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Drinking Is Better With Two [Shin]

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An elderly woman walked through the streets of crocus making her way towards one of the local bars, the Royal a gathering place for mages. The woman was five foot in height with white hair tied up in a double bun, a hair pin that had two pearls hanging off the side sticking in from the left to keep the bun in place. She wore a long flowing kimono made of the finest silk, tied closed by an obi, jacket and sash over her shoulders, paired by the white tabi and waraji on her feet. The old woman's eyes appeared shut, her white hair tied up in a double bun with, with matching ears hanging from her ears.

The elderly woman walked without a sound, her steps graceful like a dancer as she moved through the growing crowd. The streets were bustling on this Wednesday afternoon and slowly growing with the night that would come. Yumi ignored the heathens as she walked ahead, "Soon all these heathen's shall perish at my hands. I shall carefully bide my time and wait patiently till I am ready." The old woman resisted the sneer that threatened to form on her wrinkled features as a young child bumped into her. Yumi walked on and entered into the bar pushing the door open. She walked towards the bar ignoring the looks she was getting. An old woman showing up in a bar on her own would no doubt be a strange sight to behold.

Yumi approached the bar where  she sat upon one of the stools and called over the bartender, "Whisky double shot, no ice, leave the bottle, top shelf" commanded the old woman as she sat a stack of jewels down on the table, getting a nod from the young man who was serving her. Yumi cared not to take in his appearance simply waiting for her drink. As the glass was placed down in front of her and her drink poured Yumi raised it to her lips allowing the liquid to pour down her throat.

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#2Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Sifting through the crowds of Crocus was the young mage of Phantom Lord, Shin Katari. He was wearing a black leather jacket, accompanied by a blue denim jeans and black shoes. His crimson red hair and tall figure allowed him to stand out from the crowd. This goon-like appearance made him appear a lot more conspicuous than most, often landing glances from others. Despite the obvious judgemental glances he received, it was something he had come to accept in his short time in Crocus.

After a few more moments of walking around and bumping into people, Shin found himself looking up at a tattered sign. In big letters, the word "Royal" was written in a bright red and yellow hue, allowing it to stand out from the other businesses. Removing his hands from his pockets, he looked at a piece of paper with writing on it. Prior to finding this bar, he had asked a hotel member what one of the better bars in town was. Royal was the bar he was told to test out. Crumpling the piece of paper in hand, he tossed it aside before opening the doors to the bar.

Entering, he was rather pleased to see a nice crowd. Usually, the larger a crowd, the better the bar. Or at least, that was one way Shin viewed how good a bar was. Looking around, it was somewhat spacious. There were people of all kind here. However, their eyes were not on the newcomer Shin but rather, an elderly woman. Looking over at the bar, there was an elderly woman sitting alone, drink in hand and bottle in front of her. He could hear people mumbling about, their words targeted at the old woman. Shin was surprised to say the least, as this was the first time he had seen someone so aged drinking. Allowing his curiosity to dictate his movement, he made his way over to the bar, sitting a seat over from her.

"Pale ale, leave it in the bottle," Shin said to the bartender. As his drink arrived, he clasped it by the neck, raising it to his lips and allowing the fruity flavor to wash his throat. Letting out a sigh of enjoyment, he turned his gaze to the old woman to his side. He rested his left elbow atop the counter. "I think you've lost your way granny. This ain't the nursery home."


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Yumi raised the glass to her lips, allowing the cool glass to touch her lips as the whiskery poured across her lips. From her position at the bar she could her a myriad of conversations going on around her. To her left down three stools were two young women having a loud discussion, one was going on about her how she thought her dead beat of a boyfriend was cheating on her, while the other was talking about how great the girl was and how he didn't deserve her, "Heathens squawk so loudly just wait,your time will come. I will enjoy taking the light from those pretty little eyes of yours." The dark thoughts rang throughout her as she finished her glass and refilled it.

The old woman's attention was drawn as as someone took one seat over from her. From the corner of her eye she could make out who it was. The interloper was a young man nearly a full foot taller than Yumi herself was. He had red short and ruffled hair that stood out while he wore a black leather jacket, accompanied by a blue denim jeans and black shoes. Yumi turned back to her drink lifting the glass to her lips returning to her drinking, she had no need to bother herself with the young man, only if he disturbed her would she even bother to acknowledge his existence.

