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Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open]

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Let's go to the Magic Shop [Open] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:23 pm

Salem proceeded threw the streets of Orchidia looking at all of the different shops stalls and what not’s that sold all types of merchandise. None of which fancied the young Rune Knight Paige was he was honestly only looking for shops of magical decent. Since Salem’s main purpose of coming to Orchida was in hopes of being able to find more magic shops that could lead to the increase of his magical knowledge. As Salem’s whole purpose was to do nothing more then learn all things to go do with magic. This being a major reason that Salem tended to take a lot of time also reading about the history of magic. And though the capital was filled with grand knowledge of all things magical, Salem was still low in the ranks of the Rune Knights and not with full access to the complete libraries. Meaning that he had to take getting some of the more harder to get books he needed into his own hands by searching local magic shops he could find in different towns.

Sadly though he never really got much of a chance to travel to other towns until this trip here to Orchidia. So Salem was going to due his best of this journey and vacation of the capital to try and find some decent stores or vendors. Walking threw the streets Salem would soon come to notice a few signs that would none the less lead him to a magic store just as he had been looking for. A magic book store that Salem would come to reefer to as a Bojo’s. Upon entering the store Salem could almost instantly feel the deep magical presence inside of the store. As it was completely filled with all types of strange magical artifacts and books. One of which was flying around the store and almost managed to beam itself right dead center in the middle of Salem’s forehead.

Luckily the Paige of the Rune Knights had been doing some well paid off training, that allowed for him to quickly avoid the book and proceed on his way into the store. Walking up to the counter Salem would come to see what he assumed to be just a regular owl, until it begin speaking to him. “Why hello I am Who the Wise and welcome to Bojo’s Magic Bizarre, where we have all things to your magical desires. Is their anything that I might be able to help you look for ? As the store can get very confusing with some of the magical books tending to fly around losing themselves in various places in the store.” Salem would proceed to wave off Who the Wise thanking the owl for his offer but politely declining.

As Salem was not sure how he really felt about being led around the magic store by a talking Owl especially one of Who the Wises size. Trotting threw the store Salem would come to find a section of book that would peek his interest. Salem would proceed to scan threw a few of these books in the Magic shop. Wondering if any other things crazy might pop out at him while he took stand in this shop in Orchidia that he was coming to find spectacular. Still Salem knew it best that he stay alert, as he was still not sure what type of town Orchidia was. Needing to make sure that nothing shady was going on Salem made sure to stay alert to the door of the shopping being able to see who entered or exited the shop. Though he was still lost to who all was already inside of the magic shop besides Who the Wise.

#2Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas had decided to take a stroll down the market streets today. He had a little jewels to spend and wanted to see what he might be able to afford right now. He knew that if he did like something and did not have enough to get it, he could do some requests to earn some more jewels for it. Atlas looked around at a couple stalls that were set up but nothing seemed to peak his interest. He wasn't fully sure what he wanted, but he knew he didn't care for anything there. While Atlas looked around he heard a couple people mention something while he was walking. He heard about a talking owl that was running a shop called Bojo's. This certainly peaked his interest. Atlas thought it would be really interesting to see a talking owl. So Atlas set off for the shop in question.

When Atlas arrived he opened the door. He looked around the shop and guessed it was a more magical shop that he arrived in. He more noticed it by some flying objects in the sky and the magical pressure he felt around him. "Wow, how did I never find this place," Atlas said. He wasn't sure if anyone was paying attention to what he said or not but he still said it out without really noticing. Atlas looked around and went up to a man with really long black hair that seemed to be looking at some books that were on the shelves. "Oh, hi. Sorry to bother you, but I heard there was a talking owl in here, do you know where it is?" he asked the man.


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Salem would continue to watch the door of the shop as he looked over the section of books he was near to. Not wanting to give any shot of an open attack at him though he was not completely sure as to why he was completely paranoid in this magic shop he had chose to check out while on his visit to Orchidia the lowest town of the North region of Fiore. North Fiore being the section of Fiore that Salem was not to found of due to the fact that his boarding school was located in the more upper part of north Fiore causing for it to really have some more built up hatred inside of Salem. But he figured that it be best he did not let this be seen by those inside of the town of Orchidia as he did not want to have any issues with any of the citizens. As he was from Crocus and did not know how things where handled here in Orchidia, and figured it be best if he not figure out how they were done.

