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The moon hung high over the night life of crocus. The holy capital was a buzz with music and cheers as a small parade went through the centre of the capital. However the parade was not the focus, a small bar located just close to the outskirts of Crocus was. The bar was of decent size capable of holding up to a hundred occupants with ease. The bar was a popular hang out for the darker half of Crocus. Like all cities and towns they gathered those of a less then repute reputation who tended to flock towards this bar.

The sound of fighting could be heard from within this dank little bar known as the 'Black Lagoon'. From the doors of the black lagoon a man with dark hair was sent flying out and onto the hard floor. Inside a gathering had occurred as people began to bet on the odds of the fight that had broken out less than five minutes ago.

A group of roughians had gathered around a single opponent and they all looked worse for wear. The person they were gathered around was a most unique individual as it was an old woman in her late seventies standing at a short five feet in height. She had grey hair styled in a twin bun locked by a long hair pin with two pearls dangling from the side, with matching earrings. She wore a long traditional kimono made of silk closed by an obi sash, a jacket over the top accompanied by a sash. The old woman wore white tabi socks and waraji on her feet.

The old woman looked around, she as surrounded by fifteen men, another six on the floor unconscious. A battle cry echoed as one of the men charged at her from behind. The old woman sighed and stepped around the man with surprising speed for someone her age. With strength someone her age should not possess she grabbed the man by her right shoulder and then flipped him, turning and throwing him through the air and into a wall with enough force to knock him out cold.

"What are you standing around for, get that old hag!" barked out a large man standing eight feet in height, he was nothing but muscle.

Yumi inhaled and looked down at the floor where the remains of her strawberry sundae remained. The fight had broken out when one of these thugs had knocked over her dessert and not even apologised. Yumi crouched and moved heading for the large man. Her five foot frame appeared in front of him and she leapt upwards, her right knee connecting with her face, causing him to fall. As he fell she twisted her body letting her hands touch the floor of the bar, her legs wrapped around the man's neck and she used her lower body to toss the man across the bar where he hit a wall head first.

Yumi flipped herself back onto her feet as two charged her, one from each side. Yumi moved towards the one of her left, her right fist connecting with his solar plexus knocking the wind out of him. She grabbed him by the right arm and twisted on her right ankle, throwing the man into his compatriot, knocking the both over. As the next came she grabbed a chair and swung it into his face breaking the chair into pieces.

The remaining ten seemed a little off put that and old woman had managed to put down a dozen of them so quickly and she wasn't even sweating. They shared a look and nodded before they dispersed not want to face the wrath of the old woman, even though they had outnumbered her.

Yumi straightened her kimono out, "What cowards."

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#2Elvira Bellerose 

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Elvira Bellerose

i'm gonna show you
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Elvira had never been a fan of ridiculous fights, the ones that were typically initiated in a bar, after someone had a few drinks on, and had thought that insulting everyone's mother was a brilliant idea. Wasting time and strength for a brawl as silly as that was simply absurd; hence why the Lion's Priestess never participated in them. Sitting on top of the counter, a drink in her hand, the blonde mage watched as the brawl went on before her, the surrounding noises filling her ears and causing her quite the headache. Quite a few drinks had managed to make their way into her system already, alongside perhaps a full pack of cigars, further proving how dependant she was on her vices. She couldn't go on for a day without smoking or drinking; what blasphemy that would be. It didn't really matter, that she was killing herself slowly with every cigar that made its way to her mouth, and every glass of alcohol. At least, Elvira didn't seem to care about it, at all. She had already accepted that, one day, sooner or later, she'd die too, like everyone else, so why bother? It seemed ridiculous, alltogether. About as ridiculous, as the fight she was withnessing.