The moment the whiskey travelled down her throat the young an spoke to her. Her grip on the glass tightened the moment he referred to her as a granny, reminding Yumi of her old age which she would wish to forget. If their was one thing Yumi hated, it was to be reminded of her age. Her grip on the glass continued to tightened to the point a loud crack rang throughout the tavern as cracks formed along the length of the glass threatening to shatter it to pieces, showing the woman had a powerful grip despite her age.

Yumi turned her head towards the young man, eyes beginning to part revealing the dull, yet deadly, red hues beneath. Magic coursed through her veins as a thin onyx black flame like aura began to flicker to life around her frail looking frame. Yumi's lips parted as the old woman spoke in a low threatening tone with a hint of venom to it, "Runt's who should be still sucking their mother's teet should be seen not heard, boy" spoke the older woman as she glared daggers at the younger man.

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#4Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Raising the bottle to his lips, he allowed the fruity flavor of the ale to clean his taste palate. This was some excellent ale, far better than what was offered by other bars. Wiping some residue off his lips, he placed the half empty bottle back atop the counter. As the base of the bottle came into contact with the counter top, there was a loud cracking noise that shrieked throughout the bar. Turning his attention to the origin of the noise, his gaze landed on the old lady, holding what was now useless glass.

The hair on the back of his neck and arms began to rise, as goosebumps lined his body. There was  strong flow of magic fluctuating from the old lady. An eerie silence was cast over the bar, as the folk inside were all shook to their core, many praying under their breaths. Eyes wide in surprise, Shin swallowed a lump in his throat. There was an odd feeling that overtook him. It was not one of fear or weakness, rather one of excitement. This was no ordinary old lady, oh no. She possessed about her immense power. This power that was coursing through her only made Shin shiver.

Losing the grip he had on the bottle, he got off the bar stool and stood tall, casting a shadow over top of the lady. He had no idea who or what this old lady was but she had spiked Shin's curiosity. There was an immense itch that was clawing at his body, telling him to attack her and see if she was truly as frightening as she appeared. Instead, he would play her game. As he stood, his body began to envelop in a crimson red aura. His facial expression was that of a calm one, as his eyes were deadlocked with hers. "If your gonna insult someone, speak some proper English, non of that ancient bullshit."


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Yumi's gaze didn't falter as she bore it dead ahead, keeping it fixed on the young male. She watched him rise from his stool, casting a shadow upon her. It seemed the runt was rising to her challenge instead of backing down in fear. Yumi showed no reaction at all to him as she glanced upwards unafraid. She had fought and faced many foes much taller than her, much taller than he so he did not frighten her in the least. If the boy was rising to her challenge it would be right for her to the do the same, especially as a crimson aura formed around him.

Yumi's gaze darkened as she placed a single waraji covered foot on the floor followed by her next. She made no sound as her feet touched the floor and she rose. Her kimono flowed elegantly around her as she barely reached the man's chest a strange contrast, "It is of thy's own fault thee is an uncouth youth." Commented the older woman as she reached deep into her core and pulled on her magical reserves allowing it to flood through her body. The black flame like aura that had formed grew darker becoming more transparent. The darkness wrapped around her, causing those dull red hues to glow eerily in the shadows. The old woman looked like some sort of demon as the mana shaped like flames flickered around her frame.

"The younger generation should know it's place, beneath my foot" The woman had no smile or even a smirk on her face as she spoke in a dark monotone voice. Her eyes seemed to flicker in that moment showing ones belonging to a killer as a thick killer intent mixed with a blood lust began to roll off her body. The intent was quickly sealed along with the blood lust but the killer look remained in her eyes. She was someone who had clearly killed many times.

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#6Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
The old lady stood up, standing an armspace away from Shin. The aura around her began to manifest into what seemed to be darkness. The red hue of her eyes pierced the darkness surrounding her, as she wreaked of a killing intent. As her aura flicked about, Shin decided to increase his magical prowess accordingly.

What was a light crimson now blossomed into a piercing ruby hue. The aura around him took the shape of flames, similar to the lady's. Ripples of magic began the to shake the or walls of the bar, as the two auras began to clash. With the people within the bar beginning to disperse, it was not long before only Shin and the old lady stood alone. The words she spoke were with a vile, monotonous tone, as if implying Shin would not leave here alive. Blood began to course through his body at a rapid rate. He was feeling an adrenaline rush, something he only experienced when truly excited.

