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Find my sword [Quest: Juzo]

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#1Juzo Mitsuhide 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:51 am

Early morning for Juzo. He loves to to drink a whole bottle of water after he wakes up and doesn't eat at all. Jogging around for half an hour and drinking even more water. Most of the people in his neighbourhood have adapted to his apearence and some are even greeting him every morning. He used to take the smaller and darker roads earlier but often uses the main roads now. After a delicious lunch he packed some important stuff and took of to his first quest.

He arrived at Crocus after some hours and searched for Armin Bartholomew to ask him some questions. He found him right away in front of the entrance of the garden. After a small introduction from both Juzo's first question was if he knew when he realised that his sword was gone. Armin answered that he had it when he entered the garden and realised it during his walk. Juzo thanked him for the answer which made it way easier for him. So he ran of into the garden to search for it.

The garden was almost like a labyrinth to him after only 5 minutes of searching and he already lost himself and didn't know anymore where he came from. He didn't know where he already was everything looked the same for him. He started to fear he won't be able to ever get back. But then he stopped instantly. He needs to finish this quest. He wanted to reach a height he has never been before. No matter how boring and wierd a job is it needs to be done. Even if it is quite embaressing for a wizard to search for a sword there has to be something challenging to this quest other than looking around.

At the moment he almost gave up he saw a dog running by him. In his mouth was something sparkly and he instantly run after him. With him getting closer he started smiling because it really had a sword in his mouth. He jumped towards it to catch him. But it turned right so Juzo missed him. He got angry and standed up right away to not fall behind. Almost an hour gone since he started following that dog. He couldn't feel his legs anymore but was still running. Then shortly after he knew where a dead end was. He tried leading the dog towards it and he succeded. He tried to walk as wide as possible to ensure the dog doesn't escape. But surpriseingly the dog just spit out the sword and didn't even bark at him. He took the sword and smiled while petting the dog. He run off and needed another 30 minutes to get out of the garden. But finally he could return the sword to Armin.

[WC: 476]

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