Golden eyes focused on group of men that had tried to take down a lone old lady, Elvira almost spit her drink as the old lady proceeded to, quite literally, take out most of them all by herself, barely altered by them. The noise in the room had pretty much died out entirely, all eyes on the lady and her opponents. Even the Lion, who was normally quite the chatterbox, had shut up suddenly, amazed by how strong that old lady was. Or how weak her opponents were. Whatever the case, Elvira couldn't contain her laughter. In a few seconds, the entire bar was filled with the sweet, yet rather cruel laughter of the Lion's Priestess, causing several heads to turn to her. With a spark of arrogance in her eyes, Elvira shook her head and looked at the fallen men, laying on the floor, completely destroyed by the old lady. Quickly, she jumped off the counter, picking up her trademark leather jacket and walking over the scene, a smirk drawn on her lips. Slowly, she took her foot towards one of the fallen males, and with her heel, she poked him in the face quite hard with it, trying to make sure he had passed out. And, indeed, he had lost consciousness, like the rest of his companions who had received a beating, while the rest, those who had not joined the fight immediately, were already running out of the bar. Well, that was quite petty. Hey bartender, mind cleaning up this mess a bit? It kinda gives off bad vibes, you get me?

With a completely incredulous look on his face, the bartender proceeded to mutter a surprised "excuse me", seconds before a lion's head, made completely out of fire appeared out of nowhere, roaring in his face, so close that the hair of the poor man caught fire. Panicking, the bartender threw a mug of water at his head. Letting out a relieved sigh, he rushed towards Elvira and the old lady, dragging the bodies of the unconscious males away. Pulling yet another cigar from her pocket, and lighting it with her pinkie, Elvira grinned at the bartender, releasing a cloud of smoke in his face, making him cough slightly. "I knew you'd understand, hun. Though, I can't help but wonder, what is such an innocent soul like you doing in a place ment for the bad guys. You'd get nightmares if you stay in this place for too long. Or not, if you have to deal with the likes of these." Elvira pointed towards the fallen men, shaking her head in disbelief. Were dark mages that weak now? No wonder light guilds were winning the trades; with garbage like that, it seemed incredible how the dark mage world is still a thing.

Oh, by the way. Nive moves, grandma. It's been a while since I've seen someone deal with a few scumbags like that. Can't say I'm not impressed. Turning to the old lady, Elvira took her hand out of her pocket, putting it on the old lady's shoulder with a rather arrogant smile, though it was no surpsrise. Everything in Elvira's body language screamed arrogance at all hours. Mind if I invite you for a drink? I'd like to know where such a jewel comes from. On a side note, I'm Elvira Bellerose. And you are?

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Yumi attention was drawn to a cruel laughter that echoed through the bar, one similar to her own. The old woman was drawn to the source finding it belonged to a young blonde haired woman. The woman was at least five inches taller than her and could be described as breathtaking. If Yumi was to compare the young lady was as beautiful as she once was during her youth. Yumi held back a bloodlust that began to grow inside of her. It was as if this blonde youth was mocking her. Yumi desired to be young and beautiful once more, and looking at this woman caused a hatred to swell at what had been taken from her with age. But she forced it down no need to draw any further attention to herself and attempting to kill this young beauty would no doubt more attention that what she had already gathered from defeating the uncouth riff raff that had dared to ruin her sundae.

Yumi's gaze followed the bartender as he followed what the woman commanded him to do, spineless wimp. She should do a father and rid him from the face of the planet. Anyone unlucky enough to bred with him would only create weak willed children. Yumi folded her arms into the sleeves of her kimono crossing them over her chest. Her gaze began to move from the bartender, who was in the process of moving the unconscious hooligans away, to the young blonde once more who had lit up a cigar. The woman directed her words towards Yumi, complimenting her on her moves even going so far as to call her grandma before she had the audacity to place a hand upon the old woman's shoulder all the while wearing an arrogant smile.

