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Goodbye Halycon Days For I Have Killed Thee [Caius]

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Goodbye Halycon Days For I Have Killed Thee [Caius] Empty Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:24 pm

Crocus, a town refereed to as the holy capital of fiore, home of the king and situated in the centre of fiore. A place not unseen to the ageing mage Yumi. The seventy five year old woman, dressed in a formal kimono, walked through the streets. To many this would not be an unusual sight, to see an old woman seizing the day. But many did not know the true identity of this grey haired woman. She was a dark mage from Grimoire Heart, a mage who had dirtied her hands with much blood over the years, killing many innocents in the name of her God Khorne.

The Mage of Grimoire Heart peered across the streets of crocus, eyeing everyone around her carefully analysing them. The elderly woman's closed gaze was fixated on the streets she appeared to be ignoring the world around her, paying no mind to those that passed. Her eyes were open only slightly giving the illusion they were closed. If one was to look closely enough they would see a dull shade of red piercing out from beneath the shadows of her eyelids, as dark thoughts filled her mind.

"Look at these heathens doing as they please. They do not even know the glory of the Chaos Lord Khorne. They dare to live without knowing of his presence. It is an a front to his glory, they deserve only death." Thought the old woman as day dreams of blood shed filled the void within. If her guild did not believe in hiding within the shadows, to not draw attention to themselves she would not hesitate to rise from her feet and kill these heathens where they stood.

The woman sighed as she headed towards one of the tavern's of crocus. She needed a stiff drink The old woman   walked into a bar just off the main street called the 'Red Almond'. Making her way over to the bar she approached the bar man and spoke in a soft voice, "Whisky, double shot young man." The old woman sat on the stool waiting patiently for her drink to arrive.

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The Red Almond. A tavern that was rated as one of the best places to get food in Crocus. Caius wished he could test that claim but his food had still not arrived. "It's been 30 god damn minutes what is taking so long." he thought to himself starting to get frustrated.In order to pass the time, he was at the back of the bar throwing darts by himself. The news on the lacrima TVs were still going on about the Etherion Cannon's destruction at how it was affecting the world. Caius couldn't help but smile as it was his guild that caused it. He went to pull the darts from the board when he heard the door to the bar creak open.

When he looked over and saw who it was, a shiver ran up his spine. It was a fellow member of Grimoire Heart by the name of Yumi. To most she looked like a sweet old lady but Caius knew the truth. This chick would murder you, your parents, your grandparents, and your pets just for fun. Caius loved a bit of torture and violence but this grandma was a step above that. He sighed and realized that they would see each other eventually. He decided to make the first move and head over to where she was sitting. Raising his hand, he dropped the darts on the bar counter to return them and sat next to her. "Hi there! Is this seat taken. A beautiful young girl like yourself shouldn't be sitting by herself."


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Yumi watched as the bartender grabbed a glass and just as he was about to put in ice she raised a hand stopping him. The bartender set the glass down and poured whiskery from the top shelf. When it came to alcohol Yumi was not afraid to pay for quality. As someone who constantly moved around, Yumi did not have to worry about being held down paying bills allowing her to store up her jewels. Yumi slapped down a few bills for the bartender before raising the glass, "Leave the bottle". commanded the old woman, earning a nod from the young male. Yumi lifted the glass to her wrinkled lips and allowed the liquid to roll across her tongue.

Yumi saw someone approaching from the corner of her right eye and taking a seat next to her. Yumi showed no reaction as she eyed the young man who sat beside her. It was none other than Caius a fellow member of Grimoire Heart. The boy had joined over a decade ago and just so happened to be a rank above her own. Yumi rested the glass down upon the bar as he addressed her as a beautiful young girl. If there was one thing that was known amongst the members of Grimoire Heart it was not only was Yumi a vicious killer, but she had a complex about her age and did not like being reminded that she was old. The last person who called her an old woman had ended up in a hospital for six months.

"I did not expect to see anyone else from the association here.". Spoke the aged woman as she lifted her glass taking another sip. She lifted her free hand to the bartender signalling him for another glass. Yumi gripped the bottle of whiskey and poured it into the second glass before sliding it along to her Guild mate, "Whiskery is often enjoyed in the company of others.". Commented the woman as she downed the last of the whiskey in her glass before refilling her glass.

