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Sweet Tooth [Chelvaric]

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The sound of a sweet jingle echoed through the streets of Crocus as a young man with his ice cream cart strolled through the streets selling sweet treats to any who passed on by. One of these passerby who approached was an elderly woman. The woman was in her mid seventies standing at a short five feet in height. She had grey hair styled in a twin bun locked by a long hair pin with two pearls dangling from the side, with matching earrings. She wore a long traditional kimono made of silk closed by an obi sash, a jacket over the top accompanied by a sash. The old woman wore white tabi socks and waraji on her feet.

The old woman approached the vendor and began to survey his wares. Her eyes appeared shut, but they were opened just enough to let her dull red hues pierce the veil of the world. The old woman took a moment to decide before confirming with the vendor, "Triple cone, with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla." Ordered the old woman as she handed over the necessary jewels. In return she received with her left hand a large cone with three scoops of ice cream layered on top of one another perfectly.

The old woman walked taking a lick of her ice cream enjoying the sweet texture on her tongue. As she walked away she found herself being followed four young hooligans. The old woman showed no reaction as she confidently walked through the slowly emptying streets of crocus. The old woman began to lead the four following her to a large open section of crocus. The four thought they were shadowing her but they were amateurs and were no even aware of who they were preying upon.

The old woman came to a stop as one of the hooligans stepped out in front of her an overly buff man wearing a tank top and cargo pants, his had shaved, "Hand over all your money grandma or get hurt." Commanded the hooligan as his three friends joined him in surrounding the 'defenceless' old woman.

Yumi took a lick of her ice cream as the hooligan reached out with a giant hand, the man was easily eight feet tall. Yumi sighed and moved side stepping the incoming hand and reached out with her free right hand. Her fingers curled around the man's wrist and with not effort at all, despite being such a tiny and old woman, she threw the giant of a man tossing him through the air and into the ground.

"I really don't like being reminded of my age" spoke the grey haired woman as the other three hooligans lunged at her. With surprising speed Yumi appeared in front of the second. She spun her left foot connecting with the side of the hooligans face and sent him flying through the air where he crashed into a light post. Yumi's eyes moved catching onto the next as he attempted to catch her from behind. Her knees bent and she pushed off the ground back flipping up and over the hooligan landing behind him where she kicked him in the back causing him to stumble head first into a statue.

Yumi turned to face the final hooligan who was staring wide eyed. Yumi kicked off the ground appearing in front of the stunned hooligan and delivered a swift jab with her right fist delivering a powerful blow into the hooligans right kidney. The reaction was instant as the man collapsed almost crying but no tears escaping as he wheezed. Yumi then spun delivering a final kick knocking the man to the ground and out.

The old woman used her free hand to straighten out her kimono before taking a lick of her untouched ice cream.

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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was licking his plate out as the sun was shining down on him. It was a sunny day and he was enjoying his morning milk. Nothing could beat the start of the day then some sweet milk. He pushed himself up from the roof tiles and started stretching out. He took a long nap this time. Normally he would do several small naps a day but this time he didn’t feel like waking up he was having a pleasant dream reminding him of someone he met earlier in the week. Ah, I hope to see her again. Maybe she's still in crocus lets go out for a stroll. Chelvaric walked trough the little roads of crocus to avoid as many crowds as he could. He sometimes would crawl up the walls onto the roof to watch for any signs of the person he was searching for. But alas he couldn’t find her at all. It was still a nice day tough. He had a nice warming up of his muscles so that he could go hunt. He didn’t have much jewels left and there weren’t that many jobs going on at the moment so he better saved some money out.

His luck was with him that day as at that moment a little thin tail with rings disappeared behind the corner. No, no little rodent you won't get away? He thought to himself and he ran after it. He jumped against the wall of the other side and landed in front of the rat but it was a clever and quick rat as he turned to the side and ran the other way. Chelvaric landed and counted till ten. It was no fun if there wasn’t a bit of a challenge to it. He started running again. Jumping over crates and other obstacles as the rat squeezed trough it. When he suddenly ran around a corner he saw the rat jumping over a few bodies before leaving. Chelvaric broke as he was nearly colliding with an old woman in a kimono and with an ice cream.

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Yumi's body reacted immediately, muscle memory taking place, the moment the old woman felt a disturbance. Her body moved quickly blurring from it's spot appearing a good three metres away as a young man, looking to recently be in his early twenties, almost bumped into her. Her ice cream remained untouched, she had made sure of that. The last thing she wanted was for her delicious treat to be split onto the cold hard ground. If her precious dessert had been ruined by the young man, she would have unimaginable things to him, made him cry for his mummy and wish he was dead.

The old woman turned her focus back to the young man, but not before taking a bite of her ice cream, she would need to finish it quickly before it melted away, "You almost ruined my ice cream. You should watch where your going hatchling, less you end up like these poor fools." Called the old woman as she turned to look over the four poor fools who had attempted to rob her earlier. It's a pity the young man had stumbled onto the scene, she would have enjoyed stealing away the lives of these foolish men. Oh how she enjoyed watching the life being snuffed from the eyes of her victims.

The old woman turned away from the young man and walked away, it was time to move on.


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