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Black Heart [Private]

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#1Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:18 pm

"Please." Nate's masked face moved closer to that of his victim.
"I don't want your pleas, I want information." From behind the skull-like gas mask the growl reverberated tenfold, a grating rasp that almost called the terrified man's ears to bleed.
"I don't know anything." The man whimpered. Nate sighed.
"That's a finger." A dull snap, a shrill scream. "Now I'm going to ask you again, who are you working for?"

Nate's knee was firmly between the other man's shoulder blades, pinning him to the floor of his own ugly, run-down apartment. The curtains were drawn, something Nate had done before the target had arrived, the door handle had also been ripped off after he'd walked in. The informant was at Nate's mercy, with no risk of interruption. Nate's smoking red eyes filled his vision.

"If I tell you I'm dead." Nate twisted the man's arm, folding it until his wrist touched his elbow.
"I am not a man you want to disappoint." The whimpers crept into the corners of the room, filling the darkness in its entirety.

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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:53 pm

Phoebe sighed, still in Magnolia, there wasn't much progress in her ideas and traveling plans. She held on to her purse and looked left and right before she crossed the street, it was a cold day but it didn't bother the fire mage. There was even more snow in Magnolia than a couple of days ago when she saw King last. It brought a smile to her face but at the moment she should focus on other things. She turned to look at the footprints in the little bit of snow that was around, she turned to look up at the windows but there wasn't anything interesting. It even started to snow again, which was quite a contrast with her raven black hair now that the world was turning white again.

Soonm it would start to snow even much more and there was no bar or coffee store around so she looked around where she could stay for a few minutes. Last time it started to snow like this, she slipped and hurt herself; which was already very embarrassing. She wouldn't want to do that again, she noticed a door of a gallery that was open and she entered. It looked very shabby, the stairs, the apartment doors and she definitely didn't like the idea, it was gross here. But it was something and she remained in the well lobby of this apartment building to stay away from the snow. She stood next to the door to stare through the dirty windows towards the street.

#3Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:11 pm

Nate broke the informant's other arm and straightened up. He had what he needed. Small amount of information, but at the end of the day, he wasn't a major piece on the board yet, not even on Grimoire heart's radar. Probably for the best. He paused to consider as he dragged the whimpering body across the living room towards the cupboard. The shadows around him swirling like smoke. He slammed the man into the tiny room and crouched, pressing a shadow laced finger against his kneecap.
"What you told me tonight has bought your life. But you need to remember, that I found you once. I can find you again. There is nowhere, from Fiore to the blackest pits of hell that you will be able to hide if you tell anyone about what happened here." with a brisk motion, Nate shattered the man's kneecap. He screamed, but Nate had the room silenced. He could scream all he want. Nothing would happen until he crawled out of the cupboard with his one working leg. It would take him a while, enough time for him to be gone. Nate slammed the door.

Once the door was closed, he fixed his attire. Demonic black armour and a skull gas mask was all well and good when he was in character, but it was a terrible look for the streets of Magnolia. The shadowy armour melted off of him, unveiling the crisp black suit beneath. The mask vanished, opening his scarred face to the stale air. He brushed a hand against his eyepatch to make sure it was straight before slicking back his white hair. Time to leave.

He stalked across the room, took hold of the handle and stepped out onto the landing.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:21 pm

It didn't seem to stop snowing and Phoebe sighed, perhaps she should just give up and stalk through the snow. After all she was a fire mage and it wouldn't stop snowing anyway. Which also reminded of her accident a few weeks ago where Sekiya had to point out that fire would come in handy. She had not thought about it, she barely thought about it; atomatically using her magic to warm up her body, so she never felt cold. Which was easily visible as she wore a short black leather jacket and underneath a lilac dress that reached around her knees. It was the heels that made her afraid to walk outside in the snow. Even with her fire power, it still could be slippery.

