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Crashing Into You [Ceseria]

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#26Ceseria Walderkat 

on Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:59 pm

While Ceseria was eating she listened to what Snow was saying. The food was too good to let it get cold. She knew that it was against normal manners to eat and talk at the same time but she was a knight and they didn’t really care for manners when they were hungry like a horse. She was always a bit boyish and not super feminine like other girls. She wondered if that was the reason why she was mostly avoided by the girls of the town. She didn’t know for sure but it probably was like that. It seemed that this Snow wasn’t like that and she liked that about the girl. She seemed to be very well mannered as well. To bad for the food hopefully, she didn’t have to eat it cold.

Snow knew some greetings in two other languages that were quite interesting to her and fascinating. She was listening carefully and then replied with a question. “Could you teach me one? It would be handy as a rune knight to greet visitors from another country after all”, she said with a passion and looked at Snow with a fierce gaze. Deep inside a voice was saying that she maybe would scare her away or freak out but the now and here was totally ignoring it.

It seemed that this Snowflake had even an acquaintance in the rune knights that she was willing to introduce. But sadly she didn’t know where she was right now and Ceseria was a bit sad about that. Snow had ordered even more food and she wondered how much this girl could eat. “Well that’s too bad but it doesn’t matter will meet her eventually I guess”, she said to Snow and continued eating.

The north is a nice place, I think I have to head that way too since I need to be in era? I am not sure, but if I have too do you want to travel together?”, she asked Snow and wondered what she would answered. From her eye corner she was noticing some weird peeps entering the restaurant.


on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:33 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The female would slip a spoonful of rice and sweet and sour pork into her mouth, as she silently enjoyed the rich flavour of the dishes that were presented before her. Foreign meals were different from what she would normally have on a daily basis, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, she could see herself eating more of these and trying out new dishes in the near future. Nevertheless, the desserts in Fiore would still be the best she’d ever tasted. ”I could, but I don’t know what you’d learn from me,” she spoke with a chuckle. ”I hardly know much about the languages myself.” Her gaze met the knight’s and she could see sternness and commitment behind her emerald hues.

”If I ever meet someone who’s willing to teach, I’ll make sure to pass them your way.”

Despite her petite figure, Snowflake had always been a big eater—she’d gone on numerous cases of binge eating, and that’s how females should be, instead of choosing to go on those weight loss programs where one would call diets nowadays. Women of voluptuous types had always been attractive—or so she considered, and she wouldn’t reason why most men would target very strongly towards women of those kind. People should have the audacity to eat whatever they want, without worrying about people’s opinions, but that was simply what she felt. She just simply hoped Ceseria wouldn’t find her too strange for having such a large appetite.

”Oh, I’d love to. Having someone to travel with is always a blessing.”

That was the truth. The icy beauty never enjoyed travelling alone—time always seems to pass by much slower, albeit, after having Chelvaric and Draco tag along during her travels, her journeys have been much more tolerable than most times. Just as she was about to take a sip of her corn and chicken soup, something very unexpected occurred, stirring up the environment of the restaurant into chaos.

#28Ceseria Walderkat 

on Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:51 pm

Ceseria was enjoying her plate she was listening to the girl in front of her. She was enjoying the meal and the company of the girl. Everything was going perfectly that she wasn’t noticing the darkness that was approaching to them as they were casually talking further. It seemed the girl didn’t know much about the language and said it would be best if she contacted someone else to teach her some language. It was nice of the girl that she would send people to her to teach some languages to her. She was so friendly and nice. She smiled brightly to her and then continued eating. She was enjoying the meat the most as it was really salty and nice it was so good to eat and it would touch her tongue like a little piece of heaven had fallen onto it.

Yes, traveling with someone else is always better than alone. You can always talk a bit then. We can do some girly talk then”, she said smiling and then suddenly heard a shout coming from the front of the shop. She looked over and two-man were dressed with masks over their heads and they had cut holes into them so that they could see. It looked quite funny but the situation was dire. They were holding up the restaurant and screaming to give the money to them. everyone was cowering on the ground as the robbers were swinging their guns around like some buffoons. They were quite annoying and Ceseria was already ready to take them out but she couldn’t act as they had hostages and they could hurt someone. They were in quite the pinch here and it would take a bit of time before they could act onto the action that was happening right now. She was cursing and whispered under her breath to Snow. “Let’s wait and see we can’t do anything till the hostages are safe.”, she said softly and waved her to be calm. They couldn’t panic in a situation like this. The lives of the hostages were at stake after all.


on Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:50 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Girly talk?”

