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Bad Publicity [Private]

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Bad Publicity [Private] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:15 pm

Malachai Ramazan

After helping the chaser of Fernidad or whatever the place was called, Malachai was now strolling through the streets of Orchidia, watching as all the people rushed to and from various places as if they all had something important to do. He was well aware that yesterday demons had plagued the town of Orchidia. Perhaps that was why people were rushing and herring to get wherever they needed to go. The Phantom, however, was enjoying his stroll through the town. Earlier he had spoke to a man that would need his help. Apparently the cashier from before had told this man that Malachai was capable of helping him with whatever he needed done so that was where he was going, to the next human being who needed a favor from him. All Malachai wanted was jewels so as long as the pay was good he would have no problem helping anyone really- good or bad. Though there was an extent to what he'd do for money. For example, he would't stoop so low as to kill an innocent kid for jewels, or rob an old lady's medicine. Those weren't honorable things and were activities that other members of his guild would probably have partaken in, not him. Chai was on his way to a bar who was owned by the man named Mitya. He didn't remember the exact name of the bar but he did remember what street it was on and so he walked, quickening his pace to get there a little quicker.

Soon enough the man of Phantom Lord reached the bar where he was to see Mitya. The place was a normal building. It was a brownish color on the outside with an obvious sign that literally read "Mitya's Bar". All in all the place looked kind of boring so it was no surprise that when Chai entered there had been nobody inside besides the owner himself of course. With a light smile on his face, the brown skinned man waved towards the owner as he approached him, immediately introducing himself as Malachai; the man who helped the cashier with his little problem. Mitya was indeed happy to see Malachai and wasted no time in telling him what he needed done. Apparently the bar across the street was his competitor and they were always active. Turning his head to look outside of the window, the Desiertian could understand why. The bar across the street was a typical stone building but what made it different was the graffiti print all over it. It was actually very hip looking and besides that it was about two stories high. What Malachai needed to do was cause the people in their to leave and go to Mitywa's bar so that he could have an active place. Fair enough, this task would be all too easy as the Stellan had already conjured an idea as to how he would go about this. Nodding to Mitya he quickly made his way out of his bar and walked across the street to the other bar.

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Bad Publicity [Private] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:49 pm

Malachai Ramazan

Before entering the bar across the street from the one he just came from, the Phantom Lord mage bent over and picked up the first crawling critter he saw on the ground. It was a beetle or something from the way it looked, but it wasn't very big. Of course it was obvious enough if one just noticed it. Tucking the bug in his pocket and holding it with his right hand he pushed open the doors of the rival bar, immediately seeing a whole lot of people. Chai walked in happy as always before waving over towards the host. Warmly, he asked for a table just for himself before the pink haired hostess nodded and gestured for him to follow her. So he did. The woman sat him closer towards the end of the bar. The music was blaring and young people danced and drank, laughed and played, overall it was a good vibe. It sucked that he would actually have to ruin the business with what he had planned but hey, he was only doing his job. After he sat at his table it didn't take long for a waitress to come to him and ask for an order. Softly, Malachai responded with a simple chicken Caesar salad. He loved fries, burgers, pasta, and every other type of food basically, but he didn't want to spend too much money on a meal that he wouldn't even eat. With a nod the waitress walked away to put his order in. Maybe I should get a drink after this. he thought to himself as he watched the people of the bar drink their lives away.

A couple of minutes later, the waitress approached him with a full bowl of salad. Man did the salad look tasty, especially with the grilled chicken to top it all off. Part of him wanted to dive right in and tear it up but the other part of him knew he could't do that if he wanted to pull of this diabolical plan. Once the waitress walked away, Malachai quickly pulled the bug out of his pocket, squishing it between his fingers before dropping it into the bowl of salad. To make it appear as f the bug was already in the salad, he mixed the bowl up until the bug wasn't noticeable, then as he pretended like he was going to eat it, the antics began. "Good grace! What in the name of of Illumin is this!?!" he shouted loudly with a gasp. The bar's music immediately stopped as the people in the bar paid attention to him. The waitress quickly ran over towards the Phantom before asking the issue. Chai merely pointed at the salad, shaking as if he was frightened to death. "T-there's a BUG in my food!! This place is gross!!!!! Everyone, this place is disgusting." The woman who waited him tried to calm him down but he only made a bigger scene. "No I cannot calm down. This is disgusting! My cousins told me that this place was dirty and I still gave it the benefit of the doubt! Horrible!"

The people in the bar began to look around before many of them left with discussed, dropping their cups and plates before leaving. "The food at the bar across the street is much better too! I can tell just by looking at it. You've just lost a potential customer!" He said before slamming his hands on the table and leaving with the people who were obviously disgusted. Everyone that had been in this bar moved to Mitya's bar almost immediately. As Malachai entered the bar he met with the owner who smiled before giving him his pay and waving him off. Job easily and well done.

- END -

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