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Flowers That Bloom In The Night [Social/Open][Christian]

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#1Thorn Vancarr 

on Tue May 01, 2018 8:30 pm


Orchidia was sickeningly beautiful, even more than the last time she’d been here. Thorn didn’t know whether it was the extra dose of flowers, the streamers with lanterns on them, the bright magical lights, or the obnoxiously happy people wandering around her. Seriously what was with these people? There was hardly a person who didn’t have their purse on their hip or even behind them, easy for any pickpocket or purse cutter to go at. Good thing for them that she was below such petty thievery. Honestly, she wasn’t even planning to do anything illegal here, the Curse Mage was half here to make money on the contests, half to well, enjoy herself. It was an odd thing for her to do, usually ‘enjoying herself’ meant a night in, reading a book. She hadn’t enjoyed herself this way in well, a long time. That didn’t include going to bars or enjoying warm company of course. But it had been so long… She was going soft, but even the meanest of mercenaries needed a break every so often.

So she was here, amongst the people and their joy, all alone. After drinking with Jeremiah, doing a job with Audrey and adventuring with Lilja it was odd to be alone again, though he had been for the last six years. Shaking off the unpleasant thoughts she adjusted the yukata she… acquired recently, rather proud of her choice. It was a beautiful piece of oranges, reds, whites and a few other colours with patterns of cranes on flowers on it and the obi, a glove over he bandaged demon hand. It reminded her of home, but the assemble was missing something. There, in a game stand! A beautiful white flower headpiece! She wanted it, but hated to spend money. Should she steal it? No, the sign says that if you won the first time you didn’t have to pay either. Thorn smirked to herself, the cork gun game was most definitely rigged but that just means she would have to do some cheating herself. She paid the smirking man and lifted the wooden long gun, secretly putting a curse on it, strengthening the cork as she aimed for her prize and shot.

Uh oh, she had strengthened it too much. The cork went flying with a noise and hit it’s target, sending the headpiece flying until it bounced off the back of the stand and flew over her head “Dammit!” She yelled, not dropping the gun in time to catch it. Watching it fly blank-faced it landed straight on some poor unfortunate souls head. She almost, ALMOST, smiled then looked at the vendor who was too shocked to look back so she assumed she won. Strutting over to the person she stood behind him. “That’ would be mine.” She says shortly, hand folded over each other formally like she learned as a girl.

#2Christian Zane 

on Tue May 01, 2018 9:20 pm

Wow! What a nice festival. Everytihng was so nice, and happy, and fun, and most of all: SAFE. Zane was sure that absolutely nothing that would bring harm to his personal self would occur at this particular event, no way possible. He was completely protected from all forms of harm here, right? No pain would be felt, not like that time he got a bone through his shoulder! Haha.

But luck, as time proved again and again, was never quite on Christian's side. At least, not the good kind of luck. but in the end, who wanted bad luck? And if you wanted bad luck, is it truly bad luck at all? Confusing questions about philosophy aside, Christian was hit with something really hard in the back of the head, and fell down, hurt. He was actually stunned for a second, before opening his eyes, regaining his composure as he looked up to see a black-haired woman holding her hand out. Christian was never quite the talktative person, but boy he sure would of had a lot more words to say right now if he had a grasp on his own condition.

The girl seemed to want something. "Huh..?" he asked, as he looked towards the girl. "That's what you tell a near-unconscious man..?" This was bound to be one of the more interesting encounters he would have, something he had not quite experienced since the town of Baska way back in the fall.

#3Thorn Vancarr 

on Thu May 03, 2018 10:33 pm


The yukata-clad woman almost rolled her eyes at the man’s complaint. It was a man, yes? It was hard to tell their height, sprawled out on the ground as they were and looked rather slim with blonde hair in a ponytail. Looking a tad closer at the person who currently held what she wanted, Thorn raised an eyebrow. Yes, it was a boy, a young one at that, maybe someone in their mid-to-early teens. She almost felt bad, but there was never time for such emotions in her heart. After all, time was money and she wanted more.

But it wouldn’t do if he made a fuss, there was already a bit of a crowd growing from the display and attention was the last thing she wanted. Bending down, folding her yukata under her in a ladylike fashion as she went, Thorn struck out a hand to lift the boy’s face by his chin, turning his head to inspect him and ignoring any squawking he made. There was a slight bruise (well, okay, not SLIGHT but whatever) on the place of impact from what she could see and maybe a few more from the fall but she wasn’t about to check for that. Then she paused in her inspection just for a moment, finally noticing his ears. An elf? They used to be huge in the slave market before the new ruler put that down, more for their eternal beauty than their nature skills. For a moment before she let go of his chin their eyes locked, yellow on blue and intense before she ruined the moment with a snort. “Suck it up, your fine. It’s just a little bump elf boy.” Thorn says tartly him plucking the white flower pin out of his lap.

While she adjusted the new accessory in her hair she assessed the people around her. Many were frowning at her in various levels of disapproval. Well, this wouldn’t do. Grimacing a bit the Curse Mage let’s out a sigh. “Look’s why don’t I get you tea or something as an apology? My… treat…” She said the last part through gritted teeth simply because she hated to spend money. But she didn’t want to make bad impressions so soon in this place.

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