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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.)

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:20 am

Regis Karlinius
The broken mind, lost and alone. Regis that very person in his current state. The East Forest with in Magnolia was were Regis currently was lost in, he had no sense of which way was which anymore for all of the trees looked like they lead the same way to him, It would not help his mind could not process which way would continue forward slowly looking around to anything that would catch his mind in attention for the moment.

Any person who would happen to walk upon Regis could easily consider this a sad sight after all with his walking aimlessly Regis often walked in circles unknowingly, Even if his unbroken thought deep in the back of his mind could not control the body it was every stuck how it was, often giving away sounds of himself being there.

The sound of shifting metal plates, the moving of chain mail, the dragging of his feet. These noises often scared the near by wild life, with the sound of rustled leaves Regis would turn his head that way and let out a very a shrieking noise and walked towards were that rustling happen Regis could only walk slowly that way wanting to know the what it was, Even if it was simply a small animal running from him his mind was too simple to piece that together. Letting out painful moans while he walked that way, this was his fate to be stuck this way, Even if he knew how to fix himself he would need help in the end.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:03 pm

Having trained in the outskirts of towns and woodland areas for many years, Odin had grown accustomed to the sounds of nature. The occasional chirping of nearby birds; the rustling of leaves as a mouse or other small animal became curious of the mage; or even the dull thuds that arose from Odin's combat training of punching the firm trunks of the great oak trees. What he wasn't used, however, was the noises that seemed to emanate from the eastern Magnolia forest that day. People often got lost in the forests and they could be heard rushing around trying to find their way back to wherever they came from, but this was not the sound that a normal human would make. As the high pitched shriek echoed throughout the forest, Odin became very aware that something, maybe someone, was in deep pain.

The type of pain could not have been simply physical, as the noises made by whatever the origin was were not something Odin came across often, and he was well acquainted with the painful screams of a dying opponent. No, this was a much deeper pain, one that affected the soul, if there even was such a thing. Deciding to forgo his training for the moment, his curiosity piqued, Odin travelled deeper into the forest, eventually coming across what looked like a male figure, covered in heavy metal plate armour, trudging through the forests, letting out low groans identical to the one's that Odin had been hearing. Whatever, or whoever this male figure was, they were far from alright. Masterfully adopting the persona of a kind stranger, Odin slowly approached the figure, being directly in front of the armour clad man before speaking, his voice kind but apprehensive, as he did not yet know if this being was friend or foe.

"Hello there good sir, you look a little lost. Maybe I can help... are you alright?"

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:57 am

Regis Karlinius
His walking stopped, Even if slow and being partly taking his next step, Slowly turning his head the way he heard an actual voice speaking to him. Wanting to say yes even trying too all that let out was another noise it was not a piercing shriek, but a almost weeping like wail noise, Trying to peace together like he needed help, he did not know how this person in front of him would even help him.

Regis would turn the rest of himself towards the way of Odin while walking that way he seemed to hunch slight, With one of his arms seem to swing seemingly slightly dead or broken. Regis also started walking that was with one of his legs dragging slightly, With the arm that did not seem to be dead or broken he reached forward towards this person, It was thing his mind could do for it did not think or know what he do to point out otherwise, His scrambled mind hoping this person did not think he was trying to try and him, He had no idea how to explain anything.

It was just all his mind knew what to do, aside form hunting, eating and drinking water. Slowly thinking thought Regis was thinking and hoping so much for much, his noises were attempt to ask for help, any kind of help it did not matter what kind of help, To Regis any help was good help even if he could not speak of it.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:36 am

The being clad in armour, whatever he (as the armour seemed to be designed for a male physique) clearly wasn't capable of speech. It was unlikely he could even understand what it was that Odin was trying to tell him, and even if he did, there was no way to know for sure if he could respond in any conceivable way. It seemed capable of hearing, as it did react to Odin's voice, albeit with another deep wail of a man in pain, before turning to directly face Odin, and then walk towards him, but something was definitely wrong. As the being walked, with a trudging hunch, one of his arms hung limply at the side of the body, unable to be moved, for whatever reason Odin knew not, but the other arm was certainly capable of movement, as it was brought up to reach forward at Odin, instantly causing the dark mage to reach to the sword sheathed on his back, resting his right hand on the hilt in case he needed to draw it to attack.

The being then just didn't move afterwards, its arm still raised to face Odin, which gave the dark mage an idea, one that might have been able to help the two of them.

