defined. But still the fact that Alice was still looking gave Selena a little hope.

After a moment Alice responded to Selena. She was a little flustered about everything and Selena's constant pleas. She said that she wanted to take things slowly and maybe just get to know each other. Selena compressed a laugh but a vague smile appeared on her face. They might not look alike but the certainly think similarly."To be honest I was just looking for a yes, that you would try, but being friends again could work." Selena said. She had accidentally added in again referring to the past. Slightly fearful of what Alice might think she said "But yeah. I had the same thought of just trying to be friends. So at least we think similarly." Hopefully that would keep her falm.

Alice also said she was convinced but not convinced about being family. After all she couldn't be the only red haired Alice in the world. The faint smile on Selena stayed. "First thing you should know about me is that I seldom make mistakes, so no need to worry too much there. But I see your point. I could try finding fanily records somewhere but it would take a while. Although Maelstrom is a fairly uncommon last name, I'm not even sure it originates in Fiore, but that's really the only problem I can see." Selena explained then taking a large gulp lf her coffee which had cooled down significantly since it was brought out.

Selena put her cup down and left her right arm across her stomach. She then left her roght hand vertical on it and used it to support her head. "So Alice tell me about yourself. If we're gonna become friends we better start somewhere. Oh and don't be afraid to hide anything trust me I cant judge. And in return I'll be just as honest, so eh, lets get started." Selena said, her insides clenching after such a terrible sentence. Selena would not blame Alice leaving after that.

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It was weird when Selena her blue eyes met the brown ones from Alice. But she didn't want to look away at all. She was still searching but she wasn't sure what she was trying to find, for she had already made some conclusions. Her cheeks became red when Selena simply added that she was only waiting for a yes. That being friends was fine. She missed the again, it was just too much to take in to actually stumble upon the word. Everything seemed weird, even becoming friends. To Alice that was, she didn't do friends, she didn't do anything that was not solo, so it was a bit weird. Well at least they thought similiar that's what the blue haired one said. She was still a bit sceptic but fine, she had said it herself, so it was only up to her and Selena to continue this weirdness and become.. friends.. or something.

She felt even more sceptic when Selena said she never made mistakes. It would now be her job to find another red haired Alice that was a Maelstrom, because she was a Baskerville and that was it. Alice Maelstrom, it simply sounded weird. She wasn't sure what to say even though there might be records, would they include pictures or something? How else would you know it was still her. Family records are interesting, but still do they contain pictures? Photos? How else would that convince me if it's still only paper or is it magic? Does the record change and now shows me with my new surname. If I am indeed a Maelstrom." it seemed to be her surname.

She followed her cousin's example and took a few sips from her hot chocolate, which unfortunately became less hot than she intentionally had hoped when she ordered it. But too much had happened and thus she didn't feel like ordering a new one. Selena asked her to tell anything about Alice, and that she shouldn't be ashamed of something because she couldn't judge. As if she would simply flaunt around that she was a thief and belonged to Phantom Lord, she wasn't stupid. She didn't have a specific family bonding with Phantom Lord but it was something. "What to tell. I lost my memory when I was sixteen if not younger. I am twenty now, lived in an orphanage till I was eighteen and moved out to see the world. Named myself because people look weird at you when you say you don't have a surname." It felt not fair to keep secrets and to not be open about herself but there was still really not much to tell, even if she did tell about Phantom Lord and her thief jobs, that would still not summon up much. She shrugged as if the indicate that she was still thinking: "I'm a mage." She had already showed her requip techniques. She was just starting, she never used magic before.

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Selena Maelstrom
Alice said that family records would be interesting but had a few questions about them. "To be honest I have no clue. It really depends where we look and what we find. Some places could be outdated but have good info and newer places could have pictures and the like but god knows how long we would be waiting to hear back from them." Selena said. "Probably best to start in a small place so we could get as much as we could. A lot of work regardless." Selena said, fishing with a sigh. "OH!" She said suddenly. "You aren't a maelstrom. My mother and yours were sisters, and mine took my fathers name. You Alice, are a Eventide." Selena said.

After saying that Alice began to tell Selena about herself. Some basic information but still, some of it was fairly deep. "Wow. That's pretty dark. And I could tell you were a mage, and a requip one at that. Quite a rare magic too. Mine is Wat- er." Selena broke off. She took a deep breath. "Okay I'm telling you my magic cause of how open you were to me, but you cannot tell another soul. I really need you to. So do not go breathing a word of this." Selena said with a rather abrupt air of importance. "My magic is a lost one, I'm a Water Dragon Slayer. Magic to slay dragons as well as being able to eat water. Kinda weird but I know but trust me. Eating water is possible." She said with kind of a silly smile. "Actually are you in a guild? I'd be more comfortable knowing if you were or not. Cause most guilds seem to have a dragon slayer and it would be good to know." Selena then asked her cousin pulling a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Must of got loose by her sounds a little urgent.

