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Let's do our best! [Training: Hatsu]

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Let's do our best! [Training: Hatsu]  Empty on Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:17 pm

This time there were no distractions, Barry needed complete focus today. He had sent a message to Hatsu to meet him where they were training last time. The young man had asked him to train hum before but they had found themselves struggling to make an appropriate date to start training. On top of odd schedules, Barry had been distracted by his new desire to become a hero and protect everyone close to him. He had been thinking about all of his friends. They were all capable of protecting themselves, some having defeated powerful enemies in battle not long before the festival and for doing so he was incredibly proud but he still questioned his own strength. Sure, they could fend for themselves but he wanted to be a shield for them so they wouldn’t have to fight so hard again without back up.

That was why he needed Hatsu. Barry wasn’t going to be able to always tag along with them and one day he may even die in the field. So, he wanted to train someone who could protect the others, or rather he wanted to train Hatsu so he could protect Akira. She was a tough girl, but if there was anyone who could protect her from herself it was him. It wasn’t that Barry felt her to be crazy or anything, but there was something about her lately that made him worry. He wouldn’t mention it to Hatsu just yet, for now the young man would be under the impression that this was just another shot at training. There was also another lingering question on Barry’s mind that he wanted to asks the young man as he seemed well versed in these things.

At the moment Barry was waiting atop of a rock at the end of the river that flowed towards the festival. It was still a wide open area and they could do plenty of training. Instead of wearing Armor in hand Barry held one of his Gis. The one in hand was blue, the one he preferred wearing, it was his favorite but he wanted to give it to Hatsu to train in since it may drive him to bulk up and fight harder.

Barry’s attire right now was similar to the one he prepared for Hatsu, or rather it was something new he had decided to try on as he had got it from a tailor. The gi was green and the lower section was long like the blue one but marked with several red and blue symbols. On his right arm was a green band with a similar marking to the one on the front of his gi. His pants and wrist bands were blue and his boots were green.

His arms were crossed infront of him and at the first sound of Hatsu his ears perked up, “Hatsu, we have alot of people counting on us. People we love.” he said solemnly as he looked over the river, “This is why we must train.” he jumped off of the wrong, turning in the air and landing in front of the red-haired male, “This is why I want you to train with me, not just to get muscle but so we can find the strength to protect everyone.”

He held up a hand to his fellow knight, if he took it they’d have a firm, locked handshake before getting to business.

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Let's do our best! [Training: Hatsu]  Empty on Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:23 pm

Every morning since the day Fenrir gave him the armour, Haru had walked up to the river wearing it and practiced swinging his sword. Of course, none of his swings were perfect and maybe he was even in the dangerous path of practicing it wrong and making bad habits. Thankfully, that was where Fenrir would step in and he was ecstatic when he received the message from him.

Grinning widely, he wore that heavy armour like instructed, picked up his lightsabre and headed towards the same part of the river where they met last time. Fenrir was already there; Haru admired his punctuality. Seeing him approach, the man jumped down to face him and spoke in a sincere tone. The healer couldn’t agree more to the words he heard, and he nodded with passion. “Yes!” he said, realizing the implications of his statement. Not just muscle, he had said. Indeed, he needed to be strong both physically and mentally. “I’m willing to go through anything so long as I can get strong enough to protect those in need,” he said, expressing his strong determination.

Not just Akira. Not just the ones he loved or cared for. The young swordsman wished to help and protect every innocent one in the world. A goal that he knew was impossible; he knew he couldn’t be everywhere he was needed. Nevertheless, he wasn’t willing to give up on the dream. He would work the baby steps and maybe, someday he would figure out how to achieve the final goal. Haru wasn’t one to not take that first step, out of fear that he would never reach the end.

With his armour on and the inactive hilt at his hand, he stood in front of his trainer, ready to go through hell if that’s what it took to become the man he hoped to become.


And he did go through hell for most of the day, but he fully embraced the philosophy of ‘no pain no gain’. With every inch of his muscle aching because of the intense training, he finally left at sundown to get a good night’s rest so that he could do it again the next day.

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