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LoL, K, Whatever { Bishop/private }

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LoL, K, Whatever { Bishop/private } Empty Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:29 pm

The bright sun pierced the heavy trees of the forest that Andromeda seemed to have found herself in. The thick smell of soil and foliage dulled the young girl into a false sense of security as she found herself picking random flowers that she found growing from the earthy ground. This place from what she found out traveling was called Worth Woodsea. A vastly different area from the Holy Capital, Andromeda could not believe how quiet and peaceful it was here. Skipping around and playing hide and seek with no one as she moved from tree to tree she wondered just how many have traveled this forest and had gotten lost.

#2Bishop Tamm 

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Bishop Tamm
Bishop's gaze was enamoured with the treetops. The majesty and beauty of the natural swinging motions, it was a sight to behold really if you cared enough. And I suppose that Bishop did care that much to notice the nuances and grace of the boughs of the trees. With his face up turned and his feet shuffling forward, he would obviously inevitably get his foot caught somewhere causing him to trip. However, what happened was not exactly like that.

The girl, who was equally unaware of her surroundings and Bishop, their paths crossed, literally at the same time. With her bouncing around, she had caught him with an uppercut of sorts with her shoulder into his chest. He would fall onto his back, short of breath. She had apparently knocked the wind out of him.


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Once again she was not paying attention and bumped right into something, or rather someone. The body had a lot more mass than she did. It was like hitting a soft but hard wall. Hitting this wall she lost her footing and fell down right ontop of it. " Owie Owie Owie. Gosh I'm gettin right down tired of bumping into people bigger than me. Can't you darn people see where ya going? I am not so small to where I am not visible dontcha know! " She was pissed off as she pushed up off of the person and looked down before quickly getting up off of the offender.

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Bishop Tamm
Between assessing the state of his health and regaining his breath, Bishop discovered that he had ran into a child. Just that was enough to set his already bitter mood sour.

"Get off me, dumb brat," he huffed, annoyed at the child in front of him not wholly just for the reason you may superficially believe. Bishop, having had his fair share of dealing with children hated most children just for existing. But this one, the little girl in front of him had hit him. If it was anyone, or anything else, he would have accepted an apology as it was just a mistake. But it was a contemptible child. An offence by the one thing he felt he could honestly hate. And it didn't even sound like the girl was sorry.

"Damn brat, when it's your damn fault, you say sorry, dammit"


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" You idiot! It wasn't my fault. With all this space you would think you wouldn't have gotten in my way! And I am not a brat you cranky old crook. " She was gettin tired of this bullshit all the time. People were always snapping at her for something she did not even do. Kicking dirt at the man's legs she stuck her tounge out at him, making a childish " NEH " sound. At home people were nice to her, they praised the ground she walked on. Here in a world where she wasn't protected, everyone was giving her shit... Is this how far these people have fallen from Zeus's light?

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Bishop Tamm
There was a visibly large throbbing vein near his temple if you took care to look. His teeth were clenched in anger. His fist pressing into his thigh. There was only one thing keeping him back from attacking the little girl at the moment. It was the difference in size. He wouldn't say he never hit a child. He had, on several occasions. However he always felt that he was unfair, because of his size advantage. In most cases, versus a child he was the stronger of the two. So all he could do was exert his rage in screaming at the girl.



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" How dare you talk to me like that! Using that.. That Language! I bet no one loves you! Zeus has probably forsaken you! You look like an idiot arguing with me. And I swear on everything I love you will catch these hands old man if you even think about touching me. TRY ME OLD MAN. TRY ME!! " She was not gonna be intimidated by some dried up old poo putt ass man. Standing her ground Andromeda removed her hair from it's four ponytails and placed her nearly trailing locks into one ponytail. She was ready for anything right about now, even if she was talking outta her ass, she couldn't back out now.