Taking the place of what was previously a calm expression was that of excitement. He took a few steps back from the lady, all while keeping an eye on her, allowing him to create two meters worth of space. As he stood tall, he could not help but reveal a devilish grin. "Time for someone to put you in your coffin, you old hag,"


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Yumi remained emotionless as the boy began to release more of his own magical aura to the point red like flames came to life around his body, similar to her onyx black flames. Her mana spiked again to match his own. The two magical aura's clashed against one another as a thick and heavy magical pressure crashed down upon the bar. The bar shook violently, chairs began to wobble and fall as tables cracked from the output. With the release of the two magical pressures it caused the bar to disperse as no one wished to be caught in the cross hair of these two mages.

Yumi's eyes narrowed at the boys declaration, "You are mistaken hatchling, it is you who shall be buried six feet beneath my feet." The old woman began to angle her body, left side facing the mage. She raised her left arm the back facing the mage, her right tucked close to her body as a fist began to form as she settled into a fighting stance. She spread her legs, her knees bending to gain footing. Their was no holes in her stance, showing years of practice. Her muscles tensed beneath her kimono before she sprung deciding to take first action.

She could have been patient and wait for the boy to come at her. She kicked off the ground with surprising speed and agility for someone her age, showing she kept herself in shape regardless of age. Yumi charged in, closing the two metre gap and stomping her left foot onto the ground, she swung her left arm wide aiming it up for the boy's head, however at the same time using her left arm as a distraction, she brought her right fist from beneath aiming for the male's solar plexus, going for a double pronged attack.

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#8Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
As the lady readied herself, entering a battle stance, Shin would follow suit. He raised his left arm forward, keeping his right arm to his side. Feet shoulder width apart, it resembled the stance the lady took. It was becoming painfully obvious that her aura was not for bluffing purposes. There was a strong killing intent wreaking from her. However, she was getting way over her head. What exactly did she expect to do in her aged state?

Unexpectedly, the lady instigated the fight in quick motion. With surprising speed, she closed the two meter gap rather quickly, surprising Shin to say the least. She begun by attempting to strike Shin in the head, to which he would crouch down as to avoid it. As both his arms came to level with his head, she followed with a quick strike towards his solar plexus. He tucked both elbows inwards as to minimize the damage with a block. As her fist made contact with his body, Shin could feel the wind being knocked out of him. However, he still had more than enough strength to strike back.

Allowing his body to fall back, he would grab her right arm with his right hand, attempting to bring her back with him. By doing so, he would follow with a punch from his left hand, targeted towards her neck. For the moment, he was fine but after the punch, he would certainly feel the effect of the punch, which would certainly knock some wind out of him sending his body into some pain. For now, he would focus on her and attempt to cause some damage. He had certainly underestimated her.


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Yumi felt her fist connected with the boys elbow, but he had clearly underestimated her, as did many. Just because she was an old lady did not mean she was not an enemy to be underestimated. You should never underestimate your enemy regardless of age. Yumi manoeuvred her arm pulling it back inside the sleeve of her kimono so that the man grabbed the silk instead. She let him pull her in, allowing her body to go limp so to conserve energy. Her feet momentarily left the ground, her light frame being of use. Her body loosened up as she was reeled in and as the blow came coursing towards her with her foes left fist aimed to her neck she acted.

The toes of Yumi's right foot touched the ground for just a moment, enough time to push upwards with as much force that she could muster, propelling her body upwards. She tucked and curled her body in to avoid the punch thrown to her neck, the right sleeve of her kimono tearing clean off freeing her. She spun up and over the man body twisting in mid air, landing clean on her feet in a crouched position behind him.

She slid her right leg back, drawing her right fist back in a loosely clenched fist. Before she struck her fist uncoiled like a spring as it rocketed towards the man's right kidney. Yumi aimed for his kidney specifically as it was classed as a vital spot and when hit just right could have a stunning effect while making it feel like you've been stabbed so bad you want to cry but can't..

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#10Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin grasped the old woman's kimono, tearing off a large section of her sleeve as she used the momentum of the fall to maneuver in the air and evade the punch. For a woman as old as she appeared to be, she certainly possessed the movement equivalent to that of a young person. As Shin's back collided the wooden panels of the floor, he noticed the lady springing a fist forward, attempting to strike at the kidney on his right. Playing on the defensive, Shin tucked in both arms and rolled to the opposite side of her incoming fist, pushing off the ground in a push-up manner.

As he got to his feet, he took a few steps backwards to create some space once more. He let out a deep breath, as he brought his right arm up while keeping his left arm tucked to his side. He had been playing on the defensive end of the spectrum but now, he would need to go into the offensive. Old lady or not, she had instigated a fight with Shin and he sure as hell would not let her walk away without sending a message to her. Wasting no time, he reached over to the counter bar to his right, grasping the bottle of ale was drinking earlier. In a quick motion, he tossed it at the woman, using it as a distraction.

