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A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:02 am

Judith Karlinius
Yet again another day, another moment where Judith would wait and sing to herself yet again, A part of did miss having a partner to ballroom dance with since it had been a fair a bit. She did not have a feeling for when she use to do the ballerina dancing part as well. But until then again the time came for her to feel like she wished too Judith would find a place by the piers where she could sing to herself again.

It was a peaceful and bright time of day. But while she was sitting there listening to the sea she had something in her mind now."The sigh of the shifting sea.~"She started singing, origins of this song was one she really did not recall in life, but it always stuck in her head."The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze.~" She sure had it in mind still like it was in the back log of her memory of songs.

Then as she continued for a moment."A heartbeat without harmony.~" Eventually maybe Judith should learn her wonderful and good singing voice is what learned "Is moonlight without dark~."knowing her luck some one else would greet her again, Then again she stopped caring now in fact part of her welcomed it now days."The heart beat seeketh equilibrium. With balance will your worry part.~"Slowly looking upon the sun and it's view upon the water.

And finishing up what part of the song she could remember. Years sure shaved memory sometimes for her.

"So still this broken melody
And therewith shoulder thee
One last step only leaving
An empty hearth dawn by the sea.~"
and quietly she would slowly mention to herself because she really wanted to remembered other parts of the song but did not."Here I wish I wrote the rest of the words, For I don't remember it all."

Song Reference

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A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:16 pm

Not a day goes by that Kairisa was already charging towards her mission. She was to find specific people, but she truly wasn't in a hurry. Her heart was pounding nervously while her golden eyes mirrored this beautiful city. Perhaps she shall move here someday when it's time. Slowly she breathed in the salty sea's aroma and closed her eyes. ''So beautiful this place is...'' Quietly, she spoke as she walked down the stairs and towards the docks. As she didn't know any better, Kairisa heard singing and a tune from a woman that appeared to be the woman she was searching for. Once she was at least seven feet away from Judith she took her stand. ''Judith...'' Her voice was cold to where it'd send shivers down a child's spine and her own eyes were two golden globes, glistening with the reflection of the sea and Judith herself.

#3Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:38 pm

Judith Karlinius
However hearing that very way it was spoken Judith's normal and settle way turned into something different. What cold and slightly moment of pause. turning her view away from what she was looking at."I see...you have arrived here."Judith seem to mention. So then she would slowly look at who would would consider her daughter even not in blood.

"Will you join me in sitting here?"She asked at first considering and thinking it over at first, But she knew in her heart she was after something with her, Judith's heart felt it, But she kind of wanted to skirt around it as well."I am sure you and I have some tails to catch up with one another in life."She said it rather peacefully and content. She was expecting something to go horrible here, She did however hope for the best as well. Maybe that was just how Judith was normally.

But Judith was sure if she was here for something she might as well not play around it."Unless you do have a reason you wanted to see me alone?"She did sound a bit worried about it, But she was not ready to stand up from where she was sitting. But when she asked that question she seemed a bit worried, You could see it in the part of her face that was turned to see Kairias. But would still be rather nice about it and wait for and answer, much like the mother Judith was most likely thinking many things that in her mind she was not letting out upon her mind near or in front of visitor and she had her reasons too. But for some reason this waiting and quiet did not bother Judith at all were it might be different for her daughter.


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She was noticed, good. Kairisa walked down the stairs all the way and towards the bench that seemed to be purposely put there. Her golden orbs looked around to make sure no one else was around as she sat down carefully. At this moment, she didn't know who she could trust - the scars reminded her of that. Once she felt more relaxed she grabbed her book from the bag. It felt warm for some reason, but she then gazed at Judith. ''I am here to talk to you about somethings, but first how are you and made any new... acquaintances?''. She was curious as this gave enough time for anyone to make friends and new responsibilities. Rather or not they meant anything to her own well-being twas unknown for now. Her hands gripped onto the book normally as she wasn't as up-tight anymore.

#5Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:34 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed she was just as she may remember, Then again maybe not fully Judith always seemed to have some lapse in memory herself mostly because she did not want to try to remember. She would answer her question."I have not made too many aside from a woman named Alice and her children."Her life did not seem to change super largely.

