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Fate [Yoshino]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Fate [Yoshino] Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:35 am

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

It was uncommon to find Snow in one of the most crowded places at the most random time; Crocus. Pale blue eyes glided around the town and noticed how lively the people appeared to be, yet a look of distaste crossed her features. She had never enjoyed the clamour of the market nor the loud chatters of the people that filled the streets of Crocus. Silence and tranquility was her preference. The young girl became increasingly agitated, not only did the noise bothered her but also, due to the scorching heat that seemed to have entirely melted her body metaphorically. ”Ugh, the heat.” she complained, while fanning her face desperately. Her neck was damp with sweat and so was her back that caused her clothes to clutch onto her body like a child to its mother and were unrelenting to the harsh gales that blew across Crocus.

Snow smoothed her beautiful locks of cerulean hair onto one side of her shoulder while sapphire orbs searched for something that might cool her body down from the intense heat. Water? Ice? Ice … cream. Her eyes immediately glistened, a spark of hope flickered within her eyes as she wandered around on the cobblestones and bricks that paved the streets. The scent of sweet flavours wafted through her nose and within the corner of her eyes was the ice cream shop that she had been hopelessly searching for.

”Can I have two scoops of ice cream, please? Chocolate and Caramel.” she chirped, her hands clasped together and silently drooled over the appetizing dessert that laid in front of her eyes.
”Cone or cup, ma’am?”
”Cup, please.” Placing the amount of jewels in front of her, she retrieved the cup from the hands of the woman and briefly nodded as a gratitude.

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Yoshino Freljord
"G'morning Yoshinon!" The blue-haired bimbo greeted her best friend on her left hand. In a scraggly tone, she replied to herself from the perspective of Yoshinon. "Good day, Yoshino! Took you forever to get up, you punk!" She apologized to the bunny puppet on her hand and proceeded to get up. Alas it was time for breakfast. This was probably the moment that Yoshino dreaded most every single day. Whilst at breakfast, Yoshino had to leave Yoshinon in her room, something she felt extremely scared of doing. She eventually got dressed, her favorite white dress with pink frills all around. She had a matching straw hat to go with it, but it was left in her room until she was done with breakfast.

Making her way down, Yoshino was running up to the table where her father and mother were already situated, only to trip and make a scene. Her mother sighed and her father chuckled, both commenting on how clumsy the eleven year old was. Yoshino only laughed along, hoping that it would be alright. They had breakfast like any other family, but that was simply the outlook on things. Behind the fake smiles and heartwarming lies, Yoshino knew that she was only a tool in the family. She knew her place and she knew of what waited for her in the future.

Finally, breakfast was over. And off to the adventuring for Yoshino and her best friend! With her hat on her head, she asked Yoshinon what the plans for today would be. "I dunno, Yoshino. Let's meet new people." Hopping to and fro, around and about, Yoshino made her way along the cobblestone streets and upon the marketplace was where she ended up. Like a dog, the bimbo sniffed around and picked up the very faint smell of ice cream. While she disliked her magic, thinking of it as a curse, there were perks to being a Dragon Slayer. Dashing and dashing, she would create a dust trail behind it and in an instant, reappear like a flash behind a woman with blue hair, who had just received her cone. Yoshino stepped up, ignoring her and asked for a frozen treat herself. However, the inquiry wasn't in her own voice but instead, Yoshino's. She was the shy one, Yoshinon being the adventurous type that looked out for her. "I'll take a single scoop of chocolate in a cone and a single scoop of strawberry, also in a cone!" Yoshino would nod as the ice cream was delivered to her. Yoshinon, on the other hand, simply snatched it and ferociously licked it. Quietly, Yoshino whispered to her best friend. "That was rude of you, Yoshinon."

#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The girl scooped up a spoonful of chocolate from the cup and placed it inside her mouth, savouring the coldness and the sweet, delicious taste of the ice cream. ”Mmm~” A sound escaped from her lips as she began to dig into the ice cream until a harsh gush of wind blew across her face and billowed out her cerulean locks of hair. Silver orbs flicked upwards in confusion as to what had caused it. A girl who was in her childhood age had emerged beside her all of a sudden, but Snow did not seem to be surprised. She glanced sideways and observed her appearance and took note of her short height, as well as the strange toy (?) that lingered around her before picking up the spoon from the cup. Just as she was about to devour her ice-cream, she noticed how the topmost scoop had disappeared from the cup and somehow ended up melting on the ground.

Her hand shook in rage as she hardened the grip onto the plastic spoon, breaking it into two. Yet, the expressions on her face remained unchanged; her eyes were as bland and emotionless as a corpse – a dead body might actually even have more emotions than her face. Lashes swept up and she shifted her gaze towards the child that stood beside her. ”Were you the one who caused this?” She pointed sharply at the scoop that was dumped on the ground, already forming a small puddle of chocolate from the heat and held the cup in her other hand. Her voice was quiet and gentle, one would probably not notice that she was infuriated to the point that her insides were boiling.

