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Orchida -> Worth Woodsea [Walking]

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#1Malachai Ramazan 

Yesterday at 3:11 pm


It was safe to say that Malachai was pleased with the town of Orchidia. Although he had only been here a couple of days, he found himself most at ease here in this flowery city. The people were pretty calm and more friendly than the folk in Oak but after a few days he was ready to move on and explore the next area in Fiore. He heard that if he continued to walk north he'd find a giant forest complex named "Worth Woodsea". Naturally since he's practically grown up in Fiore he heard a lot about the wild lands but never did he think about visiting it. Today though, he would see what kind of things really lurked in the forest only for a little bit at least. His plan was to get back home to Oak. When he left the Phantom Lord guild he managed to get a train ride all the way to Orchidia so he didn't really do any sight-seeing but now he was going to walk all the way from Orchidia back home. There were towns beyond Orchidia that he didn't visit but he didn't want to waste too much time. Oak had the best quests for mages like him who were into more violent work. It didn't take the Ramazan long to approach the outskirts of Worth Woodsea. Ahead of him he could see a giant ocean of trees and as he continued walking he approached a cliff were he could peer down and see nearly the whole forest. It truly was remarkable and there was no doubt in his mind that some weird and unique creatures lived here. Maybe even some weird beings like elves or fairies or something. With a smile he sighed, releasing a gust of breath and gazing upon natures beauty. This would be a perfect place for him to meditate.

- Arrival -

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