Soon another person would come to enter the building, a strange man that Salem could easily was also into the arts of magic just as Salem. Though he could not tell to what degree as the man did have rather a brute look about him. Something Salem figured it best be to ignore, as it was best not to judge a book by its colors. Salem could only come imagine what some would come to see just by seeing Salem for the first time. As he did dress rather strange and having the shinning jewelry around his neck and wrist did not help in his hopes of not standing out. This man would proceed to be very tall to Salem’s surprise as he approached him giving Salem a better look.

Sadly for the newcomer, if he had any hopes of being the tallest person around, as Salem still managed to stand over the man by a few inches. Nearing Salem could now spot out the read overalls that the man would proceed to have on his body as well as the odd fact that one of his two arm sleeves were longer then the other. The boy would even have a reviling tattoo on the top of his right hand that Salem was easily able to identify as a Guild tattoo of the Lamia Scale guild that made Orchidia its home base. Upon entering the man would proceed to state of how shocked he was to be finding this place. This bringing a slight shock to Salem.

One who figured that a Lamia Scale member would most likely have been a local of the town or at least had some knowledge of it and its magic shops. Something that it would come to seem this man did now have. But all in all Salem was coming to enjoy the store that Bojo had here, even if the talking owl did seem to scare him a little bit. A thing that Salem was just going to completely have to get himself over if he was going to be able to shop at this store. Only hoping that the Owl was in no shape or form stalking him like prey while Salem proceeded threw the store. Moments after getting over his astonishment of finding the place.

The strange new commoner into the shop would come to notice Salem and proceed to ask him about the talking Owl. Salem could only guess that the Owl had probably become some kind of mascot for the store or at least a big crowd bringer as Salem was sure that many would come from far and wide to see the giant owl of this store. Hell Salem was sure that if he had herd about it from someone else he two would of ventured out to find this shop. So he could not fault his fellow mage, so Salem would just proceed to point the man in the direction of the counter that the Owl known as Who the Wise would be sitting at.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas had noticed about the man he asked the question to that he was a silent type it seemed. Atlas wondered about the mans attire, but figured his could be seen in a weird way too. But it was a way that others new who he was. The man stood a little taller than himself. When Atlas asked him about the owl all the man did was point in the direction of the counter. Atlas then thought it would of been best to go there first instead of asking a random stranger. "Cool, thanks," Atlas said heading off to the bird. Atlas didn't know why, but something peaked his interest in the random stranger he just talked to.

Atlas went up to the tower and was shocked when he heard the owl speak to him. He had heard it spoke, but somehow he still couldn't prepare himself for it. "Cool, are you some type of mage that can transform, or an actual owl that can talk?" Atlas asked the bird. The owl seemed to not really care for the question, probably because it got it a lot. "Look, I know you are interested, but this is a shop, not Q&A. Please try to buy something instead of asking questions about me personally," the owl said. Atlas was shocked by what it said, but figured it would be best not to make it mad. "Okay, fine. I guess I'll just look around," he said leaving the counter to start wondering the shop.


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Chilling in the shop still scanning over some of the material inside of it Salem would come to over hear the conversation between the talking owl and the strange mage that had just entered into the shop only moments ago. It would seem that the Owl was the complete reason that this mage had brought himself to this Magic shop on this fine day. Salem could only come to understand as he did see the giant talking Owl and a great wonder. But feared it to much to try and pry his way into knowledge of it. This being the reason that he himself sustained from asking bird any questions about itself or trying to make any pointless conversation with it. Since in face Salem was completely trying to avoid Who the Wise not in the fact that he was attempting to steal anything of any sort from the shop. He just wasn’t much of a fan of having a giant magical creature of some sort stalking him around a shop.

Still standing in the same spot that he was moments before the Lamia Scale mage entered the shop, Salem would come to hear how the mage was slightly disappointed in the way the owl Who the Wise handled the whole situation of him asking questions. Proceeding to inform the mage that this was not a shop and it be best if he start shopping. This being something not actually stated in those same words, but Salem was sure that the mage got the same feeling Salem was getting from Who the Wise. Probably being the main reason that the Lamia Scale mage would proceed to start browsing around the store looking over the merchandise just as Salem himself was.

Interesting Salem, as he wondered what kind of Magical artifacts or books that this mage was looking for. Especially since Salem was kind of interested to learn what type of magic this man utilized. In the fact that Salem sought out to learn all things magic, and the learning of all the different types of magic was one of his passions. Though Salem was sure he would never be able to learn every single type of magic, at least he could learn about them. Studying the strengths and weakness of them, as well as how they worked so that Salem could learn to better defend against them or even learn things of the magic that the user may not even know. Hence why it was not so strange to find Salem in a magic store of this sort.

