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S2 Transition Guide

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S2 Transition Guide Empty on Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:55 pm

Happy holidays and welcome to Season 2! This is a guide on how to transition existing characters from Season 1 to Season 2. If you are creating a new character, please head to The Newbie Guide.

  • Even if you had a character in S1, you must reapply for your character to be approved using the new Character Application template.

  • You may scoop your existing character into a new one, if you wish, so long as you meet the scooping requirements.

  • Before reapplying, however, if you are changing the Faceclaim of your character, purchase the Physique Potion first so that the change is reflected in your new application.

  • After that, use the new Character Application template and reapply in the Character section.

  • The History section of your Character Application must include a summary of what your character did in the two-year time-skip.

  • You may Refund your Items/Magic/Race if you don’t wish to continue with it in S2. You will receive the full Jewels/Points you spent on the purchase back.

    • In case your Items/Magic/Race are no longer in the revamped S2 Shop, then it is either discontinued or shelved, and it defaults to Refund; you must still mention it in the template.

  • If you wish to Reclaim the Items/Magic/Race that you possess, you may do so, so long as your character fulfils the requirements.

    • In case your Items/Magic/Race have changed in their price, the difference is neither paid back (if decreased) nor required to be paid (if increased).

  • S2 offers a complete reassignment of all your Attribute Points (Stats), since we are introducing a new Attribute.

  • Use the template below and post it as a second post while you are applying for your Character, to complete the Refunds/Reclaims and Attribute reallocation.

  • You may only Reclaim your Items/Magics if it has not been purchased by someone else already, in which case your item will automatically default to Refund and you will receive the Jewels in return.

  • Once your application is approved, there is no way to undo or redo the Refund/Reclaim/Reallocation.

  • You may buy Items/Magics only after completing the Refund/Reclaim process. However, you may buy Potions and Races prior to the application.

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Weapon: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Off-Hand: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Head: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Body: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Relic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Race: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Companion: Refund / NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: ???

  • Strength: ???
  • Speed: ???
  • Endurance: ???
  • Constitution: ???
  • Intelligence: ???

Other Changes

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.

<table style="background-color: #121212; border: 5px solid #242a49; border-radius: 10px; padding: 20px; line-height: 160%;"><tr><td>[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Refunds & Reclaims[/b][/color][/font][/size]
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Magic:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Weapon:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Off-Hand:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Head:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Body:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Relic:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Race:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Companion:[/b][/color] Refund / NA
[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Attribute Reallocation[/b][/color][/font][/size]

[color=#ffffff][b]Total Points:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Strength:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Speed:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Endurance:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Constitution:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Intelligence:[/b][/color] ???
[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Other Changes[/b][/color][/font][/size]

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.</td></tr></table>

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