Yumi glanced around the bar, it was rather empty being Wednesday night. The only other people around was the bartender and a man over in the corner who was drunk off his mind. Yumi looked up at the bartender sliding a few jewels across the table giving him a single look that told him that what ever was said never left the bar. With the matter settled Yumi angled herself to look over at the young man across from her. As her dulled red hues landed on the man the first thought that ran through her mind was, "His hair is still as ridiculous as ever."

"So what brings you to Crocus hatchling." She rarely ever addressed others by their names, often revering them in a way that addressed their youth. Compared to her the man was just a child fresh out of his diapers.

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Caius caught the glass of whisky and swirled it around a bit before taking a sip. You could tell it was a good brand by the rich, malty taste on the way down. “Thanks that’s very kind of you. It’s delicious! I’ll have to get the next round.”he said with a smile. Yumi seemed to be interested in business as she didn’t hesitate at all by bringing up their organization and question why he was here. She even went so far as paying off the bartender. A good move but Caius still didn’t feel comfortable with that. “Excuse me sir. I ordered a chicken wrap about 30 minutes ago. Can you check on that for me? I'm very hungry.”

The bartender went into the back kitchen to comply with his wishes which gave them a few minutes alone. Caius rotated his chair and turned to her. “Well Ms. Y, I was here on business for the organization but it’s done now. I had a little chat with a small time politician Tonald Drump. Let’s just say we had a disagreement and we won't be having his business. Now I’m just out seeing the sites before I head out.” he explained in a soft tone. It was a very clean kill. Caius used his god slaying wind and sucked all the oxygen from his lungs leaving no trace. He had spilled his side so it was only natural he wanted to hear hers.

"What about you Ms. Y? Are you here for work for the organization or perhaps it's for 'relgious' reasons?"
Caius put his elbow on the counter and leaned his head against his fist awaiting an answer. Yumi always was a hard one to read. He hoped that she didn't cause too much trouble for the Guild with that crazy cult of hers


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Yumi sipped her whiskey eyeing her guild mate. While other guild members may have trusted one another, Yumi had every little trust for her fellow mages. Not trusting had kept her alive for all these years, it allowed her to stay on her toes. She always assumed that everyone was out to kill her, it kept her sharp and prepared. Many may call her paranoid, but it was that paranoia that would see her live until she either died of old age or found a way to regain her youth.

Yumi rested the glass down on the bar, watching as the bartender walked off to comply with Caius's request. As least the hatchling was intelligent, compared to the rest of the garbage in this world who possessed no ability to even think with whatever little brain they had. The old woman leaned against the bar listening as her guild mate telling her the reason for his being in crocus. Tonald Drump, who would ever name their child that, the parents should be hung up by their entrails.

Yumi swished the whiskey inside her glass thinking up her own reply to his guild mates own question, "I go where my Lord dictates me. Their are many heathens here who deserve to be struck down for their insolence. Blood for the Blood God. Skulls for the Skull throne." Preached Yumi as she raised her glass to her lips and took another swig downing the alcoholic substance in one go, "However I have other reasons for my being here. I grew tired of scouting Hargeon and opted to travel to Crocus. It has been some five years since I was last year."

Yumi re-poured her drink. She had a high tolerance for alcohol, one she had developed over the years. One did not come to be as old as she was without learning how to handle the drink, "Not much has changed. It appears Crocus is still run by simpleminded heathens. The days of the Illumin will soon be numbered" She spoke with a deep disdain for the the Church of Illumin showing. As a worshipper of Khorne Yumi considered them her greatest enemy, and she would see gladly see them burned to the ground.

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Caius rolled his eyes as Yumi went on about sacrifice for her blood god and taking down the Illumin. It looks like she hadn't changed one bit since the last time he saw her. He had little interest in any of the crazy religions that were scattered throughout Fiore. They were just there to use and manipulate people for their gain. The only thing he wanted from the religions is for someone’s god to appear so he could test out his slaying powers.

“Did your lord tell you to come to this bar to kill these people because the service here sucks.” Caius laughed as he tapped his fingers impatiently waiting for his food. Yumi was very serious about her religion but he hoped the humor got through to her. Caius had been in Crocus so he decided to give her some news about it since she recently arrived. “Well unfortunately the rune knights and holy knights are out even more than before ever since the “incident” with our organization. They're the strong ones too being the Capital and all” The incident of course referring to when Grimoire Heart destroyed the Etherion Cannon. “So whatever reason you arrived here it will be hard to get things done. It took me a while to finish my work."