"You might be able to understand me, you might not. Either way, I've always been told that you can understand a person through combat, so I propose we fight, it may help me understand what the hell you are, as well as what your intentions are. On the off chance you don't understand anything of what I'm saying, I'll just attack you in, say, twenty seconds. Don't disappoint."

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:34 am

Regis Karlinius
His arm seemed to lower slightly, Like the sudden actions of a sword being drawn at him, With his fingers twitching from that raised hand it seemed that even with him not being able to speak he seemed to understand for the most, Regis even stopped walking, Even with the pain being in not stopping, his arm seemingly mostly injured Regis, seemed to the best he can nod up in down just he was trying his best to say yes, the nod was all the mind could do in the slight second of sanity before his head twitch quickly left and right.

Regis move force himself to move that dead arm for a moment, Letting out that grunt of pain noise, Then he would let that arm of his just drop again reaching his own sword with the only arm he could move his left arm, It showed that the person whom lost his mind was right handed but could only move his left now, Slowly pulling the very basic sword he had on him, It was unclean it seemed like there was dry blood on it,What kind of blood Regis could not explain if he could he would explain it is the blood of animals because he was trying to live.

He seemed to since no longer having his hand point towards him just holding a sword in a stand by waiting position with Regis twitching a few times while he stood still, sword in hand in just standing still, his left was just his waist waiting as well at this point, he was waiting to see if which one of them would make the first move, him or Regis, even with the cloth and helmet covering his face it could easily be felt that he was staring at Odin.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:52 am


The raised arm began to lower, the thing stopped moving. If nothing else, it had understood the threat of Odin's hand resting on his sword, helping the dark mage better understand the limits of the male's thought process. If nothing else, it was understanding basic body language, and the threatening stance of a battle ready Odin.


Movement, and not just an arm or legs moving the being forwards. Its head moved, up and down slowly in a nodding fashion: it had understood the rest of Odin's speech, it knew a battle was coming, it could understand human speech, it just seemed incapable of replying in any great detail.


In preparation for the fight ahead, the being's earlier raised hand fell to its side, and with its left hand it pulled out the sheathed blade: a dull looking dirty blade that seemed to have a large amount of blood on its blade. Whether this had animals in the forests, or poor wanderers, Odin knew not, and he didn't really care. He wasn't a paragon of justice after all, he was just wanting to fight a strange, armoured man.


On twenty, Odin acted. The being's sword was in its left hand, but the unfamiliarity of the hold suggested the wielder was right handed, and so was already at a distinct disadvantage, a disadvantage Odin was not planning on ignoring. Regardless of the male's current situation, right now it was the enemy. His own Dawn Sword now drawn, Odin dashed towards the man's right, where his sword wasn't, the dawn sword held in both hands as Odin went for a simple lunge to the man's lower stomach. Start off easy, and see what the being could do.

Current Stats/Weapon Used:

STR: 21 (+19) = 40
SPD: 12
END: 17
INT: 4

Dawn Sword:

The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) 9PbsnB6

Name: Dawn Sword
Slot: Weapon
Type: Straight Sword
Class: Uncommon
Element: Light
Damage: Base Strength + 19
Durability: 1x B

  • Length: 1.2 Meters
  • Handling: 1 Hand
  • Description: A simple sword with a yellow base in its core that is reflective as a mirror.


  • Prepare For Mass Quest Completed

Elemental Alignment:

  • Dawn Sword takes one less damage from Light-type moves.
  • Dawn Sword takes one more damage from Nature-type moves.


  • Name: Dawn Light
    Rank: C
    Mana Cost: 50
    Requirements: Dawn Sword
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Light
    Range: 10 Meters
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user points the Dawn Sword in the air with their arm stretched out as it releases a bright light for a split second. Everyone that had their eyes opened in the direction of the Dawn Sword will have their vision blurred in the following two post. Those that are affected are still capable of seeing but they can't see details except for silhouettes.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:51 am

Regis Karlinius
It had seemed almost like a dream to him, Well more of a nightmare Regis in his sane state would never consider doing this at all in the slightest, But times were different then now but it did not matter in this moment.

The time paced between Regis drawing his own weapon and this person moving to attack was being counted to to Regis his mind was feeling slow and slightly slow the counting he heard seemed to last a long time, While counting happen Regis slowly start to take a ready and fighting position sliding his right foot back a few inches, placing his left foot slightly forward.

moving his sword from his left to the bring it's blade down right his right to cover his stomach, It was a very weak block but he tried nonetheless to block the lunge and move the blade slightly away from his stomach, Regis felt uneasy because of the using his left hand but it wasn't an excuse if he could actually speak.

