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An unexpected encouter [snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

An unexpected encouter [snowflake] Empty on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:51 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Sun was falling through the cracks of the distance between the roofs. It was illuminating the area that was otherwise dark as the night. But it also enlightened the red hair of a particular fellow. This man was laying in a box. Now you may wonder why he’s doing that. He can already dispel the illusion that he’s a beggar or homeless person. No, this person is more of a lazy ass. Well, he’s more like of a cat. Just sleeping whenever he can. But sleep was over as the sun made him open his green eyes looking into the blaring sun. He rolled out of the box and started to stretch himself out. He scratched his hair and stood up revealing a black scarf on a grey shirt. His pants were just some jeans and combat boots to finish it off. He pushed himself from the ground and dusted off his clothes.

Well, I guess I should go for a bath. He thought by himself. There should be a bathhouse close by. Let’s go fast and have it over with. I don’t like water at all. But I should be at least a bit clean. He walked out of the ally into the blaring sun. The light blinded him for a second before he got pulled back into reality. Lots of people were walking around him. It seemed it was around noon already and everyone was making its way to lunch. Well, he could eat first he guessed. There should be a nice fish place around here. He walked through the crowd of people swarming the streets like ants. He didn’t like too many people but it's not like you could avoid it in crocus. People bumped into him and just walked further without saying an apology or anything. He shrugged ah well people aren’t too polite anymore these days. He saw the really big shark sign in the distance above the shop he was trying to get to. The best sushi in the whole country was served there. Just a minute away from his watery taste buds on his tongue.

#2Venus Rosé 

An unexpected encouter [snowflake] Empty on Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:42 am

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The sound of the water dripping from the tap echoed through the walls of the bathroom, breaking the silence that reigned supreme a mere second ago. Steam rose from the tub, partly clouding her vision as she briefly closed her eyes and reclined onto the wall of the tub with her arms laid on the brim of the tub. The water that filled the bath tub was crystal clear as she stared down at her own pale hands that were submerged underneath. Her hair damp, she sank her body deeper into the water, feeling the warmth of it on her skin. A week has passed, since she joined the guild, namely known as Blue Pegasus but she did not seem to make any progress at making new friends at all. Numerous thoughts ran through her mind and the next second, she found herself dozing off in the tub.

Dark, wet lashes fluttered open suddenly as silver hues frantically glance around the cream walls that surrounded her until she recalled that she was still in the bathroom. A relieved sigh escaped her parted lips and forced herself out of the tub, now that she was freed from tension and stress. Grabbing the towel hanging on the metal bar, she encased herself inside the thick piece of cotton. Her cheeks flushed from the heat that was locked inside the bathroom but cooled down immediately once she was greeted with the cold air that whisked into the room. Beige curtains blew in at one end and out the other like pale flags, casting a shadow on the couch as wind does on the sea.

The girl began dressing herself in her usual attire; a long sleeved white shirt, a blazer on top of it and a short skirt accented with dark blue. Sliding into her socks, Snow finished off her look with a pair of high heeled boots before meandering out of the room. Upon exiting the hotel, the young maiden was immediately greeted by the sunlight blaring into her eyes that she had to squint through the gaps between her fingers. It’s noon already, she whispered to herself as blue orbs glanced around the streets of Crocus. She was starting to feel hungry so she decided to find something that might attract her attention.

A huge shark logo on top of the shop was the first thing that caught her eye. Sushi? What’s that? Questioning herself, the girl would find herself drawing closer towards the restaurant and peeking through the windows as if to find some hint. The word was unfamiliar to her and she was eager to try it.

#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric pushed his way to the sushi place called Tsukimo. It was his favourite sushi place. It had been a long time since he was here and he didn’t really know if they were good or not. He stopped walking as he reached the typical entrance of the place. He was so excited to eat here bu he had still some people to pass trough before he got into the place. He was looking trough the people when he suddenly noticed a light blue haired girl in skirt and blazer. She looked really cute. He wondered if she liked sushi too. Not that he knew how to start talking her. But then he noticed the blue Pegasus tattoo on her right hand. She was a guild member. Chelvarics also just joined blue Pegasus and he didn’t have met any other member yet. Well, this was the perfect timing to socialise then. And she seemed a little bit lost too.