If their was one thing Yumi hated more than someone ruining her sweets, it was someone reminding her of her age. A thick killer intent began to roll off the old woman in droves. The intent washed over the entire bar causing many to stumble over and made a few lose their lunch. Black mana in the shape of flames flickered around the old woman's arms and began to spread along her body forming a cloak of mana, "Yumi is my name and I'll be your death if you ever lay a hand upon me again." Commanded the old woman introducing herself at the same time as she made a thread. She then threw the hand off her shoulder with a shrug and took a few steps back, her almost closed eyes slowly opening to reveal the dulled yet deadly crimson hues beneath. Once vibrant her ruby red hues had darkened loosing the shimming light they once held. The thick killer intent being unleashed was quickly sealed followed by the large magical pressure released.

"You would do well, hatchling, to never remind me of my age, less you lose your life." Their was venom in her tone at she spoke to the younger woman. While the old woman stood in a relaxed stance, she was no where unguarded and her entire body posture and the look in her eyes screamed experienced killer. "You would do well to remember that." Her words and stone would clearly put across that mention Yumi's age at all was a bad idea, that the old woman was touchy when it came to her maturity.

Yumi began to walk pass the young woman heading to the bar, "If you wished to make an impression young one, you sadly started off on the wrong foot. If you wish to start again, whiskey double shot top shelf." The older woman while she had a nasty side was offering the younger one another chance, through expensive liquor as it baiting her to see just what she would do.

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#4Elvira Bellerose 

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Elvira Bellerose

i'm gonna show you
maniac, sick bitch, psychopath...

Even when she had an insane amount of alcohol in her blood, Elvira could recognise hostility and people with attitude issues from a mile away. Clearing her throat slightly, her eyebrow rising slightly as she felt a mix of both interest and annoyance towards this woman, the priestess of the Lion had to try her best to hide her claws. She had just withnessed the elder woman take on several men all by herself; which, in no way meant, that she would crush Elvira in a second because she was just one woman. It was a fact, however, that Elvira was quite drunk, and although she always kept a decent attitude when under the effect of alcohol, chemistry worked its magic, and her reaction time was terrible whenever she was drunk. Things that'd normaly take her a split second to react to, would take her way more than a second now. And in battle, that was a huge disadvantage. Brushing off the killer instinct that was starting to gain importance inside of her, Elvira looked back at the old lady, a charming smile on her face as an attempt to hide the fact that she wanted to commit a murder right now, but was so tipsy that she'd probably trip and fall after a few seconds. You're a charming one, eh.

Gladly, not all was lost. Although the lady had quite the temper, it seemed Elvira still had the chance to work her charm on the grandma and figure out some stuff about her, in exchange of a drink... Or a few. Who knew, maybe aside from devilishly strong, the lady, who had introduced herself as Yumi, was quite resistant to the effects of alcohol too. At any rate, if she was, Elvira would probably be quite surprised. A woman of her age, capable of doing such things... This woman was a diamond, and not a rough one. She seemed quite a polished subject, someone who knew how to act under any situation with precision. Discovering the backstory to this jewel was Elvira's objective for tonight. My, my, darling, we speak the same language. Although I feel like I'll start hearing new stuff if I drink more. Smiling, showing her elongated canine teeth, Elvira placed a finger against her temple, as to show where she'd start hearing stuff if she kept drinking... Though hearing voices in her head was an every day experience for her anyways.

With the same feline elegance with which she always carried herself, Elvira headed towards the bar counter, getting behind it at ease. Taking out a new, clean glass, Elvira quickly filled it with the liquid requested by Yumi, her eyes gaining a new mischievous glow as she watched the liquid pour into the glass calmly, filling it with sweet poison, a substance that albeit addictive, was quite a killer, in the end. There were ocassions in which Elvira wished she wasn't so dependant on her vices. Not being able to spend a day without smoking, being unable to control the amount of alcohol she consumed every time she started, it all ended up as a massive problem that was just getting out of hand, yet Elvira never did anything to solve it. After all, it all had began as a way to demonstrate her parents that she didn't care at all about the curse. Her father, who had always suffered from diverse illness, was quite sensitive about anything related to health and wellbeing. In fact, the vices Elvira was so addicted to in the present, were considered sin in her family, for the sole reason that they slowly destroyed a person's body. Elvira's father, due to the fact that he had never been able to be healthy, and illness had been his companion for a lifetime, had decided to pour all his effort into keeping the rest of his family as healthy and sane as possible. Yet he had failed. Boy, had he failed with Elvira. The heir of the Bellerose lineage had been deemed to be insane from the very first moment she began hearing the lion's voice and didn't find it bothering. And later on, her addiction to alcohol and smoking, which had just began as a way to mock her father. Elvira was the the biggest failure according to the Bellerose, and the greatest success according to the Lion. Two opposed oppinions, one of which meant nothing to Elvira. And it was pretty clear which it was.