"Take your time and ask me anything you wish to know form me."she mentioned with a happy and peaceful smile on her face. Reaching over and when she and sat down with her and giving her a slight pat on the head. Judith had that feeling that she could do that as she normally did when the lady next to her was a small child she was raising.

"With Alice being a friend, It makes me realize I miss my grand daughter, If only Regis had not gone made and killed her...."
She sounded depressed about it much like she had tried to get over it long time a go and she just had not for a while."But I guess I could easily wish for other things as well."She was also unsure why she mentioned. Maybe because she had yet to see who was sitting next to her for a while.

This was also her trying to pass the time while she was waiting for any questions she would be asked. But as much as Judith was not in a rush or worried about answers quickly she generally hoped. Then again she did not know what to expect to get asked right as well."But maybe I should not linger on that part of past and hopefully enjoy the moment."which would be generally a good advise from Judith herself to well herself as well.


A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:20 pm

Judith seemed to have met Alice, a friend of hers. She even made her wedding dress and everything to go with it. She wondered how she was doing, but for now that question was going to be saved for later. Her sun-like eyes gazed at Judith's as she wondered other things. She could be trusted, right? ''Have you seen... a lich around?'' She constantly wondered in her mind, but she knew she had to change the subject for now immediately. ''Right, onto business.'' Kai spoke and licked her lips as she studied the woman. ''So, Kuriana enjoyed experimenting on people.. other than me, right? Was it because of their own past of being experimented on or was it more towards just wanting eternal life?'' She was curious on it as 'Eternal' life was needed if she too was to be alive forever... to be with him, but at the same time be faithful to her holy one. It made her nervous. Thinking of them at this moment.

#7Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
The first question was a simple answer, Keeping in her mind she had only ever met one Lich and it was kind of a very awkward and uncomfortable situation, She would not mention simply because she did not know why she needed to know if a Lich was around."There is one, I met here that Lich seemed....unpleasant." Judith did not seem too keen on about the lich but she did not mention about else about it.

Judith's seemingly peaceful smile seemed to fade. taking her daughter's question into thought, The answers where only in due him so she would start off by kissing her on the forehead."I barely remember if she enjoyed it, I see some vague images of smile upon her face on such grim events."she sounded like she was sure she saw a few smiles."Being her helper, I can tell you of all things it was about Eternal life, Kuriana wanted to live forever."She knew that into detail.

"Gather minds who would help her in learning how to do that, How eternal life was almost seemed untouchable."She mentioned that part remembering how much different her life was now. Judith did not sound proud of herself at all."I was one of her helpers and a close one at it."

She then would mention one part."I experimented on a people with her or by myself as well, I dislike myself for it to this day,I was the worst one to have...my kindness was there...I healed them to say alive longer to stretch what we could learn and comfort them....."Given the life she had now, it would be shocking to most to learn that but with how she was mentioning it. It carried shame Judith still felt to this day."She started learning a few things for her goal, not only from me...but herself as well."Judith did not seem to recall in detail what Kuriana had learned but given the length of time she had her reasons to forgot."I even at one point used myself for such experiments that I have theories for, It is how I manage to look fairly younger then  56 years old."She managed to cover up the scar and other marks what were once there from her experimenting, She was not looking at Kai anymore she was not avoiding it either but you could tell she felt disgusted with herself.


A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:53 am

A lich? They were unpleasant? This couldn't be the same one she was with, but she hasn't heard of any other Liches existing. As she looked at Judina with fully opened eyes, her hand placed on top of the other on her lap. ''Eternal life has became my goal now and with Kuriana having the same interest - I feel like she knew this was going to happen.''. It sounded insane that a woman was capable of seeing the future. Was this why she was picked as her 'Golden Experiment'? The woman was insane, yes, but if she had to be insane too to get to this goal then so be it. She slowly curved her lips into a mischievous smile as her eyes slanted yet still looking at the woman. ''I suppose it can't be helped if things must happen.''.

Quickly, she got up and let her feelings fade as she showed no expressions. Her arms slowly slid and crossed against her chest. ''I don't judge you for what happened. Things do happen for a reason, rather intentional or not.''. Her eyes just gazed straight towards the salty seas.

