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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu]

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:27 pm

The poor girl seemed to be in shock still as he hid behind a tree and waited for Akira to finish her conversation with the third one there. He knew his partner would be able to see him and the girl from where she was, given the visual capabilities her magic granted her. The healer was on standby in case this priest attempted something shady. As his focus was on the man with whom Akira was speaking, he hadn’t kept an eye on the girl, who decided to blow his cover.

When the girl saw the priest, she ran towards him from the tree, crying out loud. Haru rolled his eyes and walked out himself, sighing. He looked at Akira apologetically, assuming the girl’s presence had somehow squandered whatever plan she might have had for the man. “He-He was a vam-vampyre,” the girl sobbed, clinging to the priest.

It may have been dark, but the moonlight was enough for Haru to see the man’s expression. There was no shock in his expression, but he faked it well in his voice. “Oh my! That… That’s horrible,” he said. Haru’s eyes squinted in suspicion, but he quickly shook it off. He told himself that he was becoming extremely sceptical like Akira as he spent most of his time with her, and that there was nothing wrong with the priest.

“Where is he now?” the priest asked, turning towards Haru. “He ran off,” the healer responded bluntly. Haru had no interest in chasing the vampire at that very moment. It was an objectively bad idea, considering how powerful they were during the night. He was glad he could save the girl on time and was most worried about bringing her back to her family. “We should take her back to her family. They are very worried, obviously,” he added. Despite telling himself that this priest was no trouble, his brain refused to believe it and there was a sharp sting in his voice when he spoke to the man.

“No… I need to cleanse her first. I’ll take her to the church first. You guys bring the family there,” he said, pointing towards the main town. Haru wasn’t sure about this; he looked at his partner like he always did when there was a difficult decision to be made.

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:38 pm

Akira Shimada
It was Akira who missed the cues, that were so seamlessly stitched together in the moment, the clues so perfectly shrouded by the night. She didn't see the way the priest didn't bother to feign the expression of shock as he had done with his words. She fell for the tone, in a way that she wouldn't have in the past... Giddy with the unique feeling of acceptance and care, the tenderness she shared with her partner had blunted her sharp intuitive senses. So when she found her partner staring her down and waiting for an answer, she merely shrugged.

Her gesture wasn't out of lack of trust, more out of lack of belief for the church. 'If it is important for her to be cleansed I guess that can be accommodated.' she said, clearing her throat. She was trying to respect the choices others made, even though she found them pointless and such. Clearly, this girl had some sense of faith in this priest and whatever he offered, Akira didn't want to come in the way of that.

In all fairness, this entire charade was one she wasn't too concerned with at the moment, her own emotions were getting in the way and she just wanted to get the job done. 'We'll have to eventually find the vampire to make sure he doesn't stir up anymore trouble.' the girl added with a sigh, already annoyed with the work this entire ordeal had presented. Not to mention, it was no comfort to see love lose, for the families to be right in keeping the two apart, the claims of the man being dangerous were apparently true... and it set Aki on edge. She'd been rooting for the lovers and the whole thing just seemed supremely unsavory now.

'Well?' she prompted, slightly sharply as though some how it was the girl's fault for falling for a vampyre and creating this whole mess. 'I'd like to finish my cleansing ritual, so that I do not fall into such traps again.' she responded with a gentle quiver in her voice, laced with a sort of blinding dedication and faith, the kind of zealotry that can only be spawned by religion. 'That's that then.' Aki said brusquely and began tracing the steps they took to get here, so they could reunite the family with their lost girl...

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:30 am

There was this unshakable prickly sensation at the back of his head. He really didn’t want to leave the girl with the priest alone. But she seemed most comfortable with him and the healer again blamed his newfound pessimism for the nagging instinct. He hesitated for a moment, but when he saw that even Akira, who was far more sceptical about these things was fine letting her be with the man, he nodded and walked with her. After all, she had had a conversation with the man; maybe he proved himself to be trustworthy.

As they walked back towards where they left the family to wait. Until the priest and the girl were within his vicinity, Haru kept turning behind to check the path they were taking. The man didn’t seem to take the beaten path that would lead him back to the church at the main city. Maybe he knows of shortcuts… the healer thought. At least they were going in the right direction, so he didn’t say anything.

Once they were at the tent of the girl’s family, Haru stopped a few feet away and nodded at Akira. He wanted to take the more difficult job here, knowing his partner wasn’t comfortable around emotional families. “Talk to the girl’s family… I’ll go see if the boy’s family had any idea about the nature of their son,” he said, before turning towards the tent on the far side.

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:26 pm

Akira Shimada
Of course Tsuru joined her  on their way back, little did she know that she'd just make a decision they'd come to regret. Aki had no idea that a lot more rested on that look she shared with the healer, that it wasn't just assurance he was seeking but a choice. The choice was made, she'd left it up to the girl and unlike the fellow Knight, Aki's mind was no longer occupied with the safety of the girl. Instead she focused on the tasks ahead. She assumed it was the same for Tsuru, and didn't pay much heed to the way he kept turning to allow his gaze to follow the girl and the priest she willingly accompanied. The assumption was strengthened when he suggested that they approach the families.

There was a very slight downturn of her lip when he asked for them to split, perhaps he caught it, in the dappled moonlight, or maybe he was still too focused on the duties taken and missed it. She wouldn't like him to know of her seemingly unfounded sorrow. She had no issues splitting for a mission before, in fact it was ironic, since Aki found herself briefly recalling the time that she wished for them to be working apart... The times that he strung along loyally out of a sense duty and out of work ethic, oh how things had changed. 'Right.' she responded curtly, annoyed that their moments together may be drawing to a close. Perhaps it was for the best, neither of them had still found the words to express anything they might be feeling, plus the splitting of the couple Aki had been wanting to save, did not bode well anymore...