He went up to her and started to talk, “Hai there I am chelaric also a blue Pegasus member let's eat together!”. He grabbed her hand and dragged her inside. The place was really classy and everything was made out of oak. He put her on a chair and he sat on the one next to it. In front of them, little plates were rolling over a magic cover belt.

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The breath that escaped her lips formed a small pool of steam against the glass door. The young maiden contemplated on whether she should enter the shop or consider for a different restaurant, although she was curious as to how the sushi would taste. It was a type of food she had never eaten before. An unfamiliar voice behind her caught her attention as silver pools glided towards the source of the sound. A young red-haired gentleman stood before her and began introducing himself as a member of Blue Pegasus. ”Erm…” Stunned by the sudden greeting of a guild member, the girl was lost for words as she continued to stare at the stranger who invited to join him for lunch. How did he know I’m from Blue Pegasus from the beginning? The thought crossed her head but she decided not to question any further.

The stranger did not even bother to wait for her answer as he grabbed ahold of her hand and began to drag her inside the shop. ”W-wait!” Even her words did not seem to fathom the red-haired stranger, who previously introduced himself as Chelvaric. She sat down beside him before her eyes shifted towards her hand, which was still in the grasp of Chelvaric. ”I don’t think you need to hold my hand anymore.” Her words might be a bit harsh, but that was just the nature of a cold-hearted girl who barely expresses any emotions. The girl ringed her wrist in big circles as she stared at the plates that were in motion on the belt.

”I’ve never had this before. How do you eat them?” A slight blush rose upon her cheeks, embarrassed by the question she had asked.

#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

An unexpected encouter [snowflake] Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:14 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at her as the girl suddenly said that he could let loose of her hand. He was looking at her for a moment as he didn’t understand what she was saying for a second and when she started to turn around her hand he knew what was wrong. Oh yeah, I should let her hand loose. He pulled his hand back and gave a polite smile to her as to say everything was fine. The girl didn't seem mad so he probably didn’t do anything too bad. He should remind to let loose, though. He should make a memory notion of it so he don't make that mistake again. It seems that she had a question. Hmm, so she never ate sushi before. Poor child, I can guess now why she’s not looking happy. Well, atleast she came to an expert for it.

“of course I’ll teach you how it goes. But I want something in return. After I teach you how to eat sushi you..”, chelvaric paused for a second. “tell me your name as a reward”, he chuckled with a smile. He grabbed a small plate with an eggroll and rice and placed it in front of her. “let’s start with some egg first. It’s easier than doing the fish from the start. ”, he said calmly and slow so she could understand. He took a couple of wooden sticks from the table and gave it to her before he took some himself. “so hold your thumb and ring finger like this while you put your sticks in between them. You can hit the table if you want even them. The trick is in only moving the lower stick. Like this”,he said and he started to eat the fish he took before he explained it to her. He grabbed it skillfully and let it slide on his tongue. The cold but sweet texture of the fish made him smile as a fool. He was enjoying the flavour so much. Such great food. He looked at the girl to see if she was doing alright too.

#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

Silver hues stared at the plates that slowly moved around the belt and she would notice how some people grabbed the plates for themselves and began consuming their meal. Her attention shifted back to Chelvaric, who accepted her request but in return of her name. The blue haired maiden raised a curious brow and eventually nodded, approving of the deal. She watched him grab a plate from the belt, just like the other customers and retrieved a pair of chopsticks from his hands. Without even blinking, the girl would focus on his fingers on which he taught her how to use the chopsticks. ”…Like this?” Her brows creased into the middle of her forehead and pearly whites snagged at the bottom of her lips as she struggled to lay her fingers into position. After a few numbers of desperately trying to get it right and straining her hand, she found it easier to grab a hold of the food and slowly placed it inside her mouth.

