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The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana]

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#1Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:34 pm

Avis Kitagawa
Since she had gotten to Crocus, her previous hometown, she had not seen any fairies anywhere. Perhaps they were more scarce than she had originally realized. The Fairy Knight only sighed and pressed forward on her quest to just...well...find people she guessed. There was no true goal yet in what she wanted to do or see. Only once or twice did she ever see someone she knew, but they were always from a different guild or not even associated with one at all. Avis wore her blue and white dress with a silver armor. Her blue and gold Excalibur remained sheathed in its casing. It was old. Though it held a lot of magical power. The guardians were quiet and peaceful inside of her mind and soul.

The streets were peaceful. Mindlessly, she huffed a huge tired sigh. There was nothing to do for her. "Hmm, nothing to do here. Oooh look a fountain" she said. Her short attention span diverted to a fountain. She grabbed a coin from her pouch. The common tradition of a wishing and flipping a coin into a well or fountain. That was always a fun thing to do. Most of the time, it didn't work, but it was amusing to her. She made her wish. Something that would entertain her today. The coin plooped into the water with a bwooop sound afterwards. She leaned over to see where her coin landed. Not noticing how far she was leaning, Avis lost her balanced and landed in the water. She held a small frown on her face as a few people were laughing. "Not what I was expecting by entertainment, but I guess that would work" she whispered. Concord was laughing his ass off at what had just happened inside of her mind. She could hear him rolling over laughing. The Guardians were along there with him except Nile and Shika.

#2Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:20 pm

Ana Feathersky
"Out of the way!" Ana roared as she barreled through the busy city street. Behind her an angry group of butchers were gaining on her with teeth and knives gnashing. The child-like woman kept just barely ahead of them with her short legs kicking the cobble as fast as they could. In her mouth was a freshly cooked slab of ham that flapped around comically as she ran. Some part of her enjoyed the chase, but then again she didn't like being this poor.

After some time of hiding in a small topiary garden, quite uncomfortably as well considering she had to spend ten minutes contorted into the shape of a swan, Ana managed to evade the butchers with her slab still intact. With a meat filled sigh of relief she continued to absentmindedly consume her spoils as she walked down the street. The city was busy that day, but she could count on being unnoticed among the crowds thanks to her size. Suddenly, she heard a splash of water, and a sizable amount of laughter nearby. Quietly pushing through the crowd she came to find a woman in a beautiful armor lying dazed in the middle of a fountain. Without hesitating she pushed her way to the fountain and offered a small hand out to the woman. "Need a hand?" She asked with her mouth still full of a half finished pound of ham.

#3Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:30 pm

Avis Kitagawa
The roar of a laughter made the noble woman blush to a strawberry red. It was not easy for her to take this kind of attention. A small looking girl asked if she needed a hand. She held out a hand as Avis took it without question. A jerk was felt out of unexpectency of how strong this girl or woman. She sounded around her age, but looked short. Avis noticed a half slab of meat in mouth making her slightly confused, but stay quiet about it. "Thank you so much. Much obliged. At least somone has a heart, what is your name? I must thank my savior properly" she smiled.

This kinda of reminded her how friends meet in a story. She was a big bookworm and a sucker for a good story. Especially when the main character meets their partner in crime whether by a force situation or something like this. A small, gentle smile came from her. "My name is Avis Kitagawa. Pleased to meet you" she politely introduced.

#4Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:13 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana hoisted up the woman from the fountain with one arm, a testament to her strength. She continued to chew on her stolen meat slowly as she listened to the dripping girl go on about how much she appreciated Ana's help, and how she would like to know her name after introducing herself as one Avis Kitagawa. After a moments pause of slowly gnawing on ham Ana stuck out her hand again with the intention to shake Avis'. "Yo, I'm Ana Feathersky. Just call me Ana, but never An." Despite her mouth being full of ham it didn't seem to impede her speech much. "It wasn't any problem at all Avis. I saw someone who needed help, and so I gave them a hand. Don't even worry about it."

The small woman then took a step back to the edge of the fountain before dipping her head down into it and taking a large mouthful after taking her ham into her hand for a moment. She swallowed with a refreshed sigh before inserting her meal back into her mouth. "That was nice. It's always important to stay hydrated."