Salem would finally proceed to leave the books he had been looking over for the last few moments. Being do to the fact that Salem managed to find something else that caught his interest in a very big way. A good ten meters in front of Salem would come to be a glass container holding several magical weapons of completely different magical properties. Each being a complete beautiful work of art in the eyes of Salem. Pieces of magic that he was sure would be able to cause havoc upon whatever they were to be used on. Salem could only hope that he would never find himself on the returning end of weapons as spectacular as these. As they would completely catch the gaze of Salem leaving him speechless at the pure beauty of their art work and design.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas started to look around the store, wondering if the owl was watching his because of his comments. He had to wonder if he was more put on a list from the owl itself. Now that Atlas did think about it, he was sure it received questions all the time about itself. Atlas wanted to really know more about it, but decided to leave it for the moment.

Atlas found quite a bit of interesting things, but the price tag on some of the stuff was quite big. He sadly didn't have a huge amount of jewels on him and was sure they don't take "I'm a Lamia Scale mage" credit, even though it would be nice. Atlas looked around the store and noticed that it was actually pretty vacant of people. He noticed a couple people looking around and when he looked he noticed the man he asked questions to early looking into a glass case of something. Atlas was curious, so he approached it as well noticing all the weapons there. "Wow, there sure are a lot. I wonder what they all do,"  he said, coming up beside the other man. He wasn't sure if he was bothering the mage with his comment and quickly apologized for possibly interrupting his train of thought. "Oh, sorry. Sometimes I just say stuff without thinking," he said to the mage.


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Still stuck in fascination of the pure beauty of the several weapons that took store in the glass storage case in front of Salem. He could only come to wonder what more mystery laid behind the glass as it was completely no telling what type of abilities each of the several items possessed. Abilities that Salem were sure to be devastating each in their own way, something that fascinated him even more. The way some were capable of forming magical weapons of a caliber so as these. Now these weapons would not be what one would consider legendary or ancient as Salem were sure that these magical weapons were probably none of the great weapons that had stories written about them. But none the less Salem was sure that each and every single one of these weapons could increase the power of a mage of his level greatly.

Regardless though, Salem was not in the business of buying magic weapons, at least not at this very time. As he sure that he would soon enough find himself buying a few magic artifacts if he could not grasp the skill required of a mage and crafter to create things of such sort. But for now Salem felt that it was best for him to focus on his task at hand and that was the looking for a special book that he could only hope that this store had. A book that Salem was sure that he would most likely never come to own or even get a chance to glance at. But the young Rune Knight Paige could only dream and hope of the chance to reach his true goal in life of learning all things to do with that of Magic. This being so that he could come to better understand this cruel world that he was brought up in.

While lost in the world in his own mind, a place that Salem seemed to find himself a lot. He would manage to hear the voice of the same mage that who had only moments ago been bothering the giant owl of the store Who the Wise. It would seem that he would come to fall victim to the display of the swords just as Salem had. Causing for the mage to stop in his tracks as he moved almost equal footing away from the case as Salem. Proceeding to show his amazement of the magical items. Even stating that he as Salem also wondered the ability of each and everyone of the weapons. All the while failing to notice how close he was standing to Salem.

Not completely to close, but still closer then one might like to allow without the announcing of yourself before entering ones personal bubble. Salem tending to be rather a more to himself person, had a personal bubble that could be considered a little bigger then most. Still finding it in himself to be bothered by the fact that the mage was with in a meter of him. Soon enough, the mage would manage to catch his himself and his breech of personal space and apologize to Salem for the inconvenience. “You are fine, they are breath taking works of art. Items that can show the true beauty of magic". Salem would say to the mage as he himself still found his eyes glued to the display case.

#8Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad that the other person didn't get mad at him for when he got distracted by the weapons and then moved and apologized. Atlas was sure it happened to a lot of people. They would see something cool or something that amazes them and then have no thought of what might be happening around them. The man commented on how they were true works of art. "Yeah, to bad I don't have enough to get any of these," he said. He looked at the price tag and realized he could probably do with going on some requests to get more jewels. It was also a fact that Atlas didn't really know how to use any of these either. "Well, I also don't know what they do or how to really use them, so I guess I wouldn't need them anyway," he said laughing about it. He was hoping he wasn't annoying the stranger now with his talking.


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Eyes still stuck on the display case, Salem would barely notice the strange mage taking a few steps back from him. To what Salem could figure was due to him finally come to understand that he was a little to close to Salem. Completely inside of his personal space and closer then two male mages would probably like to be near one another. Especially considering the fact that Salem and this mage happen to be complete strangers. Most likely never even seeing one another till this current moment at hand. A moment that Salem was not sure how to react to at this current time.

