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Cupcake Courier [Quest: King & Phoebe]

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Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:30 am

With a brittle sheet of map clutched in his hands, King had wandered all the way from Hargeon, despite his terrible sense of direction and ended up in a town that was unknown to him. It took him a few days until he arrived at the closest town and with just a single glance inside the city, he could see how the town was brimming with people and joy. The features on his face was obviously painted in exhaustion and his expensive clothing that he had brought from his country was covered in dust and sweat. Tired golden hues glided down at the map and the word written on the location would be ’Magnolia. After trudging through dirt and sand for the entire morning, the young man had grown hungry. Perhaps, he could remain at the town for a few weeks, just like what he did in Hargeon and continued his journey afterwards.

Entering through the gates of Magnolia, the man glanced around his surroundings in curiosity. It wasn’t much different from Hargeon, he thought, though the differences were slightly noticeable, such as how Magnolia was more populated than the other town. His stomach grumbled as he grabbed his abdomen as if to stop it from producing strange noises. He was famished and all he could see in his eyes was food, mostly meat. The first thing that caught his attention was a colourful store and through the window, he could see delicious food displayed inside the store. Not knowing what cupcakes were, he continued to stare at the people inside the store, consuming the food. Curious as to how it would taste like, he entered the city, looking like a village boy who had just entered the city, with strange clothing.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:38 am

She looked at her reflection in one of the shops that she was passing. She was pouting, she had no jewels to spend in shops as she had to make jewels to be able to stay in hotels and bed & breakfasts and so on but there weren't much jobs when she was looking for it. All were taken, because of her showing up too late. She should go to bed early, rise early again and go find jobs. Instead she slept in, went on her morning run and by the time she reached the quest board; there would be nothing left.

She sighed at her reflection and decided that she would simply have to ask in shops and normally she wasn't all to shy about it but after being rejected at five stores, it was a bit demotivating to go on. She went on and walked on on the bright red heels that seemed to be some sort of trademark for her, she sighed once more as she looked at the store. Maybe, just maybe they needed someone here and the cupcakes looked so pretty and so delicious and oh why not just buy one. She walked to the entrance of the store where someone was lingering, "Hi, sorry, do you want to buy a cupcake as well?" she asked simply because he seemed to be in doubt because of it. She should ask Olly if he had a job for her, she came her often enough to know him.

The guy in the doorway was someone she had not seen before, he looked rather beautiful. If you looked through the sweat and dust, which was no problem for Phoebe. He didn't seem to be from around here considering his clothing, it was rude to stare. She didn't want to get before him if he really wanted to order something. She smiled at him with a questionable look in her eyes, did he needed help?



Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:54 am

King probably looked dazed. His thoughts wandered all over the place while he stared at the cupcakes located in front of him. He’s never seen such colourful and beautiful food before, apart from the gorgeous women that he encountered in Fiore. The man wondered if these were actually edible but seeing how the customers were happily biting through the food, they made it look like it tasted delicious. Someone seemed to be speaking behind him, though he wasn’t paying attention at all until a feminine voice entered his mind and he would be finally brought out of his reverie. It was so sudden that his brain waves reacted with a jolt, his head whipping back as he met a face full of the material of hood. He blinked, confused and turned around to see a young girl staring back at him. King raised his eyebrow in question, not sure why she was staring at him until the words that was spoken to him before began to register in his head.

”Oh! My apologies, I probably looked so spaced out.” He scratched his head, embarrassed at his own stupidity. The word ’cupcake’ repeated in his mind a couple of times and he would tilt his head in an angle, his expression bewildered. ”What’s a cupcake? Is that edible?”


#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:06 am

She talked to him, but he didn't react. She eyed him up and down, he was probably a traveller, which was save to assume. But still it must be a rather long journey or so? She frowned shortly because frowning would give you wrinkles, something she wouldn't want. "It's alright, don't worry." she said friendly enough once he apologized for being spaced out. She couldn't help but laugh a bit about it but she refrained herself from doing so, what if he thought she was rude. She absolutely didn't want that.

She looked at the cupcakes, wondering which one she would pick to look back at the stranger with a surprised look, he didn't know cupcakes? "Oh yes they are. You could see a cupcake as a small round cake, hence the cup. With frosting on it and they come in different colours and flavours." she walked to the counter and pointed them out one by one even though it had names in front of it, "It's really nice to decorate them so they look cute but they are still very tasty. You should try one, what's your favourite flavour?" She asked him while waving at one of the girls behind the counter whom just greeted her with an: afternoon Phoebe. Okay she came her way too often to drink tea, read a book and enjoy a cupcake.

