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Company [Yasuki]

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on Tue 18 Jul - 13:11

Truly it felt rather random on what she did, but something wouldn't stop bugging her. The name of the girl she did that mission with, Yasuki.

Yasuki Yasuki Yasuki

The name repeated in her head in horror whispers. It was midnight if not further into the night in which she was walking alone towards her manor. She deserted her manor long ago or so it felt. Slowly she walked on the rather dusty and dirty black marble sidewalk that would lead to her gate. Sure enough the gate was securely locked as it should be. She left it behind with her maids, Fye and someone else. She wasn't going to go in quite yet though as she was going to wait for her very first guest to her manor, Yasuki. Arisa's lion-like eyes would have a glow as they wandered in all directions, watching. She didn't quite trust Orchidia nor any place in Fiore still besides the people she already knew. There was one person though she truly trusted and honestly she would end up going typically insane over. That was another story though. Finally she would lean against the walls of thick marble that gated the manor, waiting for her.


on Tue 18 Jul - 13:30

It seems nowadays that all she has been doing lately is exploring the depths of the new towns. As she moved town to town the memories still flew around in her mind. She wasn't quite sure how far she had just walked but after staying for a quick rest at the nearby inn, she was ready to conquer just about anything that would appear in front of her.

'But... There could be children, or animals, out there that you have to help.' she thought quietly to herself, as she whistled an all too familiar tune that she could remember listening to as a child.

As she continued to walk to this unknown location on the piece of parchment handed to her by the one she just finished helping in Magnolia with, she couldn't help but to still think who that female was. 'Why did she sign up to help those sick people if she seemed so turned away to do it.' Yasuki thought as she followed the directions.

Finally, she could see a person of the same height as the female earlier standing in front of the gate of a overly impressive sized manor. Of course, Yasuki only had one thought in mind as she walked up closer to the manor, and that was that she must've been mistaken for someone else, someone more proper maybe? As this manor reminded her of the fancy hotel with the cloud-soft carpeted floors that she had stayed at when she first made her travel to Magnolia.

"Uhm... Hello?" spoke Yasuki, as she neared the gate. Still unsure of how she could be in front of a magnificent and beautiful place such as this.


on Tue 18 Jul - 14:01

How boring this was, waiting. A part of Arisa hated to wait as it was mostly because of the darker... whatever 'it' or 'she' was. Simply time after time it seemed to get worse, the voice, the 'darker' part of her revealing more of itself. She wasn't sure on why, but her head felt like literally splitting in two randomly. Not right now of course. She would continue to wait against the thick wall of marble and right and then she could hear foot steps. 'Must be her...' the voice spoke as she would then turn her body towards where the footsteps were coming from.

''Greetings, Yasuki. Funny meeting you here.'' Arisa spoke in a foreign yet soothing and calm tone. Her golden brown eyes flashing a glow towards the girl with those blood ruby eyes that reminded her of a pool of blood. A small smile appeared on Arisa's lips as the indigo skinned woman would then twist her body towards where the gate was. ''It's rather...dark. Would you like to accompany me?'' she questioned rather sweetly yet her smile showed her right canine like a toothy grin. Her head tilted up of course before speaking all this since Yasuki was rather...insanely taller than her. Slowly Arisa walked towards her gates of titanium of black and used her magic to undo the lock. The lock itself can only be unlocked by her keys alone as nothing else was able to break through. ''If you're coming, you better hurry. The gate isn't patient once I walk away from it.'' Arisa spoke sweetly and giggled. Her eyes cornered to watch Yasuki to see if she was coming or not of course.


on Tue 18 Jul - 14:20

Still unsure as to why the apparent stranger was being so unusually nice to her, Yasuki decides it was best to hurry inside the gates. After all it is getting rather late and she wouldn't want to be caught outside alone in this new place. "So... This is your place, erm..." a puzzled Yasuki mentioned. "It's rather nice on the outside, I'm sure the inside looks even better. As it is so nice of you to invite me, someone you just met, inside of your home." she compliments in a thankful tone, as she sends a hesitant yet wondrous smile back.

