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Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu]

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#1Avis Kitagawa 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:29 am

Avis Kitagawa
Her sword carried at her side. The one her father gave her. It had been a long time since she had ever been back in her home town. This is where everything was. The guardians seemed restless. She could feel their energy surging through her body one of her tattoos glowed from under her armor. It seemed Shika, the deer guardian, was excited. She looked at the old buildings that were as tall as the sky and some others that were a bit smaller in size. The Kitagawa family was extremely small in numbers. She hoped there was someone still alive holding the name.

"Avis. I think we should visit the garden. It would be nice or the castle" advised Nile. She was always wanting to go sight seeing. They roamed her mind. It was not weird for her to talk to herself a lot of the time. She wore a blue dress with white as well as some armor with it. Her excaliber sword held the symbol of the Kitagawa family and her position of the clan. It was not uncommon for people to ask about the sword since it was the only one of its kind. It was different from most of the blades that held a magical property to it only the person weilding it can control. "Hm, thats a good idea, but I want to get a bite to eat" she smiled. She found a small little cafe that sold forgien foods. It smelled good to her nose. The Fairy Tail mage made her way over to the cafe. She approached it and saw that the line was long. The knight didn't feel like waiting so she took a seat. Seh took out her sword adn start polishing it.

#2Venus Rosé 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:29 am

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

Everything was new to her. Curious pair of blue eyes wandered around the streets that brimmed with people; young and old alike. The scent of flowers wafted through her nose followed by a gentle breeze of wind that caressed through her cerulean strands of hair. With a small smile curving upon the ends of her lips, the young girl neatly tucked her hair behind her ear and closed her eyes briefly, only to open them again. A pang of nostalgia hit her – as she struggled to remember the last time she properly smiled, which was before her parents’ death. Her eyes grew solemn by the thought, whilst she continued to meander through the streets aimlessly, passing through the crowds and a group of Rune Knights that were on duty.

Nothing specifically caught her attention, apart from the fragrance of a variety of flowers that whisked through her nose every now and then. She had never been a fan of flowers of any sort, yet, the sight of them neatly adorned within the city seemed to have taken her breath away. A growl erupted from her stomach all of a sudden and instinctively, she grabbed her abdomen as it if it would cease the sounds. The girl realized she had not eaten anything since morning and decided to take a quick bite that would please her appetite.

The blue-haired girl inspected her surroundings, in hope to find a place that she could eat in until a small café caught her attention. Elated, she approached towards the location and peeked through the window only to witness a long line of queue in front of the counter. She didn’t care, nevertheless and entered the café. The aroma of bread and cake struck her as if she had been hit by a baseball bat right in her face, the moment she placed her foot inside. Whether or not if it was just her hunger causing her senses to be more sensitive or the café using some sort of perfume, she knew she was going to have a large fill of food before she proceed onto discovering more of Capital Crocus.

#3Avis Kitagawa 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:59 am

Avis Kitagawa
Polishing the blade, she did this daily to maintain it's value. It was an ancient blade to hold and held powerful magic. This held more than most people could ever wielding on hand. Sure, it wasn't magic where people used in battle, but used in a different way. The way to contact the Kitagawa guardians. That's how her father and those before her were able to lead the clan.

That power alone held more than any demon or Dragon Slayer ever could. The power of those five gaurdians could give someone god-like power, if theye ever reach to their full potential of magic. No one ever in the clan ever could due to the large scale of them either died while doing or perised beause of other things. She put the sword back into the casing along her belt. Deciding to go stand in line since a bit has died down, she got up and stood behind a woman with beautiful blue hair. "Ma'am, you're hair color is so beautiful. I thought I should say something about it would be rude of me if I didn't" she commented.

