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Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open]

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#26Atlas Prime 

Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:52 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad the man seemed interested in his magic. It would fell like a stab at him if he didn't find it interesting. Atlas felt though that all magics in itself were interesting. Sure some magics would give you a bigger boost in some parts, but its how you use the magic is what makes the mage itself. He knew that two magics could have to same magic and one would be stronger than the other. Atlas was now also happy that Salem seemed to show him his magic. "Wow, thats pretty cool," Atlas said to him. He wondered to what extend both of there magics could wield. Atlas knew that he had a long way to go before he was really strong and with more training would allow him to advance his magic to its fullest. "Man, isn't interesting all the magics around that people can use. Sure there are mages with some simple fire magics, but sometimes it those mages that can show new light to that magic," Atlas said, speaking his thoughts without fully noticing.


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Demonstrating his magic to Atlas, Salem could only hope that Who the wise did not get aggravated by the two of  them showing magic inside of the store. Even if it was minor demonstrations of magic Salem was not sure how it would be taken. Especially not knowing the way that Who the Wise would respond. Thus being the reason that Salem kept his magical demonstration simple. Making sure to keep his magic under control and from getting out of hand to much. Salem still being a mage trying to completely grasp the true nature of his magic. Still needed practice in controlling it sometimes, with Arcane magic tending to get out of control at times.

Upon Salem finishing up his demonstration of his magic, Atlas would speak on how cool Salem’s magic was. A statement that Salem honestly just took as the mage trying to be nice. Since Salem had honestly only showed Atlas a slight demonstration that gave no true demonstration to the magic that was Arcane Magic. Atlas having been intrigued by the magic demonstration, proceeded to speak his mind of magic to Salem. Informing him that sometimes it was not the magic as even a basic fire magic could become spectacular depending on how the user used it. All things Salem could understand having read countless magical books to better understand the versatility of magic.

“Yeah, you are right at the end of the day its not he magic that you use, but how you use it. I have spent countless hours reading books to better understand the ways to completely shape your magic to your complete desires”.

#28Atlas Prime 

Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] - Page 2 Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:46 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was shocked at the man named Salem. It seemes, from what Atlas could gather, Salem was seeking knowledge about magic in general. Atlas was curious about it, but sometimes it could be hard to grasp what mages could exactly do sometimes. When he would be practicing his magic, sometimes he would even shock himself with what he could learn. Without practice with his magic Atlas would not be able to use his own magic to walk on water, which is something he could do now. He knew it wasn't a major thing, but it could come in handy someday, he figured. "Wow, countless hours on reading and researching magic. I'm not sure if I could do that much. Is there an ultimate goal you are aiming for with this?" Atlas asked him.


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Atlas would proceed to make a remark on the fact that Salem had spent countless hour’s reading and researching magic. Something Atlas felt that he himself couldn’t do personally. Then again reading and learning all about magic was everything to Salem. Thus being the reason that he had no problem staying up for days at a time in the hopes of finishing a book. But then again everyone wasn’t Salem and Atlas was reassuring Salem of that. Showing his true ways of magical study. “Well honestly Atlas I have the goal of learning of everything that comes to do with magic and its complete source . Something I fear is no small task, thus being the reason that I am here in Orchidia in hopes of finding the book that I am currently looking for.” v

#30Atlas Prime 

Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:30 pm

Atlas Prime
Salem seemed to say that he had a goal of learning all about magic, which was no small feat. That would probably take would probably take up a whole life time, even more than that. Atlas though had to wonder how much stronger it would make this man. Would he be able to identify magics and know how to beat them, or would he be able to counter others with a few things, Atlas had to wonder. "That is a pretty big goal. My goal right now you can say is to just get stronger. There are some people that I want to protect and I can't do that being weak," Atlas said speaking his mind again even though it seemed Salem never asked about it. Its a reason I stay in Lamia Scale. In there we show are actions through are fights," he said to him.


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Atlas seeming to grasp the concept of the goal that Salem had set for himself, something most people figured would take a life time if not longer to accomplish. Understand the goal and dream of Salem, Atlas would come to share the goals and dreams that he had form himself. Ones that were completely different from the ones that Salem had set for himself. His being more selfish and self driven by himself then the goal that Atlas would come to possess Atlas wanting to get stronger for the people that he had to protect. Noting that he would not able to accomplish this task while being weak. Bringing Salem to believe that this Lamia Scale mage most likely had some powerful enemies ahead of him. Stating that this was the reason that he choose to stay a guild mage of the Lamia Scale guild. Saying that the guild showed its action threw their fights. Explaining a little to why Salem would see them getting in trouble with the council.

“Hm interesting I see that you have yourself quite the goal their Atlas. So may ask he do you have to protect and from whom? As maybe I could come to be of some assistance to you along your way to accomplish your task you see. Its always good to have associates in the Magic Council to help you out, especially with those fines Lamia Scale tends to get.” Salem was attempting to come off more with a business tone to Atlas. Not wanting to seem as this was a reach of friendship. But Salem had manage to come interested in the mage that was Atlas, and was coming to consider him quite the associate feeling that he could come of some user in the later days that where to come. Especially for mage such as Salem who was going to need to make connections with mages all around if he had any hopes of completing his goals.

#32Atlas Prime 

Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] - Page 2 Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:05 pm

Atlas Prime
Salem seemed to speak of somewhat of them trying to work together to accomplish Atlas's goal of trying to protect everyone. Atlas thought it was a good idea, but was reluctant to try and bring people into his mess if one was in fact made. Atlas would not want others to get hurt because of himself. "Seems like in interesting idea, but, and not to come off rude, I would have to make sure that I can trust you on that," he said to the man. Atlas did not want to place his trust in a person if he didn't believe they would back up there words.

While Atlas was speaking he heard a weird flapping noise and looked around to notice Who the Wise flying towards them. "Hey, if you guys are just going to sit here and talk and not buy anything I will ask you to leave," he said, more staring towards Atlas with his comment, probably from his questions from earlier. "Oh, sorry about that. Guess I'll be taking off. Good to meet you Salem, hope you find what you are looking for and hope to meet you again," Atlas said, leaving the store to find something else to do that day.


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Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:32 am

The conversation of Atlas and Salem had soon found itself to an end. Atlas coming to the conclusion that Salem could only help him with his goal of protecting those that he so wanted to protect. Stating that he could only come to accept the help of Salem if he could come to find himself to trust Salem. Something that Salem himself found true indeed as he himself was still not so sure if he himself could find it to trust the Lamia Scale mage that was Atlas. Having not found it in himself to inform him of the book that he had been looking for earlier when he first entered into the store. Who the Wise having cut the stay in the magic shop short after informing the two mages that if they weren’t to buy anything in the store that it be best they make their leave. Though not in those exact same words, Atlas and Salem got the message. With Atlas soon giving his leaving remarks before making his way out of the door of the magic shop back into the streets of Orchidia. Salem soon finding it in himself to do the same as he need make the best of his time in Orchidia.

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