Upon throwing it, Shin dashed to his left, running towards the woman. Being a much taller person, he would have to be aware of how he fought as she had an advantage with her smaller height. Once he got in about four feet of her, he crouched down somewhat, raising his left arm in boxer-like stance, shielding his face as the rest of his arm would allow him to reduce some damage to his body. With his right arm, he struck with a hook punch from his right, targeting her ribs.


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Yumi brought her attack to a stop the moment her opponent avoided her. She looked at the gap between them and instead of slipping back into her fighting stance she slid her right arm into the sleeve of her left kimono folded her arms over her chest and stood straight. Her eyes narrowed to the point they appeared closed making it seem as if she was mocking the young man by saying he did not require her attention at all. But she could see perfectly and was merely attempting to rile her foe. Often when angered it led to people making costly mistakes.

Yumi's eyes darted catching the sight of the boy grabbing a bottle from the bar counter and tossing it towards her. Her eyes narrowed as the bottle careened towards her. Through the clear bottle and liquid within she could see the hazy image of the man dashing to the left. A distraction. A rather simple yet effective tactic at times, one Yumi herself was accustom to using. Thinking fast Yumi prepared herself for the incoming attack. First the bottle to deal with. Yumi brought out her right arm striking quick with the side of her hand to swipe the bottle. Her hand knocked the bottle aside where it broke against a wall to the right.

Next to deal with was the incoming right hook to her ribs. Yumi jumped up bringing her right leg upwards bending it allowing the shin of her leg to connect with the fist of the young man. She road out the blow letting it toss her back through the air to create a five metre gap between the two. She flipped in mid air and landed in a crouched position on her left knee.

Yumi stood up and began dusting her kimono off, straightening out the silk, but her gaze never left the young man she was fighting. Using her peripheral vision she scouted her surroundings, a table to her left with four chairs one directly next to her. Yumi spun bringing out her right leg in a round house kick. Her heel connected with a chair which was launched in the direction of her opponent. Yumi remained where she was, she was going to test the red haired man.

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#12Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin was beginning to feel annoyed. He may have been able to dodge all her attacks thus far but in return, she was dodging his attacks. Once more, his targeted point of attack was blocked, this time by her shin. She used the momentum to create gap similar to how Shin had done so. Successfully, there was a five meter gap between the two. Gritting his teeth, there was little time to loaf around as she launched a chair towards Shin. He took a side-step to his right, allowing the chair to crash into the liquor bottles behind him. As the fluid from the bottles began to soak into the ground, Shin store at the lady, a smile upon his lips.

"Surprised your back hasn't acted up yet," Shin said in a mocking tone. Truthfully, as annoyed as he was, he was enjoying this battle just as much. She was proving to be of a similar caliber to him. Of course, the two had simply been clashing in hand-to-hand combat, neither using their magic. Shin would intend to keep it this way, seeing as his magics only use was too nullify other magics anyway. Focusing back on the battle, Shin store at the old woman. There were weapons all around the bar, from stools to pool cues and the liquor bottles. His first at distracting the woman was a weak one, as she saw right through it. Annoyed as he was, he decided defense was his best option. He could not let his emotions get the better of him, as it was his wits that allowed to win his previous battles. Instead, it was now the woman's turn to strike.


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Yumi offered no retort to her foes mocking comment. She was not about to let him get inside of her head, not that he ever could. Her crimson hues darted across the room capturing everything inside creating a layout inside her aged mind. She inhaled deeply calming her beating heart, getting herself under control and keeping her blood lust down. Her eyes darted to where the pool cues were stationed. Yumi kicked off the floorboards taking motion once more. She sped between the tables and each time she passed a table she would launch a chair by kicking it in the direction of her foe, launching a dozen chairs by the time she reached the pool cues.

Yumi grabbed one of the pool cues and gripped it like a spear before she threw it in the direction of her foe, tossing it like a javelin. Immediately she retrieved a second pool cue and proceeded to break it over her right knee, snapping off the top section to reduce the cue to the length of roughly one metre, the length of an average sword.

Yumi gripped the shortened pool cue with one hand, holding it in her left. While right was her dominate hand she was attempting to mislead her foe by making him think it was her left hand instead. With that Yumi launched into action one more. She crossed the distance between them and thrust her make shift weapon forward, aiming for her opponents chest.