#5Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:34 pm

Avis Kitagawa
The piece of ham really stuck out to her. It was just odd behavior that was foreign to her. Although, she was raised in a extremely sophisticated household. She said nothing and honestly didn't mind it. Just new to her was all. The girl introduced herself as Ana Feathersky. The last name sounded extremely pretty. "Pleased to meet you Ana. Its quite the pleasure" she smiled. The woman seemed strong for someone her size and left a small pulsing in her arm from such strength. Sorta shaking her hand a little to loose the tingling feeling. Ana seemed to not make such a big fuss outta this like she did.

Perhaps this was her fun for the day? Probably all she needed was a little push. Literally. A push. Into the Fountain. See what the writer did there? Eh? Alright FFIIINNEEE.

"Well it is to me. Perhaps at least let me treat you to something? Anything of your choice dinner, entertainment, just name it" she smiled. She was bored out of her skull and needed a person to do things with. "I am rather bored walking around town by myself anyways. No job request and no one from my guild so I think perhaps you would like to do something with me? I know we just met, but might as well do something since were already here" she asked.

#6Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:48 pm

Ana Feathersky
Ana sniffed a little while she chewed, her magenta eyes passing over Avis with a careful gaze. Something about this woman made her do a bit of a double take, almost as if she knew her from somewhere else. That wasn't realistic though, Avis was the first person she'd had a real conversation with since she arrived in town, and only the third since she arrived in Fiore. The girl absentmindedly toyed with the iron ring strung through her hair while Avis shook off the shock from her grip.

"If I didn't help you, then I wouldn't be a very good person, yeah?" She paused to watch the crowd disperse, giving a glare to anyone who dared stick around. She had not appreciated how they had laughed at Avis, and she would be sure to give anyone a swift beating should they ridicule her again. "But if you're really going to hold me to it, then I'm always in the mood for a drink." At last, with one swift swallow, Ana downed nearly a quarter pound of ham straight down her throat. She let out a contented sigh. "First meal I've had in a week, I hope you don't mind." She straightened her dress. "So what guild are you in if you don't mind the questioning of a young woman such as myself." She spun about to show off the black tattoo on the back of her neck. "I'm in Fairy Tail myself. Just joined up a few days ago before coming here."

#7Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:11 pm

Avis Kitagawa
She noticed how nice Ana Feathersky was. It was probably just her, but she couldn't help but notice that she looked foreign or probably just had a different fashion sense. This made her very curious to get to know Ana. "That is true. A good deed keeps the bad karma away" she giggled. She could tell that this girl hadn't eaten in a while and was probably hungry at that thirsty. The noble woman gave a smile listening to her and asked Avis what guild she was from. Happily, Ana showed her black mark on the neck, saying she only had joined Fairy Tail a few days prior to coming to Crocus. "What a small world we live in. I am in fact apart of Fairy Tail, myself. I have been apart of it for only a few months. How do you like it so far? It's pretty nice really" she smiled.

She lifted her blond access hair that was not pulled back into a bun. It shown a gold tattoo of the Fairy Tail emblem. Her blue and gold dress collar kinda covered it, but one would be able to tell. "Ana, just name a place you see or want to go to and I will pay for everything. I have more money that I would know what to do with. Might as well help a guild member out. Perhaps, a all you can buffet would satisfy you" she smiled.

#8Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:21 pm

Ana Feathersky
"Well would you look at that. What a small world it seems to be." Ana said with a smile. She had not expected this armored woman to be a member of her own guild, but she felt proud that this was the case. Despite their few moments together she still felt a sort of comradery with Avis. Perhaps this was due to their guild affiliation, but Ana wasn't one to over analyze everything in life. In fact, she wasn't big on analyzing anything for the most part. "I must say, I've only been a member long enough to meet the master, but I'm glad to have come across you, Avis. Despite my day being quite exciting already, it's nice to have company now to make it even better. As we say in my clan, a friendly face can make a day's work softer on one's own hands."

"Now then, if you're offering a buffet, I would be glad to join you. Goodness knows I could eat a whole farm at this rate. Then again, I only recently learned what a farm is." She shrugged at this. "Anyway, lead on lady of armor. Food awaits!"

