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Shady Business [Quest: Seira]

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on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:19 pm

Seira slept nearly through the entire day, only waking up after Michi had jumped onto the bed and started pawing her until she gave up, yawned and turned around. She gently shoved the purple creature away and rolled herself up within the sheets, not showing any interest in getting out of bed anytime soon. She had only recently arrived in Magnolia Town, it’s been about 2 days thus far, today being the third and although she was a fairly active person, Seira suddenly showed no signs of wanting to get out of bed ever again. She had spent the past few days working and being out and about in the city, which was always a good thing but more often than not the wizard caught herself wanting to be lazy from time to time. Seira started petting Michi gently after she had turned around and removed the blankets from her face and upper body. The feline curled up next to her and began purring, happily receiving the attention from her owner. Seira thought back about what she’d done during the last two days, and while there was always work, it wasn’t as though it was too hard for her - truth be told, she didn’t even really need a break. The vampire was fine with how things went and even though the first day was a bit odd in terms of usual jobs, she had gotten out of it just fine. Father Jerad, who was a somewhat young priest who worked at the Kardia Cathedral, had asked her to come over and assist him with something. Now that the weather was getting worse again and it was raining more often and the wind was blowing harsher, causing the temperatures to drop, many people had suffered from the flu. As a result, the cathedral was filled with sick people that needed assistance and medicine and Seira was happy to provide them with all of those things, for as long as they remained kind and friendly. She had spent the first day inside the cathedral taking care of the sick and had been rewarded in the end. Father Jerad had also handed her some of the medicine he used on the sick people, just in case she got sick at well but fortunately that had never happened. Truth be told, Seira wasn’t exactly sure whether or not she could get actually sick from human diseases anymore, especially simple ones like the flu, but she wasn’t keen on trying it out. She had taken the medicine anyways and things had worked out just fine for her. She didn’t feel fatigued or had experienced any other symptoms and therefore assumed that she wasn’t affected, even though she had spent hours among sick people. The vampire rubbed the back of her hands over her eyes and yawned once again, turning around and glancing over the Michi, who was laying on her back with all four paws in the air. “What do you want, mh?” she asked with a smile.



on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:19 pm

Seira could tell that she was hungry and she had purchased some fish for her the day before, which she was probably waiting for. Michi mewed and the woman sighed helplessly, getting up and climbing out of bed to feed her hungry companion. She walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out some of the tuna she had bought, filling Michi’s bowl and watching as the Espeon happily chewed away. She was going to be quiet now, at least, and Seira could continue to think through what to do with her free time. There was work, as always, and considering that she didn’t really have any chores to take care of, it was most likely going to be that. Thinking about the job from the previous day, it wasn’t exactly a difficult one or something that took a lot of time, but it didn’t earn her a lot of money either. She had visited Khalash, the owner of the magic drug shop in Magnolia, and he had asked her to help him with something. He was known for being a collector and a salesman, in his shop he had all sorts of magical and non magical items that were somehow related to magic and Seira was a frequent customer there. He was also her client on several occasions and more often than not had she helped him with small things and favours that earned her a good amount of jewels. He had purchased a shield, a very fancy looking one on top of that. Seira remembered how pretty it looked, being silver in color with gemstones all over it. It didn’t seem very robust at first, but when he gave it to her and she had to lift it she could actually feel how heavy it was, which automatically made it feel expensive. Seira assumed that he wasn’t sure whether or not it was real, considering that he had been scammed before, and needed someone to help him test it. Khalash had performed fire magic on the silver shield, which would have surely molten it, if it was of bad quality. And afterwards he had even asked Seira to use her very own magic on it, which resulted in nothing, not even a single dent. It would probably be too much to say that Seira was upset that her very own magic had failed, but at least Khalash was pleased to find out that his shield was indeed worth a good amount of money. That was all he needed that day and Seira didn’t get injured or anything, which made the situation relatively easy. Thinking back at it, Seira decided that she would probably go to visit the request board again and see if there were any other jobs pinned on there. Most clients simply left a flyer or a note there with some information regarding the purpose of the job as well as the payment, which was enough to attract many mages that were willing to do work.



