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Hammering time (Celvaric | Quest)

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on Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:44 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was laying under a tree as he was having a nice nap. He didn’t sleep that good last night as it was raining and he couldn’t find a good roof to lay under. He needed another job so he could rent a bit more expensive place when all the other places would be sold out. He didn’t like spending more then necessary but he couldn’t get underneath this. he took a little book out of his pocket and started reading. It was a small story about a boy and a fox. They grew up together and went to steal food at first. Not much later they were stealing jewels and other expensive things. The boy nearly ended up in jail and the fox died in the end. It was a tale to show that bad things get punished hard by the gods over time. But why was he punished then when he did something good. He didn’t need to question the gods but well sometimes he really did want to do that. Because he still saw no fairness in what happened but he would see it once he died and went to heaven. It would be all laid out for him eventually. He picked up scraggy and walked towards the city. His job today was to help some guy out who was wounded. Not that he minded doing that but it sounded so boring as hell. He walked slower as he didn’t wanted too arrive too early. The smith wouldn’t be awake yet so it was alright if he came a bit late.

After a walk off a few minutes he finally arrived at the location that he had to be for the job. It was a small house and it seemed that most of the rooms were under ground as the front door stairs were leading to a door under ground. He wondered if the smith just liked those places more then being above the ground. He knew that they like metals and mining and those things were best done under the ground so it was less surprising if you thought about it like that. He wondered who made his own sword then. It was so infused with holy power that it had to be a very advanced and legendary smith from ages ago. He wondered if he would ever find out who it is. But he wouldn’t get his hopes up. That knowledge was probably lost forever and nobody would ever get it back. Some things would be lost to humanity forever he sighed. Well that was too bad he was really interested tough. He opened the door to the shop and smelled the fumes of melting metals and the clings of iron being hit by hammers. He saw a mid thirty year guy standing over a anvil but he wasn’t hammering as his arm seemed to be wounded. His son was hammering for him but he was under aged and very tired already. It seemed they really needed Chelvaric to step in and help them out.

“Hai I am Chelvaric and this is Scraggy. I hope were not too late I see your very busy already on working that sword.”, Chelvaric said as he looked at them. the fire was lighting up the sons and fathers faces as there was no other light sources around. “Oh you’re the mage come here. Johnny move aside and let the man come here. You grab the hammer. And you beast get us some cold water”, the man said. Scraggy was protesting at first but Chelvaric gave him a mean eye. He went away to get the water while Chelvaric took over from the son. He grabbed the hammer and start striking the hot metal to flatten and shape it. “we have to do this seventeen times to make the most sharp blades in the world. The katana. My family has been making them for generations and we got realy good at them”, the man said and pointed at the many weapons on the wall behind him. Chelvaric wondered how far this family went as literally every inch of the wall was covered in a sword or shield. And each one of them only left one weapon behind for there family to remember. “so where is yours then.”, Chelvaric asked of the man to see if he already had made something great. “Ah I have not made mine yet. But if I do I hope it can rival the golden blade on your side. It looks so nice and grant. I shal thrive to make something better then that. If I do come back and get it so it can be used by a great adventurer before it lands on this wall.”, the man said proud and hit chelvarics shoulder for a moment like a father would do with son. Sword smitting realy formed a bond between people. He wondered how cool it would be if he could forge his own holy blade. He should have a look into learning the craft. “Maybe I’ll become a sword smith myself and one day make the best demon slaying sword in the world.”, Chelvaric said to the man. “Well if that is your dream I am sure you will be able to complete it. Thank you for the help today here are the jewels as promised you did a great job I am sure you’ll become a great smith.”, the man said and chelvaric, scraggy left the house.

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