She stopped daydreaming as she heard a door upstairs and she turned to look at the stairs, okay she would already prepare herself for apologizing, no one would like to see a stranger in the building she assumed, especially not one that was staring sadly outside. So she took a deep breath and clutched her hand around the purse she was holding. She wasn't afraid but she also would like to avoid disasters, so her lilac eyes turned to look at the door for a second, maybe she should quickly slip out but well she wasn't doing anything wrong at the moment. So her eyes turned back to the stairs, I'm going to stand my ground, she thought to herself.

#5Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:42 pm

Nate froze in the doorway, hand still on the handle. For a brief moment he considered making a move. There wasn't much distance between them, he could clear it within less than a handful of seconds and put her head through the window. Job done.

Then the soldier portion of his brain shut off. This wasn't wartime, and not everyone was an enemy. Gods, he'd been running for such a long time he was considering assaulting strangers. Was enough to make him sick to the stomach. Instead, he gave the raven haired woman a kind smile.
"Evening. I don't suppose you know who lives here? I came to meet my friend, but it seems he's not in. You've not seen him have you?" As he spoke he closed the door behind him and locked it with the copy of the key he'd had made up. Had to make it look as though this 'friend' had given him a spare. He tucked the key into his pocket and drew a cigarette from the one beside it. He lit it with a curt flick of his silver lighter and took a slow drag.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:56 pm

Phoebe opened her mouth to immediately say something, especially because the person that she could see hesitated but she didn't know where to start. She only came here because of the snow and that sounded so weak. However soon enough the stranger smiled at her and she lowered her shoulders, she hadn't even noticed she was so tense and had sort of protected herself for nothing in general. For crying out loud if she was going to act like this she should sure return home, poor you, darling. She thought to herself but it felt so weird to think. She tried her best to not shake her head for her own thoughts and simply smiled back, see there was no need to go all defensive.

"No sorry, the door was open and since it started to snow, I came to consider a strategy." she couldn't help but move her right foot so that she was standing on the heel only, having the front part, toe part up and moving it a little from left to right as she was turning on the heel to show her actual problem wasn't much about the snow in general, it was abuot the slippery consequences that it came with. "No one came in or left but I'm only here for about five minutes at tops?" that was the best guess she could make.

#7Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:12 pm

"Ah" Nate maintained the smile "not to worry then. I'll just pop back another time." He inclined his head slightly as a pseudo bow. As he turned to leave however, he paused. "There are better places to shelter from the cold than this dingy little corner." Being careful to keep his hand out of her line of sight, Nate ran a finger along his palm. The shadows within his jacket slithered out, coalescing into an umbrella, which he then held out for the young woman to see. "Care to try and find a more comfortable spot?" He made sure to turn his head so that she couldn't see the scarred eye. Silly as it was, he didn't much care for people staring at it. The one wound he was the most eager to hide. "I'm going out in the snow myself, so it would be no trouble to accompany you. Assuming you don't mind of course."

The offer was genuine, and not just to get her out of the building. Though he was no longer a knight, the chivalry was something he still maintained. Granted however, there was only one rule about manners concerning women, the rest concerned killing people.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:21 pm

Phoebe nodded when the stranger answered he would meet up with his friend another time, "Let's hope you have more luck next time." she turned to look outside shortly, oh great it was definitely snowing a lot more than the moment she had turned inside. She believed their conversation was over, it was just being friendly as they were strangers and well she didn't want to bother him or anything, basically not knowing each other was the issue. However she heard him speak again and turned her face quickly to look back at him. "Ah I bet, and something warmer." which was strange to say but she wouldn't be able to use her magic all the time, at some point the energy was gone. She was now suddenly craving a hot coffee or tea because that would warm her up in general as well.

She looked at the umbrella that she hadn't noticed before but than again she had not been staring and thus could have easily missed that, "Oh well I don't want to be a bother but that sounds like a nice plan." She still worried a little about the snow on the ground and her heels. Sometimes she had to tell herself to give up on heels, especially in winter! Nah it's fine, darling. She rolled her eyes as she looked outside and turned back to the stranger, perhaps it was a good moment to introduce herself than. But before she could say anything, she heard him first say that it would be no trouble, "Well than I would like to come along." She smiled happily, "I'm Phoebe by the way, Phoebe Rainsworth."