Having heard words that were foreign to her ears, Snowflake tilted her head slightly to the side with her brows furrowed. Supposedly, the definition of the word probably meant some gossip that females would have among themselves—or so she assumed, but what do girls actually talk about? She didn’t have many whom she was close with, nor had anybody to share the so-called ’girl talk’ with. Even with Alisa; one of her most trusted friends, most of the time, the two would be busy catching up with each other or just simply involved in some kind of competition. Was that considered girly talk? Indeed, she was curious. ”…Sorry, what do girls normally like to talk amongst their friends?” she wanted to heed advice from this knight, in hope that Ceseria would be able to enlighten her with answers somehow.

Perhaps, the information might be useful later during conversations.

The frosty maiden wasn’t one to be engaged in a conversation for so long; she didn’t see the point of it, thus, she would quickly get her answers to her doubts and that would most likely be the end of the conversation. Although it wasn’t much of a big to her, she certainly wished she had better communication skills, then perhaps, people might not be so reluctant to approach her. Just then, the glass door barged open, shattering in the meantime as the sudden turmoil grabbed the attention of the customers inside the restaurant. Her eyes quickly glided over to the scene, where she saw a couple of men dressed entirely in black; black masks, black jeans and black leather jackets. Were they dressing up as twins? But, that wasn’t the point. From the look of these men, there were terrorists, the scums and the thieves who had succumbed into violence due to their own greed.

Snowflake remained calm, as she usually was, despite the entire situation. As the robbers entered the hall, the one in front pulled out a shotgun and aimed it at the people in front of him. Panicked, some screamed, shivering in fear while others quickly retreated onto the floor with their hands above them in defeat. The demon was aware that if she caused a scene at this moment, it would only cause the lives of the innocent people around them. Quickly, she motioned Ceseria to follow her lead as she ducked onto the floor. ”Stay still for now.”

#30Ceseria Walderkat 

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:16 am

Ceseria was looking at Snow for a moment as she asked what girly talk was. Ceseria didn’t really expect this question so she was a bit perplexed by the question. She thought for a bit about it as she wasn’t super sure what was considered girly talk herself. It was more a spur of the moment saying. Well, she guessed it would be mostly about boys and clothes and other beauty stuff. “hmm, I am not an expert or anything but I think about makeup and clothes and boys are the main things girls talk about. Oh and relationships. Maybe this is out of the blue but are you seeing someone right now? If you have like pet peeves with them another girl is the perfect person to let some frustration out about it.”, she said to Snow and thought a bit more about it. Yeah, she would use another girl for those. It wasn’t important enough to actually bother your partner with it directly since it was just small things. But letting steam off was always a good thing.

That was the normal thing she was thinking about before the bandits had entered the place and disturbed the normal mundane lives of these people. She had to remain calm and handle the situation she was a knight after all. The two-man started to get the jewels and jewelry from the people inside the place and they always went together. She poked snow slightly with her finger so that the men couldn’t see it and whispered to her in her lowest voice possible but not too quiet as Snow still had to hear it. “When they’re both here we should jump them. There is no one else close by so we could overtake them before they can do anything.”, she said to Snow and couldn’t wait for an answer as they were coming to them. She would just hope Snow would follow her or start the attack herself.


on Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:10 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake averted her gaze out of embarrassment. ”I see…” was what she said. It wasn’t as if she had many things to talk about regarding to boys, for she only had one person whom she had ever been interested in. It was a strange moment, for someone like her—emotionless and cold—to fall in love with a person that was of the complete opposite of herself. Feelings had been foreign to the girl, but slowly, she came to understand what love was, anger, jealousy and happiness. Some were bitter, nevertheless, she was still grateful that she was able to experience them all. ”Yes, I am seeing someone else,” she felt proud admitting it for some reason, and she couldn’t be more elated that she was dating the man of her dreams.

”Thank you for your suggestions. You’re very kind.”

Letting one’s own frustrations about relationships to someone else was something she considered very private and she couldn’t see herself doing that to anyone else, albeit, she was aware that it was often done by females of her age. The demon was a very reserved woman and it was apparent that she didn’t like sharing anything about herself to strangers, seeing how she would even hide herself when walking among the crowd. If the person was someone whom she considered close, perhaps that might be a different case. Quite impossible to believe but Snowflake had always been a good listener, and whether or not she provided an answer to their frustrations, people would often come to her to complain about their daily lives—not that she cared, but at the very least, they might feel like they’d released a burden off their chest.


As hell broke loose inside the restaurant, the thieves began to rummage around the place, stealing purses and wallets while the citizens were forced down on the floor. The one who had the gun approached a waiter and demanded the location of where the money was kept. Without any hesitation, the waiter had to comply and pointed to the reception desk. ”When they come near us, we’ll do our—“

”What’re you guys acting chummy chummy about? I said don’t talk!”