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Yumi cracked what could only be considered a tiny smile, as the top part of the right side of her lip raised ever so slightly before it returned into a neutral state. She had been considering killing off these heathens, the only reason she hadn't was because it may draw to much attention to herself. She would have to kill the person drunk at their table, the bartender, the waiter, the chief and of course the bouncer. Five witnesses that would all have to perish in the name of her Lord.

"They are all sheep that herd together to give the illusion of strength. But alone they are weak and deserved to be purged in the name of Khorne" Commented Yumi as she raised poured her drink this time to the very brim, to the point the glass almost over filled. The bottle of whiskey that had been placed on the table was half empty. Yumi raised the glass to her lips and drank once more. The alcohol had yet to take effect what so ever upon her body, she was still thinking clearly as ever.

"The difference between you and I hatchling, no matter how much I despise it, my age works in advantage to me. No one suspects an old woman." She spoke the words old with venom showing her disdain for her own age. Her fingers tightened on the glass threatening to break it into pieces, but she relaxed her grip instead taking another sip of the liquor within.

"But for now I am only concerned with obtaining one thing...." Yumi sat the glass down on the table, her dull crimson hues reflected within the liquid, "I want my youth back. And I will stop at nothing to achieve it. So I warn you this one. IF you or the guild stand in my way I will purge you." Their had been rumours forming amongst the Guild that Yumi had become obsessed with trying to find a way to regain her youth, an obsession which she would do anything to do. She had combed through the Grimoire Heart archives for anything that would lead her to anything that could restore her youth. It was rumoured one of their fellow, yet weaker, members had already once tried to get in her way, it had not apparently ended well for them. Their skull was said to now apart of her throne within the Grimoire Heart Airship. She was no doubt one of the more volatile members of Grimoire Heart, even for an old woman, but it was known that she use to be much, much worse having mellowed out with her old age.

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Caius was shocked when he got a tiny smile out of Yumi. Outside of killing, it was a rare sight to behold. He was disappointed her mission was personal and not guild related. There was a way out there to restore her youth and she was searching for it. That was fine by him. A nice young girl was always nicer to look at then this bag of bones. The thing that wasn’t fine with her comment was the threat she issued to him and the guild if they got in her way. A threat to the guild for him was just as bad as if he insulted her god.

Caius’ eyes got serious as he stared right at Yumi. .“Listen B-Rank.” He said with a stern voice. This wasn’t a friendly conversation anymore but a superior addressing a mage that was out of line. “Your age obviously is hindering you if you still haven’t passed me. Go find your youth if must but if you threaten the organization while doing it. I won’t just slay you but your god as well.” Caius lifted his palm as black wind surrounded it reminding her what he was. He closed his hand and the black wind dispersed.

After taking another sip and finishing off his whiskey, Caius slammed the glass on the counter. One was enough. He didn’t want to get drunk before he ate his food. He turned back to Yumi with a smile on his face and spoke with a happier tone. “That being said I’d rather it not come to that and just get along. Work comes first then personal matters! If nothing is going on I’d love to help you out. I heard stories of your beauty back in the day.” Hopefully this situation diffused itself before it got messy.


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Yumi couldn't hold back the smirk that began to form on her lips from the hatchling before her as he spoke in a stern voice and talked down to her as her superior. While the crack about her age made her want to smash the boy's face in, the rest she could respect, If their was one thing Yumi and her religion respected it was power and the hatchling, the Sky God Slayer had it in spades. Making a threat to her God would usually end up with someone dying, but this Caius had balls of steel, she could respect him because of that.

Yumi raised her glass to her lips downing the liquid inside in one easy go before re-pouring the smirk on her lips slowly beginning to fade, "Ah my beauty, how I miss it." Spoke the woman nostalgically. She looked down at her reflection within her whiskey, staring at her disgustingly aged features. She sneered at herself as she reached into the right sleeve of her kimono and removed a picture she kept their. The picture was in mint condition and was one of her old self standing by a fountain. The picture was taken when she had been in her earlier twenties and she could not help but agree, she had been gorgeous.