Perhaps she could heat up the sole of her shoe and make sure she would be save in walking, she could at least try. She nodded to herself and decided that this was indeed a better idea than staying here in this place.

#9Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:35 pm

Nate lead the way down the narrow staircase and out the door. With a flick of his wrist he opened his ever so subtle shadow umbrella.
"My name's Darius Flynn." Nate replied, stepping out into the cold.

It was a crisp winter night. The icy cobbles beneath his feet glistened in the moonlight, as snowflakes spiralled down towards him. It was a beautiful clear, winter night. He exhaled a thin cloud of smoke and took in a breath of the clean air. Cold enough to chill his lungs. Sometimes he missed spending out of the shadows. But then he remembered what would happen if he was ever caught, and it was most likely for the best.

"And where might I be escorting you to Miss Rainsworth? It is Miss isn't it?" His smile took on a slightly more wry note at that. No harm in indulging in his character a little more. Darius needed a little more than just a watered down version of Nate's own personality. That and if he was going to stretch his legs for the first time in several months and spend some time with another human (and one he didn't want to strangle at that) he was going to enjoy himself.

#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:47 pm

Phoebe followed shortly and kept the smile on her lips, "Nice to meet you." she answered when he introduced himself, which was a pretty name. Even though she didn't feel the cold, she shivered, it looked very cold. She was glad that it wasn't daytime this meant that there were less people on the street staring at her bare legs. At some reason she knew she was asking about it because who would wear a short dress in the winter but still, it felt like some stupid thing if people stared at you because of that. Enough people were mages and no one was surprised about that? She took a step outside and stared at the icy cobblestones, this was going to be an amazing adventure; not.

She took a short but deep breath and focused on changeling her magical energy toward her feet, hoping it wouldn't destroy her heels, but she didn't feel like falling. She was so focused on her footsteps, to make sure she wouldn't fall that she had not noticed at first that Darius was talking to her. The question if it was Miss Rainsworth made her blush and remember the date she had had with King about a month ago, "Ah yeah it is." She frowned and took another step, "I think there must be a cafe or bar a couple of streets away. I don't usually get to this district of Magnolia but jobs take you to places." Which made her unfamiliar with places around. She pointed to the left as she was sure they would walk back towards the centre of Magnolia through that way, if she remembered correctly that's where she had come from late this afternoon on her way to do a delivery job for the cake store.

#11Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:56 pm

Nate's criminal brain kicked in for a moment, and he just about managed to keep his eye from narrowing.
"Jobs? What line of work are you in?" Being in Grimoire had increased his paranoia by more than a little. There was a particularly loud voice at the back of his head screaming 'Knight'. There was no evidence to point towards that conclusion, but he was grabbing at it all the same. The ball was rolling, how much did she know, did she recognise him? Was she urging him to go in this direction to lure him into an advantageous position? The terrain was tight knit, the streets were narrow and fairly straight, she could have a firing squad lined up.

Then he stopped rattling off theories and opted to wait. He'd been in combat too long, and on the run for longer. This was Fiore, and it wasn't a warzone. Though he was out of the major loop he was in a number of the smaller ones. He was sure no-one was looking for him, and even if that was the case, he was pretty sure he could get away if he needed to.

#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:12 pm

"Oh I wouldn't call it a line of work. I take some jobs here and there when people are asking for a mage. I thought about joining a guild but at the moment live seems to work out this way, I get into a town, make acquintances and they offer me jobs, I just finished a cake delivery from the cake store in town." Phoebe said, perhaps she was talking a bit too long about it, but how would someone else explain it? Just quest wouldn't fit the whole ordeal about it. She looked shortly at Darius and gave him a smile, "Sorry I'm not the best at descriptions. The cakes are great though, you should try them out some time." She mentioned before she quickly looked back at the ground again to make sure she still wouldn't slip from the icy cobblestones. Tomorrow Pheebs, we will go for sneakers, Which was only normal as she had her running shoes that she used mostly in the morning as she would go for a morning run. Apart from that she had a pair of all stars and flats but mostly she had heels. Most of the time she would wear her bright red ones but now she was wearing the black ones again, the ones she had bought last month. It was a miracle her feet weren't killing her yet, but she was thinking about that too early.