The soft texture of the egg melted immediately inside her mouth and the savoury taste of the food lingered on her tongue. Surprised by the delicious taste of the new food she had just eaten, her eyes widened before muttering out a jumble of words, ”It’s really yummy.” Cheeks blossomed into a pinkish shade and a small smile crept up onto the curve of her lips. Not only did she feel satisfied by the scrumptious food, Snow was grateful that she finally met someone of the same guild and on top of that, Chelvaric was a nice lad. Snow propped up her face on her knuckles and glanced over towards her guildmate. ”Since you taught me something, I suppose I should stick to our promise.” she paused for a brief second and grabbed another plate from the belt. ”It’s Snowflake. But, you can call me Snow.”

#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at her as she was trying with to eat with the chopsticks.  She looked so wonderful as a newborn child discovering something new. The look on her face was that of wonder but also commitment to make it work. Although it went a bit hard at first she was a fast learner and chelvaric saw her eat like it was natural for her to eat like this really quickly. After she ate the first bite her face was just smiling and happy from the food. While she was still chewing he took some other plates and put them in-between them. “this is food you should really try. I recommend them. ”,he said as she was saying how yummy it was. He was happy that she was liking it. It always gave him joy when other people liked the stuff he liked. He took a bite of some octopus and gain as pinkish cheeks as the girl while his eyes became two small stripes enjoying the taste so nice. The girl was apparently called snowflake or in short snow.

“Oh, I love snow. The nice feeling under your feet when you run trough it. The soft texture cracking when you sneak trough it as silent as you can. After that, you can cuddle up in a blanket in front of a nice fire and sleep.”, chelvaric mind wandered off to the nice nap and his face changed into a very relaxed state. After being like that for a while and then he started talking to her again. “what brought a fellow blue Pegasus member to crocus anyway if you don’t mind me asking.”, chelvaric said and he waited for an answer.

#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The blue haired maiden devoured plates of sushi that were placed in front of her. Chelvaric recommended a few other plates and suggested she should try them, and of course, she did. Snow was not going to let her opportunity of trying out new food to slip away when there is such appetizing food right in front of her eyes. Thus, she decided that she was going to fill her stomach as much as she could, so that she would not regret not eating enough of these Japanese dishes. It appeared that she made the right decision to enter the restaurant, more like, being forced into the place as she recalled Chelvaric dragging her into the shop.

Silver pools glided towards her guild mate as he began to describe the feeling of walking through snow. Her eyes glistened, a hint of bliss crossed the features of her face followed by a slight nod. She definitely understood what he meant. Snow loved the winter so much that her parents named her after the snowflakes that fall from the sky; although the memories that she had kept buried had scarred her since long ago. Cerulean strands of hair brushed past her shoulders as she would instinctively tuck the locks behind her ear. ”I’m glad you love Snow.” For a brief moment, the girl remained silent until she realized what she had just said. ”Uh… I mean, snow as in, the snow in winter.” She felt like the most retarded person in the world at that precise moment and closed her eyes momentarily in embarrassment.

”Hmm,” – was her first choice of words to his question when he asked her why she had travelled to Crocus. She paused for a brief moment and sipped on the green tea that she had prepared for herself earlier, ”I just wandered and I seemed to have ended up here. Perhaps, you can address me as a lost child.” The girl chuckled at herself, which was extremely rare of her to show someone a relaxing side of herself. For all one knows, Snow probably trusted him since he was a guild member and she could tell he was genuine from the start. ”What about you?”

#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nibbled further on the fish as he saw that snow was enjoying it even more than he expected. He was happy that he made the right choice of dragging her into this place. Nothing was as good as sharing a meal. When he heard her say something about snow. But she said it in a weird way and chelvaric was a bit speechless for a second. He didn’t know if she meant that he loved her or loved snow. He was blushing at the same time as he couldn’t figure it out. But he calmed down after hearing her correct herself. He quickly took his cup of milk and sipped on it as he waited for her answer. It seemed that the girl was a wanderer like him and her referred to her as a lost child. Just those two words lost and child made something break inside chelvaric and he took a big sip of his milk before he thought of his response when she asked how he got here. Although he also wanted to look a bit longer at her beautiful smile. This was the first time he ever thought something like that about a girl. He blushed harder and turned her gaze for a second and bit his lip before he started talking again.

