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Update 09/10/2017

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Update 09/10/2017

Healing, Buff and Debuff Spells: While unclear in the past, users can heal, buff, or debuff, multiple targets with the same spell at once if they are within their range. The user must pay mana multiplied by the amount of targets they are casting their spell on. In case it is a sustain, they must pay the multiplied amount per turn.

Requip Discontinued: With the previous batch of items gone, Requip is also discontinued. Inactive users with Requip get their status changed to Adventurer, while active users may opt to use magic and decide which element they wish to use.

Item Shop Updated: The shop now has a section for Shields and Full Sets added, which will get items added to it soon. Full Sets cover all your slots regardless whether it is missing a headpiece or something else.

Alternative Taxation: Users transferring currency between their own characters will be taxed 50% from now on instead of the regular 20% tax required to transfer currency.

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