"Had I know growing old would have resulted in this ugly appearance, I'd have either found a cure sooner or found a strong foe to deal the final blow years ago." Spoke the woman in a blank tone as she ran her right thumb over the picture admiring her luscious black locks. Suicide was not something that appealed, and if she was going to die it would only be at the hands of someone stronger than her own. To fall in battle in the name of Khorne was a glory she wished to one day obtain.

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Caius was prepared for the worst possible outcome from his comments. The tension grew even more when she reached into her kimono. Maybe she had a weapon on her? Luckily, Yumi seemed calm and was just reminiscing about her youth. In her hand was a picture of when she was younger. Overcome with curiosity, he leaned forward and snatched it from her hands to get a good look. He whistled once he saw the young yumi. She had long black hair and gorgeous red eyes. “Well it looks like the legends were true. Quite the looker you were. We definitely have to get that back ASAP.” he said handing back the photo.

A bell rang from the backdoor as the bartender came back with Caius’ food and placed it in front of him. “Finally! Thank you” The aroma from the dish was making his mouth water. He reached down and grabbed the wrap and took a huge bite. He was overwhelmed with the flavor. The wait was worth it because it was absolutely delicious. Looks like they got to live...for now.

Putting the wrap down, Caius turned back to Yumi. She normally kept to herself so he wanted to know a bit more about her adventures in her youth. “So I’m sure being that pretty you had a lot of suitors. Did you ever find ‘The One’ or did you just use your good looks to lure them in for your rituals?” He knew Yumi always put her god first but most people needed someone in their life for companionship. Perhaps she had a soft spot for someone?


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Yumi chose not to respond to Caius's compliment, it was not the first time nor would it be the last would she ever receive compliments for her once good looks. Yumi would always admit she had been drop dead gorgeous in her youth with many suitors. People would call her vain for such thoughts, but the words of heathens meant nothing to her. The only opinion was her own and that of her lords.

Yumi returned to her drinking as the bartender returned bringing with him Caius's food. In that moment the younger mage took to his food with the hunger of a ravenous beast taking one big bite from it in order to enjoy the texture and flavour. Yumi herself wasn't that into wraps, could not stand them. Yumi hailed the bartender, "Bring me the sweetest thing on your desert menu." If there was one thing Yumi loved more than serving her lord it was sweets. She had a massive sweet tooth even in her old age.

As the bartender left, the conversation between the two guild mates resumed. It appeared as if the God Slayer wished to get to know her better. Yumi was one who kept close to herself rarely opening to others. Her adopted father had raised her away from the world, the only company she had for all her life had been he, up until she had killed him to pass the right of Khorne.

"I had suitors wishing for my affection daily. Many young men, and old, wished to bed me, to claim me as their wife. I am no one's trophy. Their skulls lye upon my Throne of Skulls." She was not lying the throne of skulls she sat upon during meetings on the Grimoire heart airship was comprised of skulls of her many suitors, "Though I did partake in the act of 'fornication' with many young men and women. I cared not for gender." Revealed the aged woman unveiling that she was bisexual.

"But no there was never that special someone. As an Apostle of Khorne I cannot allow myself to be tied down by another, but only my God." With that Yumi downed the last of the whiskey in her glass before pouring away the rest of the bottle leaving it empty upon the bar, "What of you, is there that 'special' someone in your world?"

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It was as he thought. She didn’t have a significant other in her life. Instead,  Yumi used her good looks to lure those poor unsuspecting men and kill them for her God. She even commented that she used to fornicate with both men and woman. Caius got a look of disgust and almost vomited up his food. He imagined the current grandma doing the deed and it was just burned into his mind. “Too much information Ms. Y” Caius said shaking his head and crossing his arms like an X as a way to tell her to stop.

She seemed interested in his love life as well. Caius never really had time for a real girlfriend. During the prime of his youth he was experimented on and after Grimoire Heart saved him he was always out on missions. Sure he had an occasional fling while traveling but other than that he was pretty inexperienced on love. “I guess you could say my significant other right now is our organization. Maybe once we finish our goals I’ll be able to find a good woman.” Caius replied with a soft smile. His mother was really the only one that truly cared of him so he hoped to find a girls that had qualities like her.