“Well I actually was walking in the woods nearby and I saw a cat and I followed it all the way here. I ended up sleeping in a very comfortable place”, he said although he left out that it was a box in between some garbage in a very small street between some houses. Most people would find that weird. But hey a cat sleeps where he can. “I was thinking of taking a walk to the Halloween market not far from here. If you want to join.”, he asked her in a very polite tone. This was the first time since his banishment that he really connected to a fellow human so he was trying his best not to screw up.

#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

Snowflake had never enjoyed the taste of raw meat, let alone its’ smell so she would specifically picked the ones that did not contain any raw fish. A sigh left her lips once again; not out of exhaustion but of relief and satisfaction. Her tummy felt so full as if she had eaten a week’s worth of food and she could feel the buttons of her blazer tightening against her abdomen. The girl rubbed her sated stomach that was on the verge of exploding as she struggled to lean back against her chair. While the two Blue Pegasus members engage into conversation, she would take a moment let her stomach digest all the food she had taken. ”That was a feast.” she commented, realizing the fact that she had never had such a large intake of food in her life before, which was mostly why she grew up as a petite girl.

”Oh, I see.” The girl nodded at his explanation of how he ended up in the Capital of Crocus before following up with another question. ”Did you find the cat then?” Snow loved animals, mostly dogs and if it was possible, she would keep one in her room. The blue haired girl would find herself engaging into a small conversation with Chelvaric as if it was the most normal occurrence to happen to her, which was not actually true. Since she was young, she was unable to hold any discussions due to her extremely quiet nature and even obtained a nickname ‘dry ice’ in her classroom as a result of her lack of expressions.

She stacked up the plates she had eaten into a huge pile and shifted her attention back to Chelvaric. ”Is there really a Halloween market here?” Her eyes widened, she sounded much more excited than she actually intended to be. Perhaps, that was the reason why there were tons of people crowding in the streets before she entered the restaurant. ”That sounds interesting. I’ll join you, without any doubt.”

#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric filled the gaps in hi stomach up with a couple of cups of milk. Exclaiming a deep ‘aahhh’ after each cup he drank. It was so tasty he loved milk and this milk was special foreign milk. He wanted more of it but he didn’t have room in his stomach anymore. Ah too bad he would have to come back another time maybe again with snowflake. He kinda felt nice knowing that he maybe could have someone to spend time with. “aye it was indeed a good filling, waiter can I have the check please.”, he first said to her before calling in that he wanted to leave. He paid off the check while he answered her questions.

“this is my treat so don’t worry about it. Oh yeah, I did find the cat we had a long stroke session and some playing around. It was a fun afternoon. Maybe you should try it out sometime. I promise that you won’t be bored!”, he told her and lead her out of the establishment as she agreed to join him to the Halloween market.

“So have you been long into blue Pegasus I only recently joined and I haven’t even gotten around to go to the blue Pegasus guild hall.”, he said to her as they walked through the streets toward the Halloween market. They weren’t there yet but all different shops had some decorations behind there windows to make it more spooky. Chelvaric wasn’t easy scared so he didn’t mind more over he actually liked the scary stuff.

#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

”Oh, no no no. I shouldn’t let you–“ The young maiden began, only to get interrupted by Chelvaric’s abrupt call for the bill. ”I’ll let this slide but next time, it’ll be my treat. Yes?” With one of her eyebrows arched and the corner of her lips twitched upwards into a small smirk, she indicated the question in a way so that he would keep his promise. She slid off her seat and gently landed on her feet before fixing her attire. The two Pegasus mages meandered out of the restaurant whilst talking more about random topics that they had discussed before.

The day had grown slightly darker which caused her to wonder how long they remained inside the restaurant. Oh, well. Perfect time to be spooky. She shrugged it off and let her eyes wander off to her surroundings. The vendors that lined up on both sides of the streets were already being decorated and the costumes and make that the passerby wore differentiated each of them unique among swirls and eddies of people.

