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Visit The Hermit [Quest: Asura]

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Asura Nightshade

Much to her relief, Asura finally had the chance to venture slightly out of the city. Albeit she was still in Magnolia, she was now going to the East Forest, located within it. The blonde stopped for a second and breathed in the scent of nature that engulfed the premises. Oh, how nice it felt to finally be out and about, within the wilderness, away from people, away from the noise and commotion, to just be free for a second, to be one with mother nature herself.

Though, it was a moment that Asura could relish in, she had to snap herself out of it as she remembered the real reason she had even come to the forest in the first place. It was yet again, another quest that she was assigned to do. Asura glanced at the box in her hand that she knew contained food and was heavily curious to take a peak inside. However, the blonde stopped herself and continued on her way into the woods and towards the path that she had memorized before starting the journey.

Apparently, this box had to be delivered to an old hermit that resided in the forest. No one knew what his name was, just that he was called the 'old hermit' by everyone who knew him and this box was given to her by Khalash Saton, her client who happened to be the owner of the Magnolia Drug Magic Shop. Apparently, the two were friends and had an agreement of sorts wherein Khalash would send food to the hermit that lived far away while the other collected special herbs for him to make magic potions with. It was a win-win situation for both and while normally, Khalash would do it, he had some preoccupations, namely a foot massage scheduled for today and so he had asked someone to help him. Needless to say, Asura was sent to deliver the food and bring back the herbs for Khalash. From what she had also been told, the two were friends and Khalash genuinely wanted nothing in return but the hermit had insisted which led them to their agreement. Fair enough.

The blonde had left Rei at the inn yet again, not seeing any particular need for him to come along seeing as she just needed to deliver a parcel. And she didn't want him to waste his energy especially, with the recent news she had received of the raid that the Rune Knights had to do on Phantom Lord. She would be heading for Oak soon along with the other Knights and for this and Asura wasn't sure how she felt, just that she hoped that they could come out of this victorious.

In her deep thoughts, the woman hadn't realized that she had reached far into the forest and was close to her destination. In the distance, she could see a large tree with a door on it and remembered as that being what the hermit's house would look it. She reached the door and knocked on it, standing outside, hoping that she was at the right place. Not even a few seconds later, she heard a gruff "coming" followed by footsteps on the other side. As soon as the door was opened, Asura was sure she had come to the right place as this man definitely did look like a hermit.

"Hello, I'm here to deliver the package from Khalash Saton and to collect his materials." The hermit looked at her skeptically before eyeing the box in her hands. He nodded, gesturing her to come in. "Thank you for taking the time to bring me this." He said, taking the parcel from her as he went inside a room and came back with another. "Here are the herbs. Be sure to give it to him. Oh, and have this too." He handed the blonde what seemed to be an old licorice root. "This is very good. Considering you walked such a long distance, this will hopefully rejuvenate you for your tread back." He smiled at her as Asura took both the herbs box as well as the licorice. She bowed to him and left the house, sucking on the licorice root. The hermit was right in that it tasted really well and Asura could feel her energy rise up. What it did, she was unsure but she felt a little stronger maybe? Asura merely shrugged and continued her tread back to give Khalash the herbs. She reached his shop, finding him as she beamed at her continuously thanking her before giving her the reward. Khalash looked at the plant in her mouth weirdly, and asked, "Where did you get that?" Asura shrugged and replied, "The old hermit gave it to me." Khalash shrugged his face in thought as he exclaimed that it was a rare one and very hard to find. He wondered where the old hermit got it from.

Asura merely shrugged yet again and left the shop, thanking Khalash as she went.

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