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#14Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
After a brief pause in between the battle, the pace quickened once more. The elderly lady darted off towards the pool table, launching chairs towards Shin as she maneuvered past the tables and chairs. Her first attempt at doing so ended up failing, so why she would attempt to do this again was beyond Shin. However, unlike her previous attempt, she attempted to bombard Shin by overwhelming him with the chairs. The distance the chairs had to travel and the distance Shin kept from her would allow him to dodge the chairs rather easily. After all, the chairs would be kicked towards his current position so dodging one chair would naturally allow him to dodge the rest. With this in mind, he shifted to his left, moving a few spaces allowing him to dodge the chairs once more. Each chair collided with the wall or the counter behind him.

Next up, as he readied himself for the next attack, a pool cue came darting towards him. Clasping both hands together, he stopped the pool cue from striking him, as the tip of the cue nearly piercing his chest. Using his muscle strength, Shin snapped the pool cue in half, similar to how the elderly lady had done so. As she was incoming towards Shin, he prepared himself for her attack. Similar to her first attempt, she tossed the broken pool cue in her left hand. With her darting towards him, closing off the gap and tossing the weapon, it would certainly be hard to dodge. However, sometimes taking a hit was better than dodging it. As the cue came in close, he brought up his right arm, allowing the forearm to take the blunt of the damage. Tossing the cue to his right, he tossed the cue in his right hand towards the lady. As blood trickled down his forearm, he could not help but feel excited. She had drawn first blood and as a result, Shin wanted to crush her face into the ground. He hated it when other were able to strike him first, especially someone much older than him.


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Yumi eyed her foe as she moved in her pool cue extending towards him. Her foe used his right right forearm to block the incoming blow, allowing the cue to dig into flesh and draw blood letting it trickle down the red heads forearm. Her eyes widened in excitement a blood thirsty smirk, one that should not belong on an old woman's face, formed as a thick blood lust began to roll off her body with a strong wave of killer intent that made those who were watching keel over and bring up their lunch from the flashes of death they experienced.

Yumi eyed the incoming pool cue and raised her left hand allowing it to come in contact with her palm breaking the skin as she knocked it aside. Blood trickled through the air and down her arm as the cue hit the ground with a loud thud. She dug a foot into the ground skidding along towards the man as she raised her right hand and thrust it in an open palm strike aiming for the young men's chest. The old woman was clearly excited for the fight as magic began to roll off her body in waves so thick it pushed the surrounding tables and chairs aside, blowing them away with such force they caused dents in the walls they collided with.

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#16Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
The fight was beginning to pick up pace. Both combatants were now into the fight. The old woman wreaked of a blood lust. Her eyes were wide, and they signified her intent to kill. It didn't help that she had the smile of a freak to back up that claim. Truly, she had to be the sickest old woman Shin had met. Not only that, she had a vibe among her that made it feel like she was above all. That pissed off Shin some more. No one was above him.

As she blocked his pool cue, she proceeded to counter with one of her own. This time, she threw it at him using her right hand. Acting on impulse, Shin darted to his right, allowing the pool cue to brush against his leather jacket. The speed of the pool cue caused it to take a piece of his leather jacket along with the white shirt he had underneath. However, it also appeared to strike his chest, albeit just a scratch. As some blood began to trickle down his hip, he chuckled. This old lady certainly had a way of fighting.

Taking note of her position and the way she was down on the ground, Shin decided to strike. He tossed the cue in his left hand towards her. Similar to her attempt, magic rolled off his body, tossing chairs and bottles away. The force of the two mages magics shattered the windows and caused some of the walls to begin to break down. Now that the two had gotten rid of their weapons, Shin would await for her to rise to her feet so they could begin using their fists to fight once more.


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Yumi's body reacted automatically, muscle memory kicking into action, the moment her eyes caught the sight of the pool cue being tossed towards her. Her body moved stepping off to the right allowing the cue to graze past her kimono, causing the side to flutter from the impact. Yumi looked up at the red haired male, the distance was incredibly short between them. With a flux of her magic Yumi created a five metre gap between them with a jump back. The aged woman began to study the much younger male.

"I am Carnage. It Is only right you know the name of the one who will kill you and add your skull to my Skull Throne." Announced the old woman having spoken again since they first started fighting. Yumi inhaled as she slipped back into her fighting stance legs spread as she turned her left side to the red head, her left arm extended, palm facing the red head, right tucked close to her body, palm facing her foe.