Even though people are known for saying that Yasuki is quite trustworthy and loyal, Yasuki finds it hard to trust others at first so she tends to take it slow and kind of feel out those she's around before engaging in too much conversation. But it'd be rude to decline an offer to go in a building such as this so she makes her way in trying to stay not far behind the one who invited her. As she does this she takes note of the building, the marble gated walls, the black gate that seemed to have shut like steel after the two of them walked further away and closer to the front door. 'Trust your instincts, Yasuki, you can trust her.' she continued with a puzzled face, narrowing her eyes.


on Tue 18 Jul - 14:34

Sure enough Yasuki was following her, therefore she wasn't closed out by the closing gate that likes to close and lock on its own. Her eyes of golden brown would stare straight as she would sprawl her arms out, feeling the hedges in which gated each side of the sidewalk that lead to the stairs and up to the door. The hedges were designd in a wave and within the hedges were flowers that grew with her touch. It was as if nature within this area was welcoming her home. Nature was part of her as well as the waters, but her body chose nature out of the elements. Rather she was lucky on that part or not, it was supposedly destined...or was it?

Up ahead the stairs were made out of white marble as the columns that held the triangular-like bridge were Greek designed. The door was red wood with large rectangle shaped windows on each side with the color dark brown. Her hand grasped onto the door in which would then ding-dong randomly. The door knob itself was in a shape of a tiger with the eyes being topaz. Slowly she opened it to reveal the front area where there were stairs about eight feet away from her, front direction that lead to the upstairs. For downstairs there was left or right or behind the stairway in which one would have to go around the stairs. Her body turned to look at Yasuki and with that, the wall lights of metal and candles would light up the whole front area. ''Where would you like to go first? Hungry? Thirsty? Living room or what?..'' she started to speak rather calmly yet it had an excited tone to it. ''Nnn...sorry for the rather excitement... You're the first person I invited in here. This manor has about everything...'' she apologized softly and smiled weakly as she then waited.


on Tue 18 Jul - 14:51

Yasuki was right in the part that the place looks even more beautiful and appealing to the eye from this side of the gate. As someone that has always been interested in nature, she can't take in enough of the fact the amount of shrubbery and other unique plants, trees, and flowers, that line the path and in the yard. It's almost as if she gets lost in the nature when she sees it and can only imagine what it must be like for the animals that live around to have so many places to explore.

As she slips back into reality and sees the girl whom she now knows as Arisa open the door into the manor she can't help but see the detailed tiger engraving in the doorknob. 'The art. The nature. This must be heaven?' a fascinated Yasuki thinks as she gets lost in her thoughts. Though she does here Arisa say something about what does she want to do first asking her if she is hungry or thirsty for example. "I wouldn't mind a bite to eat, I suppose." says a very fascinated Yasuki, though she's hoping that the excitement isn't wearing too much on her face. "I see that this manor has quite a bit of nature around it from the outside and the art of the doorknob... Do you happen to have a gallery of sorts, perhaps?" she asked as she patiently waits.


on Tue 18 Jul - 15:06

She stood there like some statue, waiting for the girl to answer her. Arisa wasn't sure if this one was even a girl, as it could be a he or a woman (older female). It was okay though either way, she wasn't going to judge and if she was super curious, she'd ask Yasuki if they wanted to swim or some sort. She listened though as Yasuki said she was hungry and later asked about some gallery. ''Gallery huh? I'm sure there is one.'' she spoke softly as she would cross her arms against her medium sized chest against her outfit of latex. Slowly turning towards the left she would go to the kitchen. On the way there they would pass the family room with simple leather black couches that was outlined with maroon, glazed wooden coffee table in the middle of the two couches with little other things. She didn't mind no detail in the room as they were going to the grand kitchen.

Slowly she walked on the maroon carpet that looked brand new and into the kitchen that had silver colored floor of porcelain tiles. As they would enter they could see the master oven in which could fit about a dozen cakes, a fridge that could fit enough food for feasts and so on. On the left of the kitchen they would see a glass door that lead outside to the garden patio. ''Well, there's the fridge. What would you like? I'll make you something.'' she spoke and stretched while yawning. Arisa walked towards the fridge and opened it to reveal a can of soda, opening it and drinking it. ''Mmm...'' she spoke and then turned around swiftly, shutting the fridge and leaned against it. ''So whacha want made?'' she questioned once more in a friendly chill mode.


on Tue 18 Jul - 15:50

Yasuki is still never short of amazement in this manor, it just seems like the rooms keep appearing and appearing out of no where. From the various decorations on the walls to the uniqueness of the layout of each room, it seems like someone really did spend some careful consideration when it came to decorating each room. Yasuki did hear Arisa correctly when she said that the manor has about everything. 'This would have been nice to have growing up, being able to do just about anything you wanted in your own house.' thought Yasuki kind of jealous.

