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Look at all the Colors [open][Festival]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

on Tue May 01, 2018 5:24 am

Rishi had been wandering around the festival, looking for people she might know. There had been so many different people around, but they all seemed to be having so much fun that if she walked up to them, she would be ignored. She was looking for someone to talk to, someone that she had either met before or someone who seemed nice enough to approach. Venus had been standing next to her looking around in all directions, taking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells around him. She was sure that the small companion had never been to a festival before, and this was a learning experience for the both of them.

The grey-haired girl had been wearing her colorful kimono today, it being blue and covered in flowers of all different colors. It had almost matched what the festival had looked like, having many flowers and lights of all kinds of varieties. She was amazed by what she had been seeing, and it was nothing like she ever could have ever imagined. She was happy that her time would be spent here rather than anywhere else in Fiore. It was a beautiful place, and that was enough for her. She scanned the crowds until she had finally seen someone who had seemed fairly friendly. She had ran up to them, her wood sandals clinking on the stone streets. "Hey there, is it okay if I uh... hang out with you? I'm kind of out here alone, and you look nice, so I just figured..." she trailed off seeing if there would be a response.

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#2Silver of Sin 

on Tue May 01, 2018 5:50 am


Orchidia is awesome. Flowers are awesome. Food stands are awesome. Festivals are awesome. The Orchidia Flower Festivals filled with food stands are just great all around in Silver’s opinion. Being from Sin these kinds of festivals were not all that unusual but even with being new to Fiore he hadn’t been to one in years. Wearing a grey and black yukata and walking around, Silver figured looking at the blinking lights, yummy looking food, cool trinkets, and fun game stands was always a blast no matter what country you were in. Ditching family drama was a plus no matter how guilty he might feel over Phoebe being worried about him. If she even cared at all, it was hard to tell since she could be rather stoic around him.

Shaking off unhappy thoughts Silver hid a grin behind a fan he bought as she checked out pretty girls who passed by him along with the beautiful embroideries of their yukata’s. His love of sewing and cooking was a little secret of his, other freelancers would never let it go if they know, and he planned on getting a few new ideas while he was here.

Stopping to look at a display of yukata discreetly Silver was surprised to find someone speaking to him. Embarrassed at being caught the swordsman steps away from the display and looks toward the speaker. “Hm? Were you talking to me?” He questioned in a polite but cheerful manner, grey eyes widening a bit as he takes in the shorter person. Awww it was a kid, he loved kids! Well, not in a creepy way or anything, in the way people liked puppies or babies. He was fond of kids and liked to think he’d be a good father in the distant future.

Crouching down to her level the sixteen-year-old puts a soft smile on his face. “Hi there, did you get separated from your parents? You probably shouldn’t hang around with strange guys, but I’d be willing to wait here with you if you want. I’m Silver by the way, you don’t have to introduce yourself if you don’t want to though.” He says with an easy grin, trying to not treat her too much like a child. That never went over well.

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#3Ri Brighte 

on Tue May 01, 2018 9:37 am

Another day, another time that he'd visit the festival. The mage didn't exactly know when it would end, since the flier he'd gotten hadn't mentioned that- or maybe, he just missed it- but, just to be sure, he'd go to the grounds for as many days as he could. After all, it's not every day that there is a huge flower-themed festival, that serves all kinds of sweets and food, and has musicians and fireworks- Does it even have fireworks? The young man didn't exactly know, but he hoped so. Fireworks are nice, they bring people together.

With that said, the mage's yukata was washed, and ready to be used. And what better way to use it then to go and find other people to enjoy the festival with?

The wooden sandals clanked against his foot as he walked, and he could have sworn he had gotten a few weird looks from the people walking by him, but he ignored them, instead focusing on the beautiful blooming flowers that surrounded him. His hands rested on the sash that held the whole robe together, and he silently thought about what to do. He was alone, so meeting new people might be something good. Then again, he didn't really want to disturb anyone who was out with their friends, so he might as well look for anyone who's just like him- alone.

"Hmm..." He mused, as his eyes then laid on the festival's official gate. He entered the grounds, and he continued to look around, in silent hopes of finding someone who's alone- Aaand that thought just went out of the window. Spotting his short, but rather good friend, Ri made his way over, gently running a hand through his loose hair, to try and make himself a bit less nervous. What if it wasn't her? That'll be bad. On the good side, though, he might meet someone new. Not a good first impression, but- eh, who cares? After all, friendship is a long road, not a short one. That's a bad metaphor. He might as well start talking now.

"Uh, Rishi?" He asked, "Is- Is that you?" He was quite unsure of his words, that was clear, but once the girl gave him her attention, his face would have brightened up, instantly. "Hey! I haven't seen you in a while!" He'd speak, his trademark smile soon returning.

#4Rishi Namatzu 

on Tue May 01, 2018 7:43 pm

The man she had walked up to seemed just a small bit younger than herself, yet way taller. The girl didn't take it as much of a surprise that the guy was much taller than her, seeing as she wasn't going to get much taller. What really bothered her though was how he was talking to her. He seemed to think that she was a small child, and that was something she really didn't appreciate. She had been called a kid a few times before, but this just brought it over the top. "Excuse you, sir! I'll have you know that I'm 17 damn years old, sure as hell not some 8-year-old child who needs to be watched over." She wasn't sure why the man would assume that she was a little kid, but just as she had finished her sentence, she had heard a familiar voice behind her. Before she would turn around though, she would apologize to the man saying, "I'm sorry, I overreact sometimes... we can still hang out right?" and with that, she turned around to face her old friend from Magnolia. "Hey there Ri! It's actually nice to see you here today! Didn't think I'd be seeing you all the way out here. I guess the festival really did bring people from all over."

