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One person, two person, and a Third person [Open]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

One person, two person, and a Third person [Open] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:39 pm

Lee Nakamura
Who bound to know what was going through her mind at this moment?

She liked the noise of the city and shining daylights of Crocus. The daytime and loud sounds reminded her that she was alive and felt right at home. Unlike most people, she never liked quiet or the comfort of being alone. Naturally, she was more of a people person despite her attitude towards them. The afternoon crowds were the worst though when you had to get somewhere. The flock of people heading different directions some were just window shopping as others were bustling to run errands. Her fiance was at least 6'5" if not a bit taller than the average human male. Everyone was short compared to him. There was never a day where she felt short around him.

They sat in a small cafe eating lunch together. Hans ate well...cookie dough. Why? It was a kitsune thing she guessed. He stuffed his face full of cookie dough as LeeAnn had a simple ceaser salad with a full bottle of mead since her illness limited her to diet. At least she was immune to alcohol since the fire magic burned it off faster than anything and it was the only thing her body allowed her to drink other than water. The bucket of cookie dough Hans was eating somehow got stuck to his face while plowing down the whole thing. He was muffled as LeeAnn ignored what he was trying to say. "You're strong enough to at least pull that ridicoulous thing off your face. Now eat like a regular human being or... as a kitsune" she said. Hans managed to pull it off his face and finished the tube of cookie dough. The cafe didn't sell it, but she wasn't going to question where he got it from.

The people who were in there were giving her stares. Not only was there a kitsune in the cafe, but she had a huge black mark that covered half of her face and down her right arm. Her mixed-matched eyes just stared at the people entering cafe. There was nothing to talk about. Her brother was too busy to give her time of day as her father and uncle were too depressed about her mother. She was the only willing to find her missing mother. "Four people have entered the cafe, one female and three males as one appears to be a mage and the others are probably just normal citizens looking for a meal" she thought to herself. She loved observing people and seeing how they acted. She knew how to read people very well by doing this quite often. No one would suspect her to be apart of the Rune Knights unless they were in there with her.

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#2Kinshiro Kuragya 

One person, two person, and a Third person [Open] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:26 am

Kinshiro Kuragya
Ahhh. It feels good to be out of the armor for a change...

A boy with a long leather coat and snow white hair could be seen walking down the streets of Crocus. Stopping at every market stall along the way, he received some rather strange looks at times for how he would seemingly just stop and... stare longingly at all the items on display across the markets.

At this rate though, I'm gonna just end up as some noble's pretty little plaything, guarding them from the dainty threat of street bums. Gross. What happened to my moxie...?

With a hearty sigh and eyes growing more bleak by the minute, he gave a mental slap to himself.

Focus, Kinshiro. It's your day off! You're supposed to be enjoying yourself, right?Rune Knights can't be so depressing!

Holding his head back up, he walked through the streets held high. In truth, the only reason for today being his day off was due to his equipment being under repair. As someone unable to use magic, Kinshiro relied purely on his skills as a knight; which, if he had any say in the matter, would like to think he was at least above average for his current position in the Rune Knights.

"But it could be so much more... hmm?"

Realizing he had said that last part out loud on accident, coupled with the fact that he had spaced out during his paces about the town and gotten lost, it was a double-whammy fistful of embarrassment.

"Aha. Right. Umm, sir?" he blurted out as a middle-aged man walked past him.

The man turned to look at him questioningly.

"You wouldn't happen to know your way back to the center of Crocus from here, would you?"

The man pointed past him, and said in a gruff voice, "there's a map over there. That'll tell you all you need to know."

With that, Kinshiro thanked the man and moved over to the bulletin board near a bustling cafe. Sure enough, nailed to the bulletin board was a map with full details of the town's layout. Pulling it off and observing it, it wasn't long before fate would throw another wrench in his plans.

A strong gust of wind blew the map clean out of Kinshiro's hands and into the nearby cafe. Having not gotten a full analysis of the map yet, he rushed in after it.

Bursting into the humble cafe, he tripped over a few patrons moving about inside but managed to catch his own fall with trained reflexes. Regaining his balance, he moved to pick up the map which was now dead center in the middle of the cafe.

With the goal once more in his possession, he took a quick look around the room and noticed people giving him worried glances for his desperate entrance. A swift scan of the room and he noticed some key figures. Most notably though, was the woman seated next to a kitsune nearby.

"Aha. When a kitsune ain't the talk 'o the cafe, maybe that's a cue that you're kinda a weirdo sometimes, eh?" he finally spoke up, a blush adorning his face.

He fiddled with the map in his hands as dead silence and the faint sound of crickets emanated through the establishment. A loud cough from some random dude in the back finally broke the silence, forcing the young knight to continue.

"That, uhhh... that was a joke. Meant for laughs. Haha. Ha..."

Kinshiro shrugged his shoulders and gazed about the room, trying to gauge the reactions of the people in the cafe.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

One person, two person, and a Third person [Open] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:25 am

Daiko Flayme
At the back of the café was a backdoor; not very surprising, but it was meant to start something today. This café sold a lot of both exotic and hot stuff, like expresso, lattes, dates (the edible term), salads from everywhere and whatever you could expect a café to contain. However, how was one going to suffice oneself and a business with all these products? The logical answer would be that you went out, found whatever you wanted to make a thing to sell out of, then returned with what would bring gold to your pockets. Like if any shrewd businessman would struggle themselves with such delicacies that were to be found in places that you wouldn’t expect them to be; perhaps one needed something that existed in the mountain cells near lava? Or perhaps in the middle of a ferocious jungle that wouldn’t hesitate in ripping your body apart slowly?