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Bishop Tamm
Bishop noticed then that he was still on the ground. The girl was right, he did look ridiculous laying down and screaming at the top of his lungs at the girl. He stood up, his right arm shaking a little. The audacity of the child, Bishop imagined all the vicious acts he could commit on the girl's body. Each bloodier than the previous. He was seething rage. He had come to the woods to go on a trek to clear his head from the stress of not getting hired, despite all of his qualifications. Then with that stress hardly out of his head, this little girl spit on his inner-peace seeking initiative. Bishop was mad.

"You think you're tough shit, huh, punk, oh fuck will I show you, you bite-sized prick" he started rolling up his sleeves.


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" You would hit a kid huh you pathetic old man. Well let's go. I wouldn't want anyone to here ya screaming ya damn head off while I beat your god damn shit in....Forgive me Zeus, FOR I'M ABOUT TO SIN ALL OVER THIS OLD BITCH'S ASS." And that was all it took. For too long she had been nice to people. Jumping back and away from the old man a flash of lightning hit her and it began. Blond locks were replaced with dark ones, her eyes glowed a dangerous cyan and her pupils danced with lighting. Her clothing had changed and she had grown twice her height and her body shape was now much more..Curvy. " You really wanna go huh old man? Well lets gooo. "" I'll show you the errors of your ways, you decrepit old fool.

( For the sake of you knowing I have to do this every topic.. I have to post the description of the takeover... and since we might actually get into a mock bs battle lol here is the link to my spells which has that info at the top. https://www.fairytailrp.com/t40645-andromeda-s-starter-spells )

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Bishop Tamm
"... Captain Marvel?" The Shazam-like transformation sequence momentarily threw Bishop off. The little girl had become a woman now. But her infractions against his person would not go unpaid for. But really, most of her infractions were because she was a child, and she wasn't a child anymore. Was this her true form or was the child her true form. You know what, it doesn't even matter if I ask these questions, since Bishop didn't care. He wanted to dish out pain. But then again, he was a support mage. Literally no attacking magics known. He'd probably get his ass handed to him like three hundred times over just if the transformed girl blew a soft wind at him.

"You think that scares me, I'll show you fear!" He swung out his right fist which was aimed for her jaw.


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He was slow. To her he was like a stumbling yelling child and it was amusing to see him dance the way he did. He was about two meters from her and throwing a wild fist in her direction. Smirking she went forward, her speed finishing the tiny gap between the two. She went to grab for his fist. Her intentions were to catch his hand and forcefully send a shock of lightning down his arm. In this form she was faster than most people, it would be no surprise if she actually caught him but if she for some reason did not catch him she would be of course be thrown off guard, purely because she was surprised at how much faster this man was than she was... That was if he could stop her.

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Bishop Tamm
The girl easily caught his fist and then did something that hurt. He reeled back in pain. The kettle of rage within him was whistling like it had never whistled in its entire life of whistling. His vision was blurry, his appetite for causing harm grew stronger. She was even going after his prized arms. The child had to pay. It had to suffer. No one insulted him, then tried to hurt his arms. He was going crazy from the rage building inside him. He charged at the girl, intending to tackle her to the ground. From his throat roared a bloodthirsty war cry.


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Ah the feeling of overpowering another being. It truly was a blessed feeling and she could just tell she was going to enjoy putting this man in the ground. " Ya know. I can stop. If you bow to me and take Zeus as your lord and savior..Or shit your pants in fear. Either one works." He charged at her again, it was almost become predictable it was truly sad. She knew it wasn't nice to play with her food, but she would take the bait and allowed herself to be tackled to the ground. The soft earth softened her fall, but as soon as she was on the ground she wrapped her legs around the man's waist and sent another shock of lightning down her legs. " Come on. Hit me old man. Lemme feel the power behind all that screaming. The forest is the perfect place don't ya think.. So no one can hear you yell like that. " She laughed as she looked up at him.

