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Evening Times, Ties to Doubt.(Open)

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Evening Times, Ties to Doubt.(Open) Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 4:33 am

It is the time of day most people where either trying to either do one of various things left to note and not really mention. Judina for the moment seemed to have a slightly different it was a sleepless night. She had a lot on her mind still even if with letting a few things off of it there was things that kept her mind awake sometimes.

As such Judina would use it was a excuse to stay awake and be aware of any problems around her. but it was also a cover since she had a sleepless night reading the book she carried. But also questioned in the end would this all be worth it?

Would all this effort equal out what she was intending to do, after all as much as she put into it this point she knew she would not know what she would achieve? Judina knew she was overclocking herself so much at this point it left her to wonder when did she stop herself? even if this was trying to be a break at this point it wasn't for her. Her mind for moment set it's self into a stage of high stress and unsure thought, IT would only get worst from the fact she couldn't.

This long and strong will front was weaken for Judina at this night and she knew she could not hide away, She would have to deal with the emotions she hide and controlled herself not to feel for so long with in that moment of her break.

She sat on the ground while she had found no one else really around her, Even if she heard other people around and no too fear away they were most likely doing other things, She would try to see if meditation would help her.

But it did not, anything she had tried had not helped so she got up at the ground and looked upon the clear the evening sky.The moon and stars thinking maybe looking upon the beyond would help her could do, Slowly tuning what was around her away for the moment to just clear her mind.

It for the moment was small effort that only did little she would forcing herself to try and focus on something else so she would not cause anymore problems that she could assume would happen so she could just continue working.

For the moment reality and what was going on around her was tuned out to a large degree, slowly in that deep thought it would be weird if some one came to talk to her with her tuned out to reality, so far with the evening it had not been noticed or really wanted to speak to her yet this even it is a settled evening waiting for the time to past, maybe if enough time had finally managed for her she could sleep but for now she just couldn't. The stars and the moon where wonderful.

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Evening Times, Ties to Doubt.(Open) Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 10:25 am

The night was young and restless, as was Barry! With his night training complete he was on the prowl for some fun during the festival. As expected plenty of food stalls were still open so on top of training he was able to get a tasty meal of fresh hot noodles with a splash of hot sauce. It was a lovely meal that singed his nostrils but man was it good.

Silently he walked through the festival looking around at the many games and people that seemed to still be enjoying it despite it nearing peak hours. There was much to do and many games to play but tonight Barry just wasn't in the mood for fun and games, no, he wanted to relax a bit and enjoy himself.

Making a pace to the outskirts of the festival he had found a mildly quiet place, the buzz of the festivities significantly lower here than other areas. With his cup of noodles in hand, he'd unlid it and took a whiff. "I'm gonna slurp you so hard," he spoke to his food, unaware of the meditating figure on the ground.

His attire was his usual training garb, his favorite blue gi, blue pants, orange wrist and ankle bands, and black shoes.

Just as he raised the cup to his lips to sample the broth he'd take a small sip of the broth as the spicy scent of his noodles took the air.

"Mmm, you look so good tonight." he flicked a noodle with his tongue the flavor tantalizing his taste buds as he felt himself get a jolt of pleasure from the quick action. He'd take the sole noodle in his mouth lips pursing around the strang of doughy goodness and slurped it, head veering back as wetness hit his chin and lips. He couldn't believe the amount of spice in this cup.

Taking a moment to catch his surroundings he'd finally pay mind to the person sitting there. "Hey buddy, you okay?" he walked over to them with a mouth full of noodle before looming over them, "Odd place to sleep." he'd tap their head with a finger.

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Evening Times, Ties to Doubt.(Open) Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 11:23 am

Leo Darwin
Leo, was far from finding a peaceful rest. No matter how many times he tried, it was impossible to calm himself enough to sleep. Instead, he decided to embrace the new found energy that kept him awake. If sleep was impossible, then he assumed that being productive would be the next best thing.