But Regis did not follow up with a strike himself, internally he was trying not too, with his blocks you could feel the twitching movements of his left arm a part of him wanted to counter his attack with one, like the internal battle in his mind was still there stopping him from going for a slash or some kind of attack at Odin.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:34 am

The being reacted to Odin's lunge with a simple enough block, using his sword to move the dawn blade wielded by Odin away from the stomach, which resulted in the olive haired mage moving towards this left of the being, the armoured male's right side, away from the stomach and the armour in general, but no counter came, which caused Odin to react on his own to fight against the enemy.

As his momentum carried him past the armour clad man on the left, Odin lifted his right foot, and stepped it out from where it was, which placed it right behind the man's body, transferring all of the mage's body weight onto the foot, allowing Odin to stop his momentum from making him tumble, and allowing him to carry out his next attack: the was to spin on his right foot, as he brought his blade once more into contact with the armour clad male, from behind and coming from the man's left in an arcing sweep across his midsection. Whether the attack occurred or not, Odin would finish by stepping back, to put a good distance between himself and his enemy, around ten metres.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:50 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seemed still for this moment his reaction with a bit slower then his first one, Mostly Regis seemed like he was trying to stop himself from attacking back still even if slowly he felt his giving into that primal urge to just wail turn around and strike, It was the same process Regis went through every time this situation arise, It was the down fall of being stuck like this monster. Aside form the memories of killing your wife and daughter or hurting your younger sister, But part of his mind even if internally was screaming the entire time while doing it.

Regis had not track Odin's movement well when behind him, Regis only seemed to slowly turn his head back while the mind seemed to catch up, only seeing the very few last moments of his slash Regis stepped forward with his left foot to avoid but, Still feeling the slash just slightly graze his back Regis' shriek seemed to add up as if he felt it too he felt pain.

Regis then seemed to turn around as quickly as a heavy plated man could by stepping back with his right foot and turning himself around, But he stopped for a moment after he turned around just to breath heavily for a total of three inhales and exhales.

Regis was tired, there was no way around it, he roamed and did what was life of his mind told him to do, Trying yes but his chances were slim with a not working arm but he would try nonetheless, hoping internally maybe the fight wasn't long.

The only he could not control is when Regis went for a swing, it was predictable and basic but all the mind could figure out to do, seemingly to jog toward Odin, Regis raise his sword slashing vertically at Odin aiming at the areas of his shoulders, since his mind and body seemed to be so far disconnected the left hoping if his slash did meet its mark it did not hurt much, Even if Regis wasn't in control of how strong the strike is.

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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:09 am

His opponent barely got away from Odin's slash, having been slightly wounded in the back from the blade as he had stepped forward to avoid the attack, before turning to face the dark mage. After a few brief moments of catching his breath, the being stepped forward to attack once more, almost jogging towards Odin before bringing his sword down in a vertical strike towards Odin's shoulders. Despite the valiant attempt at an attack, he had given Odin all the time needed and more to react to it, causing the dark mage to hold his blade above him with both hands: one on the hilt and one on the flat of the blade to block the strike, redirecting the attack to land on Odin's right, as he brought his left leg up to kick the man directly in the chest, no doubt sending him backwards potentially to the ground as well.

It was then that Odin decided to stop things, sheathing his sword to show he meant no more harm before speaking: "One day we will finish this and fight again, but I can't be bothered fighting someone who can't even fight back properly. You could be strong, but right now, you aren't worth it. Go find out who you were, and learn to speak for god's sake. I'm out of here."

With that said, Odin would start walking in the direction of Magnolia, planning to head back into the town before it got too dark out.


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The Weeping in The Woods.(Open.) Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:53 pm

Regis Karlinius
Regis did not seem to realize what was happen with him now, His mind just made him realize one moment he was moving about to attack next he stumbled and feel on too the ground, he seemed to stop moving for the most part Regis mentally so deep in his mind did not seem to know his body was too exhausted to continue moving and trying to continue on, everything of his was just exhausted to continue on moving so Regis just laid there as Odin left.

The slight sign of Regis still being alive was when he try to move his arm to reach of his blade a mere three feet away, But his armor wore him down too much to more anymore for the moment.

Odin would be gone by the time Regis was able to move again, picking himself just enough to get his take one step forward slam himself into a tree with a loud crack form hitting his right shoulder, Regis would lay against that tree and rest again, putting that blade away and sleeping.


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