She would wait for the answer of the stranger but in case he needed to consider his favourite flavor, she would turn to Layla and ask if there was a job, if they needed someone to deliver cupcakes, "I'm glad you ask, we need someone indeed."



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”Hm, I see.”

The young man contemplated, his fingers resting on his chin while he continued to stare the so-called cupcakes. Indeed, he wanted to buy one to test out the flavour. He was starting to understand how these cakes worked due to the explanation he had just received from the girl. ”I prefer chocolate.” He answered. A young lady would appear behind the counter and the ladies would have a small chat while he was too busy observing the food he had just discovered. A job, he heard. His attention immediately shifted from the cupcake towards the girl that stood beside him. If he assumed correctly, this girl was a mage, just like he is. ”I’d like to partake on this job as well.” The man gave the two ladies one of those smiles that would have most girls swooning over him.

It would be a good opportunity to know more about the girl as well, for she had helped him when she had entered the store. Women with unique looks were his weakness as well and perhaps, it might be possible for him to hit on her during the process. The two would be invited into the kitchen where a man, whom he was introduced as Olly gave them the details of the job. It was a simple request, which was to deliver the pastries to households. After being given a ton of boxes filled with pastries, King held more than half of the boxes in his hands, so that the dark-haired girl would not have any trouble carrying a heavy load along the way. ”I’ll take care of this.” With a smile, he would walk out of the store, holding the door open for the young lady with his back.

”King Z is my name. Feel free to refer to me as King or Z. May I have the gratitude of knowing your name as well, m’lady?”


#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:35 am

She looked at him when he said chocolate and pointed out five different versions before she started talking to Layla shortly. She looked up to the stranger and smiled, damn her job would be taken away. "Oh that's lovely. It's a delivery to ten houses. Please follow me, Olly can explain where and which cakes." Oh well luck was by her side at this point and she looked at the rather handsome stranger. Who knew. She would focus, there were other things at hand, jewels and a job. It was rather nice company that would go along with that. She followed Layla into the kitchen and looked at the boxes that Olly would point out that needed delivery. Thank god Phoebe had been in Magnolia now long enough to know the street names. "We can do that." She took the three boxes that were left for her and liked this idea rather well. She followed him out of the kitchen with a happy smile on her face as he held open the door for her and she would walk past him and stop a little later to wait for him.

Before she could say anything about their round for delivery, he introduced himself and she would hit herself for her own lack of manners if it was possible. She blushed, which was an easy thing to do for Phoebe as well as that her skin was very pale so it was easily spotted. "My name is Phoebe, nice to meet you." King Z, what a name. But he sure looked as- she stopped her own thoughts.. She would think too much but he was so handsome.

"Le-Let's go to the first house, it's two streets away from here." She couldn't help but stammer, why would people that lived two streets away not pick up their own cupcakes.



Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:49 am

The white haired man engraved her name ’Phoebe’ onto his brain, for it was a name that he would not want to forget. A wave of colour washed over her cheeks and her words stammered, possibly out of embarrassment. He smiled, the corners of his eyes curving into a crescent shape in a comforting way before he shut the door behind him. As they walked side by side, he noticed how much shorter Phoebe was compared to him, hovering near the area of his chest, which would just be perfect for him to place a hug around her lean body. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind and mentally told himself not to lay a hand on her since he didn’t want to move to fast. After all, he enjoyed watching girls fall into his trap and then devour them afterwards.

Their destination was just two blocks down the street and it took barely a few minutes to reach the location. The next location was slightly further away and seeing how they still had a list of houses to deliver, he began to hurry his pace though still making sure that Phoebe was still with him. Silence reigned supreme between them as they walked until he decided to break the ice. ”What brings you here, m’lady?” While chatting and walking at the same time, by afternoon, he had delivered most of his boxes, only remaining a few.


#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:54 am

They would go on and make the deliveries as was part of the job. In the beginning, she simply didn't know what to say but he asked her what she was doing in Magnolia and she told him that a friend suggested to go here, she had never been here before but stayed now already for a couple of weeks in the busy town of Magnolia.

They would continue to talk and she found him very friendly as they brought the boxes through town. Once they were all done, they were heading back towards the shop, "You should still try one, a cupcake I mean. They are really nice." She didn't want to invite herself along, she had originally come to buy one herself but who knew, maybe she would be asked to come along and if she wasn't maybe she would meet him again some other time.

She told Olly about the delivery and he paid the both of them the amount of jewels that he had offered. Maybe she should go and look for another job, she frowned as she was planning to buy some blue berry flavoured cupcake. Who knew what might happen on that job, she hadn't seen Jeeroy in a while, hmm only time would tell.


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