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Cupcake Courier [Quest: Xandra]

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Default on Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:47 am

The soft clank of the bell vibrated through the air as the door opened, letting in a bit of warmth to the chill and cool cake shop that was so well known throughout Magnolia. Stepping through the door, the blonde female felt a gush of cold air hit along with the sweetened scent of icing that lingered in the air. She could already tell that the sugary good of this place would be very delicious. Xandra walked into the shop, which surprisingly had fewer customers than she had expected. Her ears perked up as she could hear the sounds of hasting chatter followed by the commotion of hustling footsteps. Her lilac eyes stared through the glass counter, where cupcakes lay in a neat order. Vivid and colorful icing beautified them and made them look more appealing. Following the column was a row of magnificently decorated cakes. She could already feel her mouth water. A man stood by the counter and with a smile, welcomed her to Olly's Cake Shop. "Oh wait! You must be the mage here to assist us." As confused as she was about that statement, her face showed no signs of it which probably caused the young man to assume that she was the one who was there for help. His smile brightened, "Sir Olly, the mage who is supposed to make the deliveries has arrived." He shouted, loud enough for the working man behind the kitchen door to hear. A few seconds passed as the only thing being heard was the clattering of metal and rapid steps.

"Send them in!" Another voice soon replied. The young man's smile widened, "Follow me." He motioned for her to follow him. It was clear that they mistook her for someone else; someone who was supposed to help them make deliveries. She followed anyways, just out of curiosity if nothing else. As she walked through the metal door which separated the lounging area and the baking vicinity, she was hit with the sight of tens, no, hundreds of cupcakes waiting to be frosted. A man who she presumed was the owner of the shop, Olly with quick hands spread the icing over the cupcakes so fast that she couldn't believe how splendid it had turned out. That probably came from years of experience as a pastry chef. She was impressed, she couldn't deny that. Olly glanced at her from the corner of his eye, 'Alright, you're here. You see those boxes over there." He jolted his head towards the right, while continuing his work. Her eyes followed him movement, only to land on a pile of pink boxes that were stacked upon one another. That was a lot of cupcakes.

"There's a piece of paper on each box which holds the address where the box needs to be delivered. Your job is deliver the cupcakes without ruining them. You can take as many trips as you'd like, I'll pay you enough for your hard work." The man seemed to be in a dire need of help so instead of breaking the news of her just being a customer as she had planned, she nodded. Folding her sleeved up to her elbow, she immediately got to work. Carrying up to four boxes at a time, she exited the shop. Looking at the piece of paper, which had the street and house number written on it, she proceeded to go to her direction, as fast as she possibly could with her hands full. She had to balance the boxes very carefully to avoid any cupcakes getting ruined and it seemed as if she was doing a good job.

As she had been exploring the town for the past few days, she had luckily come across most of the streets that were listed as the addresses. A lot of them, she remembered. So she walked over to her first destination, rechecking the address once again. When she was sure that she had reached the right place, she run the bell of the house. It took a few moments for the door to open and emerged was a kind looking middle-aged woman. "Are you perhaps-" Xandra looked at the bill once again which contained the name of the customer, "Mrs.Lincton?" The woman nodded with a small yes, "Here is your delivery from Olly's cake shop." The woman smiled as she accepted the box, thanking the blonde female for her hard work and then closed the door. She had finished one delivery, now to do the others. Time passed as it took her no more than twenty moments to finish each round, carrying four boxes per round. She ran to and fro from the shop, ringing bells at doors and speaking much more than she would have liked.

Time flew, minutes became hours as she was so occupied in making those deliveries that she had ignored the fact that she was now dripping in sweat but there were still more deliveries to be done. Olly's assistants were packing up more boxes and adding them to the pile of boxes that were still left. With a tired sigh, her determination was raised again. Picking up another four boxes, she ran out the door, looking at the address which she didn't know. What to do now? She had to deliver them quick. Looking around, she stopped a random citizen and asked for directions, not something she would have usually done, but it happened to be an emergency. Once she had received directions, she bolted after a small thank you. The same process repeated over and over again of her asking the directions for destinations she knew not which happened to be a lot, since she was so bad at directions.

The morning set into evening as she was finally done with the last batch of deliveries that she had to make. Strolling into the shop once again, she wiped the sweat off her damp forehead and let the cool air assault her. She sighed in relief, it was over. The young man at the counter smiled at her. She heard Olly yell from inside the kitchen, "Thank you, Miss. You can collect your pay from Dan." She looked at the cashier, assuming that he was Dan since he handed her the reward. It seemed as if Olly was still busy icing those cupcakes, With a slight shrug, she accepted her reward and bowed a little and then left.

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