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Yoshino Freljord
There was nothing worse to a child than getting scolded. It didn't help that it was by a stranger, no less. Yoshino stood there, quiet and submissive in her form. Yoshinon (the puppet she carries around and her other personality) just eyed the blob on the floor and back to the woman that threw a question in their way. "I have no idea what you're talking about!" replied the rude doll. All the while, Yoshino wanted to say something; she could've apologized, answered this woman's question with a straightforward answer, or anything of that sort. Instead, she couldn't muster up enough courage to do so. A tear formed at the edge of her eye, only waiting to grow into a stream.

After a couple seconds of an unbearable silence, Yoshino couldn't take it any longer; she had to say something. Stuttering a few times, she would attempt to apologize to the lady, despite not knowing whether or not it was her own fault. "G-gomenasai." Would a simple apology be enough? Unlikely as it was, the brat sure hoped so. "I'll b-buy you another one!" she added on.

#5Venus Rosé 

Fate [Yoshino] Empty Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:02 am

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The puppet was the first one to make the response to her question, insisting that both of them were innocent. The other girl, on the other hand, was on the verge of crying with tears welling in her large eyes. Snow didn’t actually raise her voice but perhaps, the other girl understood it in a wrong way. Besides, she was a child so it was likely that she took her words in a way of scolding. The blue haired maiden released a long sigh, her shoulders drooped downwards as she closed her eyes briefly only to open them once again. It was obvious that she was clearly annoyed, not to mention – she made a little girl cry as well. What am I doing to a child? The thought crossed her mind and guilt would begin to swell up inside her. She raised her hand and placed it on top of the girl’s head and gently smoothed down her hair. ”There there.” Snow was not necessarily good with kids, hell, not even with teenagers but she did know children are fond of affection.

After she apologized, Snow would just nod and tell her that it was okay. Grabbing the tissue from the box that was placed on the counter, she handed it over to the other girl. The girl suggested that she would purchase a new cone of ice cream for her and despite how she wanted it, she was obviously not going to ask a child for it so she quickly denied the request. It would just be the same as taking money from someone younger than her. ”It’s fine, it’s just a scoop of ice cream.” Although she did not exactly intend to say that, what matters most to her is to make her stop crying.

#6Yoshino Freljord 

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Yoshino Freljord
As tears drenched her dress, the little lady was stroked like a cat; well, her hair anyways. The tears had stopped, only having a little leftover droplets still waiting to fall from her eyes. Yoshino was a peculiar one, interesting in her own remarks and ways, that was undeniable. "G-gomenasai..." the brat would apologize once more, despite being told it was okay. The puppet that engulfed her hand did a bow of sorts, also instigating that it was sorry, hopefully winning the heart of the lady in front of it.

Yoshino spoke, addressing the lady as a miss and explaining the friend on her hand. "T-this is Yoshinon and she's the one that..." She paused. How did one describe Yoshinon? It was a rude puppet that always popped out at the worst times, but in the end, it was to protect Yoshino. "She's my best friend and she's sorry for knocking your ice cream down!" As she finished her sentence, she blushed as the blame slowly went onto the puppet.

Something about this woman felt familiar. Whatever could it be? Perhaps Yoshino had seen her before, but she was clueless as to where. With nothing else to rely on, she had to ask. "Excuse me, miss. Has Yoshino met you before?" Her puppet asked in her place.

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

A sigh left her parted lips, out of relief and clasped her hands behind her back. The young lady watched the other blue haired girl stuttered an apology once again and Snowflake would force a smile awkwardly and scratched her head. Silver pools would glide towards the puppet beside the girl and assessing its appearance carefully as the girl began to introduce her puppet to Snow. She tilted her head slightly to the side and folded her arms, her brows creased into the middle of her forehead. No matter how I look at it, it looks just like a toy, the girl pondered but waved off her thoughts immediately.

”Ah, it’s really alright.” She repeated, her voice as dead as her eyes as if the chasm of life had drained out of her. Her eyes drifted downwards into the cup of ice cream which had already melted from the heat while she was busy comforting the child. With a slight force exerted within her hand, she tossed the cup into the bin that was located beside the vendor. ”Hm?” Snow recalled what Yoshinon had just spoken and her lips would break into a slight frown. With her fingers resting on her chin, the young maiden attempted to remember if she had ever met her before, but to no avail. ”I don’t think so? I haven’t been to anywhere apart from Blue Pegasus and somehow ended up here.”

#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

The blue haired girl quickly glanced over her watch clutched loosely around her wrist. ”Ah, I’ve got to go now.” She stared ahead, absentmindedly and bowed gently as an apology to the child. ”I apologize, I wish I could’ve stayed longer and accompany you but this is rather urgent.” Snow fiddled with the strap of her watch and added, ”It was nice meeting you, Yoshino. I hope to see you again somehow.” The expression on her face radiated a gentle smile as she waved farewell to the girl and her pet before drifting off into a distance as the crowd overwhelmed her.


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