Handing the glass to Yumi, Elvira glanced at the bartender before returning to the conversation with the lady, giving him one last, burning stare, which caused a shiver to run down the male's spine, closing the mouth he had opened in an attempt to protest against Elvira's manners. An arrogant smile drawing on her lips, the blonde placed her elbow on the counter, holding her head with her hand while looking at Yumi straight at her eyes with the same mischievous glow in her eyes as always, finishing off her cigar. Perhaps tonight was her lucky night, and she'd finally be somewhat useful to her guild. Somewhat. So we're beginning all over again, huh? Alright, allow me to introduce myself once more, Yumi. I am Elvira Bellerose, mostly known as The lion, and I've got to admit, you've got quite nice moves. But, what had those poor men done to you as to deserve such a beating?

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Yumi ignored the comment as she sat herself down on one of the bar stools, allowing her kimono to fall down along the side. One would call it an odd sight to see such an old woman sitting by the bar. But Yumi was not one to care about the opinions of others. There was only one person whose opinion mattered more than any others and that was her Lord. Anyone else she would gladly crush beneath her heel and take their skull adding it to her glorious skull throne, a throne which had taken many years to create but was her shining glory and a connection to her God. What good times she had collecting those skulls, simply remembering the shrilling screams sent joyful shivers down her spine.

The religious Zealot focused on the present time, she could reminisce about the past later, for now it was best to focus all her attention on the young woman who had approached her. Yum was wary of the blonde, and so she should. Not often people would dare approach her, especially after seeing such a scene. Most would find it to be intimidating, especially when someone as old as her was capable of laying down a beat down on those much younger than her. There was something about the blonde that put Yumi on edge. From the way she spoke, the tone of her voice,  how she moved and even her body language, all of it seemed to send off a warning bell inside Yumi's ageing mind. Her instincts telling her to be wary of the young woman, and Yumi always trusted her instincts.

An aged hand moved to accept the glass of whiskey the moment it was poured. Oh how the Khorne worshipper wished to remove that arrogant smile from the woman's pretty face. This Elvira and her beauty caused a great anger to begin bubbling up inside of the old woman, the woman's own looks reminded Yumi of what she had lost over the years. How her once goddess like appearance had faded away replaced by this wrinkled carcass of flesh that she called her body.  How she dreamed of regaining the perfect beauty of her youth. The old woman kept back a sneer as she raised the glass to her lips and downed the entire licked in one shot swallowing it allowing a burning sensation to form in her throat before she slammed the glass down on the counter giving the bartender a single glare a looking demanding it be refilled.

As the bartender began to refill her drink the old woman turned her head to look at the arrogant young woman who had long finished off her cigar, "Well Lion..." began the old woman, "If you desire to know, allow me to tell you this. As age grips you, one begins to find solace in the few joys one has left until they are embraced in death. To tarnish my sweets is a sin I will not forgive." The old woman lifted the filled glass to her lips once more and downed the whiskey in one go.

Yumi slammed the drink down and looked up at the clock above the wall behind the bar. It was getting late she had things to do. The old woman rose from the stool and glanced at the young woman, "Apologies but I must leave. There is an important matter I must see to." With that she gave a bow and walked off leaving through the main doors.


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