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I'm Home

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

I'm Home  Empty Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:08 pm

Jeremiah Ali
Finally, he was here. The home of the fairies wasn't as annoyingly joyful as he'd thought it'd be, but it was quiet and he liked the quiet. What was happening though? Was the guild dying? For a quick moment he stood at the entrance of the guild hall with both hands inside his pocket. His head slowly moved towards the right, then shifted towards the left. Damn. In all honesty he was disappointed. It was the guild masters job to make sure that the guild was - don't even get me started. Jeremiah continued to scan the area as he slowly walked over to the bar. No sign of Teiho. Shin isn't here either, and I haven't heard from Ana in a while. The phoenix bearer sighed with annoyance as he sat at the bar. He looked down at the table before slamming his fist onto it. Dammit. I was depending on this damn team. This is exactly why I do shit on my own.

"Having a rough day huh, Jerry? "

Immediately the teenager was distracted from his thoughts and brought into reality. He couldn't help it. In an instant he found himself gripping the bartender by his shirt and glaring into his eyes. He could see the tenders bead of sweat on his right temple, slowly traveling down his face. "Jeremiah. My name is Jeremiah." The story of why he hated being called "Jerry" was simple, but there was no reason to explain it. Just don't call him anything he doesn't want to be called. Realizing the position he was in and feeling the eyes of his guild mates, he released the shirt and sat back down in his seat. This wasn't like him to act out irrationally. After a few seconds of silence, he was calmed and proceeded to apologize. "Sorry.. I've just been really stressed lately, so much has been going on but it feels like I'm the only one noticing it. Maybe it's just me." Ali paused before realizing that he was actually venting - something he never did unless he was speaking to the Phoenix - who by the way still hasn't made a sound. Jeremiah at this point was stressed. Between being attacked by the very people who ruined his life, running around attempting to form a shitty team, blacking out in the middle of a fight he was clearly going to win, and the Phoenix acting weird, he just didn't know what was going to happen next.

"Never mind."

The tender opened his mouth to speak, probably to tell Jeremiah that it was okay, but the young Fairy didn't want to hear that. Quickly, he spoke again. "Is Cecilia here?" The bartender shook his head.
"I haven't seen her at all tod-" Irritably, Jeremiah silently stood up and turned, making his exit out of the guild at once. Fairy Tail was becoming more useless to him by the minute. At this rate he'd be better of finding and recruiting that demon guy back in Crocus...

~ Exit ~

I'm Home  Haki10

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