Standing completely still, Salem would hear the voice of the Lamia Scale mage that took stance right next to him. The mage would state the fact that he could only dream of buying these magical items in the case in front of them. Do to the fact he honestly could not afford the amount of jewels that was wanted for some of the more fancy items. Something Salem could agree with, as even with the vast amount of Jewels that he currently had at his disposal. Having stacked up on quest before leaving the capital Salem had built himself a nice little bank.

Jewels would not be the only concern of this random guild mage, as he would also proclaim to Salem to the fact that he had no idea what the weapons did ability wise. Something that was the same for Salem, as he found himself only moments ago trying to figure out what the magical abilities of each one was. On top of all the Mage felt he would most likely not even know hot utilize the magic items and their ability’s. A problem Salem was sure that he would have no problem with if he ever got hold of one of these magical items. Being more then sure that he could come to figure out how to completely utilize the magic of the item to the best of his ability.

In all surprise, Salem would be nice enough to give the mage a response. Not leaving him to feel as if he was talking to himself. “Im sure Who the Wise knows how each one of them works, but as far as using them that’s probably as simple as using any magic. And im sure that any of these items could help a young mage drastically. As long as they could find a way to cover the cost”.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was a little shocked when the random stranger gave him a response. He said he was sure Who the Wise would know how they worked and with that Atlas gave him a confused look. He wasn't really sure who that was. "Sorry, there is a person named Who the Wise," he asked, not knowing it was the owl's name. Atlas did have to agree with the man now that he thought about it. He probably just had to channel his magic through the items for them to come alive with power. Atlas had to wonder though what each one would do and what he would like to wield if he had one. Would he want a sword or something different like gauntlets, or even just armor, he wasn't really sure. "Oh, I know its out of the blue, but I'm Atlas, a mage from Lamia Scale in town here," he said to the stranger next to him, while holding out his hand for the man to possibly shake.


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Going out of his comfort zone, Salem would proceed to try and hold a somewhat conversation with the strange mage that had entered the shop earlier asking of the talking owl. The Owl Salem would come to know as Who the Wise, considering he took the time to actually communicate with the beast. Though this could be more to the fact that Salem was not jumping with joy to see a giant talking owl. A creature that more or less somewhat shocked the young Mage. Coming off slightly scare to one such as Salem, who was not fond of birds especially large ones of Who the Wises size.

Sadly it would come to see that the strange mage standing next to Salem would regret to get that information. Since from what Salem could remember from just mere moment ago. Was that the Lamia Scale made had rushed to the counter in amazement of the owl ticking of Who the Wise. Thus causing the owl to never introduce himself to the mage. Which would be completely noted to Salem when the strange made proceeded to ask him who he was referring to when he stated Who the Wise would know of all the abilities of each one of the items In the display cause the Salem and the mage had still yet to take their eyes off.

But before Salem could proceed with a response to the question of the Mage. The whole conversation would completely change with the mage introducing himself to Salem as Atlas mage of Lamia Scale. Holding his hand out in what Salem could only guess was an attempt for them to become friends. Shocked by the whole situation at hand Salem felt it only best he proceed with being respectful to the mage that was before him. Holding his hand out just as Atlas, the two would proceed to shake hands.

With Salem proceeding to introduce himself as well as answer the question of Atlas. “I am Salem Pendragon member of the Magic Council Rune Knights. And Who the Wise would be the name of the giant Owl that he you came seeking earlier. He isn’t the owner but it take it he is the companion of whoever owns this shop”. Would muster from the mouth of Salem while he embraced in a handshake with the mage he had come to know as Atlas.

#12Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad the man took his hand. Atlas would then take his hand back so not to make it awkward for possibly holding on to long. Sometimes it could be very embracing if you extended your hand to someone and they didn't take it, making it look like you were a fool. The man introduced himself as Salem Pendragon from the Magic Council Rune Knights. He also said that Who the Wise was the owl at the shop that he talked to earlier. "Woah, thats pretty cool. Not sure if I have really met a Magic Council member yet, well not one who looks more," Atlas paused for a moment to find the word, "casual. Not saying that in a bad way, just thought you all are supposed to be dressed up as knights," he said to the man. "Also, not sure now if I want to ask about this stuff if that is Who the Wise," Atlas said to the man.


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Having just moments ago just attempted to be settle and make a new acquaintance in the mage Salem had come to know as Atlas. He would standing waiting on the response of the mage. Since the two were still standing on ice with the conversation that was coming up on them. Something Salem was not sure if he would enjoy or not. Only hoping that it didn’t bring about any problems as conversations with some could get out of hand. As well as causing mages to lose tempers and start battle. This being something Salem had no issue with doing. But at the same time who was sure that this magic shop would not be the place to start a fight under any circumstance.