”I just recently joined the guild as well.” She replied her response to Chelvaric’s question before adding, ”I went to the guild once to meet the guild master and retrieved the emblem on my hand. That’s just probably it.” Within the corner of her eyes, she noticed a glimpse of a young woman painting on people’s faces for the Halloween event. Interested, the girl approached closer before turning around towards Chelvaric once again, ”Would you like to try this?”

#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to her while she was explaining that she only had been once to the guild too. He wondered how the guild was like. Maybe he should visit it soon. He looked at her gazing at the people walking past them they were all dressed up or had paint on their faces. It was becoming a popular thing to do during Halloween. He didn’t really care what other people did. But since she asked if he would do it he shrugged. “Well maybe I can try for this one time I guess.”, he said to her and walked to the chair. “you take the other seat then. What are you gone choose of the spooky figure.”, he asked her and looked trough the lacrima tv for options on what to pick. He could go for a werewolf but that would be maybe a bit too close to a dog. And he was scared of those. He ended up choosing a pumpkin zombie. “hmm I think I’ll go this ”, as he showed her the painting. He looked at her as he was wondering what she would choose. It made him think about how much he was enjoying his time with her. He really had made his first friend. He was happy feeling about it.

“I am really enjoying my time with you.”, he said while the painter was painting his face. He looked over to her as she was being painted as well. He wondered how she was gonna react to his sentence. In the mean time, he was hoping he didn’t say anything weird.

#14Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The woman that was responsible for the painting greeted them as they approached closer. There were tons of pictures of people, probably her customers, with their faces nicely painted with makeup being displayed behind her. The woman would grab a chair for two people as the two Pegasus members sat themselves next to each other. Chelvaric would look through the pictures that were listed on the lacrima television but for Snow, she already knew what she wanted. It was something she had always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to. But, since she is able to now, Snow decided to make the most out of it. ”Can I have myself painted as a skull, please? Just the lower part of my face.” Snow would portion her face separately with her hands and explained the details to the woman on how she wanted herself to look. Meanwhile, Chelvaric had already decided on what he wanted to be painted as, although Snow was not aware of how he would appear as afterwards.

While the woman was busy drawing on Chelvaric’s face, she would call for her assistance, who was much younger, probably around the same age as Snow and requested her to work on the fellow Pegasus’ mage. Nervously, she waited for the other girl to gather the colours, which was mostly black and white. Soon, both of them would be done, with their faces nicely painted and Snow silently wished it turned out as good as she expected it to be. The girl remained still, staring into the distance so as not to disturb the painter until the voice of her guildmate reached into her head.

For a brief moment, the girl recalled what Chelvaric had just mentioned since she seemed to have spaced out before and blinked furiously. ”Oh, yes.” She paused. ”So am I. I’m quite nervous honestly. This is the first time I’ve actually celebrated Halloween.” Snow added and forced out a quiet chuckle, hoping nothing would go wrong during her first Halloween.

#15Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at snow as she was being painted by the girl. But then had to sit still himself as the girl was painting his face. He could feel the brush going over his skin and it was a tender touch. The places with paint itched a bit and he had to keep himself composed to not move too much so she wouldn’t screw up the paint. He was excited as it looked really spooky. This was the first time he celebrated Halloween with anyone else and he was really happy about it so his mood was like a sunny sun. the girl was done and he got up. She pulled out a mirror and gave it to the both of them to look in. chelvarics face was looking all orange but there were wounds made on it like he died and came back from the dead. It was really perfect.

“you don’t have to be nervous. Nothing will go wrong don’t worry. I'll fix any problem that would arise. Since it's your first Halloween we should make it rememberal.”, he said to her and he gave her the mirror. She looked pretty bad ass with the half skull face and he approved of her choice deeply. “if you want we can go to the traditional apple biting. the paint looks realy good on you by the way”, he said to her and he pointed to a crowd around a tub of water filled with water. It’s something you definitely had to do on your first Halloween. He just hoped he wouldn’t make to many children scared. As Halloween could be a bit scary for them.

