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Keryth Torvan's Sheet

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on Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:09 pm


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on Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:43 pm

The Basics

Keryth Torvan


4th May, X769






Kirito - Sword Art Online

Well, Lookie Here!

5' 10"

57 kg


Keryth is an odd one among the elves. While most elves have light-coloured hair and eyes, both his hair and eyes are completely black. This set him apart from the rest of the elves during his early years at the outpost. Keryth is lanky and extremely thin, and this makes him very light on his feet, helping him during all his sneaky activities. He is always wide-eyed and smiling, giving him a very innocent look, and he exploits this to its fullest potential. His long and pointy ears are very close to his head and are usually hidden behind his neck-long straight hair. The young elf keeps himself well-groomed and is extremely up-to-date with fashion. He aspires to be a rich nobility and spends way too much time picking the right attire for the right occasion. However, whenever he is out doing his shady business, he usually wears a simple black t-shirt and black pants to keep himself less visible in the dark. His armour and gear go over his black attire, and he strives to keep them as less flashy as possible.

I'd Rather Be Shiny...
Keryth is the last person you would want to watch your back. The elven boy cares not for anyone but himself. He is a thief to the last bone and has no honour. Everything he does is for his benefit, and if he is willing to help you, that means he is expecting something from you. You get nothing out of him for free, unless maybe if you are dying. But even then, if it means he has to put himself in danger to help you, he wouldn’t take the risk. The young elf had grown up to be extremely sceptical of the world. He believes no one is capable of truly caring for another person, and he shouldn’t either. His view of the world is more towards pessimistic pragmatism.

Even at such a young age, money---or lack thereof, during his childhood days---had had quite the impact on him. According to him, the entire world runs on money, and whoever accumulates the most, has won at life. He had witnessed the luxuries, privileges, respect, and admiration that come with being loaded, and had made it his goal to become the richest nobility in the continent. This obsession with wealth and status quo had made his moral compass extremely wonky. More than to say he doesn’t care about the others, it would be accurate to say he doesn’t even think of others when he is chasing after his goal. This is especially true when it comes to people who are not significantly powerful or wealthy. He only dedicates time to those who could possibly give him something of value.

Nevertheless, despite all this, the boy is soft-spoken and respectful towards everyone under normal circumstances. After all, he wishes to be nobility, and he can’t be famous if people don’t find him charming. This is not to say he pretends to be nice; he genuinely wants people to like him. Only, he won’t do anything out of his heart to actually deserve it.

To Keryth, fighting is an absolute last resort. He always attempts to wiggle out of harm’s away without having to rely on violence, mostly using his wonderful innocent act he had mastered over the years. However, if it absolutely comes down to a fight, he does not hesitate to go all out. He tries to avoid taking any lives; not because he values it, but mostly because murder charges are a lot harder to evade compared to thievery.

Money: Anything he does, he does for money. He is tired of the second-hand rags and toys he grew up with. He wants the best and best costs money. So long as he doesn’t get too involved in anything extremely messy, the elven boy doesn’t care what he has to do to get the money.

Admiration: Having served the elites of his race for more than ten years, he had witnessed the amount of respect and admiration they receive. Keryth believes he can achieve such a status if he accumulated enough money.

Tsk Tsk...
Rune Knights: He wants quick and easy money, and that never happens when he does everything legally. So, when he does end up doing something shady, these pesky righteous cops come in his way, all the time. Keryth finds the Rune Knights extremely annoying and often pulls pranks on the naïve ones, just because.

Scars: Keryth does not like scars; not on him, not on others. Especially if they are on any of the very visible parts, like face and hands. He thinks scars will make him look scary and ugly, and that will affect his chances of becoming famous among everyone.

Be Noble!
Nobility Status: His ultimate goal is to become a noble and have an extremely luxurious and easy life. He hopes to accumulate enough money to build his own castle, have personal servants, and throw parties for his elite group of friends. The goal is all he cares about; it doesn’t matter to him how crooked and shady the journey to the said goal might get.

Abort Mission!
Poverty: An empty purse is one of the worst nightmares for Keryth. He would probably go hungry for a week if it meant he had to give the last penny for a slice of bread. It is literally his compulsion to keep some money in his purse at all times, no matter what the circumstance might be.

Incarceration: It’s not easy to become a nobility when you are known throughout the country as the worst thief. He fears getting caught by the cops and being imprisoned, thereby ruining his chances of gaining respect and fame among the commoners. He would do anything to escape the binds and keep his reputation unblemished.

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on Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:01 am


All That Glitters Is Gold
You could say Keryth Torvan is one in a million among the elves, and not in a good way. He was born to two poor elves who struggled to make ends meet. The kid had hated everything about the elves as far as he could remember and was a complete pain to the community since the day he could walk. He defied everything that his race stood for. From defiling the sacred trees to hoarding possessions, he was the worst example among his peers. The annoyance and displeasure towards him from the older elves got to him slowly, but surely. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t change his ways. He was such a hopeless case that he was assigned to three different trees since his birth, and he managed to ruin all three of them by the time he was ten years old.