Salem not wanting to have to deal with the giant owl that was Who the Wise. Since just like the items Salem and Atlas had moments ago been stuck to like glue with their eyes. The two had no idea of what kind of magical abilities that the owl possessed. Meaning that the Mages would completely be running in blind if they decided to cause ruckus inside of this shop. Especially with neither of them knowing if Bojo the suspect owner of the shop was inside. A figure that Salem could only come to imagine from the fact that he had a companion as Who the Wise.

Plus being a man who complete took business in what Salem could guess was the business of selling magical things. It was no telling what kind of magical weapons that he possessed in his own personal collection, on top of whatever magic he would be capable of using. All things Salem would make sure to take into note as he waited for Atlas to speak, hoping that whatever he said would not anger Salem.

Atlas would proceed to explain to Salem that he was not sure if he had ever met a member of the Magic Council, but the conversation would soon take a sketchy turn as Atlas proceeded to the topic of how Salem appeared. Managing to save himself with stating that Salem was dressed more casual then he would of assumed. For a member of the Magic Council. All being statements that Salem could handle not feeling disrespected in the way Atlas felt about his dressing .

“Well Im away from the capital on personal business of visiting this town. So I felt it be best for me not to dress in my normal uniform”. This would mainly be a lie Salem stated to Atlas, as Salem hardly ever found himself in his normal Rune Knight Paige clothing preferring to stay in his regular attire, but none the less he didn’t feel that Atlas needed to know that. Leaving the topic of Salem’s clothing, Atlas would proceed to state that he had no intention of asking about any of the magic items if the giant owl was Who the Wise.

Something that brought a slight smirk to the face of Salem, since he found the fact that Atlas. Who had came in just to see the giant talking owl, now wanted nothing to do with It. Thus defeating his complete original purpose of coming to the store. “Im sure if you proceed to him with questions about the items he would come to you more settle then earlier when you spoke to him, especially if you show him interest in buying. I doubt he would want to lose and jewels over his attitude."

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Atlas Prime
Salem seemed to response to Atlas words by saying that since he was away from the Capital he decided to dress more casual. Atlas could understand that. He was kind of glad he didn't have to wear a uniform for Lamia Scale, all he had to have was his tattoe to prove he was in there. When Atlas mentioned not really wanting to ask a question if that was Who the Wise the man named Salem seemed to actually laugh a little it seemed. He said that if Atlas went up to him with actual questions about the items and with an interest to buy he would probably give him a better attitude. "Yeah, that may be true, but I don't really have the jewels to buy anything. All the things in here cost a pretty penny," he said. He had to figure that since this was a magic shop. A lot of these things held quite a bit of power if used right so it would be best not to end up in the hands of some random drunk with a little pocket change Atlas thought. Atlas also had to wonder if this man was going to buy anything else. "Well, since you are from the capital have you had a chance to check out Orchidia?" Atlas asked Salem.


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Still locked in the on Ice conversation that was progressing with the Lamia Scale mage Atlas. Salem would come to see it in the terms of a good conversation that was seeming to lead in Atlas becoming more of an associate then a enemy. The better of the choices that came along when making a relationship with the likes of Salem. Not ever really seeing a person as a true friend do to the complete untrusting nature of Salem. Believing that most people were out to get him or using him to step higher in the latter of success.

Atlas would proceed the topic of conversation to the point of the prices of the magic items. Stating that he honestly didn’t have enough when it came down to the required jewels for the magic items in the case. Something Salem could fill as the prices were a little up their with even him probably only being able to purchase one of the more lesser of the items in the case. Not wanting to brag about the large sum of jewels that he currently had. Salem would proceed to keep the amount of jewels he currently had a secret from Atlas.

Knowing that it was in the best interest of himself to never tell another your money status. Salem knowing that jewels could be come the route of all evil and drive mages to do unthinkable things. As now the Lamia Scale mage seemed to be on good terms with Salem. But bringing in the amount of jewels Salem currently possessed could cause for the mage that was Atlas to simple have the urge to follow Salem and rob him as he slept. Something that Salem was not simply going to give the possibility birth. Remaining silent of his current jewel status as Atlas spoke.

