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Confronting Corruption [Quest: Faye]

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Confronting Corruption [Quest: Faye] Empty on Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:27 am


Laziness was a possible term, although harsh. To put it realistically, it was an odd mix of hesitance, and dread. They were the sort of feelings that reared their ugly heads when directed at the virtually unknown, and she’d often succumb to the doubt at the thoughts of her prior-self with different aspirations. Truly, in her brief time in Era, Snowflake would begin to appreciate the wizardry business for its second-hand benefits. For her, it was more than the jewels, more than the recognition; now it was the surge of excitement, the irrevocable sensation of adventure at an arm’s reach.

Albeit, the requests that she had been signing up for lately had been nothing but complete and utter bullshit. She wasn’t S-Rank just so she could help a random stranger with their lost wife, doing duties for someone when the one assigned to could be doing their own or trying to find which Rune Knights are corrupt. These kinds of quests have just left her bored and boredom was now just as much as an excuse as circumstance, she thinks, fleetingly. At the very least, she wanted some kind of excitement and thrill upon completing the mission; that is, apart from receiving her rewards. The woman heaved out a sigh as she strolled through the streets of Era littered with people that came out of their abodes to attend to their work or simply just wander aimlessly like her.

It was then, she happened to stumble upon Lionel Luxar, the client from her previous mission, loitering about with his finger brushing against his chin and his brows furrowed deep in thought. It wasn’t as though she ran right into him, but merely, it just occurred that she saw him in a distance. ”Oh, boy. Is this another ridiculous request again?” she thought to herself loudly.


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Confronting Corruption [Quest: Faye] Empty on Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:58 pm

Faye had run into the captain just as Snowflake did. Coincidences, yes, very timely coincidences. But she had not noticed the silver haired Blue Pegasus mage just yet. Faye had been in terrible mood these days, easily irritable with strange mood swings. When she saw the handsome Rune Knight captain looking around the streets like a lost puppy, her first big reaction was to just turn away and go back the way she came. Not to mention she was in a bad mood, the fact that if she had to comply with any darn request made by the captain for his knights would set her off further made the bubblegum pink haired girl want to take another route.

She half covered her face and was just about to walk off when the man decided to recognize and call upon her. “Hey! You’re one of those mages that helped me before, aren’t you?” He had somehow so quickly closed the distance between them and grabbed onto her shoulder. Swallowing the bit of distaste in her mouth, Faye looked back with a broad smile and nodded politely. “Indeed. How are things going?” She asked, hoping that he wouldn’t be having any more requests for her other than having a pleasant chat and even better, a goodbye.


Confronting Corruption [Quest: Faye] H53BX35
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