"Oh to eat right... I'm not too picky, how about some sort of surprise maybe? I'm always a sucker for some kind of shrimp or something." she answered. The carpet was the same color of the carpet of the hotel, the maroon-red and it almost felt just as soft. Though the tiles that covered the floor in the kitchen was a nice combination and went together nicely it was like the dark maroon-red color of the carpet had a nice accent to the shiny tile floor that was the kitchen.

After feeling like walking on clouds that was the carpet, she stepped foot onto the silver ice-like floor and asked "While we wait for the food, what have you to drink? Mind if I have one?"


on Tue 18 Jul - 16:37

Her eyebrow cocked as she was told to make something, a surprise. 'Well...what to make...' she wondered as her eyes than wandered around to look at the unopened cupboards and areas. It was unknown to her, but then she was told something with shrimp. 'Seafood huh...Seems simple.' she thought and then cornered her eyes to see a bell hanging. Slowly she walked towards it to ring it. After doing so it would make a somewhat haunted tune that you'd hear from some horror film. ''Yes mistress?'' spoke a woman. Quickly she turned over to see one of her maids. It wasn't Fye, it was the younger one. The girl was about sixteen, but had no where to go. Her and Fye were from some Country that Kuriana was at. ''Go thaw out the shrimp and season it. I'll get everything else ready.'' she ordered, asked and spoke to the maid girl. Slowly she turned away from both of them as the girl got to work. Arisa on the other hand would go towards the counter made of white marble and created some herbs, vegetables and so on out of no where, like magic. The stove started in flames out of no where as Arisa laid a pan on it. Mixing up the seasons, noodles, sauce and all. In time the shrimp would be mixed. Swiftly her hand would grab a box of rice and fried it in a different sauce in a special pan. The aroma would be in the air as she would then grab some bowls, plates and stuff to then set it up. ''Set up the table. You may join us.'' she told her maid as her eyes of gold would stare at her. Before all of this though she would nod towards the fridge, ''Go ahead and get a drink.'' she offered as she was then cooking.


on Tue 18 Jul - 16:57

As Yasuki could see Arisa start to cook, she could also start to smell the aroma of the different seasonings. She could almost taste the delicious food already, the taste of the steamy noodles as they are covered in the sauce, she could only imagine what the whole dish would taste like depending on this smell she knew that it would taste just as good if not better.

It appeared as though the food was just about done as she overheard Arisa call for one of her maids to have the table set up and then they could join us. Yasuki then decides to make her way over to the fridge to look inside and see what drink choices there was, 'Maybe there's a cola, geez I haven't had a cola in ages' she said in her own thoughts hoping for a soda as simple as a cola. After she finally makes her decision and grabs the soda that she was longing after, Yasuki made her way over to the table. Predictably enough she chose a spot closest to the window so she could get lost in the beautiful outdoor scenery from time to time.


on Wed 19 Jul - 4:47

Flipping, stirring and placing was all done as the food was put on the table after walking there with a trolley. Her fair maid was sitting in a spoke left of the table as her own spot was in the top center. The table was simple as she never needed a large fancy table like most rich people. It was for four people, but easily can fit an extra chair on each side. The table was made out of an old tree that had to be cut down yet it was finished to a glaze and designed with swirls and so on. Slowly Arisa sat down and then had her palm out, moving it towards the seat on the right of her. ''You can sit here if you'd like, Yasuki.'' she spoke rather calming as always. After that Arisa moved her hand to get some fried rice that was made to put in her bowl and then some shrimp alfredo on her plate. Next she grabbed some crushed peppers and shakes it. ''Spice always makes things taste rather better...'' she spoke and then cornered her eyes towards her maid who was hesitating. ''Don't be shy. Eat.'' she'd say and chuckled in a womanly way.

