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Crocus to Oak [Nihilus] [Foot Walking]

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Crocus to Oak [Nihilus] [Foot Walking] Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:32 pm

An old woman hobbled through the crowded streets of crocus, making her way to the entrance. She old woman was short only 4'10" in height, wearing a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash around the shoulder and waist, paired by white tabi socks and simple waraji. The old woman walked with her hands behind her back, seeming to have no bag for any personal belongings, as if she had simply arrived with what she had on her back and what ever money she carried. The old woman, Yumi was one of simple needs she no longer cared for the extravagant, if there anything she cared for it was getting out of this putrid city filled with its disgusting heathens, how she wished to to cleanse Crocus of it's religious order, but she must remain hidden as is the way of Grimoire Heart.

Yumi approached the gates and began to look around, she had been informed she would be meeting up with another member of the guild and be leaving with them to Oak. The woman sat down upon one of the many benches by the front and began to wait patiently for her fellow guild member to arrive. She wondered who it could be. Every member of the guild had their own alias and were ordered to call one another by that alias outside the ARK. Her alias was Carnage, which made her wonder just who she would be meeting. She had been apart of the guild for over thirty years and as such was aware of just about every member, unless it was someone who had recently joined.

As Yumi sat their, she felt as if she was being watched. The old woman raised a single wrinkled brow and turned her head slightly to the right before turning to the left. She could not shake the feeling that something was spying upon her, she could feel the intense gaze on her back. she soon felt a burning sensation in her back as her mark of Khorne began to flare up ever so slightly as if someone or something was drawn to the mark.

Yumi turned her head to the right catching a blur from the corner that sped out from behind a tree and darted out the gate, "What was that?" Yumi leaned against the bench her gaze locked onto the main gate's of Crocus attempting to decipher what just happened. Rising from her seat she made her way out of the entrance and stood on the dirt path. She could feel her mark flaring up leading her to the right towards a small gathering of trees, a veil of darkness covering them.

Yumi walked in hands tucked into her sleeves, once more she felt that watching presence, "Come out I know your there." Shouted the old woman, allowing her magic to flare showing she was not playing games. Next thing she knew a black blur shot out from the tree tops and collided with her back where it began to rub where her tattoo was. Turning around she was greeted by the sight of a strange creature with a black robe body, two ones on its back and a mask that resembles a skull. The strangest thing was the lone eye that floated between the two eye sockets.

"Are you intrigued by the mark of Khorne little one?" enquired the old woman showing not a hint of fear. The strange floating creature began to rapidly bob, what she assumed was it's head, up and down, "Well then little one why not accompany me and I shall show you the ways of the true God." declared the old woman as she slowly reached out with her right hand, her dull red hues locking with the strange creature.

The odd creature looked at the hand appearing to be contemplating the offer before the three pieces of its mask began to rise into what she guessed was a smile, smacked it's mask against her open palm as a way of accepting the offer. The odd creature then floated over and landed on her right shoulder, making the spot it's home.

Yumi ignored it and made her way back to the crocus gates returning to waiting for her companion, ignoring the looks she was receiving for the strange creature on her shoulder as it rubbed the side of it's face against hers affectionately. She would devise a name for the little one later.

When you guild mate finally arrives Yumi would look at him or her giving them a once over, "Let's go." She would then turn around and without a word leave heading down the path that led out of the holy town. Her new companion remained on her shoulder as the old woman removed two orange circle shaped lollipops from her pocket. She removed the rappers and discarded them before placing one in her own mouth and offering the other to her little robed friend who accepted the treat with what seemed like a smile on his mask like face. Yumi then looked back onto the road and headed off following the sun as it began to descend in the background, leaving crocus far behind her as she began her journey to Oak. She had tasks to do once she arrived at oak namely getting back into the swing of things and doing requests, she had spent the vast nest egg she had accumulated over years on her travelling which she had been doing for the last few years visiting new sights.



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