He reached over and grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured a 2nd glass. His food was about halfway gone so another drink wouldn’t hurt. He raised it up to Yumi. “Let’s have a toast then. To the fulfilling the goals of our organization and to you getting your youth back” It was a hard subject for them both so surely more alcohol would help.


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Yumi raised the glass to her lips once more drinking the whiskey, enjoying it's thick moult texture as it coursed down her throat. She began to swirl her glass swishing the alcohol within, keeping it from gathering at the bottom ensuring the taste remained consistent. She should have guessed that her fellow mage had no love life. It seemed to be a running fashion with the mage's of Grimoire Heart. Everyone had their own agenda which they wished to achieve and they were all to focused on that agenda, or the agenda of the guild to bother with a life outside the guild.

She looked at Caius as she raised his glass to her proposing a toast. The old woman gave him a blank stare before she raised her glass clinking it against Caius's in a proper toast, "And to the purge of any who stand in our path." The old woman raised the half full glass to her lips and downed it in one go.

Yumi slammed glass of whiskey down on the table the moment it was empty. The sound of doors was heard and Yumi turned in the direction as footsteps approached. Walking from the kitchen at a faster time than Caius's meal was her dessert, a large strawberry sundae, that looked as if it would require three to four people just to eat the thing it was that large. Strawberries decorating the sides. As the ice cream sundae was placed before her the aged woman hailed the bartender, "Another bottle of whiskey" commanded the old woman.

The moment the bottle was placed in front of her she levelled the bartender with a glare, "Now leave us heathen." her glare was menacing for one so old causing the bartender to shiver in fear and quickly run off into the back as fast as he could. Yumi tsked in annoyance, "That maggot as no back bone." Yumi brought her spoon down into her dessert retrieving a small piece of ice cream covered in a thick layer of strawberry sauce and began raising it to her lips.

"How long do you plan to remain in crocus?" asked the old woman before she took a bite of her dessert.

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Caius had a small sip of his drink after the toast before focusing back on his meal. It was amusing to see Yumi bossing the bartender around and watching him squirm. While Caius normally acted nice in public, she kept her normal and cruel personality. Despite that, she never had been exposed. It was a trait he admired from her. He watched in awe as she would start devouring a giant sundae while at the same time drinking whisky. It didn’t sound like a very good combination. She managed to stop eating to ask how long he was staying in the city.

“I’ll won’t be here for much longer. My job is done and I’ve seen most of the sites I wanted to. Since you're here it’s probably best we spread out. Most likely I’ll head back to base. I would like to get some more work and spend a few days in my room instead of these crappy hotels.” The city of Crocus certainly lived up to its reputation. It had gorgeous landmarks and lively crowds, but after a few weeks of living there it had grown a bit stale. He also could be free of the urge of attacking unsuspecting rune knights after he left.

Caius went to take another bite from his wrap when it was snatched out of his hands. Glancing over, he saw it was the very drunk man from the back of the bar. He was very muscular but on the smaller side so he wasn't too threatening. "Oh wow this looks good. Don't mind if I do!" the man said before eating it all in one go. The sauces was smeared all over his face as he turned his gaze over to Yumi and stumbled over. "I need something to wash it down with." He reached over to the bottle of whisky to grab it. Caius gave Yumi a look as to say he was all hers. Caius sat back and crossed his arms waiting to see what the outcome would be.

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Yumi leaned against the counter top as she ate her sundae, enjoying the sweet flavour and texture of the creamy ice cream mixed with strawberry topping. It was incredibly sweet and not something someone her age should really be eating in such mass quantities. The plus side to being a Mage, magic worked like a regulator to help flush out the impurities in the body to keep it as youthful and strong as possible. It was one of the reasons why at the age of seventy five she could still fight, while not as well as in prime but more than enough to be a threat while drinking alcohol and excessive amounts of sweets at the same time.

The conversation between the two guilds members was interrupted when the drunken fool from the back interfered. The man stole Caius's food devouring it before grabbing the bottle of whiskey next to Yumi's sundae. Yumi's eyes narrowed dangerously as her sweet dessert got knocked over in the process of the drunk grabbing the whiskey. Yumi could only watch as the creamy goodness of her dessert spilled across the counter and dripped down onto the floor being wasted.