#16Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

After at least half an hour, both of them were done. The girl would turn around to see an orange face painted in the shape of a pumpkin. Snow could not put her feet on how exactly she felt about Chelvaric’s choice but it was really unique although it was quite funny, honestly. She retrieved the mirror from his hands and looked at her own reflection from the mirror. She looked really different. The makeup suited her silver eyes perfectly and the the shape of the skull being contoured around the lower part of her face looked better than she expected. Her lips appeared as the bones of her teeth and the rest of the part were drawn into details. ”I really like this.” She dropped the mirror on her lap and raised her attention towards the girl who had done her amazing job at painting her face.

Chelvaric assured her that the two of them were going to make this Halloween as an enjoyable event for her, which was really considerate of him. ”What’s apple biting?” she questioned although she reckoned that the event had something to do with eating apples. ”Thank you. You look good as well… a little bit funny, but it looks good.” The girl would let out a soft giggle before reaching into her pocket and fetched some jewels to pay the fees for the makeup. ”I’ll pay for both of us this time.”

#17Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the girl as he still couldn't believe how cool she looked with the skeleton face. He was surprised that she didn't know what apple biting was. He wondered how she never celebrated or did things like this. But he shouldn’t prey into her past as he only knows her for a short time. “well apple biting is pretty much what the name says. There is a tub with water in and apples float in it and then you just put your face into the water and try biting one to get it.”, he said as they walked to the tub. “thank you for your compliment and paying by the way. I just like to give people stuff. Making them smile is always nice to see.”, he said to her calmly as they arrived at the tub. He gave the old smiling man who was keeping the tub fresh and filled a nod and motioned to snow that he was gonna show her how to do it. Chelvaric grabbed the tub with his hands and went down on his knees. The ground around the tub was wet from the many splashes of the water on the ground. He winked a last time to snow before he pushed his face under the water. His jaws were biting around in the water till his teeth were sunk in the nice skin of the apple. He pulled his head out of the water. His long hair threw spots of water all around him. This was probably the only time he could stand water. He felt a bit annoyed about the wet hair now sticking to his clothes. “hmm this apple is pretty yummy. So let's see how you do it.”,he said to her while biting a piece out of the apple.

#18Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The young maiden stared at her reflection on the mirror one last time with the ends of her lips curving upwards into a small smile, clearly satisfied with the art that had been drawn on her face. Apple biting was pretty much what she had expected, although retrieving apples from the tub was not included. When Chelvaric thanked her for paying the fees for the art, Snowflake nodded and expressed her gratitude, ”Just repaying my thanks for earlier.” Soon, they would arrive at the location where an old man await for his customers. Inside the tub, apples floated on top of the water that filled the entire container. The old man briefly mentioned the instructions of the game and that the winner would be the one who collected the largest number of apples in the shortest time. Her eyes glided downwards onto the ground and she noticed how the soil had grown slippery and muddy due to the spillage of the water from the tub. The smile she had on her lips before had bent into a frown. Being a hygenic person, Snow never liked being at dirty locations and she could not bear the thought of herself being soiled with filthy substances.

After Chelvaric was done collecting the apples, it was finally her turn. The fellow Blue Pegasus mage gently sat on her calves and bent over the tub to fetch the apples with her lips. As fast as she could, the girl collected all the floating apples as if she was a machine solely made for this game. Snow has always been a competitive person. By the end of the game, she found herself gasping for air and almost all the apples had been collected. The old man was staring at her as if she was a crazy person and unable to say anything, he reluctantly handed over the apples that she had collected to her. ”Thanks, I had fun.”

#19Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was done apple biting and was looking at how good snowflake was going to do the apple biting. He wondered if she was an agile type of person. He didn’t get disappointed by her at all as she was super-fast and collected all the apples in no time. It was so fast that even the old man was surprised by her speed. Chelvaric looked impressed and started talking after regaining his posture.