After quickly adjusting his hair to his liking, he set out for the festival. The buzzing positive energy made him smiled brightly. He loved every second around the place. He walked up to each and every booth, making sure to greet everyone with the same smile they had given him. His happiness and excitement was through the roof and he was maybe enjoying himself a little too much.

Eventually, his intense feelings lead to another energy serge, bringing him only farther from sleep. He began running around aimlessly, giggling like a toddler. Of course, him of all people needed a babysitter. Still, he continued his childish fun. He found small groups of child who couldn't even tire him out. He played for what seemed like hours without tiring.

Soon the amount of kids playing with him thinned as it wasn't normal to have a 23 year old man playing with a group of children. However, Leo was satisfied with how the night was going. It was calm now, and it seemed the festival was only now just beginning. He enjoyed every moment still. But not long after, there was a new call for him. His stomach rumbled and growled. It begged him to eat the entirety of the stock of noodles. He was prepared to do so, but restrained.

A cup of noodles would have to do since Leo was a tad bit broke. He let the aroma fill his nose, making his stomach long for the savory noodles even more. However, he didn't want this delicious moment to go to waste. He examined it, just making himself seem even weirder. He didn't care, because now his world only consisted of him, the noodles, and his increasingly pressing need to eat them.

Slowly he touched his mouth to the cup, making his mouth water with anticipation. As the noodles and broth entered his mouth, he savored every second. Despite this, it was only moments until he had completely devoured every hint of noodle in the cup. He sighed. slightly disappointed. "Whatever, I'll come back tomorrow!" He delightfully tossed the cup into a near by trash can, continuing his aimless adventure around the festival.

Soon though, his adventure lead him to the outskirts of the festival. It wasn't hard for him to spot a bright blue uniform standing over what appeared to be someone sleeping. The choice was already made for him, before he could even figure out what was happening. "Heyo!" He yelled, pacing toward them. "You guys enjoying the festival too?"

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Evening Times, Ties to Doubt.(Open) Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 12:23 pm

Her quiet zone out looking upon the stars seemed to have slowly came to a pass she mind came back to reality from some one tapped her on the head. Which she found strange on who would be most likely brash, worried or even what she could consider stupid enough to do such a thing.

Slowly looking up Judina realize it was a man eating a cup of noodles and shortly after being. Some one else seemed to have also hopped in.Being called buddy was strange but then again it was better to answer then just leave him to wonder long with the question along with another person."Well, I wasn't really sleep. I was mostly tuned out." Judina mentioned to the first man whom had spoken to him and loomed over her.

Judina was almost tempted to fake knock said dish out of his hands mostly for the simply reason was the looming over her was actually was comfortable to her but was not not the type to be so rude for now however would be be if anything would start to bug her it. Judina really did not want to mention anything else really even if it could maybe do her some good to let some emotions out.

She would take her time getting up, even taking the time to dust herself off in case there was any that lingered on her. Since there was two new people she wondered what these two were up too and why they both chose to go towards her. So internally she would keep that in mind, but generally with two stranger going towards her she did not consider it a good sign either, So far it was good they both seemed harmless.

"What brings either of you during this time of day?"
She mentioned just to figure and start learning what was going on with either of them. Hopefully nothing to dangerous and harmful because well simple reasons really.

Now she had to wonder where she left that book she was reading as well, realizing maybe it was better she did not try to remember her book was such a thing was not important if they ended up nosey about anything going in with her.

But for the moment since she was more then ready for the talk the three of them could have. After she had gotten up, she took a few steps away to make be around the man eating food not really as close as she was to him. Any close she may mention something but for now Judina had been able to deal with them both and where they were it would all in the end rely on how the strangers acted and where around her, taking the time to learn the apperence of the one who loomed over her, while waiting to see for the person who would not be too far away.

But considering what was going on at this point it did not seem like the time that she wanted to be around for the moment now, After all having some one eating food in front of you, That was a bit more then she considered dealing with for the moment.


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