Yumi didn't even see Caius's look as her vision was engulfed by pure unadulterated rage. A thick black flame like aura of mana began to flicker to life around her. The magical aura spiked forming a thick jet black cloak. A thick killer intent began to wash off her body. Yumi moved with surprising speed for one her age. She appeared before the man before he could even a blink. A hand lashed out grabbing the much taller male by the next and with great strength Yumi shot across the bar slamming him up against a support pillar.

Yumi's grip tightened on the throat beginning to crush the wind pipe. Yumi did not acknowledge the hands gripping her wrist as her right leg smashed into the drunks right knee breaking his leg and bending it at an impossible angle. Yumi tossed the drunk across the bar where he collided with tables and chairs. Yumi grabbed a nearby chair and broke one of the legs off. She kicked it up into the air before spinning and round house kicking the broken chair leg sending it flying through the air where it impaled the drunk in his left shoulder. As the drunk cried on Yumi was upon him, her foot hitting the tip of the wooden stake and forcing it through the drunks body. She forced the drunk to the ground, foot grinding against the wooden stake.

"You heathen! How dare you interrupt my meal!" barked the old woman in a venomous tone. She then brought her other foot down on the man's wind pipe and applied pressure, slowly crushing it beneath her heel. Her intent sealed itself along with her magical aura as she released the man. Yumi reached down picking the drunk up by the collar of his shirt and turned to Caius, "Think it's a good idea to get rid of him?"

Yumi wasn't against killing the drunk, she really wanted to end his life. However she did not want to draw unwanted attention to herself and killing the drunk off could potentially do that.

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Yumi didn’t seem to mind him taking the whiskey but in doing so he knocked over her dessert. That’s a no no. In a flash, Yumi got up and started tossing the man all around the bar and beating the living hell out of him. Caius just watched and enjoyed the show while sipping on his whiskey. It was quite a feat for someone of that age to move like that. At the end, he was utterly defeated with Yumi holding onto his quivering body like wounded prey.

Caius got up and walked over to the two of them. He reached into the drunks pocket and pulled out his wallet. There wasn’t much money in there but it was enough. After taking the cash, he put it back into his pockets and gave him a playful slap on the cheek. “Nah that would be too much of a mess to clean up. Just rough him up a bit more. We can just say he was drunk and attacked us. I doubt anyone will believe his story that an elderly lady attacked him….no offense.” He explained.

Caius' eyes shifted over to the back door where the bartender was sticking his head out. Caius glared at him causing him to let out a small shriek of terror. "You over there. Get me another wrap. This time make it to go." he demanded. The bartender would quickly scuttle into the back to take his order as Caius turned back to Yumi. "That being said I think it's best we head out of here once you finish up with our friend over there."

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Yumi eyed the quivering mess of a man in her arms with disdain. She sniffed the air and scowled, the man had soiled himself. Even now she could see his pants staining from his release,"What a pathetic little creature." She rolled her eyes as the man whimpered and cried from the damage she had inflicted upon him. Yumi felt angry, she had experienced pains ten times worse than this and she had never broken down into quivering messes. Her body may not have the scars to reflect her past injuries, thanks to magical healing, but her body had experienced much pain and had come out stronger because of it, building her tolerance to pain.

Yumi watched her fellow guild mate approach the man to retrieve his wallet checking his identity to see if he was important. With a scowl Yumi used her strength to throw the blubbering mess of a man across the bar and into the counter. Yumi cracked her knuckles as Caius ordered his new wrap, "Since you used my age in context I will let it slide, just this once." spoke the old woman as she began to approach the drunk who was quickly sobering up. A thick magical aura began to wrap around Yumi appearing as jet black flames. Her eyes glowed a menacing red in the darkness, like some kind of demon.

Yumi's tiny frame towered over the mess of a man on the floor. She reached down grabbing the drunks left arm and twisted allowing a loud snap followed by a painful cry as she broke his arm with ease. Yumi began to twist the broken limb to the point it pent at an angle that should be impossible as a bone pierced through the skin. The man cried out causing Yumi to scowl as she slapped him across the face "YOU THINK THIS IS PAIN!" shouted the old woman angrily "You know nothing of pain and you shall never speak of this." Yumi grabbed a glass from the counter and smashed it against the edge. She held a single piece of broken glass and impaled it into the man's neck where his voice box would be making sure not to slice open any major arteries so not to kill the man, but he would never speak again. Why because Yumi used a palm strike to force the glass in then proceeded to strike the area with a punch shattering the glass inside the man's voice box, bringing it to the point of no repair.

