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Life in Another Window (Open)

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Life in Another Window (Open) Empty on Fri May 03, 2019 6:34 am


Erebus woke by the sound of laughter, outside the Inn, the tavern from which he'd taken residence the night before. People bustled up and down the maze-like streets. For Erebus, hellish trauma had been inflicted upon him, so to have just woken up alive from the abyss was a crazy concept. All he could recall was pain, horror, and loathing. Yet now everything had tamed itself down; and life was in the reality surrounding his figure once more. He wore a dark set of clothes, stripping them from the trunk by the foot of his bed. Killing intent was bled into him, and he could almost taste it, juggling someone's life and death. Nonetheless he shook the evil thoughts from his head, returning to his morning rituals.

"I've been confused before, but this is new." His fingers came to his chin-- with his eyes to the window, the deadman was zoning in between buildings and other notable characteristics in the Asteran Streets below, meanwhile he was perched leaning against the bed frame.

He spoke aloud to himself, offering vocal sound to crack the silence that often plagued his world. Something that felt so foreign and different in this new, odd form? Being able to emit words without screams attached. He sighed then, exhaling oxygen from his nose. Flicking his eyes back open he made way down to the first floor. Reaching the bottom of the Tavern; his irises skimmed the immediate area, no one of interest? Sadly not; it seemed as so, with Erebus shrugged off the news. the mage left out for the world. Footsteps, a reach for the doorknob, and there he was. Under the light of the Earth. When the sun touched his skin, euphoria was the first sensation, the kiss of life. A grin stretching ear to ear grew soon after. As the newly released killer started eyeing the streets up, as if to read signals and peep into the windows of another's life. It was almost sure enough to be something... Ominous.

For now though he had one too many goals to reach, the first and foremost being his resurrection to this plane. Who did it? And why?


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The longer Tomoe had been growing accustomed with himself, the more he would view the sun glowing high above as his mortal enemy. Every day that he stepped outside to face it once more, it was as if he was challenging God. Or so it felt to him, in his infinite cynicism. It was still fine for the moment, but it did make for some irritable facial expressions or pissy moods from time to time. As he had his usual daily leisure walk, he found himself squinting to see quite often. And so, as he was about ready to enter his favorite tavern in Astera so far, he paused. He came almost into direct contact with a man who appeared to be exiting - a mix of Tomoe's confusion from the sunlight hindering his vision, and simply not expecting somebody to walk out at the very moment he was ready to walk in.

In that moment though, he could swear he saw the man grinning wildly. Whether as a discussion point to get the awkwardness of Tomoe blankly staring ahead at him out of the way, or as a means to strike up conversation on a boring afternoon, he finally spoke for the first time that day.

"Did someone piss on your lottery ticket or somethin'? You're pretty thrilled there, bud."

Tomoe couldn't dismiss any action as random or inconsequential - for the rogue couldn't ignore anything as a clue towards demonic activity; and he did have to admit that he didn't entirely enjoy the visage of the man before him.


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Erebus halted, upon catching eye contact with another man. This figure seemed very much bothered by the wide smile (and even wider eyes) that his white-haired colleague was adjusting too. His comment would have deserved a laugh, if not for that tone. That... Uncomfortable tone. To the usual commoner such a thing would cause glares or even a snobbish trot off into another direction. But it amused Erebus, as did so many things in this old world. In the Abyss you get nothing... Nothing except AGONY. So the sarcasm, oooh was it fresh. And inviting.

"You could say I just struck lucky, but the Lottery? No. In fact, you sir, are the luck I've just come up on. My name is Erebus Cassiel." He pushed the door all the way open, the wind picking up around his dried white strands. His amber eyes sizing Tomoe's prestige build up from the toes, to his brow. "The pleasure is mine." The mage's hand came to his heart, and a slight bow, of the neck soon after, "Are you to rent a room in the same tavern that I woke up in? Golly, the whole charade seems almost like we were destined to meet wouldn't you agree?" Erebus' and his grin came back down to a typical facial expression. Much warmer than the otherwise unhinged psycho smile that if Tomoe were to be cunning with, was enough to foreshadow that today might traumatize him. As Erebus had plans to go about on his first murder spree in years, and he wanted some help with that, though-- Tomoe had no clue. Oh well, Erebus had done this before, if the man before him were a fighter he may try and stop the eerie Wizard. Then again, he might relish in the taste of blood; just as the strategist himself did so, and even more wild of a tale, Tomoe may become his comrade. The balance, the jury of this game, so enticing to a psychopath. The dance with the devil was a game one could really get their rocks off too!


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After some moments there in front of the odd character, it would seem Tomoe had fallen deaf on the ears or maybe he just didn't want to talk to a psycho, eh. Erebus couldn't help everyone, and so they couldn't him back either. This hadn't gone unnoticed and if Erebus ever saw this guy again they would probably not get along due to the awkwardness.

But more applicably. Erebus appreciated not being talked too, it just told him that Tomoe was not meant nor ready for this encounter. Rather than kill the guy, Erebus just chuckled and moved him over to walk on out. Ready for the world. Perhaps he'd enjoy the luxury of a brothel in town. Or maybe just a meal to tide him down.


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