“well, I thought you never did this before but you seemed like a natural talent or professional. That speed was quite amazing.”, he said and gave her a thumbs up for the good work. He looked up to the blur of the dark night and filled with glowing yellow stars. “the night sky is so soothing. Wait I have an idea follow me.”, he said and he grabbed her hand and went off with her. But he quickly came back received a  big puppy plushie from the old man as she had won the apple biting.

“oh, I nearly forgot your price for your awesome apple biting. So here you go a very fluffy big plushy puppy. I hope you'll get lots of cuddling hours out of it. You earned it yourself!”,he said in a flurry of words. While also trying to apologise for the fast  confusion he was causing. He then grabbed her hand again and quickly ran trough the streets. They had to be in time or they would miss it. He jumped on a wall and threw her over it. Catching her in his manly strong arms before he ran with her up the hill. He then motioned to her to lay down. “just wait and look at the night sky.”, he said to her and then laid in wait. Whenever she would ask something he shushed her up and said to wait. Not long after that, a huge bang followed and the night sky was lighted up like a clear sunny day from the flash of the explosion from the firework. It was bright red and little parts of the firework were falling down with a bright flare but dimming down as they came down slowly. After that, a huge explosion followed again. But this time a boat came out of a round circle and flew over the heads up to the moon before exploding in an array of fireworks. The smell of gunpowder was penetrating his nose but the sight was too beautiful to behold to notice it. The sky was coloured in all different colors as the fireworks exploded. He was still holding snows hand while this was happening.

#20Venus Rosé 

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

”So are you.” The blue-haired maiden replied in appreciation when Chelvaric complimented how fast she was during the apple-biting game. Agility was her expertise afterall. The two of them walked side by side, wandering through the streets of the town, brimming with little shops and crowds of people. The girl would slow down her pace slightly, her head lifted up towards the sky and embraced how beautiful the night sky was. The stars scintillated the dark sky overhead, lighting up the entire city. A gush of wind blew past her, gently caressed her face and swept away the translucent strands of sapphire hair. ”Mhm, it –“ Before she could finish her sentence, she was grabbed by her hand once again, only to be rewarded with a large toy as a prize from the previous game she had participated in. Silver pools widened in surprise, but gladly accepted the huge toy and nuzzled into the soft cushion.

They would run up the hill afterwards, which was more like Snow being dragged by Chelvaric. ”Can you … slow down a bit?” The girl mumbled the words while inhaling huffs and puffs of air as her heart pounded against her chest. She did not even know why they were running from the beginning but decided to follow Chelvaric’s lead so as to find out what he was planning to do. Soon, they reached the top of the hill where there was no one else apart from the two of them. The sky was even more beautiful than what she had seen a few moments ago and their view weren’t obstructed by any sort of trees, clouds or buildings. Awestruck, she stared above with her mouth slightly apart and her chest would heave up and down, nevertheless, she did not care how exhausted she was since she could definitely not miss this exquisite view.

Under the starry sky that shone so brightly with the thousands of heavenly stars and the crescent moon, Snow felt as if she was in a dream – it was a sight she had never seen before. Who knew the world was this beautiful?, she pondered, a smile curving onto the corner of her lips as her silver hues glinted with a light that she was more than satisfied. Snow had never been so emotional and when she found tears stinging her eyes, she was astonished. The sound of fireworks exploding within the sky startled her, but they lit up the night like no other. The fellow Blue Pegasus mage would seat herself beside Chelvaric and wrapped her arms around her knees whilst glancing up to the sky. ”Thank you.” She whispered. ”Thank you so much. I enjoyed every second of this day.” The young girl gave him her rarest of her smiles while the tears still remained within the corner of her eyes.

Engrossed with the events that occurred, Snow didn’t realise that her hands were still in the other mage’s grasp. Instinctively, she would pull her hand immediately and clasped it behind her back. Cheeks flushed, she averted her gaze towards the ground and absently kicked the grass underneath her. ”I... I appreciate everything you did today. If only I could repay your kindness.” A solemn look crossed the features on her face. ”Unfortunately, it’s getting late, so I have to leave now.” As much as she wished to enjoy the day a bit longer, she was unable to.

”I’m sure we’ll meet again.”


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