Yumi kicked off the ground launching herself towards the red head. The moment she was two metres away she moved in a circular motion moving to the red heads right and moved in for an assault. Only to plan a foot in the ground a metre away and perform a fast side step with spin around his behind to appear on his left where she would perform a fast right jab aiming for the his left kidney.

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#18Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
The entire battle had nearly been fought in entire silence. During the fight, Shin was the only one who had talked, but now, the old lady decided to break her silence. She called herself carnage, which was a unique name for an old person. She also talked about adding his skull to her skull throne, a thought he could only laugh at. Sure she appeared to hold her own in this battle but that remark was going a little far. If anything, Shin planned on doing the same.

As Carnage created a five meter gap between them, Shin took that moment to ready himself for her next attack. He tucked in both arms to his side, allowing the length of his arms to cover his sides. Feet spread apart, he raised his forearms with his fists pointed towards her. It appeared to be an awkward little stance, yet it was still an effective defensive-offensive stance. If she was to come in for an attack, she was limited to doing the most damage in the middle of his frame compared to his side, and with his length and form, he would be able to strike back with quick strikes. In theory, it seemed to be effective, now it was time to put it into effect.

She took off from her place, coming in towards Shin at a fast pace. Keeping his eyes locked onto her, he clench his arms tighter to his body. In a quick, blazing motion, she appeared on his right before spinning to his left, striking towards his left kidney. Thanks to his arms being there, his forearm took the jab. Now, it was time for him to counter. As her fist connected with his arm, he turned his body towards her, sending a right jab towards her kidney. After the attack, he would create another five meter distance between the two. It was important to wait for an opening, rather than attacking blindly. Although he wanted to go on the offensive, he would wait. With a deep sigh, he took up the same stance, readying himself.


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Yumi felt her fist connected with the young man's forearm, flesh meeting flesh. The old woman began pulling her fist back, drawing it in close to her body. Her crimson gaze following her opponents movements as he began his own attack perform a right jab towards her kidney. Yumi raised her left forearm using it to block the incoming blow, momentarily rising from the ground with a tiny jump to push her lighter copy backwards adding to the distance her own foe would make. As Yumi's feet touched the ground there would be a five metre gap between them.

The old woman dusted her hands against the sides of her kimono, before turning her focus on a clock on the wall, its glass screen cracked but its arms were still functioning. It was starting to get late, she had spent far to long in combat with her foe. The old woman held back a sneer as her facial features calmed and her mana was sealed back into her body.

"Clearly you are more of a match than I originally thought, and this battle could go on for many hours before one of us makes a mistake. Shall we call it a draw and try to tear each other's throats out another time, if not I do not hold any delusions that the authority will soon be on their way to contain us." Spoke the aged woman in a level headed tone, her stance was still guard though just encase her foe chose to attack once more.

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#20Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
He felt his fist connect with her arm, resulting in yet another stalemate. This battle was going no where, as the two were confined in a closed space, with only so much area to move around. Each mage managed to connect a hit, yet nothing that would be considered lethal. As the blood on his forearm began to dry, Shin rolled his shoulder, allowing his magic to dissipate.

Shin could hear a large crowd outside, murmuring among themselves. It was true, with a commotion as loud as this one, the authority would be here at any moment. In fact, it was surprising that they had not arrived yet. If Shin wanted, he would run through the Rune Knights before finishing off this lady. He had a tendency to finish fights, either ending them with a win or a loss. However, a draw would suffice for now. "The name's Shin Katari. Remember it cause the next time we meet, I'm gonna take that head of yours," Shin said with a devilish grin, his crimson eyes piercing the darkness that engulfed the bar.

Adjusting his leather jacket and wiping the dust off from this clothing, he made his way towards the back of the bar, walking towards the back exit. Turning his head back to the old lady, he took one more look at her. He would definitely not forget that face as the next time they met, there would be no restraints.



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The old woman watched as her foe headed her words, bringing their fight to a close. While she was mildly annoyed that the battle had ended in a tie, she had decided it was for the best, less she be caught by the authorities and they discover her ties to Grimoire Heart, it would not do to be discovered so early when their plans had yet to set in. Yumi walked over to where her torn sleeve was and picked the silk material up, she would have to replace her kimono what a nuisance.

The old woman barely acknowledged the red head as she told her his name before he himself left the tavern first ahead of her. Once he was gone the old woman followed in his footsteps. She walked straight out the tavern door and fled into the darkness of the night.


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