Yumi removed herself from the mess of a man and began walking back to Caius, "Silenced for good. The heathen will never speak again." She turned to the kitchen as the chief poked his head out, "Once we leave take this meat sack to the hospital. If you speak of what happen, what happened to that useless meat of a man will seem like a dream compared to what I will do to you." The chief nodded his head and retreated to the kitchen. Yumi looked over her shoulder at the drunk as he lay in a pool of his own blood and filth crying silently. The butchery done to the drunks body was a perfect depiction of her guild nickname, Carnage.

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The dark aura surrounded Yumi which only meant one thing. That guy was completely and utterly boned. Before Caius could say anything, she already went to work by snapping his arm. He just rolled his eyes and headed to behind the bar. He found the most expensive whiskey they had and poured it into a flask nearby. The whole time while the liquid was pouring, screams of pain and broken glass echoed through the bar. He tucked the flask into his robe pocket for later and turned back to the scene.

It was a mess. Blood splattered all over the walls and the ground with the man’s neck torn open. Something that looked like a simple bar fight was now a mutilation. The man was still breathing but when he woke up he would be wishing that he didn’t.  The kitchen chef saw it all and was just staring in awe. “On second thought, this made me lose my appetite. Cancel that order.” The chef ran into the back especially after the threat Yumi made. There's no way a coward like him would speak.

Caius walked over to Yumi with crossed arms ready to give her a minor scolding. “You know I thought you were just going to break a bone and knock him out. Usually bar fights don’t go as far as ripping someone's throat apart. You should save the extreme stuff for private in the future." Caius shrugged and threw his hands up. "But I guess it's too late for that now." Caius took his foot and stomped on the drunk man's balls He was pretty sure he felt one explode underneath his heel. "That's for my wrap"

Yumi had some blood on her outfit and all over her hands. While she probably loved it, the public and rune knights probably wouldn't tolerate it. "Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. Lick it off or whatever it is you do. We should leave ASAP."

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Yumi looked down at her hands, true they were certainly covered in a thick layer of blood. The old woman walked behind the bar where she turned the tap on to the small sink behind the bar and began to run her hands under warm water allowing the blood to wash away. She grabbed a bottle of vodka along with a small rag. She split the vodka onto the rag and used the alcohol to clean the blood off her silk kimono. The dark colours made it harder for the blood to be seen. Once her hands and kimono was clean yumi toss the rag aside and grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the top shelf.

Yumi popped the lid of the bottle and took a swig from it before she began to scull the entire one litre bottle of alcohol putting it down in a matter of seconds. She took in a deep breath of air and slammed the bottle on the table a small bit off red forming on her cheeks before it vanished as her magic worked to purge the foreign substance.

Yumi removed herself from the bar, a slight sway in her step showing the alcohol was having a small effect on her, "Let's go I'm done here." The old woman began to walk away heading to the front door. The sun and long since set allowing night to rise as the moon sat in the sky. The old woman looked up admiring the formation of the stars.

The old woman began to stretch her limbs, a popping sound was heard as the old joints were move, "Getting old, such a nuisance." grumbled the old woman as she rubbed the back of her neck, "I should really be more careful with this useless meat sack of a body. I almost over did it."

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Caius headed outside the bar with Yumi now that their business was taken care of. He watched as the old lady struggled a bit to walk after her fight. “Yah getting old certainly is a bitch. But in this crazy world of magic, I’m sure we will find something that can revert it.” he said to boost her spirits up a bit. “You’ll have to let me in on that secret once you get it too. Haha.”

Looking around, it looks like most of the area was cleared out due to it being so late. There wouldn’t be many people seeing the bartender move that mutilated body over to the hospital which was something that put his mind at ease. He still had doubts about Yumi though. She was a troublemaker which made it hard to move around. "Well I think we should separate for now. I'll probably head out to the North. We don't need two members in Crocus. Try to stay out of trouble Carnage." Caius said as he turned around and waved bye.


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