The conversation soon switching to, Atlas noting that Salem was from the capital and proceeding to ask him if he had a chance to check out the town of Orchidia. Something Salem sot as a way for Atlas to either stretch the conversation that was at hand. Or even Atlas way of trying to make a friend in Salem, either of his own friendliness, or the fact that he had other motives in the friendship with Salem. With Salem’s plan in life to move up the ranks of the magic council, having him on the friend list could come in handy. But if the friendship of Salem was what Atlas was reaching for in this conversation. Salem could already tell that it was going to be a long hard trial for Atlas if friendship with Salem was what he looked for.

“Sadly I have not done much in the town of Orchidia yet. I did get to manage walking around the town yesterday seeing its beauty while I was on a quest. That being how I noticed this here magic shop, my first real outing in the town I guess you could say is this right here“. Salem felling that he might as well see what Atlas had to say of his town of Orchidia the town that hosted the Lamia Scale guild. A guild that Atlas was a part of.

#16Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
The man named Salem seemed to have said that he barely got in town yesterday and only really found this shop while doing a request. Atlas didn't really know that Rune Knights could do regular requests like the guilds could. "Well, not sure what else you are interested in, but if you want some cool places to check out there is always Lamia Scale's Guild Hall, also there is a church. Well there is even a Castle, but hardly one can really get in there," he said to him. Atlas had once tried to get into the castle to look around but was barred access. He wondered if he rose in ranks and got stronger if they would let him in. He then wondered if Salem could get in being a Rune Knight. He felt thought that he shouldn't really mention it, because it might sound like Atlas would want to use him to get into it. "There is a couple other things in town, but those are probably the best sites to see if you are visiting," Atlas said to the man with a smile on his face.


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Atlas would proceed down the path that Salem could only assume was the route of friendship in his own personal way. Something Salem felt was a good shot but not one he was buying at the current moment. Do to him having horrible trust issues, but none the less he figured that he could at least see where this associate ship with Atlas was going to take him. Salem being sure that he could possibly use it for his own personal gain in the attempt that was what Atlas was doing with him. This being do to Salem being sure that Lamia Scale had some good things in the magic department or at least some knowledge that could be useful to the likes of Salem.

All of which could be gained threw the use of Atlas if Salem played his cards right. Making a friend inside of the guilds could always come in handy especially in the future if Salem had any plans of leaving the Rune Knights and becoming a seated member on the Magic Council. Atlas would proceed to inform Salem of a few of the good spots for him to check out while in the town of Orchidia. One being the Lamia Scale guild house. A place that Salem was sure would be filled with lots of things that would peak his interest, on top of getting to see some of the mages of the land. The next location atlas would come to point out would be the church.

A site that Salem was sure he was not going to be on his visit list, with capital holding one of the more larger churches Salem saw no reason to need to go look at another church especially when he was just here for a short time. But he would still give Atlas the props for suggesting it to him. Next on his list of suggestions would be a castle Atlas stated would be somewhat difficult in trying to get into. A challenge Salem felt that he might enjoy a little especially if the castle was marvelous and worth the tour.

Though Salem highly doubted that castle located here in Orchidia would have any comparison to the one of the Royal family located in the capital of Crocus. But none the less it was a new castle to look at something Salem was sure would be enjoyable if he could manage to get himself inside of it. Highly doubting his Rune Knight status would help any only being a Paige. Meaning that he had absolutely no rank or real authority what so ever. The castle being the last real of idea as he would seem to be wrapping up his portion of their conversation proceeding to wait for Salem to hake a statement of some sort.

"Lamia Scale guild house, that does sound like an interesting visit, but would they allow just anyone to enter the presence of their guild house ? And as far as the church we have those in Crocus so I highly doubt ill be visiting one here in Orchidia. As for the castle, if I could manage to get it that would be nice as well. But honestly I’ve just come to the town of Orchidia in hopes of increasing my magical knowledge. As well as possibly finding a few magical books that I have been on the hunt for.”

#18Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Salem seemed to respond to his words while thinking about each place that Atlas mentioned. Atlas didn't see a problem with checking out the guild hall, probably as long as he didn't reveal any secret information while Salem would be there, but he felt it would be no problem to at least check it out. Salem mentioned that he would most likely not want to go to the church since there were ones in Crocus. And with the Castle, he said it would be nice to be able to get in there. Then Salem said that he came to Orchidia here to increase his magical knowledge. "Well, I think it would be okay to visit Lamia Scale. I think I see people in there other than guild members to check it out. Basically as long as you don't over step your boundaries there I'm sure there would be no problem. But other than a few magic shops here and our guild hall I think that might be it for places that could help you in that aspect," Atlas said to the man.