She almost lost her balance but quickly took a second step to refrain from falling over, yeah heels in winter; wonderful idea. "Are you in a Guild?" she asked curious because she had not met many people that were in a guild. Actually only Jeeroy and he was a knight if she remembered correctly.

#13Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:03 am

Good thing he held fire on the second wave of paranoia, would have felt like a fool otherwise. He shook his head in response to her question however. Another lie, but one had to maintain on pain of death.
"No, no Mage guild for me, the writer's Guild perhaps but they've not taken me on yet. So currently solo, much like yourself." He felt the seal on his chest tighten. Probably wasn't real, but felt as though someone was clenching a fist through it. Crowley wouldn't dare though. Too much risk of rubbing guildies up the wrong way if he started puffing his chest a little too much.

Cake delivery and other small tasks was the extent of her 'mage' capabilites by the sounds of things though. There was probably more than she was letting on however, so best to keep cards close to his chest still. Not that he had played any yet. Nor was he going to in this particular game.

"I'll bear that in mind." He smiled "always fond of a good dessert." The best desert was cheesecake and there was no debate on the matter.

#14Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:03 am

Good thing he held fire on the second wave of paranoia, would have felt like a fool otherwise. He shook his head in response to her question however. Another lie, but one had to maintain on pain of death.
"No, no Mage guild for me, the writer's Guild perhaps but they've not taken me on yet. So currently solo, much like yourself." He felt the seal on his chest tighten. Probably wasn't real, but felt as though someone was clenching a fist through it. Crowley wouldn't dare though. Too much risk of rubbing guildies up the wrong way if he started puffing his chest a little too much.

Cake delivery and other small tasks was the extent of her 'mage' capabilites by the sounds of things though. There was probably more than she was letting on however, so best to keep cards close to his chest still. Not that he had played any yet. Nor was he going to in this particular game.

"I'll bear that in mind." He smiled "always fond of a good dessert." The best desert was cheesecake and there was no debate on the matter.

#15Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:23 am

Phoebe told herself that it was nicer to look at people when they were talking to you so she tried to keep her eyes away from the cobblestones, praying shortly not to fall. Embarrassing was definitely not what would fit her anymore, "Oh how interesting a writer!" her mother had been a writer, "Do you write books or like magazine articles." she realized that she was being too bold in her question, "Oh I mean, sorry I don't mean to pry." But yeah it probably made her searching for her mother feelings tingle a bit. Not that she had that as a priority. She probably more enthusiastic than she even had expected from herself. Normally she used to have this neutral expression but the last couple of days that changed, perhaps because of King his influence.

"I bet there are more interesting jobs than delivering cake or help spread flyers for a bath house but I get free cake and bath house visits and sometimes I won't say no to that." She tried to say with a giggle, "But yeah Olly's cake shop is great. I bet they have every flavour and sort, so perhaps your favourite as well." not that she had any idea what it would be but Olly had a lot and if he didn't, it might interest Olly to make it.

#16Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:39 am

"To be perfectly honest, I tend to lean towards whatever I can get paid for writing. Bills first, art second sometimes." There was a small amount of snow accumulating on top of the umbrella, he gave it a brisk twist and the clumping snow slid off onto the ground. The majority of it wasn't sticking, so it didn't look like there'd be much coverage tonight. Perhaps if it continued, but ice seemed more likely, there were already patches of it forming in the gutters. "And you're not prying, it's a perfectly reasonable question." He glanced at the corners of the street for a moment. Had that been something in the shadows? Or was it just him. His shoulders tensed slightly, preparing just in case. Just marginally, barely noticeable. Muscle memory kicking in again.