Despite all the hatred towards him, there was one girl who still stuck around him; Zyra. She was an extremely sweet and innocent girl who believed Keryth wasn’t all that bad. The boy, however, took full advantage of her innocent belief. He would use her as distraction while he snuck into stalls and stole their valuables. Fortunately for Zyra, she was the first-born daughter of one of the most prestigious noble family in the outpost. So, she was mostly spared from any punishment, while Keryth was not so lucky. This made him extremely envious of the influence nobles had, and slowly, the obsession to become a noble himself began taking him over.

When Keryth was thirteen, Zyra invited him to her home tree for a birthday party. When he arrived at the nobility’s tree, he could see the vast difference in size and aesthetics compared to his bland, small tree. The desire to gain fame and respect seeped further into his heart. At the end of the birthday party, with Zyra by his side, he took a full tour of her tree house. Keryth noticed a small ornate wooden box sit atop a carved branch in one of the chambers. The rich and beautiful design of the box captivated Keryth and he stepped towards it with his hand extended to touch and feel the innate carvings on it. Just when he was about to touch it, Zyra’s father walked in and screamed at the two young elves, asking them to get out of his chambers.

As Zyra rushed out of the room, Keryth bowed slightly and apologized with a smile before walking out of the room. However, asking him not to touch it only piqued his curiosity further. Now, he wanted to know what was inside the box. But he knew he had to be patient. So, he waited until it was the middle of the night to return to Zyra’s tree. The boy snuck into the chambers and picked up the box. Just then, he heard someone behind him. He swiftly turned around, fearing that he was caught by Zyra’s father; but it was Zyra herself. He sighed in relief and managed to convince her that he just wanted to see what was inside, and not to steal anything. The poor girl believed him. “Let’s see what’s inside this thing out under the moonlight,” he whispered to Zyra and the two young elves snuck out.

Before he could open the box however, the two were spotted by the adults. Unlike other times, this time, the older elves seemed terribly mad and were chasing Keryth and Zyra with extreme vigour. The more they tried to prevent him from seeing what was inside, the more he became inclined to believe that whatever inside was extremely valuable. He began to wonder what kind of a hypocrisy it was to stop all the elves from material possessions, while the nobility held onto artefacts of such great value. His anger towards the elven way reached its peak and he ran with the box, away from the outposts. Zyra, having no other option, ran along with him, and the two somehow managed to escape the outpost and reach the nearest human town.

Ever since, Keryth, along with Zyra, had been on the run from the elves. The two never stuck around any town for too long. They did odd jobs to survive. But Keryth promised himself that he will one day amass enough money and power, become a nobility, and lead a carefree luxurious life like he always wanted.

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on Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:18 am



Rogue Rags

Name: Rogue Rags
Class: Common
Element: None
Durability: 1x B-rank
Details: A green hoodie, black gloves and boots.

Set: Rogue

Full Set Bonus:

  • User receives +10 Speed.
  • Assassins and Tricksters receive an extra +5 Speed.

Dagger of Time

Name: Dagger of Time
Slot: Weapon
Type: Dagger
Class: Legendary
Element: None
Damage: Base Strength +60
Durability: 1x S-rank


  • Hilt: 20 Centimeters
  • Blade: 30 Centimeters
  • Handling: 1 Hand
  • Description: A legendary dagger created with the magical Sands of Time, allowing its wielder to reverse time itself. The exact origin of the dagger is unknown; however, since the Sands of Time were created in Desierto, it's likely the dagger was too.


  • None


  • Name: Reverse Time
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 400
    Requirements: Dagger of Time
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: None
    Range: ~
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: While holding onto the Dagger of Time, its wielder can reverse time. Each 400 mana equals one post being reversed (to the previous post of the user). Each post that is reversed is considered invalid and both users continue from the post that the Dagger has reversed to.


  • Post 1, John's turn: John lunges his sword at me and attempts to penetrate through my shoulder.
  • Post 2, my turn: I have no time to react to this and get stabbed. I quickly jump back to prepare myself for another attack and respond by shooting a spell at John.
  • Post 3, John's turn: John is really good and easily manages to use a spell to deflect my spell and reacts by dashing towards me, closing the gap, and using a large scale spell right at my chest.
  • Post 4, my turn: I know I'm screwed so I use my dagger and pay 400 mana, this equals one post reversal time which means that I will be placed back into Post 2. Everyone is frozen and time is turned back for everyone. Everyone is aware that time is being reversed. The other person may now do a different action and is no longer forced to take the same action they did before which was trying to penetrate you through the shoulder.

Rogue Dagger

Name: Rogue Dagger
Class: Common
Element: None
Damage: +8 Strength
Durability: 1x B-rank
Type: Dagger
Handling: One hand
Details: A 30 centimeter long dagger.

Set: Rogue

Full Set Bonus:

  • User receives +10 Speed.
  • Assassins and Tricksters receive an extra +5 Speed.



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No Magic

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3 Completed

0 Completed

0 Completed

0 Completed

0 Completed

0 Completed

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You Made It! Sorry...

Your Offer Pleases Me


Are You For Real?

Wow! Must Be A Real Pest.

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