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Oh Deer [Quest: Seira]

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on Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:09 am

The sun was rising over Marigold Town and slowly, the people started waking up and leaving their houses. It was still in the middle of the week and everyone was busy, of course. They had to attend work and other responsibilities and most farmer families here were already up working since the early morning hours, as it was normal on the countryside. Seira Navillera, however, was still in the sheets slumbering peacefully — at least until she was awoken by the annoying sounds of roosters and other farm animals screaming and making noise. They were everywhere here and honestly, the vampire wasn’t exactly used to it. She was born to a wealthy family in a large city, Era to be exact, and her parents had never bothered with animals, no matter what kind. Even after living alone she was mostly around cities, never leaving what she considered to be a safe place, so it didn’t come as a surprise that the sorceress didn’t have much appreciation for the country side life. It was nice, of course, but not exactly what she was looking for and she decided that after looking around for more work today, she was going to take the train and leave again. She didn’t know where she wanted to go yet, but other than Hargeon Town (she’d been there just recently, and it was pointless to return - Seira was tired of fish and boats for now) and she would probably check out the train station later today, to see where the next few trains would end up. Seira rolled out of bed and opened the curtains. The sun was shining bright by now and the vampire blinked a few times - she no longer was bothered by the sunlight but still prefered night time vastly over this. Either way, she went into the kitchen first where she would then take a blood bag out of the fridge and pour the red liquid into a glass, drinking on it while she read the daily newspaper. It was unusual for such a small village to have their own newspaper of course and there was never really anything interesting in there - Seira read it anyways. When she finished her little snack she entered the bathroom and took a quick shower, getting ready for the day. Finding work in Marigold was more difficult than in other cities, there weren’t many offers and most of the jobs were rather boring but fortunately also very simple. There was a lot of farmland here so of course there was a lot of farm work to do. One of the most popular clients was Farmer Jim, a friendly man in his 50s who was widely respected by everyone. He lived alone, which is why he often required help with small things, such as his cabbages and his farmland in general and although Seira wasn’t exactly made for farm work in the daylight and sun, he paid decently well and she decided to give it a go more often than not.



on Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:09 am

Today was going to be another one of those days, and as the vampire headed out of the hotel and walked down the streets, she thought about the day before, where she had already visited him. He had a nasty problem with vines that were growing basically everywhere across his farmland, with no way of stopping them. Seira investigated the issue and after forcefully removing the plants herself, she came to realize that they were growing back stronger and thicker, which couldn’t really be explained until she found a magical orb that was buried into the soil and powered by nature magic, giving the vines so much strength. After destroying it the problem had pretty much solved itself, however, and Seira was able to return home, leaving behind a very satisfied farmer Jim. She was heading for his house right now, assuming that he probably had another thing to do for her. There was always so much work on the countryside after all, and when she knocked on his door she was greeted and let in immediately. “It’s good that you are here,” he said and invited her to sit by his table, “I have been waiting for someone to show up and help me with this particular issue. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a problem with deers. They come up into my fields at night, eat my cabbages and destroy the soil with their feet - it’s a real bother but I can’t seem to get rid of them! I don’t own a gun, you know.. these animals just do what they want..” he shook his head and sighed. “Either way, I want you to kill the deers - I will even let you use my cabbages as bait - and bring them to me. Deers are awfully delicious and I hadn’t had any in a long time, which is why this is a good opportunity,” he nodded and Seira, who seemed a bit surprised, had no issue with doing exactly that. “Of course, no problem,” she said and headed outside. Of course she had to wait until nighttime, which was just perfect considering that she had perfect sight during the night due to being a vampire, and since she was also able to move around without sound, Seira didn’t even have to put the cabbages out as bait. She could see them and simply sneak up to them, kill them and bring them to Jim and collect her reward. Seira did exactly that and when night time came, two male deers showed up. She snuck up on them and killed them quickly by breaking their necks, not wanting the animals to suffer unnecessary pain. They were quite large and heavy (unfortunately also very cute) and she then proceeded to carefully carry them over to Jim’s house, one after another, careful not to destroy any more farmland or get in the way of the cabbages. Needless to say, farmer Jim was overjoyed and very happy with his new meal. He quickly paid Seira and then disappeared into his kitchen to cook.


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