'They probably didn't know.' she offered with a shrug as Tsuru wondered if the boy's family knew about his race. Oddly and rather uncharacteristically a small part of her still wished there was something more to the story, than vampyre charms girl to find himself a victim, only time would tell if her hope would be in vain or not. 'So I guess we'll meet at the church?' she asked... Then in a moment of passion she hesitated and words just tumbled out of her lips before she had a chance to process. 'Actually, let's not split...' is all she said. Before pursing her lips to incriminate herself with reasons.

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:50 pm

With a heavy sigh, he readied himself to meet the boy’s family. The young Knight wasn’t sure if he could do this alone and was actually pleasantly surprised when Akira asked not to split. While he would have loved to know the reason behind it, at that moment, he was just happy with the offer and didn’t want to give her any time to change her mind. He agreed immediately, making it apparent that he appreciated the support. “Okay!” he said, smiling softly.

As they neared the tent of the boy’s family, Haru could see a middle-aged lady pace in front of it. The crease on her forehead conveyed so much more than just worry; maybe a tinge of guilt too? Or maybe Haru was reading too much into it. Surely the woman would not have let his son run amok if she knew he was a vampyre, would she? The healer remembers no motherly love to know how far mothers will go to protect their children.

“Ma’am…” Haru began in a sombre voice once he was close enough; the lady never noticed their presence until he spoke, which startled her into reality. “Oh! Yes… I’m sorry. My son. Did you find him? Did he- Is he harmed?” she asked frantically. The redheaded Knight took a sharp breath in, as if the air was going to give him the courage to utter the words. Maybe they did, because he blurted the truth out immediately after. “I’m sorry ma’am… Your son is truly a Vampyre and he was trying to feed on the girl. We stopped him from harming the girl, but he escaped deeper into the forest.”

The shocked woman broke into tears and fell on her knees, wailing. By now, the rest of the boy’s family noticed the scene and rushed out of the tent. The father and three siblings hurried to comfort the mother. Guilty that he didn’t lay it down gently, Haru knelt beside the mother and tried to give her some hope. “We’ll track him and keep you updated on his status,” he said. He wanted to promise her that he will try his best to catch the boy alive, but that was not entirely in his hands. Almost a year at the job and he has learned one thing: only to make the promises he can keep.

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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:28 am

Akira Shimada
Aki wasn't really as keen as her usual self. She'd allowed herself to be lured off-track by the tender moments she shared with her partner. Plus, it was a welcome distraction, because it helped bury the mental scars that threatened to tear through her, considering they were to chase a vampyre. Subconciously, she was avoiding a reminder of the last time she'd had the misfortune of having to neutralise one of these beings of the night. Aki had intended on mentioning the events of that night to Tsuru, but they hadn't really found an opportune time. Now, seemed objectively bad, to relive the horrors, since she deemed them worthy of being incapacitating deterents or at the very least easily able to delay the time sensitive pursuit.

She forgave her own momentary weakness and the lack of independence when she chose to stick it out with her partner. She held a safe distance while he consoled the mother of the vampyre, she couldn't allow herself to soften with family ties. What the young man had been accused of was grave and justice needed delivering regardless of whether the mother was broken about his incliniations. Nonetheless, she knew breaking this news appropriately meant much to her healer so she waited patiently, gazing into the midnight that stretched overhead.

She absently eavesdropped, to get the gist of the interaction, finally she cleared her throat, The pause gave her a chance to clear her head, she had someone to protect. 'I guess, its best we split after all, I'll go after the... after him, you should work on assuring the girl's family is escorted to safety as well.' she said, a little more coldly than she intended, the woman looked at her with fearful eyes, they met the teen's impassive orbs, that flashed with a strange light ever so briefly, before she turned and sprinted towards where the vampyre was last sighted, without any further acknowledgement, since she feared any conversation especially with Tsuru, would only prevent her from doing what was neccesary.


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Shadow of Light [Akira & Hatsuharu] Empty on Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:06 pm

There was no denying that the Vampyre boy had to pay for his crimes, but Haru was really hoping to catch him without much harm and try to rehabilitate. The look on his face as he ran into the darkness was not of someone who was wicked; it was clearly fear. He had seen that same look in another pair of eyes before; Akira’s. It was when he and his fellow team mates found her in the middle of the street, covered in dried blood. Before he could explain all this, his partner’s demeanour changed rapidly and she chose to run off into the dark, chasing the Vampyre. “Wait-” he began, but it was too late. She was gone already.

Obviously, this didn’t sit well with the boy’s family. “You guys have no right to harm him if he surrenders. I hope your partner knows that,” the father spoke sternly. “Don’t worry, Sir. My partner is the last one to be prejudiced against non-humans,” Haru replied. While he had no doubt about what he just said about Akira, he also knew she was someone who shot before asking questions. That only meant he needed to hurry and catch up with her.

“If you will excuse me, I’ll now go and update the girl’s family,” the healer said before turning towards the other tent. When he was done giving all the information to the girl’s family, he had to literally hold the girl’s older brother from storming the boy’s family tent and giving them a piece of his mind. “I promise you. We will deliver justice. But please, remain calm and trust in us,” he had to mutter through gritted teeth as he held onto the tall, muscular man. When the girl’s family finally calmed down, Haru escorted them towards the church where the priest said he was taking the girl for ‘cleansing’.

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