"What's the phrase concerning grass and all that? I'd imagine there are better jobs out there, and a great many people working them who think otherwise." He shrugged "Truth be told I've not taken up many lines of work. Not much experience with dream jobs and the like." Both truth and lie, Darius was taking on more of a voice.

#17Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:27 am

Phoebe nodded at the answer and wondered, she wasn't that well informed about the writing industry to call it like that. She was more informed about the fashion industry and the beauty industry. Which made her realize that she would sound like a shallow person, which was definitely not what she wanted to do. She just had to tell herself that she knew better. "My mother used to write for the Sorcerer Magazine." She said without thinking about it, it even surprised herself. She had only told Regis about her mother to get a connection with him. She still wondered from time to time how it would go for him or where he was, which was a good question as well.

She couldn't help but laugh about what Darius said, "That is very well said. I would like some more adventures. I definitely don't look like the adventure type in this dress and heels but yeah I rather have something thrilling than delivering cake." She nodded, "Is it because you try to write? That you barely have time for jobs or simply nothing interesting?" She asked curious again, it had been a long time ago that she met someone new, someone that was willing to talk to her and walk her to a nicer spot. They almost rounded the corner to the second street, to which she pointed out that they needed to go left at that corner. Sekiya was of course also a new person but even though the girl was interesting, they had not talked much on their adventure to stop the ice mage.

#18Nathaniel Abaddon 

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:15 am

Nate shook his head
"Not completely true, but something along those lines. I've seen a few things of note though, but most at a safe distance." There was room for some well placed stone throwing here, if he did it right. But then again what was the point, pettiness didn't suit him. Leg breaking was more his speed, he could save slandering the council for another time, one where it would matter more. "The odd adventure would be more than welcome though, I get why you'd want to swap the cake delivering for some monster hunting or the like. I take it you've not seen too much action of that ilk then?"

The honesty was refreshing, not his of course. In Grimoire everything had to be kept secret, it was nice to hear a little about a person other than how many people they'd killed. Reciting numbers that were most likely exaggerated got really old really fast. To the degree where Nate had threatened to hurl a number of his guildmates off of the airship they called home. He hadn't carried out the threat yet. Still though, Phoebe was pleasant company and could hold a conversation.

#19Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:48 am

Phoebe looked at where she was putting her feet as she made sure to walk through this snow corner. There was no one alse at the street anymore, yet she got an eerie feeling that there was something going on that she seemed to be missing. Perhaps it was just herself with this weird new way of thinking that she had not really noticed before. Perhaps it was something that she now noticed because it felt so extreme. She looked at Darius for a few second again when he said something and she nodded, pushing the long black hair locks away from her face and check her feet again before turning her lilac eyes on the man that was obviously still a stranger to her. She knew but two things, his name and that he was a writer and how much did that say really. Here she was already talking about her mother, but thank god she had not said Mrs. Rainsworth was missing, ran off with her second family.

"It would be nice to be actually fit for monster fighting but I doubt that. The most adventurous job I did was kick someone out of a bar. It was in my home town so not much of a thrill." she couldn't help but giggle a bit about it, "So if you bump into an adventure, call me." Which was very weird to say but you could see as a way to express things right? She took a deep breath, sometimes she should sew her mouth shut.

#20Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:15 pm

She would be almost at the bar where she could wait a bit for the snow and she guided them through the last corner and could see it. She didn't even think about that normally people would be glad to see a warm place as the fire mage didn't need that but it was sure a nice thought to not have to be afraid of the slippery, icy cobblestones that she was walking on. She had been three seasons now in Magnolia, it was time to go and find that adventure herself instead of depending on others.

The closer they came towards the cafe, the cleaner the cobblestones were, someone had worked their way with the snow and she walked towards the little steps that separated the street from the entrance, "Thank you Darius, I look forward to meet you again. Good luck with finding your friend." She smiled and turned around to head inside and wait here till it would stop snowing, she would find something to do, there were magazines, people to talk to and magazines that she could read, and finally after another hour it had stopped snowing and she was able to walk slowly back towards the inn. Where she made sure she wouldn't wear her heels for the rest of the season anymore.


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