#4Venus Rosé 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:04 am

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

An unfamiliar voice spoke behind her as Snow turned around to be greeted by a young woman clad in armour. ”Why, thank you.” The girl nodded in courtesy before adding, ”Yours also a beautiful shade of blonde.” Snow may not be the most talkative person but she did know her manners, at the very least. She noticed how the other girl was much taller than her that she had to tilt her head back slightly to have proper eye contact. Silver pools crossed over the gaze of green, fused with diversity of colours before her attention glided towards the huge metal blade that stood tall beside her. Her eyebrow raised upwards in curiosity and a question would depart her lips, ”Your blade is remarkable. Is it heavy?” Snow was greatly aware that the sword attained a huge amount of magic power within and with this fact alone, she could tell that the gorgeous blonde woman was a mage – just like her.

As the queue lessened over time, it was her turn to make her order. ”Could I have two croissants, a chocolate cake and a chocolate milkshake please?” The girl would place the required amount of jewels on the counter before taking her food. Her curiosity was piqued by the blade she had just witnessed and she wanted to discover more about the girl she had just encountered. ”Do you mind if I take a seat at your table?” she questioned, making sure she did not sound too forced.

#5Avis Kitagawa 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:33 am

Avis Kitagawa
The girl was shorter than she was but elegant in her behavior and how she carried herself. Avis was raised in a well mannered household with spirits that old as time itself. Her spirits pretended to be her family, that was already dead. The girl gave a nice comment back how her blonde hair. "Why thank you, I dont get that a lot" she commented. She bowed a little to show some respect towards her. Avis's pronunciation was clear and confident assuring she knew what she was saying. The girl commented on her sword. The excalibur that had been handed down from generation to generation to heads of the family. It was now hers.

"Thank you. It's an old sword, but it holds a lot of power. It's heavy, but I have gotten used to its weight" she smiled. She would let her hold it, but seeing her size. She wouldn't be able to hold it for long. After the girl ordered, it was her turn. Avis arrived at the counter. "I would like a your finest soup and two bread rolls" she said. The cashier rang her up for a chicken broth cheddar soup. What ever that meant, she hoped it sounded good. Once she got her food, she say down at a random table. The girl from earlier asked to sit with her. A small nod came from her as she was eat her bread roll. She swallowed her food. "Please, its better than sitting by yourself. I'm Avis Kitagawa by the way, at your serve mad'am" she said. She actually bowed and sat back down as she said that.

#6Venus Rosé 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:48 pm

Venus Rosé


Queen Of Tempest

After the blonde maiden agreed to invite Snow to her table, the blue haired girl silently followed behind her before taking a seat for herself right across the table. She began sipping her milkshake and her eyes widened slightly by the sweet taste of it. Mmm. Delicious, she thought, clearly satisfied by the order. Snowflake Before she dug into the croissants that laid on the glass plate, Snow would nod upon the other girl’s introduction. ”I call myself Snowflake. Please feel free to call me Snow.” the girl insisted as she began biting through the tender and crispy texture of the bread. The restaurant was much better than she had expected, not to mention – the food was splendid, so was the price.

The silence reigned supreme while the two of them consumed their food peacefully. The girl would involuntarily glance outwards into the distance, while enjoying her food as she watched the passengers pass by with smiles etched onto their faces, others drinking and engaging conversations with the people, strangers and friends alike. She began to like the town of Crocus, despite how the noise bothered her every now and then, and the satisfaction that the constant flicker of men and women and machines gives to the restless eye.

#7Avis Kitagawa 

Fairy and Pegasus both have wings [Hikachu] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:56 am

Avis Kitagawa
The food she had ordered was the kind to die for. Avis simply elegantly ate her food the way she was taught. Nobles alike had held some status of grace and mannerism of politeness. The Guardians, with how stuck in the old ways they were, taught her the old ways of midevil or Renissance Fiore. This girl held a unquie name. Snowflake or Snow for short, leaving it up to the individual to decided what to call her. She simply smiled. "That is really a unusal name. Does it stand for someting perhaps born in one of the winter months or refers to your love for the cold? I know some people change their names to things like that, but its rather elegant" she smiled.

Quietness reigned among them as the scatter of people became even more densier. The Kitagawa noticed how silent it was between the two of them. It seemed to bother the beautiful blonde as she set down her food. "Tell me, what guild are you from if are a mage" she said. Trying to spark up a conversation, it was borning to just sit here and eat quietly.

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