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Cult Spy [Quest|Barry and Rishi]

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Cult Spy [Quest|Barry and Rishi] Empty on Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:29 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been silently awaiting the time for her to begin a conversation with someone. She had been ignoring many people lately, and today would be the day that she was going to finally say something to someone, awakening her social side again and getting back out there, meeting with new people and doing some new things. She hadn't been moving too much lately, and Venus had been helping her out with all of the things she needed, such as cooking. She had been eating a lot of meat lately, considering that was all Venus could really cook, and she had been getting a bit sick of that as well. It wasn't that she didn't like her companion's cooking, it was just that after a long period of time you get tired of just about anything.

At this time she had been walking through the streets of her hometown, and she had been looking for something to do. Since she had become a B rank more people had started to notice her, and the grey-haired girl found that a bit surprising. There had never been so many people who wanted to talk with her, but all they really wanted was to ask her questions about herself, and since she had become a vampire, she really did hate talking about herself. She looked around to notice someone talking to... the guard captain? The man who was talking to him didn't look normal, so she figured she'd go take a look.

She walked up to the man and tapped on his shoulder the best she could, saying, "Uhm excuse me sir... what exactly are you doing?" Venus had been pawing at the girl's leg, trying to get her attention. She pushed him away gently, trying to focus on what the man was going to say.

Tags: @Barry
Word Count: 303/3000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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Cult Spy [Quest|Barry and Rishi] Empty on Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:26 pm

Barry sat alone in a park in Magnolia without thinking a single thought other than what he was going to be eating this weekend. He was bored, really bored, and it felt like the quest in this region, nor just this city, but the entire region were needlessly difficult and too much work for something so stupid as gaining fame among the locals of the various regions of this well, place. It made no sense to him why he did all of this work with so much gusto and grace. He was damn good at doing most of what was asked of him but that was just that he was sort of good. He couldn't get it together regardless of who he worked with, he just couldn't wrap his head afound things. It was kind of a drag really, there was such a big place in Fiore in Magnolia but everything was so boring and plain. He needed to get himself together but he couldn't be bothered to do anything but yawn to himself every now and again.

He'd rub his eyes and yawn as he'd shut his eyes and think for a moment. Thinking about the calm of the region, the peace he had been finding and where he was going to go from here. He needed to get lucky one of these days, he needed to think to himself and do better for himself. He needed to work alone, he needed to keep at his normal pace and show RK that he was worthy of being in their fancy little club. It would be a hard road but it was one he was more than willing to walk alone as soon he would find his way back into the ranks of the blue knights, sooner rather than later. It would take alot of determination though.

Determination was a trait that Barry did not lack, he was good at keeping himself motivated when he wanted to though at times it seemed he could be a little discouraged from doing certain tasks. He should have known better than to think of what was going to happen if he does this himself. He wanted some pizza sauce more than anything but of course there were noodles to slurp. Maybe he could open a produce stand in Fiore one day. That'd be nice, Barry's produce and knick nacks that's what he would call it.

He rubbed his hands together and smiled to himself, he was pretty stressed about the idea but if he couldn't get back into RK there were ways of getting back into the group without getting back into the group. Produce, it was simple, he'd stir the discourse and poke the rifraff, drive up prices on the poor and make the rich/guards, even more stupid and high browed. Eventually the lower crass will revolt and he would be at th center of the chaos as the man in charge would eventually have to act on his own potentially losing his life.

Once again he had found himself speaking to another client for another quest he'd soon forget, though this time something odd happened, a tiny question from a tiny person. He looekd down at the woman with slacked eyes before shrugging, "I'm about to do a job, you trying to get some jewels kid?"


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