on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:19 pm

Seira was one of them and she had done this a million times by now. Other than that, Seira didn’t plan on staying in Magnolia for much longer. Today and most likely tomorrow she was going to look for more work before deciding to leave again. This time, she would either walk to Era Town, which wasn’t too far away and actually the closest by compared to the other cities. Located in the center of Fiore, Seira had to walk about a day before arriving there. However, the next stop would certainly be Oak Town, and she wasn’t exactly sure how she would get there yet. Oak was in the far North of Fiore, extremely far away from her current location. She would have to take the train from Magnolia or Orchidia and drive all the way up to Baska Town. There was no train station in Oak and Baska was the closest place, so she would have to walk from there which would cost her another day. Generally speaking it was fine and Seira figured since she was in Magnolia already, with the train station not too far from her, she might as well head to Oak right away. If she chose to skip Era Town for now and go directly to Oak, Seira would return to Era, her birth place, later on, making Crocus her final stop. Those were the places she wanted to visit before returning to Finn and while that would certainly take a few weeks, it would give her enough time to figure things out in regards to herself. Being with someone meant spending a lot of time with them and being around them in one spot. Seira was a restless person, so she had things to take care of first before she could do something like that. For today, however, she decided not to worry about that and leave the house for now. When arriving at the request board, Seira picked up a flyer from yet another client she had worked for before: Barras Berend, a smith who sold all sorts weapons and armors. He was a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Seira of course knew where his store was located at and picking up the note, she walked through the town to visit him. He seemed pleased to see her and invited her in to explain to her the details of this job. “I have a new supplier for ores. The quality is supposed to be amazing but the material itself is being sold cheaply, that’s why I’m suspicious. Of course I hope that it’s true, but you never know, which is why I want to send a mage to do the trade for me in case something’s up. You know how to defend yourself after all, right?” Seira nodded in agreement. “Yes, what do I have to do?”



on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:20 pm

Barras smiled almost mischievously and handed her a bag of jewels. “This is the promised payment. I would like for you to collect the goods for me, make sure nothing’s wrong. In case there is, you do your thing and return to me and I will pay you accordingly - either way. The meeting point is in an alley near the outskirts of the city, which is already pretty suspicious in itself, so you understand where I’m coming from.” Seira nodded and took the bag. “I will do that then, see you in a while,” with that being said, the mage headed out and walked to the meeting point on which they had agreed upon. It took some time but after a while she noticed a caravan approaching, filled with ore and led by two men - the supposed merchant and his aide. The merchant didn’t seem to be interested in talking and simply tried to get the money from Seira, who obviously demanded to see the goods first. There was something wrong with the seal and after checking it out for a moment, she suddenly came to a realization. “Those ore are stolen,” she shook her head in disappointment and sighed. The merchant grimaced at her, but started laughing and pointed his aide towards her, who immediately pounced her and tried to attack her. Unlike the merchant, he was much more talk active and tried to taunt the vampire, who showed no interest in his provocations whatsoever. She was, without a doubt, significantly stronger than him and the sheer difference in strength made this a short fight. Moving behind him quickly, the vampire ripped out his throat and injured him badly, not killing him of course. Trying to mug her was a dumb idea, but of course they knew that already. They fled the scene immediately, leaving Seira with the stolen goods which she had to report to the police then. When the police arrived, Seira gave them a detailed description of the shady merchant and his aide before leaving the scene again and returning to the forge, where Barras was already waiting. “The goods were stolen and after I came to that conclusion they were trying to mug me,” she said with a smile and placed the bag of jewels back on the counter. “But I guess you knew that already, otherwise you wouldn’t have send me there,” she said to the man. He returned her smile and nodded in agreement, “Yes, the price was way too cheap for ore of such good quality. It really is a shame, but you never know in the end. Besides, it’s not like I can find other suppliers so please, take the money and keep it as a reward for your help - I hope that is okay and you didn’t get into too much trouble.” Seira took the bag of jewels and put it away, “thank you and no not at all. I hope to work with you again soon,” she said, waved him goodbye and left the forge to return home.


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