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granny sitting [mission/ solo]

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Sora Mamoru
Sora was walking through the streets of Orchidia Town. He was wearing his standard black slim fit tank top and his black pants. It was his standard clothing style. His style that he preferred.

Sora walked calmly through the streets. He was on his way to his first mission of being part of a good guild. Sora used to be part of a dark guild that forced to Sora to fight in underground fight tournament. Sora's magic was mostly hidden since it was mostly done by touch.

Sora arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door loudly with the side of his fist making sure the people inside hear him. The door opened in front of him and Sora saw a man standing in front him. The man being slightly hangover big chance it was still from last night though. "Are you the mage to look after my mother?" The man asked to Sora. Sora calmly nodded towards the man. "yea That is me." Sora said in kind of lazy tone he always carried in his voice. He couldn't really help it though. It was something that was hardwired into his system so he couldn't get it out.

The 2 guys just stood there for a couple of seconds Mitya spoke "I am Mitya nice to meet you my mother is inside so come on in" Sora nodded towards Mitya. "I am sora." He said towards Mitya before he walked into the apartment. While he walked inside he took a good look around himself taking in details of everything around him with every step he took.

Sora saw the old lady sitting in her char in the living room. Sora smiled towards her and nodded towards the old woman before. The old lady smiled back towards him "Is this pretty man the person who is supposed to look after me?" The old lady asked towards Sora. Sora nodded towards her still smiling a bit "Yea that would be me" Sora said calmly while he rubbed the back of his neck. This wasn't really the job Sora would take on normally. He was an ex-pit fighter and now he was watching after some old lady so she wouldn't burn the damn house down. Mitya looked at the two. "Yea mom this is Sora he is the one going to be the one to look after you. Sora this is my mother Rynah. Now I have to go so I see you two later I hope." Mitya said before he walked towards the door and walked out closing the door behind him.

Sora looked at Mitya leave before he dropped himself in one of the chairs himself. He looked around himself wondering what to do. He looked at the old lady seeing her knitting calmly in her chair. Sora was wondering what she was knitting though not that he really cared. He was just a curious person that sometimes got him in a little trouble.

The old lady looked at Sora while she continued her knitting. "Well I guess Blue Pegasus has some competition now." The old lady said to Sora. Sora raised his eyebrow not really knowing what she meant. Sora didn't really know any other guild then Lamia Scale since he grew up around these parts. The old lady smiled towards Sora. "Well you are handsome enough to be in Blue Pegasus though But Lamia Scale tattoo says otherwise." The lady laughed a bit. Sora chuckled towards her.  "I only know the Lamia Scale Guild. I haven't heard of any of the other guilds yet." Sora smiled towards her. It wasn't very helpful that he was stuck in prison for the last few years though. It felt sometimes like he was under a rock for the last 10 years.  "Thanks, Rynah." Sora nodded towards her.

After a few minutes, Rynah stopped knitting. "Let us make some cookies."The old lady said before she stood up and started walking towards the kitchen. "Cookies?" Sora asked with a raised eyebrow towards her. "Yes, cookies. I make the best cookies." The old lady smiled towards him while walking towards the kitchen. Sora calmly stood up and started to follow her towards the kitchen.  

Sora walked into the kitchen after the old lady walked in. Sora was wondering though how her cookies would taste. Sora was able to cook and he was quite good at it according to some people. He made some crazy spicy chicken curry noodles when he could. It was his go to meal since it was easy to make and had some good taste.

Sora and the old lady slowly started making cookies. the old lady took the dough while Sora was making sure the oven and everything was set for the cookies. The old lady was able to whip up the dough in no time though. It surprised Sora although with the time the old lady made cookies it was nothing she couldn't handle. Big chance she was doing this for ages and everything was in her head.

When Sora was done setting everything and preheating the oven. The old lady was done with the dough of the cookies and already cut them in circles. She placed the cut dough on the tray before she started to sprinkle some weird blue sprinkles on the what pretty much looked like some illegal drug to Sora. He just simple mentally shrugged though since it wasn't his recipe but he wouldn't mind it. Sora placed the tray in the oven and they calmly waited in the kitchen. Sora started talking about his chicken curry recipe while they were there waiting for the cookies to be ready. They had a good time playing some small games and talking about random stuff.

Sora looked towards the time seeing it was time to take the cookies out. Sora opened the oven and the smell of the cookies filled the kitchen. Sora calmly took the plate with his bare hands before he pulled the tray out. He calmly placed it on the counter and the old lady liked at Sora chuckling a bit. "I wish I had hands like you." The old lady said. "With my magic this is nothing." Sora smiled towards the old lady.

The front door opened after Sora placed the tray on the counter and Mitya walked in. Mitya would smell the air filled with the smell of cookies and it made him smile. "Well at least this time the house didn't burn down." Mitya said while walking towards the kitchen. Mitya reached into his pocket giving Sora his payment and thanked Sora. Sora calmly waved towards everyone although right before Sora walked out of the door the old lady called towards him and gave him a cookie. "Thank you for helping me." The old lady said. Sora nodded towards her and walked out of the house. He took a bite of the cookie when he walked outside. He felt some kind of weird energy surging through his body with every bite he took.

Word count: 1186/1000

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