#9Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:55 am

Avis Kitagawa
Avis only laughed a little at the coincidence that they were both from the same guild. That was two of her wishes crossed off her list. The armored woman considered her a friend already. "I feel the same way. You know I made a wish back in the fountain before I fell in that I wish something exciting would happen today. Guess that push into the water was the start of something" she smiled. She mentioned a clan. This made her perk up. Avis was the clan leader of the Kitagawa family. She was the only known Kitagawa alive. Her head tilted to the side a little. "Clan? Which clan are you from" she asked out of nowhere.

Out of the subject of, she was going to find the nearest buffet. There was a small smell of food nearby. She looked a nice looking building that was known in Magnolia for their awesome buffet setup. "This is it. Finally, I found it. I knew they had a place in Crocus. Its been a while since I last been here, but this is the buffet. This place has the best food I could ever recommend to anyone" she said.

#10Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:59 am

Ana Feathersky
Ana plodded alongside her newfound friend as she led them to the promised buffet. The dark skinned girl found her stomach growling at the mere thought of all the food she would have access to. She managed to pull herself out of her reverie long enough to talk to Avis about her aforementioned clan. "I'm a member of the Feathersky clan from the land of Desierto. You probably haven't heard of us, but that's alright. I came to Fiore to accomplish my goals, and I suppose Fairy Tail aligns with such ambitions."

Upon their arrival Ana's mouth began to water as the smells of various dishes wafted out of the buffet. "I hope this place is ready for me. If not, I'll put them out of business." She laughed before charging into the restaurant. Within minutes she was sitting at an empty table with two stacks of plates holding copious amounts of food. "So, what brought you to the capital, Avis? Magnolia is a bit far from here, yeah?"

#11Avis Kitagawa 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:39 pm

Avis Kitagawa
Ana seemed to a bright spirit from a forgien country. That was interesting with her mind since she never met a foreigner despite her traveling a lot. She was from teh Feathersky clan. Avis never seemed to ever heard of that before. "Probably not to my knowledge. This is the first time I have ever met another person from another country. Let's get some food first" she smiled. Ana seemed to bolt to the door ready to put the poor place out of business. It kinda made Avis a little worried she might with that attitude, but she simply shrugged it off.

Formally, she gather the finest foods she could find from scalloped potatoes to fresh lemon bread and some breaded catfish. The noble sat down and looked at Ana's tray. It was towering literally with food. So much for a small girl. The local fairy asked her what brought her to Crocus. "I am doing some personal business. I was originally from here and the last of my family to live. Just going over some documents. Someone in the family said I had a stillborn twin or ran away. I dont know. My memory is bad when it comes to that, but I am doing some research" she replied.

Taking a few bites out of her scalloped potatoes, she looked at Ana. "That is a lot of food for one girl. Guess you appitites is bigger than I suspected" she smiled.

#12Ana Feathersky 

The Endangered Species called Fairies [Ana] Empty Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:43 pm

Ana Feathersky
"Last of your family, huh? I'm sorry to hear that." Ana said with a mouthful of food. Her intention was not to offend Avis, but she was incredibly hungry and simply could not contain her appetite after not having eaten for so long."Can I ask how that happened? Or is that too personal? I'm not too good at these things, we didn't have problems like this back home. Everyone in the clan was sort of family, so we didn't really have to worry about being alone. Being alone in the desert typically gets you killed, you know?" The stout fairy had learned such lessons as a child, and she did not forget them easily.

She then looked at her plates when Avis mentioned the immensity of food she had brought to the table. Ana had already finished two bowls of noodles by that time, and she was moving on to a plate of steak and eggs. She eyed Avis curiously, "Do you mean to say people in this country don't always eat this much? You all have so much food anyway. I mean, you have more food in this one place than my tribe has for a year." She laughed. "Well maybe that's not accurate, but you rich lot here in Fiore sure do have a lot of stuff to go around, right?"

Suddenly, Ana caught sight of a strange market cart passing by carrying something she had never seen before. A meat of a new variety she was now dying to try. "Sorry Avis, I'll catch up with you later, something I need to do." With that she took off into the crowded streets before she missed her chance.


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