The first thing that Snowflake noticed was the brown boots and as she looked up, she’d see a masked man with a gun pointed at her face. This was her chance, she thought. Her left hand slammed against the shotgun, causing it to slip it out of his hand while she hastily climbed onto her feet and thrusted her fingers right into the man’s throat. It was a move that could possibly kill someone, but even if it didn’t, they were bound to fall to their knees, choking from a deadly attack of such.  

#32Ceseria Walderkat 

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:57 pm

The men came near them and Ceseria was looking at Snow if she was going to act and it seemed she would as she was talking to her and saying that she would do something. But she didn’t know what because she got interrupted by the man. He was quite rude and annoying and it was quite frustrating to her. But Snow was up in a few seconds and had already grabbed the man’s shot gun and pushed her fingers into his throat. The man was gasping to air and fell down quite quickly. Ceseria didn’t waste time and jumped onto the other man. She pushed the shotgun up to the ceiling and shot it twice so that it was empty she then headbutted the man into his face making his nose break and blood flooded out after which he fell to the ground unconscious from the hard hit.  

She was quite proud about what she had done and felt the rush of the moment still lingering in her body she felt invincible and the people in the dinning place were cheering loud for them. Ceseria walked up to Snow and looked at the man at her feet, not knowing if he was dead or alive. “that was quite the fast action Snow. I couldn’t keep up at all but nice work!”, she said to the white-haired mage. She grabbed the cloth that was laying over the table next to them and bound the unconscious man's hands together very tight. “Someone go get the Rune Knights and tell them what has happened here. To bad our dinner got interrupted so suddenly. But it was nice to work alongside you and I would love to meet the man who could tame such a strong lady as you.”, she said with a smirk and chuckled to her self.


on Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:22 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake watched the man stumble onto the cold hard ground, his hands grabbing to his own throat as he struggled to breathe. His face grew crimson and veins would emerge by his temples, as if his face was on the verge of bursting. The man then collapsed onto the floor, and whether he was dead or not was none of her concern—he could just be conscious, but that was her assumptions. After all, he deserved the attack for putting the lives of the innocent people at risk. Just after she’d dealt the blow, Ceseria seemed to have caught the act as well and jumped onto the man that approached next. Stunned by the mages’ reflexes, the criminals froze in their spots and exchanged glances amongst each other, before fleeing out of the restaurant.

It wasn’t that much of a problem, since they’ve already caught two of the culprits. The Rune Knights could gather enough information from the two—not to mention, the one unconscious on the ground was the leader of the gang so she couldn’t deny that she acquired a good catch. ”You did well too,” said the female, returning the compliment to the blonde. The customers including the staff, who had to remain cowered in fear of their lives regained their composure once they were assured that they were safe and sound. She could see the relief on their faces, as they clutched onto the loved ones while one of the waiters scuttled out of the restaurant to gather the Rune Knights for the investigation of the incident.

Their precious meal was interrupted, and she’d frown slightly as she turned to look at her dish. It had probably gone cold, the female thought. Though she wouldn’t have minded to continue her lunch, it wouldn’t have been the best idea considering what had happened and the restaurant might be busy with all the Rune Knights sooner or later. ”And I will make sure that day comes soon,” she replied, her hand gently resting on the other female’s shoulder. Her lover would be excited to hear the story what happened today, especially the lovely yet interesting encounter. ”I must go, for now. I promise we’ll see each other soon, along with the one whom you’re so curious to meet.”

Snowflake approached the counter and rolled a couple of jewels, more than enough to pay for all of the meals that were ordered including her new acquaintance before she bid farewell and meandered out of the building.

{ EXIT }

#34Ceseria Walderkat 

on Fri May 11, 2018 11:29 pm

Ceseria was quite impressed in how Snow had dealt with the tugs in the place they were eating. She had scared them away with her skills and not much later they had fled out of the place. She bowed to Snow to show her gratitude for helping her maintain order and law in the city. She seemed to be a very upright citizen. Snow said that she would bring her man soon to her so that they could meet. She couldn’t wait as it could be her brother. Her long search would finally be over. But she couldn’t get her hopes up too much since he could still be someone else.  Still she couldn’t lose hope now!. She said bye too snow and watched her leave the place. While she would remain here till the rune knights would come so that she could inform them of what had happened here. Too bad that their dinner was interrupted by some felons. But it wasn’t something you could plan or prepare for in the end so she pulled out a chair and sat down on it while she waited for the rune knights. In the mean time she had the time to go over everythting that had happened so she could explain it.


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