With that she would eat as Arisa would watch Yasuki. After a couple of bites though she wanted to question. ''So where are you from, Yasuki? You seem familiar to me and I wish to know why.'' she spoke in a commanding cold way. Her eyes squinted in a rather over-powering way over the girl. When the darker Arisa wanted to know something, she would question in her own way and this was part one of that. As she waited, Arisa took a bite of her rice and tried to wait patiently.


on Wed 19 Jul - 5:07

Dazed from staring out the window, she flickered back into consciousness as she noticed the others were forming around the table and saw Arisa gesture to a chair to the right of her and mentioned how Yasuki could sit there. Rather comfortable already, plus she was by the window so she was in a comforting spot herself, Yasuki decided it'd be best to get up and move over the the gestured chair. As she starts filling her plate she would notice how the rice would compliment the shrimp alfredo nicely. 'Ahh. shrimp, it has sure been quite awhile since I've tasted this. she thought.

She got a few bites into her plate before she was asked where she came from, and why she looked so familiar. As she tried to be polite, she finished the bite that was in her mouth before she said "Well... That's actually a longer story than most. You see, I'm actually from a different country entirely. I traveled here alone after I was abandoned by my parents at a young age, and then a year ago I was dumped off in the middle of no where as a practical joke by those in my town, and well...here I am." she said struggling to get the whole story out.

Yasuki decides it'd be best to continue to eat, I mean she wouldn't want to waste some perfectly cooked shrimp and all. She's sure she hadn't heard the last of the questions, so she'll finish her plate as she patiently waits for more.


on Wed 19 Jul - 6:16

Arisa would eat as she waited for her questions to be answered. There was something about her that was triggering her though, those eyes. Something about those eyes were telling her something...something dark that was hidden in some locked mental box. She wasn't sure, but as she was waiting, some music was randomly playing in which was piano. Yasuki started to explain that she was at first from a different country till she was then at some place around here and then dumped off ages later by her vry own town. 'What a story. Such pity.' the dark voice spoke while tsking.

Her head tilted, rested her elbows on the table and then chin on her hands, starring at Yasuki. It somewhat reminded her of her own story of the past, but was it even a true story? Her memory has been going on its own, giving her flashbacks that she doesn't even remember happening. ''I wasn't always living in a manor. I actually just started living here. I travel, live in hotels and before I even knew I had money from inheritance, I lived outside. I too am not from here, Yasuki. I lived in a Country called Sin...or was born there. I don't remember much of that though, but according to someone's book that I knew...That's what it says.'' she spoke in a calm sweet voice with a small frown. She was somewhat sad that Yasuki didn't know more. She was disappointed even more at herself for not knowing more herself. If only she knew who she really was...She only knows who her cousins are...


on Wed 19 Jul - 6:47

Just before she clears her plate, she hears how Arisa said that she also isn't from here. Yasuki's deep red ruby-like eyes start to narrow, in a way that she was thinking. 'If she's not from here... Then how long has she been here.' Yasuki says to herself in her thoughts. Though she shouldn't dwell on that too much, as now she's in the present time.

"It just occurred to me, that we haven't had much of a formal introduction." Yasuki pipes up offering one. "I'm Yasuki Rinmizukimi." she says gently as her ruby-like red eyes start to widen from their previous narrow state. Yasuki begun to loosen the navy-blue tie from around her neck, as she starts to get a little nervous and unsettled. She begins to look around the room, for a window to stare out to ease her nerves as she waits patiently for everyone else to finish up.


on Wed 19 Jul - 7:32

Arisa looked at the girl with her eyes cornering to the obvious right. She felt unsure of something, but soon enough the answers would be in its own place. Finally she finished and waited for the girl to speak. Sure enough Yasuki had more to say, right? The manor was rather large, their histories yet unraveled as there were more tales to tell. Licking her lips she would clean and moisture her own lips. As she heard dear Yasuki's intro though, her eyes widened. 'A Rinmizukimi?' the darker voice spoke in shock. It was never heard from besides from Alice or in which case Amai, but where was she? Was she just a part of her imagination? Her head tilted up to look at Yasuki. 'Is she even real?' she wondered as her eyes would then slant and her body leaned back against the diner chair. ''My name is Arisa Ana Rinmizukimi and this...my dear is the Rinmizukimi Manor.'' she introduced herself and the manor they were currently in.

