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Nightly Walk [Yasuki]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:30 pm

The sun was finally going down after a hard day's work. People of Baska were tucking themselves for dinner and winding down from a long day. It was transitioning into the evening, but his day was just getting started. The neko was a nocturnal person. He slept odd schedules every day. Today, he felt alive and full of energy. Abraxas, his companion, stood at his side. She was rare and not that well known, but those who knew could tell she was an Umbreon. The yellow glowing rings shown clearly as it grew darker. Unlike most pets, Abra was extremely smart and very well trained. She wore a vest saying "Service Companion, Do Not Distract" with the Rune Knight's symbol on both sides of the vest.

She was on high alert like always leading her master. Most people admired how well behaved she was. Leon took pride in his friend. It was a gift from his now known father to help with his PTSD. "Abra, at ease. You can relax girl.
Let's go for a walk, get some fresh air. We both need that after a long hard day of training"
he smiled. Recovering his memory was hard work, now that he found out he was LeeAnn Nakamura this as a whole another ball game. Leon and Abraxas walked side-by-side now keeping pace with each other. They stayed to themselves. Though, Leon was a sight to look at with the right side of hsi face in a gray-purple skin color looking to be an infection. The eyepatch was another and the red and black left eye showing. The stares given he was immune to passing them by like they never existed. He held a smile on hsi face, one of friendliness and caring.


on Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:52 pm

She wandered through the new town on the way to, wherever she felt she could rest for the night. "Nami?" she called towards her companion making sure it was still there beside her. There really wasn't any explanation for the name other than she knew that it meant 'wave' and knowing that the color of her campanion, vaporeon, had a light blue body and a dark blue ridge around it's face and in a ridge down the back. There was no mistake that these two were a duo as the color was a match for Yasuki's long shoulder-length straight hair and sky blue rounded eyes. She wore a outfit of brown with a jacket where she had a hood readily available in case she saw someone that way she could be ready to put the hood on thus would cover her pointy elven ears. She still had no idea how people would react at first if they found out she was an elf. Though she remembers the words that her sister told her about there being no reason to hide such a thing.

She continued to wander though the town of Baska, she saw inside of houses and places that people were closing their shops and settling in to have dinner. One family in particular she would pass by looked as if they were having a barbecue or something as they were all eating outside. The different aromas of food that she could smell was making her quite hungry, and even a few times she had to call out towards Nami so the companion wouldn't venture off by itself towards the food. Starting to get a little chilly she pulled on the grey-ish colored jacket that she was carrying. She took time to stuff her hair into the hood as well, thus would cover up her elven ears. Afterwards she would continue walking, Nami by her side, with a relaxed look on her face. She would be sure to give a friendly nod, or gesture, to any stranger she saw that seemed to take time out of their day to notice her.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:06 pm

The aroma of food caught the neko's nose and he gained a wiff of it. Forgetting that he had a limited diet, he followed it which allowed him to get distracted by the smell. Abraxas nipped him, hard enough to get his attention. He jerked back and gave her a look. The Umbreon had an unamused face with a raised eyebrow like she was trying to say "Really?". Sometimes she felt like she was the one training him. It should be the other way in her mind, but guess they both could learn from each other. Leon noticed something odd as the amount of people were dwindling down to only a few. A bright blue flash of color caught his eye. It was only a glimpse as a girl passed them by.

She had a vaporeon with her. It looked to be from a similar family as Umbreon with the shape and size. Only this one was blue and looked to be more from the ocean than the shadows of a cave. "Isn't...that a rare companion? Abra, I think that's kinda like you only maybe sharing a common ancestor" he mentioned. The two of them stared at the girl and her Vaporeon from behind them. Abraxas seemed to agree with her partner. Curiously, she bounded and leaped quickly making Leon chase after her. When she found something that interest her, she pursued it. That Vaporeon really did catch their eyes. Abraxas would stop in front of the Vaporeon and the girl. Boldly, she would sit there and approach the Vaporeon slowly. Slowly, she would studied it to have a closer look for herself. She was a very smart creature, thats for sure.


on Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:35 pm

Making sure to give a friendly gesture to anyone that seemed interested she made her way through the town during a night stroll. One duo she passed seemed to have caught her eye though, though she didn't say anything until after passing the two. "Those two back there. The companion looks similar to you, Nami." she would speak lowly to Nami. It was easy to tell that Nami noticed as her face lit up with glee almost as if before she thought she was the only of her kind and this gave her some hope. Though, Yasuki knew how she felt, if anything she didn't want to feel along and she wanted to be herself in any situation she was put in. Suddenly she felt as if she was being followed, and before she knew it she looked in front of her and there stood the companion that was similar to Nami only, darker with an accent of sorts of yellow glowing rings around it's body. "Well, aren't you quick and to the point." she would say towards the companion as it stopped in front of the two of them and looked to be walking slowly to Nami. Yasuki looked towards Nami to give the look that it was okay and Nami would sit down allowing the companion closer.

She read the words on the vest 'Service Companion, Do not distract.' The only thing that could run through Yasuki's mind was why. "You're companion seems smart. Sorry for uhm... distracting it, I read his vest." she would say apologizing sincerely. She still hasn't seen many companions around, though for that matter she hasn't met that many people other than two and then her sister of course.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:05 am

Leon casually walked up to his companion. His red and black eye stared down at the black and yellow creature. Abraxas was full of curiosity to see what this creature was like. She did not show any excitement just interested. The owner of this Vaporeon seemed a little caught off guard. Gently, he gave a smile to her and nodded. She apologized for distracting her which made her chuckle a bit. Most people would try to pet her and distract her by making noises, but she was smart enough to ignore them. The only thing that would distract her were others of her own kind, that being other Eeveelutions. Leon waved his hand a little dismissing that idea. "Don't be. Abra is very well trained only thing is your Vaporeon caught her attention. Any other companions seem to distract her even without trying. Its on her own choice. I'm Lee Nakamura and this my Umbreon, Abraxas. Sorry if she disturbed you two" he apologized.

The Umbreon looked up at her partner then back at the Vaporeon. The mage would hold out his hand politely to form a handshake. "Are you a mage by any chance if i may ask" he smiled, trying to spark up a conversation.


on Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:30 pm

She still couldn't take her eye off of the Umbreon companion, being very unique it was as if this is the only one that she has seen before. Though she could tell the similarities between the other companion and her Vaporeon. Sure enough the owner of the other companion stepped forth, and after she had apologized for distracting the Umbreon she nodded as he said don't be. 'A well trained companion... That must be nice.' she thought to herself as she looked down to her Vaporeon. Though Nami was known to be more well-behaved than others, it could do her some good to take up some classes of some sort.

She heard the other as he was introducing himself and his companion. "Nice to meet you, I'm Yasuki Rimnizukimi and this is my Vaporeon, Nami." she said calmy as she extended her hand out to meet his as a friendly gesture. She could hear as Lee asked her whether she was a mage or not, though she was still confused regarding her magic it'd be lying if she said anything other than yes. "Yes... I'm still in the process of learning about my magic I guess, but I am. What about yourself?" she answered and then questioned back to him. The blue haired elf was always curious as to what other people were. Though she didn't want to seem to be too friendly and come straight out with all the information about it so quickly. She looked towards the one who introduced himself as Lee, and saw something mysterious rather it be the white-blonde hair, or the bright blue eyes similar to hers - she had no idea. But it was something that struck her as interesting and that she wanted to find out more about, after all she has only met two others so far, this makes three others, and that doesn't count her own sister.

"So what brings you two around here at this time?" she would ask friendly as she patiently waited for a response.

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