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Still in Bojo’s magic shop still locked in conversation with the Lamia Scale mage Atlas. Salem could only say that the conversation at hand was going along smoothly, not causing any tension inside of the store or with Salem and Atlas. Something Salem was proud of having felt that this conversation was going to go good to bad as soon as it stare. Ending with Atlas and Salem arguing or even attempting to brawl it out with one another inside of the magic shop. Actions that Salem was sure none the less would stir up Who the Wise and maybe even Bojo the suspected owner of the shop if he so happen to hidden somewhere inside of the shop. None the less Salem was more worried about angering the giant owl that was Who the Wise.

The conversation still on the places that would most likely spark the interest of Salem while he was in Orchidia visiting. Of the locations that was suggested by Atlas, Salem could only find interest in one, that being the Lamia Scale Guild house. Upon Salem telling Atlas his true purpose of his visit to Orchidia, and hoping to increase his knowledge of magic. Salem could only come to guess would give Atlas and ideas as to what might spark the interest of Salem in the town of Orchidia. With Atlas being at least a somewhat Native of the town of Orchidia do to being a member of Lamia Scale, he was inclined to know more of the town then Salem who was just lucky enough to get a special Rune Knight task and visit the town of Orchidia.

Atlas now understanding what peaked the interest of Salem, would proceed to take the conversation to the fact that Salem could possibly enter the Lamia Scale guild house. Stating to have seen a few members of other guilds in side of the guild house, and as long as Salem was to mind his boundaries he was sure to be allowed inside. Boundaries not being a big thing of Salem, figured it might be best if had a guide of some sort threw the guild house not wanting to enter the house of mages starting trouble with Salem having come to Orchidia on his own. Atlas would even manage to inform Salem that it only wasn’t many more magic shops inside of the town of Orchidia.

This bringing a small not to the stomach of Salem, since even though the items that he managed to find in Bojo’s magic shop were nice. Salem still could not manage to find the one book that he was so driven to find. Having hopped that Orchidia was filled with magical shops, to discover that it was limited put a slight damper on the mood of Salem. “Well the guild hall does sound like it would be a fun place to visit. But I really must find this book that I am looking for you see. And I don’t really have much time to spend here in Orchidia before I must get back to the capital and castle in Crocus. So I doubt ill actually probably get a chance to explore the Lamis Scale guild house. Plus I highly doubt your guild members will just want a random Rune Knight strutting threw their place of family.”

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Atlas Prime
Atlas had to wonder if they were possibly being watched from the owl Who the Wise since it seemed they stopped looking around and were just talking. He wondered if the owl would try to guide them back to shopping or try to get them to leave. While talking to Salem Atlas did get an excuse to help look around from Salem's conversation mentioning he was looking for a book. "Oh, a book. Would you like help looking for it?" he asked the Rune Knight. Atlas was sure that Salem could ask the owl to where it was if needed, but this would help Atlas stay in the store if he wanted to. "Also, so you kind of get a little vacation time while working it seems, that must be nice," Atlas said to him indicating how he said he would have to return to he capital soon.


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Salem could not believe the route of the conversation that was at hand with him and the Lamia Scale mage Atlas. Coming to Orchidia in search of a special magic book was the main reason that Salem even agreed to this task outside of the capital in hopes of find a very special book in a random magic shop. Something that he was completely have no luck with as it seemed. With Bojo’s magic shop seeming to not hold the certain book that Salem had hoped it did. But still the book that Salem looked for was a very particular one that would aid him in the goal of learning everything that came to do with magic and The Magic of One.

But still so this was a very secret goal of Salem’s, and he was not sure how some mages would take hearing the book that Salem was actually looking for. Atlas proceeding to ask Salem the title of the book that he was currently looking for in hopes of helping. A act that Salem could only feel as a mechanism to better sway Salem over as a friend. An act that Salem was still not sure if he was buying. Being unclear if Atlas was just being a genuine and good person. Or if he had completely different motives, and was nothing more but attempting to use Salem as a pawn of his own plans. This bringing about a distrust to Atlas in his mind.

Still trying to decipher all that was Atlas, Salem could not trust him with the title of the book that he was currently looking for. Mainly do to the fact that he still only saw Atlas as a stranger and in no hopes wanted him to have any idea as to what Salem was trying to learn. Atlas would proceed to ask Salem about vacation time, something Salem figured was a question that had to do with him being a member of the Magic Council Rune Knights. Odd enough most didn’t understand how the Rune Knights worked and Salem had no intention of telling Atlas the true structure as he figured it was better yet a mystery.