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She didn't know much about her own family, so when Selena told her she was an Eventide, there was this small sense of recognition that tingled in the back of her mind, but she ignored it. She now knew a bit more, Selena her mother, the aunt that seemed to have saved her was sisters with her mother. But where was her father? Did she even have one? Well obviously everyone had a father but had he been in the picture, did she dare ask? Did Selena know? It would be quite bothersome to work up about something to not even get the answer. "Was it just me and my mom?" she asked in the end, she was too curious to not ask. She already prepared that Selena didn't know and she didn't specific ask about her dad, so that was a good thing. It made sense there was no dad, because why else would she still be an Eventide? She told herself firmly that it didn't matter, that she was a Baskerville now. The only one, so no one could ever act like a family member and yet here Selena was. Her cousin.

Selena seemed to know more about magic than Alice knew. She told her the name, the one she knew. She at least had read about it, it was self taught so yeah it was important to know. She wanted to say that but Selena continued and stopped at almost the same time. Wat.. water? She looked at Selena her eyes while turning her head to the left and look with a questioned look on her face. "Sure." was all she had to answer, there wasn't someone she actually talked to. So yeah why would she spill about Selena if she really wanted to be friends for one of the first times in her life. that's when Selena explained she was a Dragon Slayer and she thought she had heard about another one, in her Guild but she wasn't sure. Could be a rumour, she didn't care at all. She simply nodded to give Selena the idea that she understood. She tried to smile when they talked about eating water, "One day I might witness that." she said if it was not important to have such big powers. But she just tried to liften the mood, since they were talking about such important stuff.

Selena asked the question that Alice had wanted to keep a secret. She sighed and took her eyes of her cousin and stared at the table. "Phantom Lord." was all she muttered.

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Alice had asked if it was just her mother and Alice's. Selena had to think. She rarely thought about her other aunts since they never visited nor did Selena's family go and visit them either. "Yeah, they had two other sisters. 4 of them in total. I don't know much about them. I wouldn't be surprised if they were dead. But then again they could have thought I was dead for a while so that's why they didn't reach out. But yeah two other sisters don't know much about them though." Selena said. Once she was finished she drank the rest of her coffee.

Luckily Alice agreed to not speak about er being a slayer and agreed to tell her of other slayers. Selena smiled. She didn't mean to use Alice but if she had some Information regarding the other Dragon Slayers Selena wouldn't turn her nose up at it. Alice even said that maybe one day she could see her eating water. "I'd order it now but I'm kinda full." She explained with a kind of excuse smile.

However when Selena asked what guild she was in she was expecting a no, the true answer however caused her to look extremely shocked. Selena cleared her throat again, and tried loosening up her face to try and look more natural. "Sorry if I looked shocked, just didn't expect you to." Selena admitted. Now instead of her old wounds hurting her shoulder with her emblem was. "Well, I'm a Rune Knight, so this - eh yeah." She said. She wasn't sure how to react. If she said she wasn't going to do anything it might look as if she was only doing it because she was related. "Okay, leeme ask. Have you commited any crimes recently? Cause your good." Selena said

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For some reason Alice was always convinced that she had a sister, but she apparently didn't. It was probably because of being in an orphanage, where lots of people were sisters or brothers even though not related by blood. Alice had never participated in that stupid idea, because most people were adopted back at the time when she was eight. Later she was with a handful of others left there till she was sixteen and in the end probably eighteen. That's what they said, they had taken okay care of her, she could only remember the two years in which she had lost her memories, so based on that, they were okay. She would never return obviously. Maybe one day to find more information. Maybe that's why she had to leave Crocus, it felt too much.

Alice couldn't help but giggle, she wouldn't imagine eating water but it seemed that Selena trusted her enough for her to show the powers that a Water Dragonslayer brought with her. Well her requip was just in the beginning stage and she might needed to learn more than just summon and fight. She needed some class.

They discussed some more and came to the point of the Guild, which Alice reluctanly admitted, she didn't even think about asking Selena the same, she had just muttered Phantom Lord and was now looking and Selena her eyes and be completely surprised by the reaction. "I don't know much about the mage world. Phantom Lord was the first that didn't thought me weird." This was unbelievable, her cousin was a Knight. She had just admitted, because she wasn't that stupid, that she was in a Dark Guild. "I never plan to!" she eagerly answered Selena, she didn't think thievery to survive was a crime. She didn't admit that out loud, but she didn't plan to murder anyone. "I don't take those jobs. Thievery is the most I do. Only to be able to remain in the Guild." She looked from Selena to the table, waiting for a new reaction. They talked a little but Selena had to leave, probably duty or something. She didn't tell and Alice didn't ask. She herself stood up and simply walked away, since the old hag had to pay for her.


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