Nonetheless were the ingredients delivered safely and intact, thanks to this boy who loved his new job. It made him come in contact with nature, which wasn’t exactly a strange thing for him, but he was always surprised at how close that he had to get in order to fulfill his duties. That was one of the reasons that he had this job; obviously, working with food was pleasing for him. If they just decided to sell some real meat, for instance…

He would move his feet through the backdoor and lay the stacks of plants/herbs/flowers on a nearby bench, before letting out: “Damn those wasps… their stings are still stuck here and there…” Slowly, he would lift his sleeve to reveal several wasp stings that were drilled into his dark skin, before he slowly removed them one by one with loud repeats of ‘OUCH!’ that could be heard even from outside of the staff room. It was rather comical to hear it; or rather, it could also scare people who would think that someone was suffering greatly. Either way, he kept removing them, and when his arm was saved from future sting pain, he came out from the door and into the public. His hair swayed a little, darker than coal, while he held… something made out of meat on his shoulder. He always had these breaks, which was a part of the deal when he got this job, so he wasn’t going to waste a second as he found a seat near a random person; mentioned appeared to have his tongue stuck in his lower jaw by the way that he talked in the beginning. Quickly, his teeth buried into the fresh meat of a thigh from… specie unknown, while a happy hum came out of him. He really didn’t care about people’s stares, because they appeared to drill those eyes into someone at the moment…

"You should free your tongue from your jaw a little, buddy," he commented to the last guy who spoke in the room. He appeared to hold a map of something, which could always be asked about later. As of now, Daiko found it quite the chance to share some of his 'delicious' meat out to someone, even ignoring the fact that not everyone was into that kind of food. "You want some?" he asked generously as he moved his giant thigh (not his own, but the one that he was eating of) to the Rune Knight, which he obviously didn't know of.

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#4Lee Nakamura 

One person, two person, and a Third person [Open] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:55 am

Lee Nakamura
It was way too quiet for her liking. The small ramble of noise of conversation being the only source of noise. The redhead only sighed. "Wonder if anything exciting would happen" she whispered. Just as she said that. A map flew into the middle of a cafe with a man following after it. It was perhaps a teenager or a boyish looking young adult. Nonetheless, she could tell he was at least not a mage. He seemed flustered and a bit mentally tired from something. She could only guess a lot of hard work. Han's fox ears twitched as he looked over curiousity. It made LeeAnn roll her eyes at his joke on Hans.

No one laughed at all. Most would be bothered by this joke, but she knew the joke was on him at the very least. A weirdo would point out his own kind to make themselves seem normal. Hans had appeared out of nowhere right behind the boy with the map. Of course, he towered over the fellow Rune Knight. "Whatcha lookin' at" he said randomly.  Hans poped out of no where probably startling the boy. He seemed fimilar to LeeAnn perhaps she saw him in Era once or twice before or was he a fellow Rune Knight? She didn't say much into the matter.

A random person took a seat nearby to her. From the corner of her eye, he was munching on a thigh from some bird or mammal. The smell of the barbecue filled her nostrils. It smelled decilious, but she couldn't eat it due to her limited diet. He kindly asked if she would like some. "No thank you, I'm fine" she politely declined. Overall, she loved being around people seeing how lively they were and fun they were to be around, but she was not one to confront them herself. She was a shy person actually. Hans brought out the best in her. She ate more of her salad. Once she was done, she ignored the stares she had recieved getting up to throw away her leftovers and place the dishes and her tray in the appropriate bins. Hans smiled and grabbed LeeAnn's hands pulling her towards him. "Shall we dance?!" he smiled. LeeAnn was caught off guard and turned red. Yes, she was used to this, but still always gotten embaressed. "Hans! Let me go" she hissed in a whisper. The kitsune grabbed the boy with a thigh or some turkey leg and the boy with the man as started danced in the middle of the cafe. LeeAnn was dragged into this with no say. "You only live once, darling. Loosen up, LeeAnn" he smiled. They started to tango in a goofy fashion making her face turn red as her hair.


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#5Daiko Flayme 

One person, two person, and a Third person [Open] Empty Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:33 am

Daiko Flayme
The Rune Knight appeared not so hungry after all, and neither did the friendly lady at the other- wait, what kind of aura was that? As a man of nature, Daiko could at most points distinguish wilderness from humane, and whoever thanked no to his thigh was kind of a confusion to him. Nonetheless did he reply with a faint smile, before digging into the thigh with animalistic manners. “MMM! It always sparks up my day!” he let out in happiness of the sweet, spicy taste from the aurochs thigh (animal revealed), in which people began to direct their gazes anywhere else. Honestly, Daiko was slightly hoping for just that to happen…

All of a sudden, the male ‘confusion’ that sat with the previous lady stood up, grabbed both Daiko and the Rune Knight, and invited them all to dance. What a turn of atmosphere; just as Daiko was trying to guess the specie of those people, he was already treated like some honorable guest. “Wait, you’re for real?” he spoke up in utter surprise, finding himself on the dance floor, “Well, ain’t gotta say no to that! WOOHOO!” He began moving his body around like a dazzling flame if it was to be described, his coal-black hair darting in all directions. He was having fun with strangers, truly, but the fun began to fade as his boss showed up. “HYOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEN!” a wild roar came across the room, reaching the poor boy’s ears like a breaking drum. In the next second, his ear was being pulled across the café room. “I DON’T PAY YOU TO JUMP LIKE A MANIAC! YOUR BREAK IS UP; GET BACK TO WORK!!!” would be heard as they both disappeared into the staff room, while Daiko’s eyes trickled long, comical tears down his cheeks. Although, his last view of the customers would definitely be the two kitsunes; two faces to be remembered…


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