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Dangerous World [Teiho]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:31 pm

Bianca Fleur

It was a lovely autumn morning, tangerine leaves scattered under the large deciduous trees that lined the wide road as peaceful citizens milled about on their busy little schedules. Bianca herself was running late to her dental appointment at a clinic famously known as ‘Sue’s Dental Clinic’. The dentist — Dr. Sue — was especially polite when speaking to her over the telephone and switched other appointments around to make time for her since she was leaving soon, while Bianca was repaying her favor by not reaching the clinic on time. By the time she arrived, Dr. Sue was patiently waiting for her in the usual white coat. She was a short brunette with freckles and large glasses. Greatly relieved, the exhausted wizard situated herself on the chair and the checkup would begin with small talk in between.

The sun had shifted to its noon position when she left the dainty little clinic as her stomach grumbled, demanding to be filled. Among the many items she bought while shopping, ramyun was probably her biggest purchase since she bought at least ten of those. Maybe she could have those for lunch? Yes. Adjusting her checked scarf, footfalls pounded along the sidewalk in harmony to the sound of her groaning belly. She was in quite a hurry as her inn was on the other side of the city and she didn’t bring extra money to hire a cart back. The suddenly frigid breeze sent shivers down her spine as she visibly shuddered, standing with about five other people in wait of a green light to cross the street.


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#2Constantine Librorum 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:20 am

Constantine Librorum


The Humble Librarian

Mmm a chilly day. Teiho honestly didn’t mind the cold. Sure he was from a rather warm nation but Calendars were modified to ignore things like this. This allowed him to stand out in a crowd as he often wore the same outfit daily, of course washed to avoid any sort of stench as that would show a unhygienic nature. He whistled calmly to himself as he traveled the city, honestly gathering the last of his materials to prepare to leave. Today was his last day and he wanted to spend it gathering supplies for his next journey. Apparently Andromeda’s hometown was somewhere near Seighart Mountains, so he knew he’d have to at least bring warm clothing with him to avoid freezing this time of the year.

Coming up to a crosswalk, a particular fragrance crossed his nose causing him to scrunch it up and try and locate the source. Being mid fall, there wasn’t many people out traveling as the various pubs and shops were very warm and most were interconnected with each other meaning people didn’t have to spend as much time out on the streets. Among the group of people waiting there at the crosswalk was a particular young lady. Her vibrant pink hair stood out against the various dull grays and browns that the other pedestrians wore atop their crowns and made her seem as if she were at least moderately more important than the others. Smiling, he admired her frame as he approached. He made sure to keep a respectable distance as to avoid coming off as a creep or stalker before turning to face her.

A light playful tune could be heard over the group as the speakers overhead played out some mellow jazz for the crisp afternoon. The music went along nicely with the feel as he glanced upon her face, a soft blush coming across his own features if only in shock at the beauty. His words caught in his throat as he turned and coughed to recompose himself, missing the green signal change before he even had a chance to say a word.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:10 pm

Bianca Fleur

A short dark figure with a flamboyant hairstyle joined the group in wait of a green light, seemingly approaching Bianca. Blinking in slight surprise, the pinkette watched, fascinated by this behavior. His blush was barely noticeable, but given her slayer senses, she was able to catch the imperceptible change in color. It appeared as though he had something to tell her, but was stopped by the traffic light. ‘Have I met him before?’ thought the confuzzled girl, recalling any memory of this very unfamiliar stranger. He could have remembered her as the horrible thing she was, but that was highly unlikely, given his facial expression. If that had been the case, he would have already tried to butcher her. Unless . . . he was like her, and admired her works. Her train of thought was interrupted by the fact that she had reached the other side of the road, a cacophony of whispers in the back of her mind forcing her to satisfy her curiosity.

Ocean-blue optics searched the mob in pursuit of the unknown person. Thanks to his remarkable hairdo, Bianca was able to spot him at first glance and immediately reached for a tap on his shoulder, retracting her hand quickly as if she was expecting a wild reaction. Some people didn’t like getting taps on their shoulders, or any foreign contact to their skin for that matter. If he did respond impolitely, she would just smile and turn away. Otherwise she would proceed to greet and ask him if he knew any good ramen places around here. “I’m from outside of Crocus, so it would be fantastic if you could direct me there,” she would continue to say in the case that he did know a good ramen place. Contingent upon the fact that he agrees, Bianca would decide to invite him, too. She didn’t mind good company on a lonely afternoon.


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#4Constantine Librorum 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:29 am

Constantine Librorum


The Wandering Archivist

The crowd all shuffled forward as Teiho stood there, slightly depressed that he had missed his chance. The young woman was quite beautiful in her own right and having a chance to even speak with her would’ve made his day a bit better. Sighing, he stepped forward to begin following the crowd only to stop as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Blinking, he turned to face the source of the disruption and came face to face with her. This time he couldn’t even remotely try to hide his reaction. She had noticed him. He schooled his features after a moment of calming breath to listen to her request. He thought about it briefly, remembering vaguely seeing a place however it was a little farther across town from where they were now. Offering this information up to her, he then realized that she had offered for him to at least lead her there. Taking this chance, he’d nod and motioned for her to follow him as he struck up a simple conversation.

So where are you from if you’re not from Crocus?” It was a simple enough question. He was not from Crocus either so, it was an easy enough subject to get started with. The woman’s scent continued to fill his senses with a warm, light aroma as he walked alongside her. He held out his hand for a passing cabin before opening the door and offering her entry before following himself. Giving the driver directions to where they were going, he returned his attention back to her even though it was hard to focus due to the rather cramped conditions of the trolley.

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#5Bianca Fleur 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:26 pm

Bianca Fleur

Bianca’s heart-shaped face lit up like a Christmas tree the moment he told her that he did know a place that was apparently far from where they were at the moment, but she didn’t mind traveling a bit for good food. It was a chance for the both of them to get to know each other as well. Just as the thought passed her mind, he asked about her origin since she had told him that she wasn’t from Crocus. “Oh, I’m from Oak Town, if you know where that is. What about yourself?” The bubbly phantom marched alongside her new friend, only for a while until they hired a stagecoach. She took note of how polite this stranger was as he held the door for the lady to enter before him. Most people liked to say that this was usually because men wanted to view women’s rears, but she liked to think otherwise, that gentlemen still existed. “Thank you,” she told him with an appreciative smile as she held her puffy skirt and situated herself on the cushioned seat opposite to his.

The vehicle began to move in the direction that the male had given. While it shook quite vigorously due to the uneven roads, Bianca held a hand to her chest in order to keep her cleavage unexposed. Realising that the both of them weren’t aware of each other’s names yet, she decided to be the one to ask first. “What’s your name, by the way? Mine’s Bianca,” she chirped, a cheerful smile plastered on her face as she stared at her companion with her captivating teal hues. She was observing his behaviour, as she always did with people she had just met. It was an inevitable habit that she had developed - a technique to get ideas for characters in her own writings. It would be a matter of minutes before the stranger grew either tired, annoyed or embarrassed about this. Hopefully, she would know to stop before any of that happened.

- exit (to be continued, had to travel to Oak) -

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#6Constantine Librorum 

Dangerous World [Teiho] Empty on Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:22 pm

Constantine Librorum
It seemed the girl had left on her way. No biggie for him as he sat back in the trolley. His own thoughts drifting away as he contemplated the future before him, the trolley slowly drifting off into the distance on it's way to it's next destination.


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