#9Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:11 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed slightly numb and most likely not shocking but minorly disappointed with that mention."Maybe I am different now then when I first enjoyed the idea..."She was easily picked up that she was."My goals would only different, I would never subject myself to such trials again."It did haunt it Judith and she was not hiding it. She was confused and even dumbstruck but her wishing for the same thing.

"I will not support such things you do, It is dangerous and we should not meddle and alter what all is placed upon us in life."She was not preaching to her but it showed her personal believes now, But Judith was still a bit heartbroken about it but this would show one thing."I will not stop you either."Which is true she would not but Judith did sound depressed about it.

While she seemed to think about it, She reflected upon the starting days and past that she had with Kuriana and a part of her missed it, But Judith was a hermit then. But Judith would admit something that showed she would meddle in something else completely but given only if other things happen.

"I would only wish as well for Kuriana's personal forgiveness...as well as a hug as well."She did pick up the way it all changing in her voice she just assumed her daughter was judging her in some manner still even if she was forgiven by her."But alas, she is gone...I do miss such a times outside what I did...What I would do to cycle time back to change such things in life."Judith seemed to just be day dreaming but showed she would alter things that had to do with time rather then living forever. Letting out a sigh."But I won't ever try such a things again."Not mentioning the fact Judith would meddle with time if all of her children died for she valued them all of them, to a large degree.


A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:14 am

Judith didn't seem to want to repeat history of whatever she went through with Kuriana. It was quite interesting since she didn't seem to mind at the time it was happening. What changed it all? Was it her children? Perhaps as the book as said before, Kuriana was inside herself already or maybe she is what some would say '2.0'. It was such a bad term and overused at that, but what else could she call it? Kairisa wanted to know much more about the woman's past and what created this woman into what she became. There had to be somewhere where she could find out about everything or at least some.

''It's understandable.''. Her hand swayed towards Judith and gave a sweet smile as she looked back to her. ''I don't think she is all the way gone, otherwise I wouldn't still be here.''. She explained and enjoyed the sights of the water with the fishes that revealed themselves every so often. ''What made you start regretting things and change?''. She was curious as she felt like she changed as well after the coma happened.

#11Judith Karlinius 

A Song To A Crowd of No One.(open) Empty on Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:54 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith would get up from where she was sitting on."I am never sure if she is truly gone, A part of me assume some how she carries on in life, but i also am nervous that if she does live and can interact with me she may wish something horrible or try..."She mentioned while walking over and mentioned"But...I have been paranoid for along time, Long before Kuriana shifted my life differently, As well I am quite sure I do over think things as well..."

When Judith would reach to where the person she was talking to her. Placing her right hand on her back for a moment and said."If you try to do such as she, I hope you do not try the same way as she did..."She sounded worry that is for sure largely worried."I have lost Regis to horrible dark acts even if he is still alive his wife and daughter are not ...I do not wish to lose a daughter too."She mentioned it would not shock Kairisa,having standing next to her Judith did look out to the sea but also like she was in thought as well to what else it seemed she would keep to herself,But Judith did not change at all she did seem small now.

But she would answer eventually that question."My reason for my actions, are simple...I was weak willed for the suffering for every since Kuriana knew me....I just figured out of loyalty I could manage it to work past such a mind set."it was a easy and simple starting part of it sure enough it was easy to figure out the rest of it."I was able to manage in my own manner...Criminals...horrible dark minded people were all people i would work on..."Which she seemed to have been fine with for the longest time."But when it became innocent people, Guilt over took me...Then when talks and kidnapping of children...I could not do it anymore. So I did what I did then."It was easy to guess and figure out but hearing it from Judith herself showed it was simple and wanted simple things in life, Looking out to the sea it seemed she would relax a little.

It would eventually seem to turn into almost an hour of a quiet, Judith and daughter did not seem to have much else to speak or continue on. With that Judith then said."Hopefully we will continue this another time...I love you my daughter, Our paths will meet again."Judith giving her one last hug around Arisa's waist, Judith would leave a moment after that.


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