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#5Silver of Sin 

on Tue May 01, 2018 10:41 pm


Silver almost snickered mischievously at the pout on the little girls face over his words, though he hoped she wouldn’t cause a big fuss. Then those emotions were swept away into a comedic shock at the girls next words. Silver’s face must face been a sight to behold, grey eyes wide with shock, mouth wide open like a fish and he found himself leaning back in his crouch a bit, arms up in surprise. “You’re a year older than me?!” He splutters out. He pauses for a moment to take the girl in. She was much, much shorter than him though no that he looked closer it was a mistake on his part to assume she was younger than, say, twelve. Giggles bubbled up his throat at the thought of this small person being his senior and the idea that he actually mistook her for a small child. Laughter really started to escape when he recalled both of their reactions. He was a good enough sport to be able to laugh at himself, let alone the cute reaction of the girl in front of him.

Silver’s shoulders became to shake with the laughter, eyes filled with glee and hand over his mouth to try to keep some of it in, rather unsuccessfully. “Ooooh my gosh, I’m pfft, so s-sorry, hehe… I can’t believe I actually, pfft… you look so l-little though, haha! And-and your face! My face! Hahaha, I really am sorry- my mistake really- pfft!” The apology probably sounded less sincere than he meant it to be since it was between bouts of giggling after all. He wasn’t trying to be mean, he just found the situation hilariously ridiculous. Or maybe the recent stress was finally getting to him. Either way, he was left crouching on the ground, trying to breathe and calm down at the same time.

That finally started to happen a bit when she spoke her next words. Wiping a tear away Silver was able to reply. “No problem, you can probably tell I have the same issue sometimes.” The swordsman says, grinning up at the girl. “Though you may not want me around now that you’ve got a friend here.” He notes, looking over at the handsome blonde, noting that the girl's name was Rishi and the boys… Ri? Was that a nickname? Ri, Rishi, how confusing. Getting up from the crouch the teen puts on hand behind his head and with a sheepish expression on his face, he greets the newcomer. “Hi there, I’m Silver. I’m not in your way or anything, right?” He glances down to Rishi. “I’m technically trying to avoid my sister and I don’t know anyone here so I’d be happy to have some company… as long as I’m not a third wheel or something.” He finishes with a casual stance, hands inside the sleeves of his yukata and a teasing grin.

#6Ri Brighte 

on Wed May 02, 2018 9:18 am

As he got closer, Ri could now see the other person, that the girl was talking to. He gave him a small wave as well, as he parked himself right next to Rishi. At the man's sentence, he merely shrugged, "I mean, I'm not intending on sticking around for long. Just wanted to get some food, and then go back home." He spoke, with a smile. As he looked at the man, he seemed to be rather tall, but either way, shorter than him. In all honesty, he couldn't really tell if he was a man, or a woman, but he wasn't going to ask.

Instead, when he gave his name, Ri figured out by himself, and gave a soft smile, "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Ri." He replied, crossing his arms over his chest. The younger man seemed quite nice to be around with, but alas, he couldn't stay here for long. There's quests to do, and food to eat.

"In the way? Not really." He shrugged, "Aaaand, if you're trying to avoid someone, I suggest you go to to the- uh. I can't ever remember it's name, I swear. It's basically this place where you eat inside, but it's not a restaurant. It has to be around here somewhere, probably in the middle of the grounds."

With that said, Ri's smile didn't falter as he patted the girl's shoulder, "I'll be off. It was good to see you again, Rishi." He spoke, before giving a quick wave to the two, "And it was good to meet you too, Silver."

And, with that all said and done, Ri headed towards the food stall, his hand already reaching into his robe to pull out his wallet.


#7Rishi Namatzu 

on Wed May 02, 2018 10:24 am

Rishi had giggled a bit. The two guys had seemed to be getting along well, and it was nice to see how easy it was to make new friends. She looked up at the both of them talking through the middle of the conversation, seeing if there were a place where she could jump back in. It seemed not though, and as Ri had said his goodbyes the girl only waved, feeling like she had nothing else to say to him at that time. It had been back to just the two of them now, and she wasn't sure what to do. Normally there was something else there, something that would make things less awkward, but she couldn't recall what it was. It was something... small? She thought for another moment before she interrupted herself with, "Well I'm Rishi, nice to meet you," and she stuck her hand out for a handshake. Just as she had finished talking, she had finally remembered what it was she had forgotten. She had looked up at Silver and said, "Oh! I forgot my companion at one of the stalls! I hope we see each other again soon, and I do apologize for leaving so suddenly. Bye!" and with that she ran off, her sandals clinking with every step.


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#8Silver of Sin 

on Wed May 09, 2018 1:23 am

Still recovering from his bout of laughter Silver wipes a stray tear from his eye and grins at the taller man. “It’s nice to meet you Ri, I’d really like to do the same thing, excepts it’s an inn for me. It was almost impossible for me to get a room with a festival going on.” He finishes with a chuckle. The swordsman then cocks his head as he listened to the smiling man’s words. “Uh, yea I know what you mean but I forget what it’s called in Fioreian. Thanks though, I might take you up on it. Though honestly, I don’t actually think she’s looking for me.” He comments with a shrug, then another grin. They all seemed to be smiley people it seems. “It was nice to meet you too Ri, I hope we meet again someday!” Silver comments as she man leaves, waving at him as he disappeared into the crowd.

There was an awkward silence as the woman he called a girl stood beside him. Silver tried to hide the fact he was eyeing the designs on her when she turned to him and offered a handshake and her name. He smiled and parroted her greeting as they shook hands. Then blinked at the abruptness of her departure. Aww, was he being left alone again? At least he found a good place to hang out. Shrugging again he says. “No problem, I hope you find your friend. Have a good time at the festival.” Then walks away, disappearing into the crowd.


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