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You are NOTTE the Father!

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on Thu May 17, 2018 10:53 am

Death is just a five letter word. Those were the words that always seemed to be the first thing she would remember. It didn't matter what life, or how many times it happened, it was always there. She had forgotten his face, but she would never forget his voice. It lingered in the back of her mind and when it spoke, all of the restless souls fell silent. She had stopped asking who he was a long time ago. Whoever he was, he must have been the one who gave her this curse, and even if he was, or wasn't it wouldn't change a thing. The life she lived now, was her own to take.

"Prrrr...." She snored, the hand of her master lightly stroking the small skull of the animal as she rested in the lap of her master. A lot had happened. A lot had happened . . .

"But what to make of this world." she said softly to herself. "What to make of a world that does not love itself."

She had been sitting on the ground beside one of the many stalls of the festival. She had her legs crossed, her white animal in a vibrant contrast to her dark black dress, as well as her own snow white hair. She held an expression to that of sorrow or sadness, while she felt no emotions herself.

Who would find her today?

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#2Notte Giornata 

on Thu May 17, 2018 4:22 pm

Finally getting the basic's of Spin Notte felt like he needed to go and just relax now he thought that it might just be that he's homesick but he just felt like being alone for a bit around but he was in a festival there was probably not even one place to get some peace and quiet, he was walking throughout the stalls bored out of his brain trying to find some stimulation for his brain and his nervess but alas everything was way to complex for brain, well in this state anyways the Spin that Notte learned wasn't like his normal spells it was pretty draining it he didn't think in his current state he couldn't learn another spell like that, maybe he could but not as strong. Eventually, after walking for a while something caught his eye, looking more closely it wasn't something but someone! Looking even closer it couldn't be he couldn't believe his eyes, the girl had white hair and her legs crossed. "Hey aren't you that girl who runs that dunking booth?" Notte had a flashback about how he embarrassed himself by not even being able to throw a ball at a target "Um you ok?"


on Thu May 17, 2018 10:03 pm


~ "Mother?"

"I am not your mother."

"Then what do I call you? Do you have a name?"

"I do not remember my name. You may call me what you wish."

"Then I wish to call you my mother.

It was an echo. Two women stood before each other. Both of them identical, save for their voices and their eyes. One had eyes full of hope and wonder, beautiful brown eyes. The other had eyes of pain, and loneliness. She had demon-like eye eye and a strange gold eye. It was the first time she had reached out to another soul, but it would not be the last.

"Huh?" she came back from her day dream, looking up at the pink haired man. Out of all of the people she had met at the end of her day, he seemed to be the most normal, or at least, mortal. The girl was most likely dead, and the other was Shura, the offspring of her former master.

"Yeah why?" she'd say again, answering the question with another odd statement. "Do I have something on my face?"

She was curious of it all, and with it would learn her next emotion. Curiosity. For now she would harbor these feelings and later learn their names and purposes.

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