Truly the manor was semi-haunted with many different artifacts and old antiques of the unknown. There were even stuff from the Country of Sin. Her eyes of golden brown looked at the girl in question now. ''So...a Rinmizukimi member huh? It makes me question on how.'' she spoke rather calmly and lowered her eyes to look down at the table. She felt confused and honestly she wondered if Kuriana's book had anything about Yasuki in it. Sure enough though...maybe they should go read the book to find out.


on Wed 19 Jul - 7:48

It was easy for Yasuki to get lost in the nature outside when she was needing to calm her nerves. She just stared blankly outside and imagined herself climbing to the tops of the trees, just sitting there. Sitting there until she heard the all the obvious cry for help in which case she would leap down and be on the way. Though this case was different because she found it rather hard to get lost in the nature. As she heard everyone finishing up she heard the one who invited her into this manor call it the 'Rinmizukimi Manor' and that that was her family name as well. 'Is this true... Could she be one of my siblings that I had before the family left me, was she in the memory I had after touching the big blue ball.' Yasuki had a sudden flashback to her past, thinking about all that happened in her past.

"You. You're not serious, this really isn't Rinmizukimi Manor, is it?" questions Yasuki, still wondering how she found this place. "Is there any.. Family History books or anything located in here?" a wondering Yasuki asks.

As she stacks her plate in the middle of the table, Yasuki says one more thing "You see... I don't remember much of my country, or town, but I do remember I had siblings, though everyone thought I was different when they saw me sitting in the tops of trees... I assume that's why my parents left me." After she says that she sits there quietly, pondering as to how she got to where she is sitting and if everything she was hearing lately was believable.


on Wed 19 Jul - 8:39

The girl was semi-freaking out towards what Arisa said. Why? She swore there was a sign not so far away from here that had the name on it, or was there? Did someone decide to drop by and knock it off? Her eyes felt like rolling, but they didn't as she was looking at Yasuki. ''Yea it is. Got it since the one who had me and might or might not be my mother, disappeared and gave it to me. Rather or not I really was the last sibling was in question though. I guess they were wrong if your last name really is so.'' Arisa spoke calmly as she would then look towards her maid who was just listening and watching. ''Go wash these and then get the spa read. Also get the Book of ours.'' she ordered in which in return the girl would nod and leave. Her attention went back towards Yasuki. Her talking about her being weird was quite funny, making Arisa giggle rather scary. ''You're hysterical. I'm sure they didn't ditch you. The most they would do is probably lose you, tried to find you, but lost track.'' she explained and got up with her hands gripping the table. ''I guess we'll find out. Let's go up.'' she spoke softly and calmly, walking towards the stairs she would then lead Yasuki towards the room after the first room of the right on the left side of the stairs. Softly sighing she would open the door to reveal a huge spa room of a tropical waterfall scenario with bamboo on each side and more nature. The thing about her place is that there was a lot of nature. ''We can relax here while my maid gets the book for us. The bathroom to change or undress and towel up is in that door there on the right.'' she spoke and then she would go to a separate room to undress. They were girls and possibly siblings. So it wasn't weird to spa in her opinion.


on Wed 19 Jul - 9:03

Still uncertain about all the news she just recently heard, Yasuki's red ruby-like eyes were watching Arisa instruct her maids to do her bidding. Suddenly she found herself following Arisa around the manor looking at the detail of the hallways the amount of nature found inside the manor was all too surprising for Yasuki. She felt like she was literally walking through a jungle right now with the amount of nature that surrounded her, even on the inside of walls.

After she saw the doors open to a huge spa room. She suddenly felt a rush of nervous feelings again, as Yasuki isn't necessary used to having a lot of her body exposed. 'I mean... Maybe it won't be too bad? We're both girls, and I mean we could be related somehow...so is this an exception?' Yasuki got lost in her thoughts contemplating to get changed or not. She doesn't wear anything too revealing because you can still see certain places scarred from where she had feathers glued to her skin. Though most of the scars are faint, and you can hardly notice them, she doesn't want to have them called in question.