“Sadly Ill have to decline your offer of help, as sadly I cant revile the book that I am looking for to you for certain reasons. And I guess you could say that im on something like a vacation. I was sent to do some minor things for the Magic Council, but all that is done now and I just have some free time here in the town. Figured that I might as well see this place, and take a glance around for the book Im searching for.”

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was disappointed that the man named Salem didn't seem to want to trust him enough to help look for this book. He could kind of understand since they barely knew each other though, but that still would not leave him disappointed. "Oh, well if its secret thing then I guess that makes sense," Atlas said to him. With that off the table Atlas had seemed to run out of things to say. He didn't want to try and pry to much into the mans life that he barely met and it seemed it showed the line of trust that Salem would give him. Atlas right now was just unsure of what to do. He liked talking with the man, but was unsure if this is where they should separate.


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Atlas seeming to almost instantly get the fact that Salem had no intention of informing him of the book he was looking for. Instantly changed the route of the conversation stating that if the book was secret then that he understood. Salem only taking this as Atlas seeing that it was not best for him to try and pry into what Salem was looking for. Probably under the feeling that Salem was in the search of something actually for the Magic Council making it best for one like Atlas to not get involved in such mess, but none the less none of this was true. But Salem could only hope that Atlas processed a logical reason as why he could not revile the title of the book and not something completely crazy.

Salem feeling that it was possible that he came off as a little creepy in the way that he came at Atlas. Only hoping that Atlas would not see it as Salem trying to take part in some type of dark magical rituals. With Salem somewhat appearing less of a Rune Knight and more of an everyday mage even possibly a dark mage. It was not strange for him to feel that Atlas could jump to the conclusion after their brief interaction inside of the magic shop. Only hoping for the best but preparing for the worst as that was the only way Salem knew how to operate at situations likes this one.

"Yes, but im sure you could provide me with some other information that I seek Atlas. As I take it as a personal hobby of mine to see different types of magic’s wherever I go, especially the more interesting ones. So with you being a member of the Lamia Scale guild. I am sure that you know a few people with some interesting magic’s that I might take a look at. So could you inform me of any mages in your could with any rather spectacular magic styles?”

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Atlas Prime
Salem seemed to ask a weird question to Atlas. He asked him if he knew of his guild members with interesting magic. Atlas wondered if he was trying to get information to try and do something with his guild, but figured that once each member used there magic or because famous enough there magic would be known notheless. Atlas was sure that his name was spread a little around and they knew of his magic. So he did not see the harm in discussing this information. Atlas knew of a couple peoples magics in his guild. "Well, I only know of a couple peoples magic. I know for myself I use vibration magic. I can basically instill my magic into the atoms around stuff and energize them or slow them down to my purpose," Atlas said forming a ball of energy on his hand. He wondered if that would interest this man next to him. "Theres also another girl there that uses a healing type magic that is based off of flowers, so its pretty cool. Well, what about you?" Atlas asked him. "What type of magic do you use?" he wondered.


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Salem could only, stand and wait for the response of Atlas the mage that he had only moments ago met here in this magic shop that was Bojo’s. Having been at an indecision about the mage, Salem was now seeing that choosing to have a conversation with Atlas may of came of some good to him. With Atlas seeming to come off in a friendly manner towards Salem. Attempting to give Salem ideas about where to visit while he was in the town of Orchidia. The main interest of the town to Salem currently being the Lamia Scale guild house that Atlas had just informed Salem off. Letting him know that it was a possibility of him getting to actually go in and visit the guild house. But still Salem only had one real goal in coming to Orchidia and it would seem that he had come to a standstill with that.

Atlas would proceed to answer Salem’s question, seeming not take it as weird that Salem wanted to know the guild members magic’s. Well at least the ones that would come off as interesting as Salem was only interested in getting to see the magic’s that were less commonly spotted, the lost magic’s as they would be called. The first magic, Atlas would proceed to call out would be his own vibration magic. A magic that Salem had never honestly come to see so took note of the information that Atlas gave him about it. Sadly though Atlas would state the fact that he did not know many of the mages magic’s in the guild. But managed to inform Salem of a girl in the guild who had a strange healing magic that utilized flowers of some sort.

Finishing telling Salem of his and the girls magic, Atlas would proceed the conversation to the question of Salem’s magic. Atlas having reviled his own magi, Salem figured that it was only best hat he informed the Lamia Scale mage of his own magic. “Interesting, I guess one could say the two of you have different magic’s that I guess one could consider unique. And as far as my magic goes I have a magic known as Arcane magic, it allows for me to manipulate pure magical energy in countless ways”. Holding out his hand soon Salem’s whole body would start to glow with a black glow of magic covering himself.

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