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Fanning Extract [Shura:Private]

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Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:59 pm

Zoelee wandered through the bridge as she would look around and about. The waters under the bridge were roaring somewhat loud and crashing against the rocks that were against the earth. Her brown eyes would shine while her lips would smirk. Quickly she jogged towards town itself as it has been awhile since the last time she's been here. Zoe wondered if she was going to run into anyone she knew from the guild or perhaps she'd meet someone new. She was wearing a green dress that went down to her knees that would remind people of ivy like her hair. Her belt around her waist was leather brown with a black buckle. Light flawless peach skin glowed as the lights from the streets were glow. The day was soon to be gone as the night was arriving. A small smile appeared from her small full lips while seeing the bright sky. Maybe she'll go to a bar or perhaps break somethings or buildings if she sees anything interesting. She was bored from all that walking from Oak and Orchidia. The missions themselves were really boring too since she had to do them alone. Hopefully she finds something to interest her. She did have the money to entertain.

#2Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:11 pm

Shura found himself heading towards the outskirts of town for unknown reasons. He did not have really any idea what he was up to on this very day. More or less drifting around the city, his mind clouded with the worries of the future. A certain sense of anxiety that followed this worried troubled him. So much to the point he was writing down things in his small notebook while walking. A sort of journal that had no real direction just thoughts and notes that have been written down over time. He liked to keep himself somewhat organized to avoid being unstructured. ‘So much to do and not enough time in the world to do it.’ He thought to himself while walking. He was instinctively moving around obstacles and people for the most part. A few individuals he bumped into but they kept to themselves to not start trouble. As he passed a few bars and such he found himself bumping into someone possibly. If he bumped into something he would have to stop. He halted completely, and dropped his notepad. His mind became focused on the individual he bumped into. He looked down to see who or what he bumped into.

“I apologize for my clumsiness.”


Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:18 pm

Her mind was completely lost as her positivism told her that she was going to be fine. She kept on her small smile while her head turned left and right to look on about to see where she would go. Even though her eyes were looking, her brain wasn't really processing on what she was seeing since her thoughts were more targeted mentally. The wind would wave her dress a little, but her mind would pay no attention. 'Perhaps a bar would be fun, ya?' she wondered as she would then imagine a bar fight because of it. She didn't really talk to many people. Her guild was an example as in she didn't really talk to anyone from there. Zoelee knew no one from the guild by name, only by appearance. Her green medium hair would tickle against her neck as she slowly closed her eyes, deep sighed and then within those seconds she bumped into someone.

A motion set her aback as she closed her arms against her chest in some defense mode. Her eyes slowly opened and head tilted up to see some mysterious stranger. At first she would usually freak out and get mad, but he spoke first and so calmly. He looked like some mysterious badass, but that was in a first impression. Surprisingly he apologized. ''I-it's alright. I wasn't paying attention.'' she would start to say softly and calmly. Her eyes looked away and then back up due to the fact that eye contact was important. ''I'm new around here. Any idea where to find a hotel or something? I'll pay you.'' she questioned. She did need somewhere to stay, but she was more curious on this guy. Some could call it a test if they wanted to.

#4Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:32 pm

Shura extended a hand to help her up. After he helped the woman to her feet he bent down to pick up his note book. He watched the girl stand to her feet. Emerald hair sat on top of her head, making her stand out. He was not used to such a different color. Then again his hair was not a natural color either. He sported a blue color, but it was covered by a mask so no one but him knew. The woman inquired about a local inn for her to stay at. Also that she would pay for the information. Shura was not about to pass up a chance to make a quick penny honestly. From the looks of it, being well dressed and such she had a bit of coin on her. So he knew the hotel that was not too expensive but not cheap neither. It was the same one that he stayed at when he first arrived in the port town.

“Sure, that is quite easy. If you head down the main district here and turn into the market area on your right side. There is a local inn that hires folks for jobs around town. A lot of mages congregate there. It’s called The Weston. They will welcome you as long as you do not make trouble for them. They care not of your alignment only your coin.” Shura explained.


Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:40 pm

She looked up at him and looked at the details of his mask. It was a simple shape yet the design was unique. A part of Zoe wanted to question him about it, but it seemed to be a subject that was touchie or so she would guess. She waited to hear him out on rather or not he would help her or if he would just turn away. Would he literally show her or pick the simple way out and point? Either way it would be fine and there wasn't really a wrong answer.

“Sure, that is quite easy. If you head down the main district here and turn into the market area on your right side. There is a local inn that hires folks for jobs around town. A lot of mages congregate there. It’s called The Weston. They will welcome you as long as you do not make trouble for them. They care not of your alignment only your coin.”

She listened to him patiently, nodding at the end. 'So he took the way of words. Telling me the directions.' she started to think. 'Better than just pointing and being silent.' she lastly thought and picked her own pocket. Her fingers would take the medium sized bag from her pocket and gave it to him. It was almost half a million or so, but she didn't know the details. She had enough money in her other pocket for the hotel itself. ''Thanks cutie.~ I like your mask! Maybe I'll learn more about you, mystery man.'' she spoke, bowed and then ran off into the darkness.


#6Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:54 pm

Shura gave a slight bow as a form of respect and to show no ill will after he finished speaking. The girl listened intently with a certain glow in her eye. A young upstart that could be something if she willed to do so. He put the notebook back in his pocket and relaxed his body. The girl grabbed a bag and presented a medium sized sack that jingled with motion. It had a sizeable amount of jewels inside. He was actually quite shocked by the show of generosity at that very moment. She gave a compliment that warranted a response. “Why thank you, unknown woman.” She spoke and made her way off towards the direction he spoke of. He felt the bag and shrugged at the weight. ‘Hmm, imagine that, fortune smiles down upon me today for once.’ He thought to himself. He continued on the path off towards the edge of the town. He stopped for a moment and thought again. ‘Maybe I should pay the weaponsmith a visit. I think it is about time I place my hands on a weapon again. It has been quite some time.’ Shura took his leave of the area and headed towards the market to speak with someone on this matter.


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