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Bishop Tamm
He fell on top of the kid. The kid wrapped him with its legs and then zapped him with its groin. That made him lose his balance so that his forehead would smash into its chest. Getting his body back in position, he began throwing his fists at the adultkid's face. Being the nerd and support mage he was, he couldn't hope to hurt a fly with his punches, but feeling like he was would make him less angry, thereby make him feel better. So yeah, in a way, he would enjoy hurting the kid. Or, rather, he would enjoy not hurting the kid?


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oh it seemed he had some fight in him. Andromeda wasn't really in a prime position as she was the one on the ground. In truth the old man had a power position and he could very well wreck her completely. The shock to the man made him fall on her plump chest which shocked her a bit. This momentary lasp of guard caused her to get hit in the face...Multiple times " Ow! Ow that hurts cut it out now. Get off! " Quickly putting her arms over her face she used her lower body strenght to buck upwards in an attempt to remove the angry old man.

#16Bishop Tamm 

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Bishop Tamm
With the kid whimpering out, Bishop smiled and decided he could let the kid go. And he would have just then, but the kid's legs were wrapped around him. He reached around his back to try to get her grip loose. If her ankles were pressed against each other, it would be annoying to try to untangle them so instead he tried to slip his arms between her legs in order to extend his arms laterally to rip her grip apart. However, he forgot that he was not that strong, and even to rip himself from a child's body lock he would find difficult.

"Shitty brat, get off me, right fuckin now if you know what's good for you," he growled


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In her slighty scared state she had forgotten that her legs were wraped around the man, litterally rooting him to her. Frowning she released her leggy grip but not before punching the man in the face and rolling her body over to knock him off of her. She was hoping the surprise punch would be enough to daze him while she got from under him. " You smell like dead cheese old man...." She muttered under her breath. A flash of lightning struck her once more and once more she was a small kid with a big attitude. She didnt even need to use magic to show this man she could beat him.

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Bishop Tamm
The girl hit his nose which more or less knocked him out of commission. He, who thought he had bested his opponent, got hit by said opponent and was subsequently incapacitated. Rather than have his fire of rage reignited by the figurative low blow, he was consumed with the pain in his face, willing to whatever celestial being who cared at all about him that the pain be alleviated from his person. From his eternally upturned mouth escaped the scream of a mortally wounded animal's last breath. He was holding his nose as if he thought it had fallen off. It hadn't, of course, his nose was just really sensitive to pain, which is why he had this reaction. His eyes were even tearing up, blurring his vision.


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" Ha! Im the victor. You should have apologised when you had the chance. Now you know better! Get Up old man. I didnt even hit you that hard....Yet." She was mocking him as she kicked dirt in his direction. She was still. pretty upset and it really wasnt all this guy's fault. He just happened to be the straw that broke the little back of Andromeda. She wouldnt kill the man, she didnt have the will to do that. but she wasnt gonna let him just stroll on along without a few cuts and bruises and maybe a hurr pride.

#20Bishop Tamm 

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Bishop Tamm
The pain in his face blinded him to everything else around him. He even totally forgot about the little girl. All he could think about was his itty bitty nose. Was it broken, was it dead? He struggled up to his feet, then he heard the little girl taunting him. He didn't understand what she was saying because he was so involved with his nose.

"FUCK OUTTA HERE" he managed to call out to her before stumbling away to find somewhere to assess his nose's condition in detail. He let out a stream of colourful expletives as his feet slapped against the ground.



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It seemed she did actually hurt the man. Andromeda was starting to feel bad now, but not bad enough to say sorry to the man who seem to be cursing up a storm as we kinda limped away in her eyes. Making a satisfied smirk she noticed how filthy she had gotten from fighting with the man. Grumnling she now needed to find somewhere to get clean.  She was sure she would see that man again...Fate had a funny way of working that out. " Ugh its gonna take days to get the dirt outta this shirt. Ah well, can't win em all I guess. "

- exit -

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