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Candy Apples [Social]

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on Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:34 pm

With everything that's going on, he hasn't even once asked around about Isabella this place seemed like something that she couldn't pass up. Having some time apart from one another was good but at this point, its been a few months or so Where could she have gone? a question that always came up when he racked his brain for places that he could look for her.

Oh just maybe if I post a lost and found poster someone may have something, At this rate that would be the only thing that he hasn't tried to do but maybe after he got some candy apples. The candy apples had all types of different designs on them some has other crushed up pieces of candy on them "Wow so you mean to tell me that you make all of these by your self?!" his eyes lit up with pure excitement as the man working the booth simple gave a nod "Can I have the chocolate stripe one," with that TK tried his first candy apple.

The festival offers so much but one can't spend their enter wallet in just one half of the festival, so he made his way around to see where he would indulge himself next in either food or games. The sky had started to change to dawn as he walked around making mental notes of all the shops to hit next "[color=#fpeopleOh ya I should make those posters soon.[/color]" he said aloud watching some people play the ring toss.

#2Isabella King 

on Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:12 am

Isabella was in town again. It had been a while since she had been here but she knew a very special someone was here and she just had to see him. The one thing she didn't know while she was visiting the town that a festival was going on, well she hasn't really been in the correct headspace anyway for a while. She went on a mission a very long time ago and sort of left off the face of the world and she isn't really sure why she hasn't really answered her own question yet to this day.

She walked around for a while enjoying the attractions around her. She hasn't really been out in a while so this was a completely new scene for her that she missed. The sense of being around people and tasting new foods and talking, the music, the show, just everything. It was amazing but then she remembered why she was here in the first place. On a mission to find him. She needed to find him. SHe looked around a bit asking people have they seen a boy with blond hair and very childish look to him. not many people cared or listen to her problem, most of the guys she asked more tired to talk to her if anything. SHe sat in a chair and stared at Vul, her best friend, Vulpix. He sort of just titled his head sideways before running off the table and into the streets of the festival. Isabella chased him down for a while before he came to a stop. She stopped right behind him and saw what he say, him. She walked over to him and leaned into his ear and said, Boo." SHe gave the boy a nice kind look with her hair laid back and in a very nice royal blue dress that was strapless and had a slit at the bottom."Did you miss me?"


on Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:25 am

As TK walked around he thought of the format of the poster while taking bites of his Candy Apple until he settled on something Now I just have to go back to the inn and make them he thought looking at his messenger bag "I can always do it after I get a few more apples. Now which way was that booth again?" he couldn't tell if he was on the other side of the festival or somewhere in the middle. TK pulled out the ticket from the booth in hopes it had the number on it but at last, it did not have the number. About an hour or so went by as the young knight looked for the Candy Apples At this rate I'll never find it again...

He turned round to see that his sister and Vulpix once again, his eyes began to water as he drew his sword and pointed it at the person behind him not realizing that it was his own sister "Oh Isabella..." without a second thought he went for a down words slash that would only graze her at most drawing little blood from her. His cheerful smile fade as his eyes became locked on her What gives her the right to be happy and carefree?! he asked himself looking at Vulpix with a smile "Hi Vulpix long time no see." quickly turning back to his sister thinking back to how long he searched for her over the past months and all the times he needed her.

#4Isabella King 

on Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:25 pm

Isabella glared at her brother. For some reason the reaction to seeing her he wanted to cut her. She really didn't appreciate the love and care and put her hands on her hips. He was perfectly okay with saying hi to Vulpix and being perfectly normal with him. She just shook her head and sighed. "I'm also and standing right here, no hug, no wave, no anything... I get a sword to the face, thanks T.K." She wiped the blood off and picked up Vulpix. "I've been sitting here looking for you and this is my payback, men should really learn how to treat girls."

She spun around and started to walk toward a station that had food or something to drink, preferably a frappuccino. She did find one and quickly ordered her self a Trenta tea infusion with a splash of pineapple and half lemonade shaken. She took a seat and sat Vul on the Table and started to taking sips of her drink. She really missed her little brother and was dying to see him again, did he not feel the same, did he hate her, did he no longer care, did he not wanna know why she disappeared, anything at all. She laid her head down on the table and started to cry a bit. she felt broken and lonely, like she had no one, once again.


on Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:56 pm

As Isabella left he sheaved his sword and reached into his pocket pulling out his photo of them I should be the one walking away... he thought think back to before they became Rune Knights, back then they hardly ever got mad at each other for things that normal siblings would get mad over. could it be that being separated for so long has changed him and his view of her or has he just outgrown her? TK Sat under a tree with only his thoughts and work around "Mother and father would not approve of my behavior just now." he said aloud packing up his things to look for Isabella even though she could have been long gone given the time frame of events that transpired.

TK looked at every booth that she could have gone to but just like before no one could help point him in the right direction. If there was one thing that he didn't like about himself was that he could never give up on anything no matter how hard he tried. Two hours had passed since he began looking and nearly all the booth hadn't seen her, as he walked past the booths he saw what looked like Isabella and Vulpix at a table "Sister, finally found you...I have something to tell you so listen up." he locked his eyes onto the ground as he tried to get his words to come out. "I've been looking for you for months but no one knew what happen to you so I started to think the worst and the worst part is-." He gripped his chest and moved his eyes to her as he held back his tears from falling. "...When I needed you the most you weren't there and to top it off you never think how your actions affect me.." midway through expressing his true feelings tears ran down his face without stopping, as each word that came out let his caged emotion-free.

#6Isabella King 

on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:17 am

Isabella sat at the table she was at for a very long time. She kept replaying the scene of how T.K. reacted in her head. She felt hurt, sad, angry, happy, and every other emotion under the sun. She wasn't quite sure why but she was. SHe looked up to stare at Vul who was called up into a ball next to her empty drink. She just sighed in despair before she heard someone speak to her. It was the one person she didn't want to speak to but at the same time was happy he came to find her. He spoke about how he felt after she left and it tugged on heart streams a bit. She completely understood where he was coming from but she had a side to her story as well.

"T.K. I completely understand your emotions and why you feel that way but I had to leave. I needed answers to questions I had which I quite frankly still have no answer to anything I have been wondering. It's frustrating which is why oi left to a quiet town to think and figure things out. I felt bad for leaving you which is why I came back, I know I can't fix what happened in the past but at least you can try to forgive me for the past so we can live in the present?" Isabella said having tears fall down her face. Vulpix was awake and even whining from the heartfelt conversation he was sitting between.


on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:48 am

Now that he heard Isabella's side of the story he wiped the tears from his face and tried to calm himself down but his frustration with her was just too much for him or was it something else that made him feel this way? Some of the people that passed by seemed worried about them but kept on about their day, the sight was not something that people would see at a such a joyful place. "I understand your right am sorry...Mother and father would not approve of either of our recent actions." he went to pet Vulpix as he let out a small sigh I never thought we would get in a fight like this..it's actually kinda funny. he thought. The young knight felt that he should make up for attacking Isabella somehow so he brainstormed of thing to do to say sorry when it hit him She would love that! so he started to walk away.

TK signaled for her to follow and assuming that she did follow him he would lead her to candy apple stand he passed by before "I have so much to tell you I don't know where to start..." TK went on to tell her about his adventures while looking for her first fight and his cool new scare on his chest and some details about the wedding "Promise we won't fight again." couldn't help but think back to how all he could think about was whether or not she was okay. He took a bite of his apple as he waited for a reply hopefully it wasn't to much for her to take in at once.

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