She ended up deciding to take her shoes off and find a seat on a pretty comfortable seat that's a little far from the entrance. She'll decide to sit here and wait for Arisa to get back, maybe she'll even drift off and fall into a quick slumber.


on Wed 19 Jul - 9:35

Softly signing at Yasuki's rejection of joining her, she would then go to the changing room to get changed. Honestly she wondered if the girl thought she had to get all the way naked, but that really wasn't the case. Closing and locking the door out of habit Arisa would start unzipping the suit, revealing her curves and then took off the undergarments and then rapped herself with a towel. Her eyes lowered half way as she could still feel some scars that were healed after age yet something made her feel it. 'I still wonder what... or why they were there.' she thought softly and then turned away from the mirror and out the door. Sure she wasn't as tall as Yasuki, but her body made up for it. A part of her was happy that Maarschalk didn't mind her being short. She would smile softly and walked to the spa and at that time her maid walked in. ''I have your drinks and book, ma'am.'' she bowed, put them down by a low white plastic table by the spa and left.

''Alright Yasuki...Let's check this one first.'' she spoke softly and got into the water. The warmness would overwhelm her body as it made her hips squirm a little. Slowly she walked to the book and sat on the spa seats made of marble like the rest of the spa. Twisting her body Arisa opened the book, taking a drink and wondered which chapter that info would be on.


on Wed 19 Jul - 10:21

Hoping she's not seen as rude, because she really did want to partake in the relaxation of the spa, but didn't necessary feel that comfortable revealing more of her body than what she currently is in the school-like uniform. 'Maybe I can sit on the side of the water and put my feet in.' Yasuki sheepishly thought. As she gets up from the chair, she finds a towel on one of the tables and folds it nicely to sit on at as she gets closer to the edge of the water.

As Yasuki lowers herself to the water, sitting beside Arisa she can see the book. "So... That's the book that is supposed to have the Rinmizukimi family history in it?" asked Yasuki. 'Maybe this book will have the answers to all of our questions after all. Maybe this is why the name Arisa sounds so familiar to me, could she be?' she thought, trying not to get too lost into her thoughts anymore this time than she has already before.

"Do you really think that this book has the answers that we're looking for?" Yazuki asked with a puzzled look on her face. She looked at the cover of the book, still wondering how long the book has been around or who ever started the book.


on Wed 19 Jul - 12:08

Arisa looked through the book slowly so she didn't miss a page. 'If only this book had an index or something... Even a page marker of which was what.' she thought as she would be flipping the pages. She would thin her lips as she was determined to find the page she was looking for, but still she couldn't find it. She just went past the page about her getting forced upon by a man who she slowly then fell in love with, but in the end he dumped her, making her go crazy. On that day Kuriana ate a man's throat with her teeth and her teeth alone. There were some details about it, but it wasn't what she was looking for. That story was on page five hundred and sixty-five. Sighing softly she would hear Yasuki speak, questioning about the book. ''I hope so. If she was part of this and if she was my mother, she'd be yours too. If she is... this book will have it. Has her whole life story.'' she explained softly and flipped some more pages. More and more pages were passed, but none of them had her in it. There was a story of her and her children in it, but perhaps that was part of another life time? ''Mmm... So many life times she's had. So far - five.'' she explained and started to continue through the book, wonder on when she would hit through the spot.


on Sat 22 Jul - 2:57

Wondering what this book really was about, Yasuki decided it'd be best to get a little closer gander on what Arisa was flipping through. Careful that she didn't get too close, she stepped up towards Arisa and the book. "If she was your mother, and if she does happen to be my mother... Will anything change between us? Will we.... uhm.. nevermind." Yasuki starts to ask a bunch of questions, but starts to hesitate.

She feels like it has been hours since they looked at this book for the first time and since the two of them gotten into the spa room. She's not sure how long it has truly been, but by looking at her feet in the water she can tell it's been awhile as her feet started to become wrinkly. She begins to pull them out of the water for a bit, and criss-crosses her legs on the side of the water. She wants to make sure that where the page is found that explains more about her parents, or the family life that she never got to experience that she's right there beside Arisa. She wants to be able to read the information herself, to see if anything is explained about why she was seemingly forgotten.

