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Substitute Teacher[Jeeroy]

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Substitute Teacher[Jeeroy] Empty on Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:26 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
This was the day Jeeroy had been waiting on for a while, seeing teach Sandine again. She was the amazing woman from the schoolhouse he had taken home the first time he worked for her and hoped it would be a second. He could not help but smile to himself. He had found her letter asking for help at the front desk of his hotel in the early morning. She needed him to teach a class for her. He would honestly do anything for another piece of that glorious woman. She was like a fine wine, one he wanted to taste over and over again, and he would that day. Though he could not rip off his shirt in front of children, he knew the woman would still remember the first night they had spent together and want more. He would dress nice that day, maybe get to teach the children about not fearing giants as many of their parents had taught them to from stories and urban legends that haunted their dreams at night. Jeeroy may have been the size of a monster, but he was a nice and friendly monster, one that would hand out candy instead of ass whoopings. He would show the children they had nothing to worry about when it came to him. Though math was not his strong suite, he knew that he could handle a fifth grade level of multiplication and division. Though he would prefer to teach anything else, he could only think about the aftereffects of getting to take the woman home with him once again. She was a fine specimen and he intended savor it as many times as he could. Her body was fabulous and she had a love for glitter as well as he did, especially in the bedroom.

He rolled up a joint and lit it on the stove before sitting back down to smoke it. He would make sure to spray himself with cologne to mask any scent left after his walk to the school. He did not want to smell dank around the children or they would begin to ask questions that he did not feel like answering that day. Maybe when they were older. Grabbing his things, he sprayed himself before walking out and towards the school. He found himself in front of the classroom holding a lot of young children sooner than he wanted, yet the bell rang and he found himself stepping in front of them. His mere size had the kids shutting up, remembering who he was. Many of them began yelling that they had been good, asking why he was back. Jeeroy chuckled before explaining that he would be teaching them that day, earning groans from most of the children. With a stern look, they all shut up and began listening to what the man had to say. Taking a piece of chalk, Jeeroy wrote multiple problems upon the board before beginning to call upon the students to answer the questions. He would work on addition and subtraction first before letting the kids take a break for lunch and recess. Thankfully, most of the children were already caught up in math and he did not have to do much teaching, just refreshing. The math questions started out easy such as two plus two and got harder ending in things such as five hundred thousand minus two thousand and seventy one. Most of the children caught on easily and were soon doing the problems easily. Break time came quickly and Jeeroy took the kids outside to the playground where they ran off quickly and began doing their own things.

He took a break himself, eating an apple that he had brought with him before telling some of the children stories of his past. They listened intrigued until it was finally time to head back inside for the last part of the lesson. Jeeroy had always hated division and from the looks of it, the children did too. They had a harder time getting the hang of the division than they did the multiplication. Jeeroy almost felt sorry for them, that was until the bell rang and they all ran out while he sat and waited on the beautiful young teacher to walk through the door. She did not disappoint as she walked through in a nice black dress that showed a bit too much for a school, but Jeeroy did not mind. The moment he saw her his mouth dropped and he smirked. "Well well, miss teacher lady you are looking great. I know you have come to pay me but I think I deserve a bit more as I have helped you out a lot." The teacher handed him his jewels and smirked back, showing she was willing. "I do believe that is a yes." And he grabbed her by her waist.

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