"Well I.... hope we get to the page soon. This suspense of possibly having so many of my questions answered is killing me." Yasuki stated.


on Sat 22 Jul - 3:12

Arisa was curious as she looked through the book. She somewhat was more concentrating on certain words, like a different country perhaps. Her golden brown eyes would glowing with irritation as she glared at the book. Her lips frowned, right canine biting her lower lip and flipped through more pages. She would sigh as she would then keep on going. She wasn't highly sure on when she was going to find it nor if she was even going to find anything for that fact. Arisa was highly unsure of anything right now. Her fingers just kept on flipping the pages.

Continuing to be in the spa, it has only been about thirty minutes. Her feet and skin weren't wrinkly or pruney. Perhaps it was because she was a part of nature so her skin fed off of water, making it look rather lovely. Her skin was in fact shining though as she was laying in the spy. Yawning softly her fingers would flip through more pages and then out of no where she got a paper cut. ''Mmmmm...'' she created the noise from her lips as she saw the blood drip and onto the book page. ''Cra-..'' she was about to whisper and then the blood disappeared as if the page drank it. Out of no where the page started to flip on its own as the lights started to flicker. Her head turned and eyes wandered till a minute as the lights stayed on normally. Her eyes lowered to look at the book as it stopped on page seven-hundred and twenty two. The chapter was about Kuriana traveling to a different Country. ''I...I think I found the beginning of it....The story.'' she spoke astonished and couldn't wait to read it.


on Sat 22 Jul - 3:27

As she stared towards the book, she kept on getting distracted on the amount of nature that was inside of the spa. Though when she looked towards the water, deeper and deeper into the water she could see her own reflection in the clear water that was almost mirror-like clarity. Yasuki got a little tense at this as she isn't necessary used to seeing her reflection as clear as she did there, here bright red ruby-like eyes narrowed onto her fair pale skin accented by her dark black hair: 'Tha-That's me... But why do I look so sad? Is this what people see as they look at me, as they meet me?' she thought to herself, wondering what people saw in it when they met for the first time. She'd have to be more upbringing, more open, if she'd want to actual meet other people and maybe just maybe form a relationship with someone. But the problem was that she never really understand how to talk to people her age of the opposite sex, she spent so much of her time as a glorified babysitter that most of her 'relationship advice' would be from the children she mentored herself.

'Oh, gosh... You're doing it again, You're becoming lost in your own mind.' she thought to herself, knowing that she had to snap out of it or she might miss the part of the book where it could have about her in it. As she came back to reality, and refocused her attention on the book, she saw the pages turn as if they were turning by themselves "But ho-" she stopped herself, as she began to question though knew it probably was best to leave it alone.

She heard Arisa say that this was the chapter, this was it. All the unanswered questions of Yasuki's life was about to be answered. 'Though, I hope this doesn't change a thing between me and her...' the optimistic Yasuki thought. "So what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!" exclaimed Yasuki excitedly.


on Tue 25 Jul - 4:35

Her eyes would scan the pages and wondered on where to start. 'The beginning of course.' spoke the unknown dark voice that she always wanted to know who or what it was. Was it herself or was it really someone or thing else? She questioned all this as she would then corner her golden brown eyes to see Yasuki quite excited about all this. Who wouldn't? It could explain why they were all seperated, to see who she was all related to and so on. There were so many questions, so many answers unanswered as she would then start from the very beginning.

''Blah blah blah...Something about how she traveled to Sin and met a man who helped her. Supposedly during this lifetime she was poor I guess.'' she would start saying and shrugged, continuing to read what was being said in this part of the page itself. ''Blah blah blah...Trying to find the part about anyone of us if it's even in here.'' she would explain to Yasuki as she then kept on reading in her head till she did find something out. She hoped that she would find something that was interesting or even remotely astounding to her, giving her knowledge of some kind. Arisa loved knowledge, learning new things and so on. Her eyes opened more as she read about them having kids. ''Alright...about kids...'' she began. ''Me and him fell in love like in one of those fairy tales. I honestly felt afraid of loving due to the fact that in my past lives...they turned out horribly. He was different or so I hoped. Lovingly we had children with the start of twins. One female and one male. After that we had more. Something about one of them seemed off as she reminds me of myself at a young age. I should keep a more of an eye on her.'' Arisa spoke as if she was speaking in first person as Kuriana. She would look at it more before continuing.

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